Chewing the Fat: Week 4 - Broncos at Packers

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 49-23 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Denver starts with a three-and-out and allows Green Bay a first down before stuffing them on 4th-and-1 from the Denver 12

TJ: Denver won the toss. So at least they can walk away from this knowing they won something today. Because they are about to toss their cookies. Nice to see Doom, and patience on the bootleg. No-huddle as we expected, and the Broncos did what we suggested, playing nickel. Two deep safety, Rahim Moore bit on the short route - bad, bad read by Moore. The CB is counting on help over the top there, which did not come

Doc: Vaughn has to bring up his tackling

TJ: I guess Moore didn't catch the two-deep part of the equation. First interesting call - go for it here?

Doug: Yeah why not? DAWK!

TJ: Nice!!!! I'm very surprised they wanted to run - it's not their identity, nor are the Broncos weak there. You've got the best passer in the league and you run a toss?

Doug: Well I think historically 4th and 1 the success rate is way higher on runs than passes - but that's true, you're playing into the Broncos' strength. Or, their closest thing to a strength

Doc: Heck of a nice low tackle by Dawk - he's slowed, but he seems to be having a better season than he did last year.

TJ: Oh well, they do believe the Broncos are inferior

Doc: I wonder why....

TJ: Well, I can assure you they won't be running it now. They are gonna get a healthy dose of Rodgers. Great opportunity now for Denver to steal momentum, if such a thing exists

Denver takes the resulting possession 78 yards on 12 plays but settles for a 27-yard FG from Matt Prater; 3-0 Broncos

Doug: Wow, Tebow's first snap from center of the year

TJ: Odd, odd call. I don't mind Tebow there, but I don't get the whole, hey, why don't we try and run right into B.J. Raji thing

Doc: Maybe because our interior line needs help?

TJ: Watch out, Doug. Brandon Lloyd means business. Nice catch - seems like he is possessed - his head is going to start doing a 360

Doug: There we go, getting deep with Lloyd

Doc: And yes, Lloyd is on a mission

TJ: A lot of motion from Denver this week, which I don't mind. McGahee, just stiff arming that dude like 6 times - longest run against the Packers all season, 28 yards. You get a TD here and you are in this game for awhile

Doug: Haha we'll see TJ - these guys operate quickly

TJ: Just keep playing nickel

Doug: Ugh another red zone failure - you have to score TDs to have a prayer against a team like this on the road

TJ: Packers were all over that

Doc: Well, Denver can say that they help a lead, however briefly

The lead doesn't last long, as Green Bay scores on a 50-yard TD pass from Rodgers to Jordy Nelson; 7-3 Packers

TJ: First KO return against the Broncos all year. Nice pressure - both Von and Doom got into the mix there

Doug: Nice to finally have Doom back

TJ: 83 into the game, and they run it - exactly as I suspected, muhahaha. I love when my scouting reports are the BOMB. Arrrggg, Doom shot the C gap, and I don't think he meant to

Doug: Oh my. Well, at least that took 13 minutes to happen

TJ: That's Dawk. Wow, that was all sorts of bad - I was going to blast Moore, but obviously it was Dawk. Moore did it on the first drive, and now Dawk

Doc: Yes, Dawk and Vaughn

TJ: You have to be deeper - you can't take an angle that is side to side there. For all that Dawk is against the run, he swings to the other end of the spectrum against the pass

Doc: Yes, good as he is against the run, he's turned into John Lynch on the pass

Three plays later, Charles Woodson picks of a Kyle Orton pass intended for Eric Decker and returns it 30 yards for a score. 14-3 Packers

TJ: Haha, classic. Orton, INT in the flat

Doug: Game over

Doc: Well, we led for part of it, Doug

TJ: All he did was sit at the sticks in zone - that's it

Doug: Woodson totally baited Orton into that one, huh?

Doc: Sure did. Short game, wasn't it?

TJ: This is gonna get ugly real fast.

Doc: Yes, I'm not looking for a brilliant comeback on this one. In fairness, GB is still the class of the league. That doesn't take away from Denver's mistakes at all, but it's true.

TJ: Doc, I'm not sure being a good team had much to do with that pick.

Green Bay catches Denver by surprise with an onside kick, which they recover easily. Seven plays later, it's 21-3 Packers after an 11-yard scramble by Rodgers

Doug: OMG, they're really not @#$%ing around

TJ: Hahahaha you know what this is? It’s a sign of total lack of respect. If you respected the Broncos' ability as a team, you wouldn't be practicing all of your stuff today - let's see which Broncos get pissed off

Doc: Like I said TJ - doesn't make up for Denver's mistakes at all. You're up against a team that rarely makes any

TJ: You'd hope someone on the D steps up right now and does some Ray Lewis, but I'm afraid I'm not seeing it. I think I may put 20 negatives out there today in the GR

Doc: You know, that's what has always bugged me with D.J., and it was clear on the reception he just gave up. He doesn't get a hand in front on the receiver - he seems to wait until the catch it and then try and tackle, wherever he is.

