Chewing the Fat: Week 9 - Broncos at Raiders

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 38-24 Week 9 victory over the Raiders in Oakland

Doc: Hi, folks

Ted: Happy Sunday, guys

Doug: Hey guys - lots of boring football so far today. 6 of the 7 losing teams have 13 or fewer points, and the other has 16 - and only one game closer than 10 points

Ted: Yeah, it seems like it.  I was at a Browns watch party a little while ago, and they had a couple of other bad games on too. Hopefully this game is more interesting

Doc: I saw a headline to the extent that Cleveland is getting tired of Hillis and might even let him go. Any truth, or just media pandering?

Ted: It's been the word on the DL around here all season

Doug: Lombardi says part of Denver trading him was because of the same stuff

Ted: The thing about White Boy Day is that eventually tomorrow comes. He's a good player who does a couple things well and a couple poorly - that's been my take all the way

Doug: And, that's without even knowing that apparently nobody seems to like him

TJ: One of the best things for the Broncos today is the lack of Darren McFadden. Janikowski hardly even warmed up today - said he only kicked four 39-yard field goals for warmups. Field looks a little slippery today - typical Raiders stuff

Doc: Well, the announcers are starting off well - they just announced that it's cloudy but clear

Oakland and Denver exchange three-and-out possessions

Ted: Nice play by Rahim Moore to get over there

TJ: Wow, he floated that and that ain’t pretty

Ted: Palmer's arm looks really bad, like I said on Friday

TJ: Yeah, that was a floater. I noticed that last week too, Ted - it didn't look that strong at all. Moore did a good job ranging, too

Doc: Nasty collision

Ted: Yeah, that was a ballhawk play. When his recognition gets a beat quicker, he'll be getting picks on those plays

TJ: He's one of the last guys I'm worried about from this draft. Franklin, yes, Moore, not so much. Haha Palmer is having trouble with his reads - he's way rusty. Hahaha air mail! He could use two more weeks to work on his recognition - haha, I love it. Palmer is a baaaaad QB

Ted: The Raiders mortgaged their future for him too. Wow, that was a mixup. Denarius Moore was covered tightly too

Doc: I'd give Franklin some time - he's never played RT, and he developed a habit of kick-stepping with his right leg straight. Being tossed into a new position as a rookie is tough.

TJ: Nice push, Zane! Let's go! Wow, nice escape! That's definitely a good play. I do like the fact that they tried to get a 3rd down early with his legs

Ted: Something to get the Masons of the world to STFU about picking up a 3rd down in the first half all season. Moore has a concussion and won't return

TJ: Damn, that really blows for real. Moore was about to take things back. Yeah, I think you have to try and get the 3rd down ASAP just to get that off the agenda

Doc: Sad about Moore - who's coming in?

TJ: Carter is in, Em - and he isn't full health. Whoa D.J. Williams just tried to wrap up!

Ted: He's a new guy

Doc: McBean was in on that one too

TJ: Awwwwwwww almost had that fumble

Ted: Champ got really flat-footed there out of the break

Doug: Long day ahead of us, boys

Doc: Dawk hurt? Ouch. So, Bruton?

Ted: It would seem so. Oooh nice penetration by McBean to force it outside

TJ: The hurry up against an injured team? You don't say. Haha, stupid Palmer!!! Thought you had the infraction, did you?

Ted: Did he take a knee?! What an idiot

TJ: Yeah, not bright - Raiders taking flags all over!!!!!! 3rd and Forever. Carson Palmer is the QB that people think Tebow is!

Doug: Oh well, at least they didn't get a TD

Doc: D.J. should have had that

Ted: That was good zone coverage

Sebastian Janikowski pushes through a 44-yard FG to put Oakland up 3-0

TJ: Wow, Sebass, you don't look so hot today, barely good. This is going to be a game, even if Tebow sucks eggs - because Carson Palmer is no better than Rosy Palmer

Ted: Or her five sisters

Doc: They'd be the OL, right?

Ted: Yes indeed - good field position

Doug: Wow, interesting that they dressed Janikowski with him kicking off like that

TJ: Haha, this is great - the Raiders make really dumb decisions - dress the guy who can't kick. Give your opponent the field position all day!

