Chewing the Fat: Week 8 - Broncos vs Lions

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 45-10 loss to the Detroit Lions

Doc: Should be a nice homecoming for Tebow. I hope he steps up into it.

Ted: I'll be curious to see what they do with the offense.  The reports had it being completely overhauled, but I don't think Jay Glazer would be qualified to speak on that.

Doug: I also don't think anyone would be telegraphing this kind of stuff

Ted: No, definitely not. I have suspected that there would be some tactical changes, but you can't change everything in one week.

Doc: What do you make of Fox's comment on using college plays?

Ted: I don't know if that's what he said, or if that's Glazer's characterization of what he said.

Doug: So, not only is Denver only dressing two halfbacks, but only one fullback - Quinn Johnson inactive

Denver’s opening drive stalls after a pass from Tim Tebow to Eric Decker is ruled incomplete after Decker fails to get his feet down at the back of the end zone; 3-0 Broncos

TJ: Just get it lathered up - wishbone!

Ted: Full house backfield...interesting

TJ: I guess Glazer wasn't kidding, although that's not exactly the pistol

Doc: Good blocking

Ted: That's a good throw

Doc: Gorgeous. Denver is so strong running off the right

TJ: Orlando is maulin'. Decker, you have to get em down - that's on him

Ted: That was a good enough throw

Doug: Tebow is definitely looking better so far - more sure of himself

Doc: Kupe picked up the blitz and it was a nice throw - challenge!

TJ: If that's not a TD, nothing is

Ted: They got that protected very nicely, and that helps any QB make a good throw

TJ: Okay, screw Andrew Luck

Ted: Yes, Pereira, he had it. What a bad call!

TJ: That is not even possible. I can't even believe it. No matter what, Decker can do better

Ted: That was a screen that got played well

TJ: They did a good job of film study on that one. Denver ran the screen in the RZ a few times last week

Ted: That play goes strictly on timing - Beadles is counting and going. The same thing happened last week when Tebow overthrew Moreno on the screen.  The timing was hosed from the start

Ted: Chris Harris in to start at nickelback. I like that idea. They run this end-around look constantly

TJ: Damn, Stafford has a cannon - he threw that off the back foot

Ted: Yeah, he has elite talent. Tebow has a history of beating him, though - for what that's worth

Stafford finds Titus Young wide open for a score; 7-3 Lions

TJ: Brutal

Ted: How can that happen?

TJ: That just happened, wow

Ted: Goodman was wrong there, to me

TJ: Both of them thought they were at that zone. Yeah, that's the CB - because the safety wouldn't do that unless it was called

Doc: I'm with you, Ted. He just stopped

TJ: That's a call from DA, and Goody has deep. Dawkins bit?  I don't think so

Ted: WTF is with Titus Young jumping into the stands at SAF? Why wasn't beer dumped on him?

Doc: I hope Green's OK - he's becoming a good part of the play.

TJ: Stop dancing, stop juking - hit your GD hole

Ted: Yeah, he needs to go

TJ: Orlando Franklin got beat, and got beat bad

Ted: Yep... interesting blitz-man look there. I'd like to see Tebow have an audible to go to next time he sees it

TJ: I still believe he's a Guard in training

Ted: I think so too TJ... not quick enough feet. He primarily played LG at Miami. From the start, I've found it strange that the Broncos saw him as an RT

Doc: Fair enough. These are his first games ever as a RT, so I'm cutting him some slack. I noticed during combine that he moved more smoothly to his left, and like you, Ted, I wondered about moving him to RT

Doug: Nice play Von!

Ted: Let's have some coverage here. Really good defense there

TJ: Nice pursuit, McBean! Wow, he dropped 8, and it worked!

Ted: Sometimes dropping 8 is a good idea.  You have to mix it up. Miller had a good initial rush on Cherilus, and McBean finished it

Doc: Someone found McBean's on switch

TJ: Yeah, the cops

Ted: I better get my ass in gear, because I need money for lawyers' fees

Doc: Well, there's spies and then there's stalkers....Miller's been rushing to the A gap and spinning through it - first time I've seen that move from him

Denver's third possession goes five and out, after a three and out on their second

Ted: That was another NFL throw

TJ: Great crossing route

Doug: I'll take that result. Ted, did Tebow used to throw off one foot like that at UF?

