Chewing the Fat: Week 2 - Broncos vs Bengals

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 24-22 victory over the visiting Cincinnati Bengals. Denver opens with a 15-play, 85-yard drive and scores on a Willis McGahee 1-yard TD run; 7-0 Broncos

TJ: I hope John Fox calls a great game.  Last week was not pretty. He just admitted on pre game he abandoned the run too quickly. Good catch, Fox.  Nothing gets by you. JD Walton needs to step up today. I'm beginning to start to wonder about that one.

Ted: All 3 interior guys do.  They were all terrible last week

TJ: Broncos making good plays - used 22 look, now 21. Now 3rd and 3, and they used--smartly--113 package but went max protect with two outlets. A little stretch bootleg to Julius. Zane Beadles penalty - well he didn't have one last week, so get it out of the way, haha

Ted: Stop me if you've heard that one before

TJ: Willis running hard good play out of a 113 shotgun package. Draw to Lance Ball for 5 yards, good call. Ball running hard, too - he just ran over Maualuga. Nice blocking by the interior, Walton especially. Nice route by Willis, and with all that time, Orton will be all world. Here we go red zone, you have to break through this red zone funk!

Doug: Wow, more Larsen in the passing game - who knew?!

TJ: Great call, play fake and flat - more of this! They can do this more often and should. TD! nice opening drive

Ted: Good run, and good push by right side.  I only know from the 1/8 sized Game Mix channel

The two teams each get three possessions, with Denver giving it up on a Decker fumble on the first play of their fourth possession of the game.

TJ: Joe Mays playing nice middle zone!

Ted: Benson's ass cheek is hanging out his ripped pants. There's 81... when he's in the game, Cincy is running

TJ: They always run left when they want yards. ALWAYS

Ted: Nice play by both Mays and Miller. Miller really set the edge there

TJ: His run really is better than advertised

Ted: Yeah, I agree. I saw him at A&M as a four-down, all-phases destructive force, so I guess I'm not surprised.

TJ: Decker needs to get in the game - the power of the penalty. Dalton progresses through reads, just like last week. I can't say I'm not impressed by him

Ted: They keep it really simple for him, and he executes

TJ: The Bengals typically line up strong side right, stack the TEs and then run weakside off LT. I think they were going to do it yet again there

Ted: Yeah TJ...Whitworth is by far their best guy up front

TJ: If it's obvious to me, then they should break that tendency. The strong-side stuff fools no one. They would be best right now to line up strong side and run strong side

Doug: That was kind of a boring quarter of football

2nd Quarter

Ted: Goodman and Moore were all over that

TJ: Great play by Andre’ - If you are a corner and you bite in that situation, you should be fired

Ted: Yeah, you really can't.  That looked like a one-receiver pattern

TJ: Yeah, the surprise would have been if Dre and Moore weren't there. That's more "Hey great job doing what any CB/S tandem should be doing who have studied film this week."

Ted: Well, I worry about Goodman's ability to run with Green, but he did

TJ: Whoa that's a seriously bad cramp or groin pull

Ted: Royal looks like he got nut-punched

TJ: Damn, the Broncos are already down with JT and low on WR. That's a tear and a half

Ted: Tebow is going to come in at WR. That looked bad

TJ: Welcome Broncos fans to the 212 personnel package

Ted: Tebow on the field. Wow, what an uninspired call

TJ: You have to wonder WTF - there is no way they practiced that. I think they are coaching him on the fly

Ted: He took pregame warmups today at WR, and I'm sure that's it. They've been saying that with only 3 WR, Tebow was planned as the emergency backup

TJ: Well, you have to keep your package so it makes sense

TJ: Dawkins, tackle, not strip! Joe Mays, nice nice fill!

Ted: Yeah, that was Mays at his best. Von Miller!

TJ: Von MIller is a knife. I think someone told Big Vick that instead of running up field, his job is to contain his gap

Ted: What a novel concept TJ - Dude, you have the B gap. Stick to the B gap!

TJ: Fumble - just a fluke thing, but not one of Decker's best efforts thus far

Ted: That was a really good throw by Orton, and then somebody else fails on his behalf

TJ: Damn, Decker makes some mental errors, and now that

Cincy and Denver exchange FGs and enter halftime with the score 10-3 Broncos

TJ: Damn, Joe Mays - do not stand still or he will kill you. This is one of the few plays I can think of so far when the Broncos defense has had an opponent down 3rd and long on the season, actually

Ted: Really good coverage by Woodyard

TJ: Good pressure by Von. You are right, Doug - this is a quick and boring game. I guess that happens when both coaches are "committed to the running game." The clock runs, the play numbers decrease and you go,"what happened to the time?"

Ted: Are people really going to buy Fiats in the US?

TJ: If Tebow sells them? You could color the SEC with 'em

Ted: There you go... Jennifer Lopez ain't going to do it

TJ: Umm, is it just me or does Willis blow Knowshon away?