TJ: As Ted said, D.J. is transitional, as we go from bad to average. Wow, they are putting Moore on Finley. Perhaps they just want to give him some practice

Doc: Well, TJ, they're giving it to him

2nd Quarter

Doug: This is like child's play

Doc: That's embarrassing

TJ: Gonna get fugly if it's not already

Doc: Y'all there?

TJ: We are here - I think we are just speechless because, well, this could be nastier than Texas vs. (insert WAC team here)

Doc: No prob. As far as the game - is there a game today? Not in GB

Doug: Em, there was. It lasted for about 13 minutes but it's turned into flag football

Doc: We aren't getting close enough to get a flag

TJ: Rodgers is giving 'em the "belt". Jesus, Kyle

Denver responds with a 44-yard flea flicker to Brandon Lloyd and a five-yard TD pass from Orton to Eric Decker; 21-10 Packers

TJ: Jesus, Kyle

Doug: Man, a good throw = TD there - easily

TJ: Even on a trick play, he underthrows a TD

Doug: They'd better punch it in

TJ: Sweet!!! Got to love that! Good stuff, I hate this disrespect the Pack is showing right now. I would love Denver to punch them in the mouth now on D and stop Rodgers from talking so much crap and doing his little belt thing

Doug: It's still not a game, but at least we scored haha

Doc: One thing that you have to give them - down by 18 and aren't giving up on the road.

Doug: Well, what are they supposed to do, Doc? I mean they're still playing a football game here. Let's see how the defense fares - McCoy knows he has to pull out all the stops

Denver then forces a three and out by Green Bay and gets another Orton-to-Decker TD pass to pull within a score for the last time all day; 21-17 Packers

TJ: Yeah, Joe Mays! Teach these bastards to respect us. Yeah, VON!!!! Sack dance! Keep showing your belt, Rodgers! There's a game going on, if you didn't know, Aaron

Doug: Marshall Newhouse, meet Von Miller

TJ: Nice D! Good play by Ayers too

Doug: Man, if Von doesn't slip there he's got him again

TJ: He got into the lane there on the screen. Yeah, this is pride! I was really pissed, that's some serious disrespect they were showing. Now, let's get some more. I'm sick of this crap

Doc: I'd love to see Denver make a game out of it. Just accomplishing that would be big for them right now.

Doug: Yeah that would be something. WOW that was a nice throw

TJ: Oh no, another penalty - that's twice now. Nice, Zane. That's a tough call. I think it was brutal, but Beadles is getting owned by B.J. today

Doc: Same as last year - do good things, and dumb mistakes wipe them out. Nice play to Willis

TJ: You have to love that Denver is not just laying down right now

Doc: Beadles has been struggling all year, it seems. Leaving blocks too soon, missing assignments - and that's just this week and last. Raji is a monster, no question

TJ: Nice play, Kyle! I love this little drive. Orlando Franklin is mauling Clay Matthews on the run. Doc, make sure to check out Orlando this week - he's dominating Clay on the run

Doc: Ok, I've seen it all. Orton's running for 1st downs

TJ: Yeah, TD!

Doug: WOW, what is going on?!

TJ: Suck it down, GB!!! Nice little back shoulder!

Doug: That was a really nice throw

TJ: Hey Rodgers, you gonna keep talking shit now?

Doc: Great throw. Getting Decker on the safety was brilliant - McCoy may have more skill at OC playcalling than we think. It's early

Green Bay comes right back with an 80-yard drive, capped off by a 17-yard TD catch by Greg Jennings; 28-17 Packers at halftime

TJ: How about some D now? Notice that the D is suddenly aggressive - amazing thing, momentum

Doc: Damn - Rodger to Jennings, 27 yards

TJ: I don't like Finley vs Dawkins in coverage right now

Doc: Losing Champ for today, just on Finley, is a big problem. He also wouldn't have let the receiver get behind him on that Vaughn/Dawk TD

TJ: They are playing two-deep coverage right now. Doom needs to play big right now. Nice screen read!!!

Doug: Yeah, that was quick

TJ: Woody smoked that out. Come on Von - we need something. Nice play by Rahim there - that's how you range from deep. That's some garbage tackling right there. Man, Dawkins - if he can go north-south, watch out. But east-west is brutal. Brutal. Right up the seam...

Doc: It's true. He can't shift laterally anymore. Might be time to take their lumps with Carter - he'll make more mistakes than Moore, but he's more mobile than Dawk. Tough half, but Denver did better than I expected.

TJ: That was just a bad rotation and call in that area - the safety came up and played the short zone, and the CB played the deep third. So, the seam was wide open because the LB couldn't drop deep enough

Doug: That was true flag football

3rd Quarter

Green Bay takes the second-half kickoff and uses 12 plays and over six minutes to tack on another score, this time another TD run by Rodgers; 35-17 Packers

Doc: DJ again, late on the play. It's a pattern, no matter how many tackles he racks up

TJ: Von again!