Doug: That's pretty presumptuous. Talk about no respect, huh? "You suck so bad, we're gonna kick it off 40 yards today"

TJ: Or, how about Hue Jackson isn't as clever as he thinks? Carson may improve, but I can already see giving up potentially two 1st-round picks was a fleece

Doug: Well, it's only two 1s if they make the AFC Championship this year or next - so if it’s two 1s they’ll be happy. Otherwise it's a 1 and a 2. Granted, that's still steep. Why not have the punter kick off?

TJ: Ah, not a bad call - just a bad penalty. I don't think you can fault McCoy for these calls. Probably a run here, though. The little things--KM fell forward

Doc: At some point, they're going to have to throw

TJ: Shovel pass - I'm not at all disappointed in McCoy

Ted: I like not counting on protecting 3rd and 16 there - it ain't going to happen, so don't set up for a sack

TJ: Not many are picking that one up

Doug: Yeah, that's how you invite 10-0 real quickly

Doc: You don't practice plays for 3rd and 16

TJ: Carson Palmer, buddy, go back and tailgate. I just can't see the Raiders blowing anyone out today. Fox is committed to the draining clock today

Doug: Ugh that's another rookie mistake from Chris Harris. I know he's been pretty good, but he's had some pretty dumb penalties this year

TJ: That's a tough call - nice kick

Ted: Yeah, Colquitt did his best to pick up Harris there

Doc: Dante Rosario has been all over the place on STs - playing very well

Ted: Yeah Em, I've liked him there

Doc: Nice deflection by Doom

TJ: Carson, dude, you are bad

Doc: Harris looked good on that one

TJ: Throw a pick, Carson

Doug: Doom's first sack! Oh, maybe just a half - half Von half Doom

Doc: VonDoom!

Denver goes 65 yards in five plays, capping it with a 27-yard TD pass from Tim Tebow to Eric Decker; 7-3 Broncos

TJ: Wow, a little boot fake! Holy #$%@, they are calling good plays. I know the results aren't there...yet, but they are hahaha!

Ted: Good little throw too - I saw that a mile away

TJ: Yeah, Huff, suck it down!

Doc: Hell of a run

TJ: Nice nice read - bit on that fake hard! Zone read isn't supposed to work that easy, haha!

Doug: Ted, that was like one of the plays you'd written up, no? Hey, maybe McCoy reads IAOFM! Haha

Ted: Yes, it sure was - they went super-strong right with the formation, unbalanced line and all

Doc: Almost a lonesome polecat, Ted

Doug: WTF was that?! That is embarrassing - 10 feet over his head

Ted: Not good there

TJ: Come on Tim! Oh man, that was so wide. Come on, let's get this! I like the route by Julius Thomas. JT is gonna go live

Ted: Yeah he got open nicely

TJ: TD!! Right over the middle!

Ted: Perfect throw. Great route, too

TJ: Suck it, Kelly! That's about as good as you can throw it

Doug: Well, that makes up for the prior one

TJ: Eric Decker is quietly putting together a really nice year - under the radar, but he's doing really great

Ted: He needs to wear Decker out like I said on Friday. Dude will get open and catch the ball

TJ: Hue Jackson is going to regret giving away the field today. That zone read won't be there for the rest of the day, though - so they have to change it up again

Ted: No, but when they take it away, you can do something else off of it

TJ: Carson Palmer is sooo bad

Ted: That had good velocity on it, but it was way off

TJ: Hue Jackson is going to regret this trade, perhaps even today

Ted: He was really good in 2005, but he's never been the same since the knee injury, and the elbow injury in 2008 really reduced him further

Doc: I think that he's smart to go with a running team, since he's reduced in passing, but he's still going to have a rough time of it

2nd Quarter

TJ: Chris Harris can cover - keep locking on, Palmer!

Ted: Yeah, bad throw and good coverage

TJ: Carson Palmer is really bad today, folks.  I know I'm making fun, but he's missing reads, locking on, and his mind is out to lunch.

TJ: Okay, let's get this 3rd down - got to have it

Ted: Ugh for the second TO

TJ: He knew that QB draw wasn't going to work - that play was going nowhere

Ted: Yeah, on a key 3rd down, it's okay - I wish they had a check-off call in from the huddle, though

TJ: I bet they told him to call one if he was confused in that type of situation, and the Raiders were drifting to the line and plugging. First down! Awwww, crap - that's two on Clady

Ted: I really like that play call

TJ: Yeah, they are showing strong and going weak. Oh, Richard, give it up - that's a coverage sack - if a sack at all

Ted: That's OK... if it's not there, get what you can

Britton Colquitt fumbles the snap deep in Denver territory and throws the ball forward with two hands in order to avoid a safety. Oakland takes over at the Denver 14 and scores three plays later on a pass from Carson Palmer to Michael Bush; 10-7 Raiders

Doug: OMG safety?