Ted: Yes, he always has - it's a result of the way he steps into it. He's a strider to generate the torque he needs. Tthat's not preferable, all things being equal, but it's okay. Ahhh his eyes were down way too much there.

TJ: Same blitz as before. Exact same

Ted: How would he even know who was open?

TJ: Fells got beat

Steven Tulloch sacks Tebow to force the punt

Doug: Well, there's our first Tebowing of the day

Ted: I want a sprintout left on that play

TJ: Wow, I had a feeling we'd see that little sack "dance"

Doug: Perhaps, all year

Detroit's next drive results in a FG; 10-3 Lions

Doug: That was a late hit on a slide - not smart

TJ: The fact that Bunkley even ran 25 yards is impressive - but, you know....

Doug: Hahaha lack of oxygen to the brain at the end there. Not a big hit, but so obvious

TJ: It’d be nice if we put a dent into that 150 QB rating of Stafford's

Doc: Let's just say that Bunkley is unlikely to compete in the high jump. I keep hearing how the Lions OL is weak, but they're handling Denver for the most part

2nd Quarter

TJ: So far, staring 0-3 on third down is not preferable

Ted: They've looked better than usual so far

Doc: Any thoughts from anyone on how to attack them better?

Ted: Speed rush Backus and Cherilus. Stafford does much, much worse when he's pressured.  It's what separates him from Rodgers - he can spin it every bit as well as Rodgers can

Doc: Nice stunt by Thomas

TJ: So thus far, 0-5 on first downs both teams included. What is up lately on 3rd downs and these Broncos games?

Ted: Low efficiency by the offense and high efficiency by the defense, I guess. They need to handle the blitz on 3rd and long, no matter how they get it protected

TJ: Tebow is 2 for 6 for 30 yards, but I can't say anything bad about his play. I mean I guess I just did, but you know what I mean. He’s made the right decisions

Ted: Me neither... he's off to a pretty good start.  I'd have liked to see better recognition on the second blitz

TJ: Kuper is having a great battle - it’s fun to watch this. Brutal, JT

Ted: Back to 3rd and long... how about a new idea here? That was a good throw too, but good defense

TJ: Tebow is playing well today. Folks are going to bash Tebow right now for the % and rating, but really he's putting it where he needs to

Ted: He needs to keep doing what he's doing.  Set his feet, make the throws, and trust the process

TJ: Of course Detroit is adjusting - so now, McCoy needs to.

TJ: Marcus Thomas playing well despite the injury. Hahaha terrible throw, Stafford - talk about terrible mechanics. Matt Stafford right there - wow that was a throw! Very little space. Dawk too deep, though. Dropping 8 and Dawk was way too deep with the sticks right there. Nice blitz, DA!

Ted: Ayers got him

Doc: That last sack gave Ayers 3 sacks, 3 QB hits, 11 pressures and 11 stops with a batted pass. Yeah, he's lousy....

TJ: Cunningham likes to blitz. I think that was Tim’s first bad throw. But Stafford's had two

TJ: Champ saved a TD. Man, DA is LUCKY right there. Do not like the Broncos D being on the field for so long

Doug: Wow Scheffler

TJ: Hahaha he's all gloating now

Ted: Wow... that was a well-played piece of defense, and the -hole still caught it

TJ: That's just football right there - luck plays a huge role in football, and people never recognize it

Ted: Yes, it sure does

Doc: Good play by Harris - weird bounce, but a good play

TJ: Yeah, how can he play it any better?

Ex-Broncos TE Tony Scheffler scores on a one-yard pass from Matthew Stafford; 17-3 Lions

Doug: Uh oh Scheffler again

Ted: Wow, perfectly defended, except the coverage guy

TJ: He just Tebowed and Mile High Saluted. Scheffler - just decide, bro! You gonna break dance? Tebow? The wave? Just pick one

TJ: What an odd game. I don't feel like Tebow is playing Brady style, but at the same time, he's not terrible.

