Chewing the Fat: Week 5 - Broncos vs Chargers

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 29-24 loss to the San Diego Chargers. Denver goes three and out on the first drive of the game

Ted: Marv Albert's toupee looks particularly striking today

TJ: I promise not to beat up Kyle too bad today, at least for one series. Kyle said on the pregame that they were going to run the ball with authority

Doug: Oh yeah? How? Oh, by using 3 tackles apparently

Ted: I think that SD's DL isn't so good this year. Decker needs to catch that pass

TJ: Well, this game could have started better

Doug: Yeah we can't afford to be losing the field position battle so badly - to anyone

TJ: Shift shift shift, hello, SD. Bad angle by the LB there, I think Mays. Dawk was so busy launching, he couldn't hang on, haha

Doug: Oh, Dawk should have had that, or Moore would have - had Dawk not gone flying

TJ: That's Rivers for you, he's never afraid to put it up for a guy 6'5

Doc: Good protection - nothing protecting the underneath route

TJ: I think it was Von's guy, Em

Ted: Yeah, it looks like Miller was shuffling behind him

TJ: I think he was man on man and was confused on the coverage. That's a huge mental error

Doc: That was DJ doing another grab and drag tackle to add yardage

Doug: Nice tackle Woody

Ted: Woodyard just made a game-winning type of play - those are the ones that add up

San Diego kicks a 24-yard FG to cap off their initial possession to go up 3-0. Denver's next possession ends on an interception on its fourth play.

TJ: Fells says he wants to be known for his blocking. He's got to do better than that. Nice backside cut! Looked like some zone blocking

Ted: The Broncos have stayed on schedule so far; Matt Willis had a great block

TJ: Holy ugly god

Doug: Throwing off his back foot, while said foot is being grabbed by a defender. That was like Jake Plummer throwing lefthanded

TJ: Bad footwork - that's possibly the worst throw I've ever seen him make. It’s just bad on several levels

Doc: Terrible pass to a wide open guy

Ted: It doesn't force him to make a bad decision, Gannon

TJ: Where do you start? First, the footwork. Second, the panic. Orton is so worried now because of the criticism of him taking sacks and holding the ball that he's in his own dome. So he's trying to get rid of the ball always now in a hurry - the old Orton would have just taken that sack - not that either course is right

Two plays later, Cassius Vaughn picks off a Philip Rivers pass and takes it back 55 yards; 7-3 Broncos

TJ: Yeah!!!!! Thank god for defense!!!

Doug: WOW, beautiful

Ted: Well there's the point that Rivers has been throwing the ball to the other team this season too. He didn't want Orton to have the lead alone

TJ: Well, that was a tip. Not a great throw, granted

Doc: Vaughn had such a bad game - not all his fault, but he got schooled - last week that I've been wondering how he'll play. Getting a tip isn't that hard, but nice job by him to grab it.

TJ: True, Em - you still have to react to the tip, and he was quick to the point

Doc: Yeah, they can take an odd bounce if you don't have your eyes on it

Another long drive by San Diego ends with a short field goal, this time a 32-yarder; 7-6 Broncos

TJ: Man, the Chargers are going double on Von Miller with the back today. Elvis has to show up

TJ: Joe Mays, Joe Mays, Joe Mays, etc. North-south, sure, east-west, not so much

Ted: Mays really needs to get into his body

TJ: DJ just got plowed but still grabbed the guy's feet. Broncos stunt and the Chargers run a screen

Ted: That was a really delayed screen

TJ: Man,the defense is ON the field

Doug: They don't even need to throw downfield - just run and screen

Ted: Bad play by Ayers crashing inside there

TJ: Glad to see he's leading with the wrong shoulder

Doc: Haggan had the bead on him, but was too slow getting to the hole

TJ: You mean to tell me you have to call a TO because of motion? You don't have a slide call? They must have been in man

Doug: Ugh that's ridiculous. A TO on defense without anything unique happening

TJ: No, something happened - the motion from the backfield. But DJ is shoudl I put it?

