Chewing the Fat: Week 7 - Broncos at Dolphins

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 18-15 comeback victory over the Miami Dolphins


TJ: Schefter says Tony S. is playing for his job today. Sparano better have used the Tebow thing as bulletin board material. Otherwise, he should lose his job. I would give a hell fire speech before the game if I were Sparano, saying 1) Look at what they are saying!!! 2) They don't even care about you! 3) They care about some college player who thinks he's Jesus Christ Superstar, and then takes some chairs and smash them into Jason Taylor

Ted: I'll bet you Sparano doesn’t do that.  He gives his usual execution speech. But it ain't going to matter if Matt Moore keeps playing like he's been playing

Doug: What's the point of firing him now? Unless Cowher is coming in right now, or someone like that? Otherwise you've got some interim coach for the last 10 weeks?

Ted: Yeah, Doug...Mike Nolan

TJ: Orlando Franklin, meet Cameron Wake. Oh yeah, you're also protecting Tebow's blindside.

TJ: Fox has the blue blockers on today

Ted: Haha that worked for Nixon, maybe it will work for Kyle. Good pressure right off the bat

TJ: Miami coming out no huddle and throwing, running em when they are in the nickel. So far, nice strategy. Nice ready, Woody. I think there is a strategy to keep Mays off the field by going 113 from a lot of teams

Ted: Yeah, I liked Dawk down in the box there. A lot of times the Broncos pull a DT though

TJ: Nice catch, Brandon!! Borderline Drop Disorder

Doug: That's a continuation of Monday night

Ted: There was good pressure there, and I like that the pressure is getting to Moore even on short drops

Doc: Bodes well, doesn't it?

Ted: Marshall dropped that, but it was a hurried throw. I liked the call of safety blitz off the front side.  Letting Moore see it quickly worked out

TJ: Carlos Dansby - perfect pick-6 pass. Do they not trust him to throw? That's BS. Come on, man. I think on 3rd-and-medium Tebow's a big enough boy to throw the ball, rather than do a zone read

Doc: He needs a chance to calm down, I'd expect. Opening in his own stomping grounds has to have him worked up.

TJ: Agreed, Em, but that's a drive you're not getting back. You only get so many per game

Doc: No argument - and in our own deep zone. Nice kick helped

TJ: Thank God for Britton, agreed - dude is an EP machine

Doug: Wow, this could be a scoreless tie. Has there ever been one?

TJ: Man, nice pressure off the edge by Dawkins. Haha, probably the team that makes the stupid turnover

Doc: Stupidest turnover contest? Kind of like Suck for Luck

TJ: Willis McGahee will have more to do with this game than Tebow ever will

Doc: Beautiful blocking

TJ: Dolphins did a double A gap blitz there, Em. So they got burned by their own call. Sparano has no respect for Tebow's game, so he's just doing crazy - moves the chains

Doc: Yep. Great block by Franklin on that play - he pushed his guy to the second level

Ted: That's a positive play all the way around... no hit.  If half Tebow's runs are hit-free, he'll stay helathy fine

Doc: Nice run - I wonder who the receiver he chose not to throw to was?

TJ: Wow, JD Walton was treated like a rag doll. He got run right there

Ted: Yeah he got pwned

TJ: And Orton is shaved, haha. Ugh, I get the bootlegs - but that play is trash. That zone read right there was probably bad

Ted: Miami played that really well but the spacing with Fells was horrible

TJ: Not bad by Tim there - at least he hit the open guy

Doug: But it was 3rd down - that's why eddie was open where he was

Ted: I hate punting here

TJ: Wow, Miami prepped for the zone reads, as if they wouldn't

Ted: "Fox played the percentages there", except he didn't

Doc: What a ticky-tack penalty. I just went back and looked - Clady's foot was less than 1/2 his shoe behind Beadles. Are they really calling that now?

TJ: That call was BS. Yeah, Em I just saw that too

Doug: Wow, this is some craptastic football

TJ: The Dolphins want to give it away. They've got some great hands, huh? They've dropped 2 passes and an INT

Ted: WTF is with Bush doing pushups after getting tackled?

TJ: Nice sack, Dawk!!!! Tebow's best friend is EPV

Ted: Dumervil was wide-9, and rushed inside

Doug: Hey, the punt worked out - we gained a whole yard!