Doug: Dude every Denver game is like this now, under Fox

TJ: Yeah, go no huddle - you have to get some pace, bad. Come on Mike, patience - don't just get crazy

Ted: COME ON ROYAL - get your depth

Doug: Strange series

TJ: Odd call - why is he not at the sticks? Ahh I see it - DT got pushed back, which made Royal get pushed back. That was on DT, not Royal - DT couldn't get his block

Doug: That's two 15-yd dumbass penalties

TJ: Colquitt tried to hit John Wendling after the play

Ted: Wendling is a Wyoming guy, isn't he?

TJ: Yeah, that's how I know him. He can jump 8 feet high, for what it's worth - because of the Wyoming water, which is tainted with natural gas - just ask Doug, haha

Doug: Yeah I just watched Gasland a couple weeks ago, so depressing. About 1/3 of it takes place in WY and CO

Doc: Coming from Colorado, the end results of fracking have some potentially serious side effects.

TJ: Tebow's problem today is a little more about pace. Damn, Megatron - he's so smooth. He's what DT wishes he could be when he has a wet dream. Are they gonna put 24 on the board? Don't tell me they are!!!

Doug: Sure looks like it. Hey, the STDL do not lie, hahaha. And, this is without any turnovers

TJ: Dude, you called it. Well if Tebow has it, it will be shown again today

Detroit adds a one-yard score from Maurice Morris to go up 24-3 before halftime

TJ: Now if you are Detroit, do you go vanilla D? Or a soft zone?

Ted: I don't think the Lions are a talented roster.  They're good at some noticeable positions, and weak at others

Doug: Just keep doing what you're doing

Ted: Probably back to their typical Cover-2 stuff

TJ: If I'm Detroit I just keep pasting until it's 40

Doug: I mean, Denver shouldn't be doing much anyway - this is the area of the clock and field where you get a pick-6. I'm not saying take a knee, but don’t be aggressive...

TJ: Griese says on the radio, “This is Tim Tebow - can he get it done when the defense isn't playing soft?”

Doug: Haha Knowshon going out of bounds. WTF?

TJ: KM = Wonderlic Wonder

Doug: Punt it straight out of bounds

Ted: That was a smart call, the 5 second throwaway, good risk management

Doug: Yeah better than a punt

TJ: We are 0-7 on 3rd down. That's 0-2 on two first halves

Ted: Since Knowshon dumbassed it going out of bounds, they had to do that

Ted: You know, not that I think the playcalling is great, but a lot of people who don't know what they're talking about are beside themselves over it

Doug: Wow we had 17 passing yards in the first half. Net, that is. That makes 23 net passing yards in the last two games' opening halves

Ted: I'd just like to see more progress

Ted: You know who I miss?  Gaffney

Doc: Yes, me too. Solid, dependable, effective veteran, let go for a maybe who got cut. Sigh. And, the D is still missing too many pieces - the streak of problems at CB is pretty big

Ted: Tebow actually did play pretty well, in his individual responsibilities in the first half

TJ: I think he was mixed. It wasn't the throws this time

Ted: It was mixed, no question

3rd Quarter

Ted: Nice play by Dumervil - really good recognition

TJ: I see Unrein! He was huge!

Doc: At Tim’s level, it's what I mostly expect. If they're out of options - and they are - and want TT to play, they have to expect it to take some time for him to grow into it. TJ, Unrein was in at the end of the last quarter, too.

Ted: Now, the Broncos have decent field position, and a chance to get something going

Cliff Avril strips the ball from Tebow, gathers the fumble and takes it to the house; 31-3 Lions

Doug: Well, there we go - game over. That would qualify as a quick sack

TJ: Orlando. Hmmm, l'm smelling a Merril Hoge long release tweet coming. Undeserved, but coming

Ted: I think it might be time to help out on Avril. You know, if we are learning lessons

Doug: But, can we afford it Ted?

Ted: Protection is first.  You can always afford to protect the QB

Doug: Well, I mean focusing on Avril - will you have enough guys to block Suh too, and then have guys to run routes against less than double coverage?