Doug: Marshall Newhouse, getting pwned

TJ: Nice move - that's combo junk speed rush. Von forced that pass, too. He's simply the best player on the entire defense

Doc: We haven't had a new guy like him since we picked up Champ

TJ: Hey Vaughn, are you going to jog? That was what you call no-effort coverage - brutal. This is so helpless, Von Miller can't change the game on these quick throws

Doc: Wilhite's been owned all day

TJ: Got nothing when you have Dawkins and Wilhite playing man coverage. There is still time, really. I mean it.

Doug: Haha come on TJ. Now there is no threat of the run

Doc: It's true. They have to actually stop GB at some point, though. You know, he had a bad opening, but Orton's 14 of 18 with 2 TDs and one INT for 186 yards. He'll still get reamed this week, but since that opening he's playing well

Doug: Sure, but the first part counts haha

The Broncos notch a few first downs, but Daniel Fells fumbles on his way to the end zone. Green Bay takes over on their own 14 and needs just five plays to score again, on a TD pass from Rodgers to James Jones; 42-17 Packers

TJ: Yeah, Orton's not the problem today, Doc. Moreno, you gonna read your blocks or what? Or just outrun them?

Doc: He's always done that, TJ

Doc: Sure. He's just not the solution. BTW, Fells just blew a clean TD for the Broncos. Man....

TJ: Yeah, that’s the line of Orton for sure - he's neither the disease nor the cure

Doc: Agreed. This has been going on since Shanny was here. Denver puts themselves in a good position and then some dumb mistake or penalty takes it off the board. When do they get their house in order? I grant you, Fox hasn't been here long and it's not his creation, but it's constant

TJ: He can't keep using the excuse forever - that he's only had these guys for a few weeks

Doug: I don't know, I don't really see this about mistakes or anything like that. this is a serious mismatch of talent. So what happens is you need to play a perfect game to even compete, and when you don't your mistakes are magnified

Doc: Sure. But, Fox can for a few games, maybe a season. Doug's right, too - the mismatch of talent ought to tell people where the team really is. Both are true. The players aren't as good, and the mistakes are a constant for four seasons now, even if this one is young

Doug: Well, I'd say we've had a serious talent deficit for many years now, but we've been putting the lipstick on the pig for a long time. Granted, this is easy to say in hindsight for me - I certainly wasn't saying it at the time

Doc: I never could be past the stat regarding the number of street veterans who never played after McDaniels released them. More than half the team? How the heck do you change schemes (twice) and replace them in this time frame?

4th Quarter

Doug: So, we've given up 42 points and there's still a quarter to go...

Doc: Do we give a prize for the most missed tackles today?

TJ: Who wins?  The whole secondary?

Doc: Well, so much for the game

Denver takes over on the Green Bay 40 after an INT by Jonathan Wilhite, but Orton's pass on first down is woefully short of a wide open Lloyd. CB Sam Shields returns the ball to the Denver 46, and eight plays later Green Bay notches their final TD of the game on a pass from Rodgers to Donald Driver. 49-17 Packers

Doug: That was a horrible throw - Lloyd was clearly open

TJ: Ayyyy, cue the circus music

Doug: Lloyd even slowed down, and it was still underthrown

Doc: That's as bad as it gets. Clean TD with a good throw, too. Well, that's two they blew, but the good news is - they'd still be losing bad. Haha. At least they've got Chris Harris out getting some reps. Derrick Harvey I expect, but the young kid has flashes of some real talent

Doug: Oh well, time for GB to pull Rodgers

Doc: Yeah, that's about it.

TJ: Hey why not give Tebow some reps now? Or would that just stir the pot?

Denver drives 78 yards on 12 plays and scores on a pass from Orton to Fells, but the team fails on their two-point attempt; 49-23 Packers, final score

Doug: Yipee. Wow, going for two?

TJ: Yeah, that was really real

Doc: Nothing like a good, old fashioned butt whipping. They've also become a habit in Denver - goes with the rest, really. Gonna be a long season, my friends

Doug: Yeah, there will be more like this. Chargers, Lions, Raiders, Jets, Chargers, Bears, Pats, Bills all loom. Each and every one could be a blowout, and KC proved today that they're not a walkover, not that I was counting those as automatic wins either

Doc: Sure will. The team will get mad, or the team will fold up. Most of them fold, so this is going to be a big challenge for Fox and Co

Doug: How do you think Champ is feeling about his contract right now? I feel really bad for him - that is a guy who deserves a sniff at a title, but he re-signed before he had a chance to leave. I'm sure he could have gotten similar money elsewhere, but he never even hit the open market

Doc: Champ made a great move. It's not his fault that they never built a team - he deserves the scratch and he would have gotten it elsewhere. I'm hoping that they convince him that when Dawk goes - in a year or so - that he needs to take over safety. With Champ and Moore back there, I'd be pretty comfortable about the position.

Chewing the Fat