TJ: You have to score right now

Doug: Well, it would be nice TJ, but they may not score ever, so we don't really have to score now

Ted: Haha Doug - Miami can do good things at times, they just can't string it together that often. They're like a more extreme version of the Broncos, with the struggles on 3rd down and in the red zone

TJ: This 1st quarter is as exciting as watching turtles mate

Doc: How about watching paint cure?

TJ: Paint curing is more exciting, Em. Ground and pound. Nice cut by Beadles - if you can't power them, cut the hell out of them. What you talkin' bout, Willis? One cut, run!

Ted: Yeah, they're better at the zone stuff, and I think the coaching staff has been playing to that more lately. I like Tebow's execution there, but Walton needs to block better on that

Doc: You can only run that so many times - they were waiting for it

Ted: yeah, not good pocket awareness

TJ: Yeah, when you drop 8 guys, there's just nothing. And they spied Tebow with Jason Taylor

Ted: That was the first sack by a Miami DL all season

Doug: Man, that was a costly sack

Ted: come on Prater

TJ: Well I just got their strategy - mark it down. Jason Taylor = Tebow Spy. So we'll see if the old man can keep up with the young QB

Doug: Okay, so the last scoreless tie was the Giants and Lions in 1943. They had nine first downs combined, and the Giants attempted 4 passes

Doc: Making history, one short drive at a time

TJ: Marshall caught two in a row!

Ted: I need a blitz to change the rhythm. That was a half-measure, but  that was the idea

TJ: I love me a defensive struggle, but this is not one of those

Doug: This is an offensive struggle, TJ

TJ: Dennis Allen will have more to do with Tebow being this team's QB than Tebow

Ted: I like the inside-out pursuit there

TJ: On the broadcast they just said there are more Tebow jerseys in the crowd than anything else. Hahaha nice fans, Dolphins. Dan Marino was rightly puking this morning. If I were a Dolphins fan, I think I would go postal. But hell, Denver fans when the Steelers play...I question that sometimes

Ted: Yeah, they're terrible. that's a congested area, population-wise.  They should be able to sell out that stadium

Doc: The Dolphins had to buy the remaining tickets. TJ, both Chicago and Pittsburgh - half their fans moved to Denver. Those jerseys are locals. If you've lived through some Midwest winters, you'd know why they moved

Ted: McBean did a great job there

TJ: The Dolphins are just keeping them in the game - this is hilarious

Ted: I love this drop montage. Miller got super-quick pressure there

2nd Quarter

Miami goes ahead on a 38-yard FG from Dan Carpenter; 3-0 Dolphins

Doug: Well, there goes the scoreless tie

Doc: Great move by Miller.

TJ: EPV is a wild bitch when you miss a field goal

Ted: I like Willis taking that Dansby hit, and then driving him. That was a really good play by Tebow

TJ: That's the pocket breaking down, like it does 50% of the time

Doug: Nice play by Tebow, very nice touch to Larsen

Ted: That read was right, and it wasn't there

TJ: Honestly though, nothing Andrew Luck couldn't do, and I still get 70% accuracy when the pocket doesn't break

Ted: Luck is outstanding.  I watched him last night. Nice violent finish by Knowshon there. What a bad read - double coverage on a washed-up WR

TJ: Go for it? You are beating the hell out of them, and you have a 245 lb. qb? WTF?

Prater’s 43-yard FG attempt sails wide

Doc: Can't believe he missed that.

Ted: Maybe he's still drunk from partying on South Beach last night

TJ: That's bad - you are drubbing them on the ground, your QB is the greatest college running QB ever, and you have 1/2 yard to go. Nice, Fox - that's on you, buddy

Doc: I miss watching Elway on 4th and 1 and knowing that he was going to sneak it - and get it

Ted: Plus, the percentages say to always go for it on 4th and 1 in plus territory. Fox doesn't know that, though

TJ: Yeah, the league wide right there is about 66% on 4th and less than half a yard

Doc: I agree - it's pretty much saying that he doesn't trust the interior of the line

Ted: Really poor effort by Goodman there

TJ: McBean is really pursuing and hunting and tracking today. He's really finding his prey, and watching them. I mean, McBean is really like just visually aware of where his target is, at all times. It's almost like he's sitting out side that ball carrier's house - it's as if he called that running back up on the phone and said, “I'm watching you” in a really deep voice

Ted: Haha

Doc: Looks like DJ is at Mike?