Doug: Overrated? Overpaid? Too busy trying to get laid instead of learning to be a better pro?

Ted: All Mathews' motion was designed to do was widen out the CB

TJ: Nice play! McBean, my nemesis! I'm happy though!

Doc: He's playing better in the 4-3

TJ: Yeah he is, Em - nice pressure. Rivers had to rush that one

Ted: Good scoring area defense can be the difference between 6-10 and 10-6, once you have the talent to be in that range

Doug: Yeah but you don't just give up huge chunks of yardage and then suddenly firm up when it matters. At least, a team like this can't do that

Ted: No, it's hard to imagine that that's sustainable Doug. But we all know points are what matters, not yards

Doc: I tossed out a comment on the potential versatility of McBean in a single gap 4-3 in one of the position reviews last winter, but it was more a throwaway - a “Yeah, he could if we need him” sort of thing. Seems like he may develop. Doug - getting laid? Was that part of his problems last year?

Doug: Em, all D.J. ever tweets about is women

TJ: D.J. is a transitional player for the Broncos at this point, as Ted would say. I would imagine he's not here next year

Ted: Yep, a placeholder

Doc: AHA. I don't read his much - well, we know where Woody (so to speak) and Vaughn got into that. And I'd be happy to have someone at Will other than him

Ted: He'll end his career McNabb style, moving around to new teams, always getting replaced

TJ: I am way too hard on DJ because I played linebacker, but I just hate to see guys get caught up in traffic. That's why Miller is so outstanding - he rarely stays locked on for more than a moment. I try to be more objective on DJ, but it's so hard when you see so much talent and the mental side ignored

Ted: He's never had the recognition ability to match his athletic ability. That's a sweet pic of him looking up some club chick's skirt though

Denver's next possession also results in a FG, this one a 35-yarder from Matt Prater; 10-6 Broncos

TJ: You can't go three and out here - the defense needs at least a few minutes

Doug: Wow that's a nice patient run - why do we never see knowshon exhibit that?

Ted: Yeah, and I like the zone blocking I'm seeing today too. They've gone away from the angle stuff and to the zone stuff lately

TJ: It's zone blocking for sure. Our line is more suited to it actually, outside of Franklin

Ted: Yeah I agree TJ.  I think Franklin can play either

TJ: If you are going to keep Kuper and Beadles, you have to. And JD Walton should be thrown in for good measure as well - his days of supposedly dominating Suh are not today's days

Ted: Walton and Beadles need an offseason strength program in the worst way

Doc: Very true. Beadles also has had lousy hand position and use - I was going over all his games from this year, and he consistently fails to lock up with his rusher. That's why they're getting away from him and into the plays

2nd Quarter

Doug: Of course, a designed run for Tebow. So, they're bringing him in once a week to put something down on tape for their future opponents?

Ted: I want to see a deep ball off one of these

Doug: Haha this ref sounds like John Turturro. TJ, it's Quintana!! Or, Andy Garcia

Ted: Nobody F#$%s with the Jesus

TJ: Haha I should turn it up - but I'm listening to the radio right now and moving between that and the Spanish broadcast

Ted: This is exactly as I expected.  There's plenty of room to run against San Diego

TJ: Nice play right there - Franklin can get you. Franklin retooled that dude on that block

Doug: Yeah more fine running from Willis

Doc: It's been a long time since I saw a Denver runner break tackles like Willis

TJ: B Lloyd needs some flow I'm thinking

Doug: Yeah gotta hang onto that

Doc: He didn't check his feet, from the angle we have - he was just on the wrong side of the first marker

TJ: That's a max protect screen, can't argue with it, although average execution

Ted: That was a decent screen, but it would have been better if the Chargers had brought more pressure

Doc: They held back - good defensive coaching, or was there a tell, Ted?