TJ: That's a turnover on downs, likely - it's a pass, I'm guessing

Doug: Yeah i guess it has to be

TJ: Wow that was so bad. Well, you don't see that too often, do you?

TJ: Ayers!!!! KA BOOM

Ted: Yeah, that was a stick there

Doc: Man, what a hit

TJ: Holding! You suck, Oakland, and your QB is worse

Ted: Holding penalties are killer

TJ: Marcus Thomas just whipped him

Doc: That's your favorite new Raider, isn't it Ted?

TJ: Okay, CP zipped that one - but still, he bites

Ted: It was in the middle of the field.  I want to see him drill the deep out. Palmer has been all Dig and Curl since 2008, and smart teams shade that stuff

TJ: I don't know why, but this game is fun

Doug: Yeah certainly better than the past 2 weeks

TJ: I think I just hate Oaktown

Ted: I lived in that area when I was 5 - I don’t miss it

TJ: Awww, WW - he just fell. Nice field, Raiders. Freaking bog

Doug: Damn i missed that - the feed dropped out

TJ: Doug: feed dropped out

Ted: Yeah my feed went too

TJ: WW had him, but he slipped. I'm not making excuses, but WW did slip

Doug: You did say the field looked slick, haha

TJ: Palmer, you still suck it Huuuuuuge! Yeah, dude, that field is trash today. I'm just getting into this Raiders Hate. Haha, did I saw it wouldn't work again, Ted? I take it back, Dude!

TJ: A bit of a duck, and I thought Eddie just muffed it

Doc: TT's having trouble with his feet and shoulders when he throws on the run

TJ: McCoy is just not going to let him do a drop, man. At some point, let him!

Ted: The TD pass was one

TJ: Get it off! GD it. Decker was yelling at Tebow to hurry - he was screaming at Tebow. Decker was saying, "Come on come on, let's go." Decker was pissed - when you guys go back on Rewind, check it out. Watch when the break the huddle - Decker is screaming, he sees there's only 7 seconds on the clock

Doug: 2 timeouts wasted and this - now a screen or draw, and a punt

Doc: Woodyard and Mays played pinball with the punt returner

TJ: I hope there's no friction with Tebow and Decker - could be heat of the moment. Oh man, Elvis got owned on that run

Doug: Didn't we see him reacting to the bad throws in Miami?

TJ: Yeah, my guess is Decker may not be a Tebow fan - but that's speculation based on his radio interview and watching his body language

Ted: damn, they're getting their running game blocked

TJ: What you got, Palmer? Audible? Nice tackle, Von. Man, I love Raiders games. I don't care who is playing - Tebow, Plummer, Tommy Maddox

Doc: Bubby Brister?

TJ: Anyone, Em! I just love to hate them. Wow, CP, nice play, you fool! PICK!

Ted: That was a dumbass throw - there was no reason to think that was there

TJ: Stupid read! Stupid stupid read! Didn't even go back shoulder. FOOL!

Ex-Bronco and Gator Jarvis Moss takes a 15-yard penalty for roughing Tebow

TJ: Poor Jarvis - I though he liked Florida guys! Hahaha wow, that's the worst DB play I've ever seen. Damn, Decker is ready for some action. Would have been a perfect time, though, for a deep shot, there - right after a penalty. Oh my, Tebow got crushed right there

Doug: He's just too slow getting the ball out

TJ: A little, it's true. That was just impossible on that blitz

Doc: No blocking on the edge - this is going to be ugly when I'm breaking it down.

Doug: It's ugly now. Scoreboard just doesn't reflect it

TJ: Until they beat it though, Denver is gonna keep getting that deep safety

Doc: Bruton was screaming for a flag on the punt

Ted: Wow, that was a bad play by Champ

TJ: Bailey is playing just okay today, despite the pick - he's missed several

Ted: I agree

Doc: Champ's had 3 bad plays already today, although with one INT. Injury?