TJ: Nice pressure, DA. The Broncos have passed 5 times and run it 18 times. Balance,  that is not

Doc: Oh, do NOT compare Tebow to Bobby Douglass. He was the best RB to ever play QB in the NFL - I was in Chicago then and watched him

Ted: That was a pretty good throw. Let's have a downfield man-beating concept here, and see Tebow throw it off a half-field read. He can do that, they just need to call it

Willis McGahee fumbles, and Miami recovers at the Denver 40

TJ: Well well well - the game's first TO

Ted: Come on McGahee

TJ: Hey, BTW, if Tebow didn't have such slow mechanics, that ball gets out. I'm just sayin'. I don't know why McCoy even puts him inside the pocket on that pass. Do what Ted said - roll him to one side, give him half the field and let him use his feet!

Ted: Yeah, that's something he definitely needs to improve on. He can do a half-field read, and a lot of legit NFL offenses are built around that. Bad play by D.J. getting caught up inside, and I'd like a better edge from Ayers too

TJ: Do they want him to succeed or do they want him to prove he can't be a pocket guy? Obviously he is not going to succeed with plays like that

Ted: that's the key question

Miami adds another FG, this time a 36-yarder to go up 6-0

Ted: we have an interesting chance here with 3 TOs and 2:41 to go

TJ: Now with the free flow, I bet he makes plays, instead of McCoy just freezing him in the pocket. I don't mind a few zone reads, but they need to run the crap that Ted talked about. This is a guy who can play a Plummer style.

Doc: I'd like to see them turn Tebow loose on some underneath patterns, let him get a rhythm and then go deep. He has to learn, and handing off constantly won't develop him

Ted: Yes, the Plummer type stuff is what we need.  We also need a deep ball soon. Ugh, blocking downfield, because the timing got hosed. Moreno took too long to clear because Miami played it well

TJ: That's on Tebow, too. You have to run a screen when it breaks down. Otherwise your linemen don't know - and they will always get the penalty. Okay, McCoy - just milk it now

Ted: Yep, he should have run the ball. McCoy's pretty underwhelming, and I've defended him for the most part

TJ: Too bad Dinger’s gone. We could have brought him in to run a real offense around this guy. We are 1-4? Are we trying to win? Or just hold back with 2 minutes for another reason?

Ted: I like taking the clock down to 2 minutes on that run, but it's time to run an easy throw on the move to get yardage - a deep-shallow crosser concept, something like that

TJ: Thank God they passed - I was going to blow a gasket

TJ: Wow, hahaha took a safety and turned it into 34 yards

Ted: He's a bad MF sometimes

Doc: Big wow. That man can run the ball. Blasting through the last guy for the 1st was classic

Ted: Oh, Kuper. He didn't block anybody at all... where the hell are his eyes?

TJ: I guess Kuper doesn't do delays. It's certainly more exciting when Tebow's juking around. I guess you should hold on to the ball when you run?

Doug: Yeah perhaps

Doc: Gotta work on the 4 point holding the ball thing - him and McGahee

Ted: This whole possession has been off schedule. Well, at least they ran the clock down, and maintained the status quo. Here comes a handoff, and go to the locker room

TJ: I just wish they would use their QB in a manner that suits him. I become more convinced each week that my instincts on Elway are right

Doc: What's your thought on Elway, TJ?

TJ: The same as I've been from Day 1 - he wants no part of either QB, and he's just pacifying the fans for a year at the behest of Joe Ellis

Doc: Probably right. The announcers just complained about how boring this game is. Got that right.....

3rd Quarter

Doug: What was that?!

TJ: Mechanics were absolutely terrible

Ted: That was route confusion

TJ: Eddie was wide as well. They are playing 2 deep man under, and spying Tebow with Taylor. That's how they are gonna play it

Ted: What is the concept they're running there? Who's the auto-open guy? I can draw a concept to beat 2-Man under. Any coach can

TJ: Ted, they don't care. They don't, bro - just run crossing routes!

TJ: Von!! 6 pack!

Ted: Well, there's no time like now for the Broncos to get it going

Doc: McGahee is Denver’s MVP today

Ted: McGahee is having a great game, except for the fumble

TJ: Penalty on the RB? Is that humanly possible?

Ted: That's awful

Doug: Hey guess what, a run...

TJ: Oh, did you think the Dolphins wouldn't see that coming?

Doc: They're just stacking the box, 8 and 9 people. This is what happened when other teams realized that Denver didn't have a running game, but in reverse - then they just blitzed constantly, now they're stopping the run. Either way, Denver had/has a one-trick offense

Ted: That's why McCoy needs to be thinking pass, and running concepts that lead to success in that area.