Ted: I just think they called a 4-man rush on 3rd down, and played coverage behind it

San Diego finally breaks through with a TD, capping off an 80-yard drive with a 2-yard scramble by Rivers; 13-10 Chargers

Ted: Mathews has his left calf wrapped on the sideline

TJ: Tolbert won't help them - not against this defense on the run, and especially after that concussion

Ted: DJ just reacted like he's never seen the Chargers throw a swing pass

TJ: Joe Mays may not get to you, but when he does, he gets to you. Is Von losing his man responsibility?

Doc: yeah, DJ totally overran Tolbert - how do you miss a guy that rotund?

TJ: Oh my. Von has botched that twice now

Ted: Yeah, that was ugly. Hester is actually a good runner

Doug: They're just driving down the field every time, and at some point these will turn into TDs

Doc: Sorry to seem repetitive, but DJ couldn't get off his block and whiffed on that run too. Sigh

TJ: What the hell? Another fight? Illegal hands to the face by Vick?

Doug: we can't stop them, so we just get mad haha

TJ: The biggest foul on this drive is the lack of tackling, and mental errors

Doc: Good point, TJ. Vick also slapped that ball carrier across the side of the helmet - a 2-for-1 deal

Ted: Good play by Marcus Thomas

Doug: Nice to have him back finally

TJ: Great plays by Bunkley, Thomas and Vickerson

Doug: Sure would be nice if they prove me wrong here. Ugh there it is - you keep letting them get down there, eventually you pay

Doc: Wilhite could have wrapped him up and driven him back - same sloppy tackling

Denver goes four and out, and San Diego adds another short FG to go up 16-10

TJ: This is a critical drive right now. I mean with respect to momentum - winning teams take it back, losing teams feed it. You can't just give this drive away

Doc: Boo-birds are out

Ted: Giveup play there. Let's get some punting field position

TJ: This whole drive was given away

Doug: Nice kick but nice return too

Ted: Yeah, the gunner kind of missed Crayton

TJ: Lesson #1 in the Good Coaching Academy - when the other team goes three and out after you've just scored to grab momentum, go for a big play

Doug: We'd better get some halftime adjustments on D - what to do?

Ted: Haggan is playing a lot at LB today

Doug: Wow, more of that would help

TJ: That was insane run blitz! That was all Dennis Allen. He was run blitzing

Ted: SD was going with run personnel there on 2nd down, interesting to see if they do after the TO

TJ: I'll bet they play action. Man, Norv is a great screen caller

Ted: They have a lot of different ones they use

Doc: Go figure: Goodman comes back to the screen and whiffs on the tackle - goes for 6 more yards. But at Second and 8, his coverage was excellent and prevented the TD fade. That's kind of him - brilliant in coverage.

Denver quickly and quietly goes three and out, giving San Diego enough time to go 54 yards in five plays, including a 42-yard strike from Rivers to WR Malcom Floyd; 23-10 Chargers at halftime

TJ: Alright, 1:47 left - this is another drive you should NOT cede

Ted: Who trusts Orton to go get points?

TJ: Exactly, Ted

Doug: Not I

Doc: Nope - not today

Ted: I don't, but I try anyway

TJ: This is standard NFL stuff - you have to go and get it done right now. The defense again plays good enough to win - and they are responsible for 7 points

Doug: Yeah but they've also given up 222 yards, and they gave up 16 points in a half. This is not actually good

TJ: Do a reverse, anything - just mix it up. That's the real problem - it's predictable

Doug: That was just classic

TJ: Oh my, should have been picked, and now badly thrown

Doug: Oh well. At least we weren't disappointed

TJ: Sorry, but this was expected

Ted: And they only took 33 seconds off the clock. You MUST get it under 1 minute there

Doug: Can you say 19-10 at halftime?

TJ: How about 23?