Ted: His footing looked bad on a couple of those plays, and on the last one, it was a bad effort on the tackle

Doc: It's rained on and off all week  the footing has to be treacherous

Ted: Mason said it was awful, but still about as good as he'd ever seen it there

Doc: They never did put a lot of money into that turf, did they?

Palmer throws a bullet to Marcel Reese for a 40-yard score; 17-7 Raiders

Doug: Umm that was a nice throw. I think CP is warmed up

TJ: Wow, okay <silence>

Ted: Reece is a dangerous FB

TJ: Wow, that throw was en fuego. And here I was really getting into character. Palmer still blows

Doc: Reece has been pulling in passes today

Ted: Well, let's see if Tebow can do anything with 1:30 and 1 TO

TJ: Haha if they let him, Ted

TJ: D.J. had good coverage on the score, can't fault him - sometimes the bar eats you

Ted: It does. We have workable field position here

Doc: Good return - Cosby has been a find

TJ: Is Aaron Curry mental? Dude is a bug on a hot plate. Haha, Raiders!!!! IDIOTS

Ted: Facemask

TJ: I guess nobody told them the Broncos are trying to escape to the half, hahaha

Doug: Yeah apparently not

TJ: Come on, Tim! Hit that! Bad ball.

Ted: Thomas didn't get to his spot

TJ: Challenge that! It's good. Look at it, Fox!

Doug: Did he get the second foot down? Just one foot. But not a bad throw as Dierdorf claimed

TJ: Nice play!!!! More please - move the pocket, please. Decker, haha - he tapped out. He's like, dude, I just ran a 50-yard sprint

Ted: I'm cool with that

Doc: I like the call. Even though it went long, they're opening up the line

Doug: WTF was that call?

Ted: I hate that call. Hate it.

TJ: Um, where is the kick out on that?

Doc: Do you think that Prater can kick it that far?

Doug: UGH, such a slow developing throw. It's like "Hey guys i'm about to throw it, you readddddddy?"

TJ: Thought that was gonna get picked - haha - there will be blood!

Ted: He hasn't been sacked, right?  There's that to like

Doug: This is true, Ted

TJ: Haha, stupid Raiders!!!

Doc: I’ll take the shorter field

TJ: Tebow is bleeding, I'm digging this game - this is Raiders/Broncos

Doug: Ala Griese

Matt Prater misses from 53, but Oakland's Taiwan Jones is offsides; Prater then is good from 48 but Denver accepts a 15-yard roughing call on Jones for running into Prater

TJ: Hahaha, Raiders are sooo stupid - give em 15!

Doc: We might wind up with a first down on this

Doug: Wow do you take the points off? Yeah, right?

TJ: Raider football! Let's go!

Ted: I sure do

Doug: Yeah take a couple shots, but no sacks

Ted: Don't throw anything that could be picked. I'm even fine with a sack, because the Broncos have a TO

TJ: They’re gonna let Tebow take a shot...if they declined,my guess is the answer is "yes". If he gets picked, Fox will take some heat, but wrongly. Max protect. What a game

Doug: Again, so slow, and then throws it into the ground

TJ: Two bad throws, true, Doug

Prater misses the FG attempt from 43 yards out; 17-7 Raiders at the half

TJ: Oh no - how the hell do I even write the GR on this one, hahaha

Ted: You make that call again, but it was unfortunate how it played out

Doug: Obviously, it was still the right call

TJ: Yeah, it can't be wrong

Doc: Tim's taking an average of over 3.6 seconds to get the ball out - that's not going to work. TJ, what are you going to hit Fox for?

TJ: I'm not hitting him Em - the fans will. I agree with the decision


TJ: Sparano, hahaha - dude is all getting Tony Soprano

Ted: What canned coaching BS -  every coach ever has said that stuff

TJ: Jim Caldwell = walking dead. Way to coach 'em up, Jim. Shanny = Gone in two years

Ted: Hiring him was a favor to Manning and Dungy

Doc: Do you see Indianapolis blaming Jim Caldwell for Manning being injured?

Ted: I blame him for not getting more out of the rest of the roster

Doc: Fair enough. I haven't been following anything but the loss column

Doug: But, what do they have?

Ted: They looked really competitive vs Pittsburgh, and should have won.  Lately, they've given up. The defense has just mailed it in

Doug: Are Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne stars with other QBs?