Ted: He's their best pass rusher, and Franklin is the Broncos’ worst pass blocker. It's a tough combo - he needs at least chip help

TJ: This one could get super ugly. If I were Detroit, I wouldn't let up. Don't let this crowd think they can get anything - and when it hits 40, then you back off

Doug: I’d think about pulling Stafford if I scored another TD

Ted: Franklin holding, wow

Doug: And, still a sack

TJ: Well the bad news, we got the penalty. The good news? I was right about him from Day 1. LG. Kuper is getting upset

Ted: I would think about switching him and Beadles now, as much as I don't think Beadles is really a RT either

Doug: Denver now has −7 net passing yards

TJ: They are going to prove to the fan base Tebow isn't the answer, one way or the other. Again, I'm right on that one

Ted: Let's see what kind of improvement we can see on defense on this series

TJ: I suspect this drive is going to be what the old timers like to call --killing the clock

Doc: Bad play by Tebow - stepped up unnecessarily, didn't have a plan

Stafford and Calvin Johnson connect on a 56-yard TD pass to put Detroit up 38-3

Doug: TJ I'm guessing your lead is safe this time. Time to pull Stafford

Ted: I think that's a good call. Yep, this is laugher territory now

TJ: I wish these guys would play harder for Tebow, since that is what I heard they did. OF could use some "play harder" pills

Ted: That was a really nice play by Tebow. Sorry, it's been awhile since there was one. Iif he can make some plays and keep the clock moving, he can lessen the commentary about the embarrassing score. But, really bad throw there

TJ: Thought that was gonna get picked. DT ought to be aggressive there

Ted: Bad throw there... it had way too much heat on it

Ted: I really liked the defense by Von there - it was measured, and cautious, and effective

TJ: Dumbass, get down

Ted: Yeah, that was the kind of hit he can't take.

Doug: 11 sacks in the last 1.75 games. And there’s another

Ted: Tebow needed to throw the ball away there.  I understand there was nothing downfield, but throw it away

Doug: And Oakland is up next week - good chance he'll take 20 sacks in 3 weeks. We'll see how durable he is

Doug: Hey, good chance that IAOFM will go 5-0 against MHR in FF this week! So, there's something to be happy about!

Ted: #winning. You should definitely print that in CTF. The Lions have been all over these screens

Doc: Solid blocking by the WRs Decker and Royal on TT's 1st down

4th Quarter

Chris Houston returns a pass from Tebow 100 yards for another defensive score; 45-3 Lions

TJ: Housed - floated way behind him. I've read Elway like a book. Oh my, bad throw

Ted: Terrible, terrible throw. Bad route concept too, by the way

Doc: To quote Dandy Don - "Turn out the lights, the party's over" If it had ever started.

Ted: Nice Dandy Don reference. The growth opportunity continues. I want to see who wants to grow and improve

Doc: Denver's got some young players who look like they're going to play well. Too many rookies and youngsters, some old guys, not a lot of middle to the team

TJ: Get those Kyle Orton billboards ready, Broncos fans! I have a feeling that won't happen, though

Ted: No, it has a decent chance to shift to Luck/Barkley/Jones soon though, if Tebow doesn't do better. And if the 10 other 10 guys, who've been pitiful today, don't do better too...

Doug: 36 net passing yards

Ted: IMPROVEMENT! Royal gets deeper than the sticks. He's learning

Doug: I hope that was a throwaway, because it was pretty hard for one

TJ: Griese: "He just hit a cheerleader"

Eric Decker scores on a 14-yard pass from Tebow; 45-10 Lions

Ted: It was. You know, Decker runs crossing routes well. Tebow throws crossing routes well...I think you see where I'm going with this

TJ: Ted, stop using LOGIC. They don't give a crap about Tebow. They have to prove he's not the answer one way or the other.

Ted: I'd like to see them give the dude a chance, and even if they decide to go a different way, he has some value to somebody else

TJ: Ted, Elway will NOT let him. This is his town, bro - he built this town. He isn't going to let a little punk like Tebow take it from him! I know you think I'm kidding - but really, I'm not.