Doc: I can't agree more

Ted: If a defense is giving you the pass, you have to take the pass

TJ: Ted, unless you don't give a damn, and your goal is to be 1-5 - or you don't trust the guy you say is your starter. No 3rd down conversions today - Dolphins: 0-7, Broncos 0-7. Welcome to NAIA football!

Doc: Hey, D.J. showed some emotion. Nice change

Ted: Last week he said on Twitter that he's now all about his career

TJ: The only good thing is that no one told Dennis Allen he's supposed to let them score. D.J.'s all about the Benjamins. 0-15 on 3rd downs today, in total. Did someone pay for this game?

Doc: Perhaps he should play like his career mattered more often. Well, the dolphins bought out all the leftover tickets. They paid for it.

Doug: What's the over/under on this game?

Doc: Doug - Over the hill, under the wheels

TJ: Willis could be out - he is probable with a hand injury

Ted: Oh have to hit that throw

Doug: Wide open, no pressure. That's as open as the Packers' WRs were against us

Doc: Minus 4 yards of offense this half. With throws like that....Nastier still is that he had one guy open underneath for the 1st if he wanted to take it. Then he misses the long throw to an open guy. Ouch.

TJ: When do they bring in Quinn?

Doug: Quinn is inactive!

TJ: Well there goes that theory. You'll be seeing him before the year is out, I assure you - and they will say to the fans: "Brady gives us the best chance to win right now."

Ted: Tebow's mising throws this half that I've seen him make plenty of times. I'm glad they're trying them, at least

Doc: Ted, that's a good point. He can make them - he's not today. They need to let him work with the team in a game situation if they think that they can win with him

Ted: I like that Miami is the team that's wasting timeouts

TJ: Doug, you want records? Right now, 0-16 on 3rd downs. When have two teams gone 0-X on 3rd down? 1-9! I think I jinxed em. Wow, an outlet? See, McCoy?

Doc: They're doing the wave for 1st downs

Ted: Why is Wilhite covering Marshall?

Doc: Wow - hit of the day by Bunkley

TJ: Nickel slot, but why? Allen, I love him. You are not going to dictate tempo to him. Nice edge blitz

4th Quarter

Miami scores on a 16-yard pass from Matt Moore to Anthony Fasano; the ill-advised two-point attempt fails. 12-0 Dolphins

Ted: That was Mays' man - it had to be

TJ: At least now, McCoy will finally have to pass the ball. Should get exciting - but it's not his skillset to do what they want him to do

Doug: Tebow's gonna lead one TD drive late, and then it'll all be about potential. It will be like shooting a 115 but getting a par on 18 and feeling good about your potential as a golfer.

Ted: Haha Doug - that's why you play courses that have a manageable 18th. I shoot 100, and feel good about 18. Then, once in awhile I know I'm sitting on 92 going into 18, and I blow up on it and still get 100

Doug: Yeah but Ted you're new to the game, that's fine. There's nothing like golf for psyching yourself out - it can happen at any moment

Doc: Funny thing is, with this game TT could have a couple of good drives and actually win the thing

Doug: Em, i'll take a couple first downs

TJ: No check off? No outlet? A 34-yard deep out? Sure, they really want Tim to succeed - yeah they do

Doug: FYI, Detroit is coming to town next week - should be fun

Ted: Yeah, that one has a chance to get ugly

Doc: Seriously ugly

TJ: Who has the guts to say Eric Studesville could have done better?

Ted: I'm unimpressed enough with Fox to say that. Really, what has Fox brought to the table?

TJ: If he's not screwing up the clock management, then he's taking off to NC during the bye week, and then he's just loafing it on this gameplan

Ted: Wow, Dawk was a complete wreck on that play. He was out of position at the snap, then ran back, then missed making the tackle

Doc: Nice rush by Ayers

Ted: Wow, Von got egregiously held by Fasano. Exactly what I said happens to Miami, where the offense sucking wears the defense down, is happening to the Broncos

TJ: Dawkins is just racking up sacks today, but Miami isn't exactly trying to blow it open

Miami adds another FG; 15-0 Dolphins

Doc: Yeah, I think that one put it out of range. Heck, the first FG probably did. Miller, Dawk and McBean were all in on the sack on Moore

Ted: It's not time to make any pronouncements yet.  Times like this are why you have to stay dispassionate when things go well.