Doug: Haha there's only a minute

Ted: That was dog@#$% clock management, was what that was

TJ: Okay, I'm about to explode. What is the TOP? The defense is exhausted

Doug: It's almost 2-1, as is yardage. Orton is 6-13 with 34 yards - that's bad even for him

Ted: Orton and the receivers have been terrible

TJ: The WRs have not even separated today

Ted: If I'm John Fox, I'm telling Tyke Tolbert to rip them a new one at halftime. They're capable of playing a lot better

TJ: Yeah, Ted - it's time for a huge "pep" talk. This is probably the worst three series I've seen in awhile from Denver in a row

Doug: Whatever, you're 1-3 and it's a home game before the bye. If you can't show up in the first half...OMG

Ted: How can that happen?

Doug: Well, I guess they didn't need more than a minute

TJ: Nice help...NOT

Ted: That was 2-Man Under

TJ: Quinton Carter was brutal. That's a good call by Allen, but Carter is just lost and I mean literally - I think he forgot his name on that play

Ted: Yeah, I need Vaughn to give a much better effort too. I'm kicking myself for trusting Orton to make a game of this

TJ: I am trying so hard to avoid anger. Look, man, at least Tebow will run around for 1st downs

Ted: I don't like the look in Orton's eye either, Gannon

TJ: Orton looks like a guy who has been TKO’d. The Broncos have 105 yards on offense. Peachy

Doug: Yeah this was way worse than any of us expected

3rd Quarter

TJ: Haha - they are only down 13 points, says Dave Logan. Brian Griese says there will be a QB change

Doug: Yeah, and by how they played they could be down by 23

TJ: Griese says it's Tebow to start the 2nd half, he thinks

Doug: Orton has his baseball hat on, and he's talking to Quinn

TJ: He had that look on his face like, "Damn, I won't be getting a contract from anyone more than 1 year"

San Diego opens the second half; back-to-back sacks of Rivers by D.J. Williams and Robert Ayers force the Chargers to punt

TJ: Joe Mays - if he gets to you, watch out! Man, I know Von can beat this tackle

TJ: Okay, 3rd and what, 1? Good time for a momentum stop. Stop them, stop them! Haha, Mays - nice delayed blitz. Come on Von! Second sack in a row

Ted: AYERS GOT A SACK! ZOMG! ZOMFG!!! Maybe he isn't a bust?

Doug: That was Ortonesque by Rivers.

Doug: Ted, you're just a homer - he's a bust

Tebow's first possession of the year is a three and out, including a completion on third down to Eric Decker for no gain

TJ: Tebow in! Well, finally we can put this thing to bed. I want to see him in game action, and here we go. So think about this, boys - Fox is known for what?? For sticking with Vets? Hell, that's a misnomer about Fox - he switches QBs like water!

Doug: No, he's not. He played Delhomme as a youngster. He played Matt Moore. He played Clausen

TJ: I guess Kyle doesn't give us the "best chance to win" today? Kyle is gonna pout, check it

Doug: Yeah no doubt - arms crossed

TJ: At least now we'll see some escapeabilty. Honestly, I think Fox is just doing this so he can throw Tebow to the wolves and say, “See? I told you”

Ted: Not a very good looking throw there

TJ: The exchange twice was bad

Doug: Yeah, i thought he spent all offseason on taking snaps from center?

San Diego gains a pair of first downs before punting it back to Denver. Tebow's second possession is another three and out, with two incompletions

TJ: I can't wait to see Fox after the game on all of this. They are gonna go after him either way

Ted: John, did the billboards sway your decision?

TJ: Haha, Ted, yeah - this week I should take credit for that. My billboard piece got him! Got to get a stop! I've never seen a all-world cornerback seem so irrelevant as Champ does during these last few years. Man, Joe Mays doesn't mess around with you in the hole

Doug: Well, when teams can run at will they don't need to bother with Champ's guy

TJ: Dennis Allen = MVP. Allen gets aggressive like he needs to on 2nd down

Ted: Good play by Vaughn

Doug: Now, how about some nice footwork and throws from TT? Just a few glimpses, please. I'm not asking for a TD or anything crazy like that

TJ: So far, it's not been pretty. It can't get any worse, bro - I mean, all he has to do is make some plays happen. He can do that with this feet

Ted: According to Mason, they've been holding Miller out in Base, and playing Haggan for him

Ted: I want to see a deep ball to Lloyd

Doug: Let's roll him out or something, why don't we? The old Shanahan bootleg please?