Ted: No, I realize you're being serious, and I agree that that is probably what's going on. There's no way for him to take any tangential credit for Tebow. He could take some credit if a guy like Barkley did well

TJ: Yeah, that's where I've been all along

Doug: Haha Orton, funny to see him and Tebow chatting on the sideline. Wonder what they're saying

Ted: "This is what it's like to play with a bunch of bums". I do appreciate the Lions calling off the dogs

Doug: "You wanted this, beeotch. you thought you could do better"

Doc: I'm not putting it all on Tebow, either, but sacks are up, not down.

Ted: The Broncos haven’t protected well all season. That's maybe a little on McCoy, but at some point, players have to play

Doug: Sure but Tebow's style also doesn't help that - holding the ball so long

Ted: He's going to avoid as many as he takes with his style. That TD to DT last week was a sack by Wake to 98% of the QBs in the NFL

Doug: I think I saw that his sacks averaged like 3.6 seconds, which is an eternity. But Ted, it's not like Orton was taking 6 sacks a game

Doc: I think that the fact is that they wanted to run a pocket passer offense, and Orton utterly tanked. Now they're scrambling, but it won't matter squat if the D isn't upgraded

Ted: Right, he's basically a rookie - he's holding the ball, and taking sacks. But when he does, there's never an outlet for him to go to. The Broncos don't seem to believe in outlets. Lance Ball just put himself in Knowshon territory there with that fumble. Ayers has been a positive today

Doc: Agreed. And on that note - will they upgrade Jeremiah Johnson from the PS with Ball's up and down performances? Ayers has quietly had a nice early year. They've asked him to play from DE to NT and he's done well at all of them. Good numbers, too.

Ted: You guys may not realize this, but the Broncos have rushed for 190 of the emptiest yards you'll ever see

TJ: Wow, I didn't realize - but it will make a good joke

Ted: 30/195 6.5 yards per carry. 3 net yards per pass attempt

Doug: 13 sacks in two games. Heck, if we include the INT return we have 17 net passing yards

Ted: OMG did you see that?

TJ: That's about as silly as I've ever seen

Doug: Is that even legal? It reminds me of the Leinart/Bush play against Brady Quinn's Irish

TJ: Schwartz is just laughing, they let it go as an incomplete pass

Doc: Well, the theory that the problem was the QB has been put to rest. Unfortunately, that doesn't make developing Tebow any easier. I don't see things as one-sided as some (ie, it's not all Fox/McCoy), but I do hope they add an outlet player and some crossing routes.

Ted: I thought that by and large, Tebow's throwing was a lot better this week than it was last week. It was a mixed bag, once again

Doc: Mixed, but still mostly not good

Ted: He got let down a ton by the receivers today. Cecil Lammey tweeted the same thing a while ago

Doc: Yes, he did, and by the line - both of which were also Orton problems, as if he didn't create enough on his own. Well, give TT time. He's got some issues to work on, but moving forward he's currently Denver's best

Doug: I'm not saying this to be a jerk, but isn't it hard for the receivers if they're seeing different kinds of throws every week? If you never know where the ball will be... There was all the talk after the Nate Jackson piece which laughed of precision and choreography...but when nothing is ever the same, how can anyone thrive?

Ted: A receiver's job is to get separation, and to catch the ball. The Broncos have struggled for both Orton and Tebow to do those things

Doug: I get that Ted, but isn't there something to be said for being able to concentrate on what you're doing and know that the ball will be in a certain area when you come open or turn around? And i'm not saying that needs to be there now, at this stage. But how can it all be the receivers' faults?

Ted: It can't all be anybody's fault, but when a receiver drops a ball on his hands, that's his fault. Just like when Tebow throws it to Chris Houston, that's his fault. It's really easy to tell who messed up in those situations. Other situations, it's more subtle, obviously, and harder to tell. It's pretty obvious that the entire 53-man Broncos unit isn't going to suddenly "gel" and turn into a winning team in 2011, but there is a lot of opportunity for individual growth and development of  players

Chewing the Fat