Doc: It's one game. I'm disappointed, but I was hoping for at least some signs of improvement by the team.

TJ: DT, that’s not how you want to roll, buddy

Ted: Oh come on... that's finally the kind of play you want to call. This is brutal

TJ: Wow, so McCoy finally calls a cross

Ted: A crossing route against a team that plays a lot of man! Next thing there'll be a slant

Doc: Wonders never cease

Doug: Okay, here we are on 18 - good tee shot we can talk about all week

TJ: This is going to be prevent now, the rest of the game. Come on Tebow!

Doug: OMG, WTF was that?! Was that to Fells?

TJ: Freaking wide open. He's double clutching. It's pump pump pump, feet go here/there/everywhere

Doc: This is junior college bad

TJ: I guess Tebow's not strong enough to get away from Cameron Wake.

Ted: That wasn't Tebow's fault there...Franklin got owned

Doug: Look at us, running the clock down as we punt down 15 points. How about that?

Ted: Yeah that was bad management

Doc: Someone was lined up wrong - Larsen and someone else were waving at him to move

Ted: Yeah, it was Vaughn, who seems to have been benched on defense

Doc: Execution has been equally bad. There have been a lot of open receivers that TT just ignored or missed

Doug: I agree with the part about not putting him in a position to succeed, but he's also totally sucked, aside from that.

Ted: Yes, he has

Doc: It's hard to get past that one, Doug

TJ: We are 0-10 on 3rd down. Wow! 1-11! Why the hell are they milling around?

Doug: See, this is the nice chip shot to save triple bogey

Ted: Doug, these are good throws on good concepts with good protection. As much as we can't overrate these, we shouldn't underrate them either.

Doug: Sure, but a good play here and there in a day of suckitude doesn't cut it

Ted: No, it doesn't

TJ: Another issue facing Denver if they stay with Tebow: you will need to draft two more QBs like this, so that you can plug and play when one goes down

Doc: Lance Ball just missed his assignment on Taylor. Well, that's one - Very well done

Denver finally gets on the board with Tebow’s 5-yard TD pass to Demaryius Thomas; 15-7 Dolphins

TJ: Challenge flag? If this is how he plays against Miami...

Doug: Hey, i told you guys this would happen haha

TJ: I'm scared to see how it rolls against a real defense. Yeah, Doug.

Doug: Against the chargers, those two scoring drives featured 1 pass completion

TJ: On the radio, Griese just said that ill informed fans will say, "Why don't they do this all the time????!!” Griese is funny right now

Doug: Whoa! those goalposts are crooked!

Ted: they can do some of that stuff all the time.  Like run crossing routs against Man, and give him an outlet with the RB off of a chip

Doc: I agree, Ted. At the same time, he's been failing to see the open guy all game, short or long.

TJ: Tebow before the game said, "I just want to improve a little each and every day." Can we get some compounding interest?

Doug: So, what happens if we recover, and score a TD?

Ted: I don't accept that we know what he is always going to be after 4.5 games.  Every other young player gets some cover and time to improve, and Tebow can't.  I already knew this, but I'm going to do my part to remind everybody that he's young, and not a finished product.

Virgil Green recovers the subsequent onside kick on the Denver 44

TJ: So he's great now? After an onside recovery?

Doug: Of course! Tebow willed it! Don't you know, these ST guys pick up their game for TT?

Ted: That was a good throw.

Doc: He's not a finished product, certainly, and I'm not going to judge him on one game. At the same time, these are the weaknesses that I've talked about since they drafted him. I admire him on a lot of levels, but I'm still unconvinced that he's able to mature into a winning QB quickly enough for Denver to keep with him.

Ted: I know that if Tebow gets it done here, that will be creditable. I like the Broncos’ chances better now than I would if Orton were playing

Doc: Sure, me too. Still a shot. Wow! And a great catch by Fells. Under review

Ted: That's a catch. I liked it better live than I did on the replay, but it was a good decision, and a solid throw. Fells was clearly behind that LB

TJ: QB run?