Doug: Wow, there you go - nice little back shoulder

TJ: Right there is a good example of how he's better than Orton - when you extend plays, the coverage breaks down - on broken plays he can do this all day

Doug: Well, at least he didn't tuck and run. I like to see that, although it could have been a TD with a better throw

San Diego's next drive results in a 51-yard FG; 26-10 Chargers

TJ: The Chargers may want to think about scoring. We are just a big play away from this getting tight. I wouldn't be surprised, guys, if Tebow makes this interesting before the end - assuming we can stop them

Ted: Me neither, TJ

TJ: Fumble! If nothing else, he'll run around and create yards off busted plays

4th Quarter

Ted: Marv just called Mays "Hayes" twice

Doug: Joe Mays Hayes, of course - cousin of Willie

TJ: How are the Broncos only down by 13? 60 snaps for San Diego, 30 for Denver

Doug: Yeah I just asked myself the same question TJ. Oh well we may be down 16 soon. Did we make some halftime adjustment on D?

Ted: I just think that the gap discipline has been better

Tebow throws his first-down pass at the feet of Dante Rosario, and Denver punts it back to San Diego after McGahee gains a first down

Doug: Okay let's see something encouraging! That was a horrid throw - no reason for that

Ted: Yeah, the protection was there - the protection has actually been good most of this game for the second week in a row, actually.

Doug: Hey, a first down! Been a while

Ted: Our 6th one!

Doug: Ugh, another bad throw. But again, didn't tuck and run - very frenetic in the pocket. But it'll be interesting to see how different he looks if he gets two weeks of first-team snaps and starts in Miami

Ted: Yeah, I agree - he's not helping himself by making throws. I'd like to see a few screens called to help him get in a rhythm - some shallow crossers, and other easy throws

TJ: Haha, Orton's rating was 21 and Tebow's is 39. Can we add them together?

Doug: Sure, and we still get a whole lot of suck. Wow that was a very Orton-like sack. Rivers has had a few Orton plays, yet they're up 16 haha

San Diego goes four and out after Von Miller sacks Rivers. Denver then goes 51 yards on four rushing plays, with Tebow running it in from 12 yards out. McGahee punches it in for the two-point conversion; 26-18 Chargers

Ted: Von got him

TJ: He should be beating that RT all day. Just run the spread, honestly - just do it. Like that! If you want to go with Tebow, just run the gun. How hard is that? That's exactly the offense you need right here on the 2-pointer.

Ted: McGahee and Moreno both do a really nice job running out of the gun

Doug: Haha Kyle clapping and greeting Tebow

TJ: Orton, hahaha - that's all for show. Orton is posing for his next team

Ted: All that dude should be is a backup to an established veteran - because he's told the world that he's not about mentoring a young guy

Doug: Yeah he's a guy that can fill in when your starter's injured for 6 games and maybe not screw up your season. Maybe

TJ: Great point, Doug

Ted: I wouldn't want to draft Landry Jones and sign Orton - you'd get this "best chance to win" stuff

Doug: Wow we've got a chance here

San Diego gains a single first down but Rivers is sacked and fumbles; three plays later, Tebow throws a beautiful screen pass to Knowshon Moreno, who goes 28 yards for the score. The two-point attempt fails as Tebow and Brandon Lloyd are unable to connect

Ted: Marcus Thomas has had a good game today. The Broncos still miraculously have 3 TOs, and Orton didn't play in the second half. Coincidence?

Doug: Hmm that may have been an empty hand - they should challenge. That's a fumble!