Ted: Not stars, but useful players - there are enough useful guys to win 4-5 games

Doug: With Curtis Painter? How can they score points? Polian screwed up big time - no decent backup, signed Collins out of retirement last minute and, no young groomable QB

Ted: I agree that he did; I just think that the team is underachieving anyway

Doc: TJ, Caldwell has been asking for better offensive line players and better defensive players since he came in the door. I was surprised that Bill Polian wasn't more responsive

Doug: And is there a team in the league even close to being as dependent upon its QB to be relevant? That raises another question - how many QBs who've ever played could have succeeded with the line Peyton's had in recent years?

TJ: I don't know the issues that well regarding the Colts - I just have always thought Caldwell was riding the wave created by Manning. And now he's just sort of looking quietly desperate - I'd like to see some Jim Fassel come out from him

Doc: That is kind of the point, Doug. I think that Indy is extremely dependent on the quarterback. I also thought that Caldwell was making some legitimate requests to bring the quality of the rest of the team up. With Peyton out, it looks even worse. I think that Ted's right though - they still have enough talent to win a few games

3rd Quarter

Denver gets the ball on their own 20 to start the second half following a touchback

Doug: Crazy to see Janikowski getting it deep with half kicks

TJ: Nice call, nice out - there will be blood! Man the game feels like it should be closer

Ted: I like how the Broncos are getting a little push up front in the run game today.  Much better than Week 1

TJ: I can't believe we are down by 10

Doug: Well, we gave them the ball on the 14

Ted: That was there because the Raiders were worried about Tebow on the backside, the hold notwithstanding

TJ: What you talkin' bout, Willis (Matthew)?

Doug: BTW, we do have two 3rd-down conversions today!

TJ: Haha, let's hope it’s three. The pistol!!! Loaded!

Ted: That was a good throw, low and away

TJ: Haha love to see the pistol! Man, Decker went totally parallel, I love to see that hustle

Doc: Rosario looked good on that last pass. He's having a good day

Doug: Hey! Another 3rd down conversion!

TJ: Dude, you don't get over on Kuper on the run

Doc: Boy, it's nice to see somebody pushing the line on third and short. Kuper is playing well

TJ: Hahaha, stupid Raiders - should have been flagged

Ted: I liked that block by McGahee downfield

Doc: Nice block - McGahee is one tough running back

Tebow hits Eddie Royal for a 26-yard TD; 17-14 Raiders

TJ: Wide! Woooooo

Ted: That was the effect of protection

TJ: Rolled him out

Ted: They got it protected, and he made the throw

Doc: Nice to see Eddie Royal getting back into the game

TJ: See what happens when you do what I say? Haha

Doc: LOL – you bet TJ

TJ: Raiders only 2-7 on 3rd down. Good game

TJ: I don't see them going in this direction long term, but at least it's entertaining

Doc: I just checked the Packers game. Aaron Rodgers can throw a football through a hole 8 inches in diameter, I swear.

Doug: Brady 2 picks, and now a lost fumble. 10-0 Giants

Doc: Heckuva tackle by Von Miller. Ted, any thoughts on Aaron Curry?

Ted: He's been himself to me, from a high level. Good talent, average production

TJ: Wow, great call against the blitz. Good saver from Quinton

Ted: Yeah, you have to hand it to them

Doc: Thanks, Ted. Not exactly a top-4 pick, but a good player

TJ: Jacoby Ford = Dumb

Doc: Much appreciate the penalty Mr. Ford

Ted: He hasn't lived up to #4, no

TJ: Why did Bush leave his feet? Strange

TJ: Crap, that spot was brutal for Den

Ted: Ugh for the "trickeration" - that spot was really generous

TJ: BRUTAL - that's some home cookin'! Okay, just joking - for the record

TJ: Wow, Palmer, nice out - that was brutal. He floated it

Ted: It hung in the air

Doug: Yeah weak, like a pop gun

TJ: Damn, I wish Rahim Moore was still in - want him to succeed

Doc: Goodman had that diagnosed as a go route

Ted: The edge containment for the Broncos has been bad

Doc: Well, at least Joe Mays made Carson Palmer pay for it

Palmer lofts a TD pass to Jacoby Ford at the left side of the end zone; 24-14 Raiders

Doug: Wow what a catch - that was insane

TJ: Dre is blaming Q? Challenge!