Ted: You have to throw because of the clock, unless he gets a crease

Tebow completes another TD pass, this one to Daniel Fells. He then runs in the two-point attempt to tie the game at 15

Ted: Nice call, nice execution

TJ: A screen pass on the five-yard line - that is a great call

Doc: Great screen

Doug: Hahaha this is hilarious. Seriously, this will be a fun week. Everyone will forget the onside kick, just like they give Tebow credit for the KR TD Vaughn scored against SD last year. Somehow, Tebow scores more points - never mind that SD was mauling us. It's Confirmation Bias Week 2

Ted: This has the ability to confirm everybody's bias, no matter what it is

TJ: Run! Oh, brother. I have to rewrite this whole f-ing thing

Ted: Haha sorry TJ - but this dude rewrote this narrative for a lot of people

TJ: I think my bias has to do with not wanting to rewrite more than anything else

Ted: We all have a lot of bad observations to note here, but we have some good ones too

Doc: Can't blame you, TJ. Fact is, it's like looking at two different players

Doug: Let's just not forget the onside kick - because really, without that this was one drive of lipstick on a dead pig. Not this drive, but the prior one

Ted: Doug, the onside kick was huge, but it doesn't delegitimize the plays that Tebow and the offense made to be competitive. He never would have had the chance otherwise, but you have to credit the maximization of the opportunity

Doug: No, it doesn't - but it's important to consider the context. People will say that in 4 starts he had 3 furious comebacks, and 2 of them are thanks to ST plays you can never ever count on

Ted: Well, we're football analysts here, so we don't care what they say.  I say that this is his 5th mixed bag in 5 games

TJ: I hate this rewriting on the fly - it will look like the Balkans

Doc: Well put, Ted. I'm thrilled that they have a chance to win, but mixed bag is about it.

Ted: I think it's really just a matter of adding some positive stuff, TJ. The negative stuff is still legitimately there, and should stand

Doug: My point is this - the Broncos have had 11 horrendous possessions, followed by two good ones, one long and one short. So, are we supposed to get excited about that? If these two scoring drives were amidst the 11 bad ones instead of both in the 4th quarter, how would we view this?


Ted: No Doug, but I think there is some hope to be found. Ohhh Chris Harris had a shot at that one

TJ: Denver is gonna win this - nice blitz!

Doc: Harris has huge potential - I hope they develop him, especially after what I've seen from Wilhite today

TJ: Wilhite has 11 tackes, Em - for what it's worth. 3 and out

Doc: In fairness, Wilhite also has two sacks. But he's been out of position on several receptions, which is why he got so many tackles

Doug: Sorry for another analogy, but i see it as the sort of optimism you have for a AA pitcher you see on Sep 30th whom you think will be in your rotation in 2 years

Ted: Nickel CB continues to be a weakness. Ayers looks like he got hit in the balls. Oh, I thought Cosby was going to fumble that ball

Doc: The injury to Syd'Quan has been big. Cosby's been a find, though. I don't care if he ever catches a pass - they needed him

TJ: Lock this down, the Broncos are winning

Doug: How long of a FG are we willing to try, with Prater having struggled, and it being OT?

Ted: 55 - FGs are independent events, and I trust the longer history of Prater

Doug: If you miss from 55 miami gets it on the 45

TJ: Suddenly the offense goes back to zone reads? Why?

Ted: Bad protection there, but we're still looking at good field position

TJ: Why is this the old game plan? Playing not to lose? Well they aren't playing prevent, but still - you might want to be aggressive

Doug: We don't do aggressive - this is Foxball

Doc: Harris again - he's really looking good. Well, D.J. just got knocked off the tackle. Ouch.

D.J Williams knocks the ball out of Moore's hand and recovers it

TJ: Sack fumble! D.J. Williams only cares about business


Doc: Attaway, D.J.! A turnover - what a concept!

Doug: I guess he's really serious! Hahaha

Ted: I hope he gets laid tonight! He deserves it for that

Ted: Let's see a misdirection bootleg off the outside zone for a change?

Doc: Nah. They're just playing for the FG

Ted: I don't like that at all. More Foxball

Doug: Crooked goalposts!! Seriously! I swear, those things are totally slanted to the right

TJ: Do they not trust their guys? I don't get the three runs

Doc: McCoy is betting on Prater. As Ted pointed out, each kick is an individual event, and he's got a great leg

Prater nails the 52-yard FG easily, to win the game for Denver 18-15

Ted: Got it!

Doug: He's just a winner, Tebow

Doc: What a crazy game

TJ: Ha, Doug. he may be - but Elways's going to make sure he's not the QB

Doug: Hey, this is just what the STDL said it would be. Both teams suck, the Broncos suck less

Doc: Good point, Doug. Barely less, but less - at least from the later 4th Quarter on

Chewing the Fat