Ted: Ayers makes a play

TJ: Oh my, that is a fumble! Nice call, Fox

Doug: You know, that was all the Tebow factor. His presence made Ayers cause that fumble

Ted: Ayers has 2 sacks, and a forced fumble now

Doug: Still a bust, Ted. Jury's already in - it's too little too late

TJ: Chargers mess around and it gets interesting

Doug: Let's see something creative here

Ted: QB run all the way.  Larsen was there just to block

TJ: They are running the offense he was meant to run

Doug: Hey, designed runs are fine by me. Wow,  great screen execution! Never ever see Orton do that. He truly invited the rush in there

Ted: He is excellent at selling the screen - can you see the difference?

TJ: Yeah, that was pretty awesome - totally, Ted

Doug: Knowshon, still a bust

Ted: Tebow never even looked at Moreno till the last second

TJ: Wow, this is what it feels like to have blood coursing through my veins?

Ted: Yes, I was thinking the same thing TJ. Regardless of the outcome, Tebow has put the Broncos in a position to compete to win a game - like he always has

TJ: Oh man, you have to get that

Ted: Lloyd needs to catch that - good play by Cason, but that was catchable

San Diego goes up by five points after a personal foul call on D.J. Williams extends their drive; 29-24 Chargers

TJ: Lot of time left

Ted: Prater is just automatic on kicking it out of the end zone at Mile High. Pressure!

TJ: Man, the place is on fire, the defense is energized

Ted: San Diego is looking like they're scared

Doug: Yeah interesting to see them throwing. Oh no, please say it’s offensive holding. You have got to be kidding me DJ!

Ted: Oh my god... there goes the game

Doug: DJ way to lead - way to be the vet, DJ - keep thinking about dymes

Ted: Great defensive effort and improved execution in the second half, and some plays from Tebow and McGahee gave the Broncos a chance to win, and DJ pissed it away. I'd be fine with cutting both Orton and DJ on Monday. I'd never miss either one a day in my life

Doug: It's not a bad idea

TJ: DJ should get us a 5th-rounder, haha

Doug: No way, not with that contract, TJ. He’s due 5 mill in '12 and 6 mill in '13

TJ: Yeah, some dumbass team always needs a will

Ted: Pay him the rest of his salary for this year while he's dyming it up

Doug: Wow, this is odd - I'd go for this no doubt. That's so Norv - but then again, we can't win with a FG

Ted: Me too Doug

Doug: TJ what would you have done? Kick or go for it?

TJ: Probably the kick - EPV goes out the window with 2 minutes remaining because you're not trying to maximize points

Denver takes over down five with 24 seconds remaining, and the game ends on a second down incompletion after Tebow connects with Lloyd and Daniel Fells for 51 yards; final score 29-24 Chargers

TJ: Damn, nice play, Lloyd

Doug: That's a catch, says Andy Garcia

Ted: He and Decker had bad games tonight

Doug: Thanks for this, DJ. Hurry up!

TJ: Haha this is great! I feel! I live! Orton is done.

Ted: Does anybody doubt the Tebow? I cut Orton on Monday to avoid the distraction

Doug: Now we know for sure why they waited to bring in Tebow - there's no turning back. Oh well, it was exciting

Ted: Hey, this went from a horrible game to an interesting game - I feel good. That was where to throw it too - he had a chance

Doug: I am ready to say that 11 more games of this will give us a good enough idea of whether we can move forward with this guy

Ted: Absolutely Doug - the Rubicon has been crossed

Doug: He has 11 games to prove we don't need Luck or Barkley. Good luck, Tim

TJ: Yeah that's pretty much been the argument all along

Doug: Right but everyone was freaking out like there's a difference between an 11.5-game look versus a 12- or 13-game look. HE HAS TO PLAY NOW I sort of feel right now like I did after the lockout ended

Ted: How so?

Doug: I want to say to all the hand wringers: "Now, was it worth all the bitching and moaning for the past two months? Does this make a difference, happening today instead of last week?"

Chewing the Fat