Doug: No, it's a score

Ted: Dre had good coverage

TJ: Why is Dre bitching to Q? I don't get how Q could have played that different?

Ted: He couldn't have

Doug: Holy @#$% the Rams have 2 safeties

Doc: What's unusual about that, Doug?

Doug: Oh, not on the field, on the scoreboard haha.  Sorry Em. This is their scoring by quarter: 3, 6, 4

Doc: Oh, THOSE safeties. That's rare. No worries - my dumb. Okay, any odds on Denver scoring 14 more this game?

Doug: Well, Oakland isn't exactly lighting it up on D. So why not?

Ted: If they do what they did on the last series, it's definitely possible. You can beat that secondary

Doc: I'm open to it. They're going to have to let Tebow throw the ball

TJ: Yeah, he'll probably do well, too, because it will be unscripted. I'm more of a opportunist when it comes to Tebow. I just recognize the opportunity of Luck or Barkley. Haha, nice coverage, fools!

Ted: Good recognition there

TJ: Nice move by DT. Wow, Willis is powerful. That highlight from Dalton, just wow

Doc: I can't believe McGahee's yards after contact

Ted: That was a great run

TJ: Hey Mike Huff, you suck! I love watching Kelly do battle with JD Walton today

Doug: WTF

TJ: Decker tried again, haha he was trying to call for the timeout

Doug: I mean, I guess this is the price with any young QB. I don't think this is Tebow-specific

TJ: Go for it, Fox

Ted: Yes, going here is the thing to do

TJ: I love this game today

Doc: It is keeping things exciting. After the last two, it's a great change of pace

Prater converts a 43-yard attempt to pull Denver back to within a single score; 24-17 Raiders

Ted: Being competitive in a road game against a team that was physically a lot better in Week 1 is a good thing. I'd like a W, but competitive is good too

Doug: Well, let's see. Long way to go. Actually, if not for Taiwan Jones' penalty it's a 4-point game - the one that took the FG off the board

Doc: Marcus Thomas made a nice tackle on that one

Ted: I like the run defense on both 1st and 2nd there... let's heat up Palmer now

Doc: And Ryan McBean was in on the next. Palmer is next

Ted: Real good coverage by Dre there

TJ: Who can't get an exchange right?

Doug: Wow Dalton has converted on 1st and 20 and 3rd and 18 on Cincy's current drive

TJ: Nice pick! You suck, Palmer! As I said!

Doc: Beautiful play by Chris Harris

After an INT by Denver rookie Chris Harris gives Denver the ball on their own 40, Willis McGahee rips off a 60-yard TD run to tie the game at the end of the 3rd Quarter; 24-24

Doug: Harris will catch some heat for that celebration fail. Wow!

Doc: Gorgeous

Ted: That was awesome

TJ: Suck it, Black Hole!!!

Doug: Seymour looks like he's about to cry

TJ: How you like it, Oakland! Beotches!

Doc: That was Kuper, Walton, and a little bit of Franklin on the blocking. Tie game at the end of three..

4th Quarter

Ted: Wow, a Prater kick that didn't reach the end zone... that's rare

TJ: I like our DTs

Ted: Me too... with an Anthony Hargrove type for 3rd down, I'd be really happy

TJ: Haha, nice move, Von - that's like the slap bitch move

Ted: I like the A gap stuff they're doing with Von today

TJ: Haha, if Tebow wins, he won't give Elway the chance to draft a QB

Doug: Hahaha

TJ: Our line on the interior is pounding them

Doc: Rogers just threw the most beautiful pass to Nelson to the 2-yard line. Penalties by Clark and Clady - that's three on Clady today

Doug: Stay conservative - don't lose it here. Wow!

TJ: Stupid raiders!

Doug: Hahaha Raiders football

TJ: The Raiders have like 120 yards in penalties

Doc: Thank you Oakland!

Ted: See, Tim, run to the sideline and slow up, and let them get a personal foul on you

Doug: Hahaha Curry, dumbass

Doc: So, Ted, is that the kind of dumb mistake that Seattle got tired of with Curry?

Ted: McGahee is running his ass off today

Doug: Green Bay has 45 points

Ted: It was bad recognition, bad angles, and no big plays Em

Doug: Seriously? Again?

TJ: Sigh, another reason why it matters little what Tebow does as results. They just won't let him emerge. It's nice and all to play conservative and stuff

Ted: I hated that call, but it's OK to play field position here

Doug: But that's a spot on the field to be aggressive - you have little to lose

Ted: Yeah, you could run some rub action there, or a simple crossing route, and give him a chance to make a throw. Good fill by Carter

Doug: Wow another stop!

Eddie Royal takes Shane Lechler’s punt back 85 yards for the go-ahead TD; 31-24 Broncos

TJ: Yeah, suckers! House!

Doug: WOW!

TJ: Hahaha, he just did the Tebow!

Ted: There were a couple superb blocks on that play

Doc: Eddie! Great blocks, missed tackles, broken tackle. Great play

TJ: Black Hole! Suck itttttt

Doc: McGahee and Eddie have made this into a serious chance to win. Take it home, guys.

Doug: DOOM!

Ted: That was a Dumervil kind of sack

Doug: Finally, his first sack since signing his contract

Doc: He's got 1.5 today

TJ: Hahaha Oaktown - 2 turnovers, 12 penalties. Punks

Doc: Great support by the other linemen

Ted: Doom's had a nice game... good run D in second half, and a nice recognition/pass defense on a screen in first half

TJ: Man, I can't say DJ is getting beat. Nice throw, CP

Ted: Moore picks that one

Doc: The grass got it first


Doug: Wow, we can salt the game away now

Ted: Let's see some 4-minute offense

Doc: Great approach by Allen. I love his aggression

Doug: Big dose of Willis and Tebow running here

Ted: That was a brilliant play!

TJ: Tebow and McGahee both over 100!

Doc: Beautiful. They've been running that one to Willis all day - then they leave it with Tebow. Great call

Doug: Wow, this should be game over!

Ted: That zone-read is a play that they need to run a lot.

Doc: Is the OAK line tiring?

Ted: They're getting their asses kicked, Em. They have been all second half - the Broncos are winning up front

TJ: Black Hole, silent!

Doc: Yeah, that too. This is remarkable - the Broncos OL has really stepped up

Doug: 270 rushing yards, 2-0 on turnovers, and a big ST play - Broncos got everything they needed today to win

Doc: Thank you OAK - If the D holds, Denver should walk away with this one

Doug: Haha Em you're really going out on a limb there

Doc: LOL - see why I don't pick games?

McGahee scores again to ice the game, this time from 24 yards out; 38-24 Broncos, final score

Doug: This game is over. WOW, what a day on the ground!

Doc: Unreal day for McGahee - 163 yards and 2 TDs

Ted: O-line, Tebow, McGahee - it's all been working

Doug: When's the last time Denver physically outplayed Oakland?

Ted: The fear of the backside Tebow run has opened up a ton of this - it's a huge weapon

TJ: @#$% you, Black Hole!

Doc: Denver's a game behind everyone, going into KC next weekend - big game

Doug: Go figure haha

Ted: Guys, Tebow had a very effective overall game today.  It has to give him and the team a lot of confidence going into next week

Doc: Nice to see, Ted

Doug: Delay of game haha

Ted: WTF is Louis Murphy doing spinning the ball? Even if it's not a penalty, make it easy for the officials to spot it fast

Doug: Yeah, and down 14 with 90 seconds left?

Doc: Typical OAK, Ted. All they seem to be best at is running the ball and penalties

Doug: NICE

Ted: Miller smacked Carson again. He's had a huge game

Doug: Wow, the Raiders are going to have a rough week - 14 penalties, 3 turnovers, a PR score and 300 rushing yards against - oops!

Ted: Dierdorf is surprised to see the "spread formation" which is where all the success has come from

Doc: After the last two weeks with Tim Tebow, this is the first time I've seen Denver play like a team. It is good to see, and I can't wait to see if they can hold up to it.

Ted: It was a winning performance top to bottom - that was a great second half

Doug: This was exactly the formula i saw in the STDL - exploit the Raiders' rushing defense, win TO battle and get a big defensive or ST play

Doc: The OL is going to get a lot of love this week in my column. By the way, the Packers just intercepted Rivers and the game is all but over. Well, this is going to make writing the column much easier for me. I can't wait to go back and see exactly how the OL blocked for that many yards. Two huge TD runs by McGahee might have made the difference in the game. Eddie Royal’s punt return didn't hurt either

Chewing the Fat