Doug: So much more patience, and he doesn't go down as easily

TJ: Another use of Larsen - I am loving this newfound use of the flat off play-action

Doug: Yeah it's nice to see - have to involve more guys with only two WRs now

Ted: Yeah, I like Larsen in the pass game.  He catches the ball naturally, and that's a throw Orton can make consistently

TJ: McCoy is really using his playbook well today with the gameplan. Willis got leveled by Willis! That was violent to the core. Wow imagine if Matt Willis goes down? Then you have big Tim running slants? Haha

Ted: That slant to Decker is a play that Denver should wear out

TJ: This is the Chicago Kyle Orton line: 88 yards, 8-12 with 17 rushes

TJ: Wow, fast game - a lot of good defense against--as Ted said--a predictable team

Ted: Yeah, they really don't mess around with trickery

TJ: Tebow out again. Haha, slot Tebow - go to him! I would love it.

Ted: I am really happy with how McGahee is running

TJ: Willis just reads the openings better. that was a quick opening - one cut and he's in. Nice cut by Ball, too

Ted: Two bad throws by Orton. That sack wasn't his fault, but it's so Orton to take one

TJ: I have no comment on that crap right there. What Ted said

Doug: Yeah what's there to say? Beadles got pwned

3rd Quarter

Cincy begins the second half with a three and out after Joe Mays drops Cedric Benson for a two-yard loss on first down. Denver takes the next possession 59 yards and caps it with a 25-yard catch-and-run TD by Eric Decker to put the Broncos up 17-3

TJ: Joe MF Mays! That is insane. JOE mays again, hello!

Ted: Mays is in BEEF MODE

TJ: Al Wilson hello. Joe Mays must be training with Romo now

Ted: I really like Dennis Allen's play-calling.  The failings of this defense will be failings of talent

TJ: yeah, great point, Ted. I think our UT is the weakness for the moment

Ted: Yeah, it could be better I happen to believe in Marcus Thomas. The Broncos are really getting the running game blocked today. They look like they looked in the preseason. I really like the design and execution there.  It's good to ask Orton to do something that he can do. I need Moore to hustle to touch Green down. No damage, but come on! Dalton can get the ball out against a blitz.  It must be nice

TJ: Shannon Sharpe doing color now with Griese and Logan on the radio. He's freaking hilarious. Nice 3rd down D - 0 for 6 so far

Ted: Yeah, I'm really pleased with everything the defense is doing.  The Cincy offense has gotten away from its running game, which is what they do best. On defense, they ought to be stacking the box, but they're so married to their Cover-2 stuff.  Both ways, the Broncos are kicking the Bengals' ass on strategy and play-calling

CBS puts up a graphic showing notable players traded away by Josh McDaniels, plus players drafted with picks given up by Denver

Doug: WTF CBS?

Ted: What a ridiculous graphic

TJ: Dez Bryant and Mike Wallace, hahahaha. Yeah, fools - because they WOULD have drafted them, exactly in that order

Ted: There's no transferance between the asset value of a draft pick when you trade it, and the asset value of the player that that pick becomes

Doug: Yeah you can only complain when you know who they would have taken, ala Greg Jennings instead of trading the pick for Javon Walker. Nice job Ayers!

Ted: Ayers made a fantastic play there. Eyes up, and minding his gap responsibility. That's the kind of play that wins games. Come on, guys!

Cincy responds with a quick FG and then a TD but miss the two-point conversion to make the score 17-12 Broncos

Doug: That's Denver Broncos tackling right there

TJ: A little momentum change after the conservative play calling on a three and out?

Ted: Cincy realized they were stagnant, and they have changed it up

TJ: Denver seemed to begin to enter conservative mode on all sides being up 17-3

Ted: Dalton is a player... I didn't like his arm, but his anticipation is excellent

TJ: At some point, Orton has to pass to keep this game going in the right direction. Play action, my friends.

TJ: First bubble I've seen all year right there

Ted: It's hard to execute well in the NFL, because the linemen have to wait to get downfield

Orton fumbles the ball over to Cincy on the 14-yard line, but the Denver defense holds at the 5 and the Bengals settle for another FG; 17-15 Broncos

Ted: That was awful

TJ: that's not really clady's fault - you have to step up forcefully. I have to be honest, that's pretty standard stuff from any tackle

Ted: Clady blocked him. There's a depth scheme at work, and Orton didn't get to his spot

TJ: I'm pretty sure that's on Orton

Ted: I agree totally

Ted: TJ and I both had that one... Leonard is the screen guy

Ted: Moore made a nice play to chase him down

TJ: Nice play by Moore, yeah - Broncos D again plays well enough to win, so they should

4th Quarter

Denver moves it 80 yards in five plays and scores on a 52-yard strike from Orton to Decker; 24-15 Broncos

Doug: I hope we don't go super conservative on offense here

Ted: Larsen had a great cut block there

TJ: he's played well today and has been versatile

Doug: Actually, I guess you can go conservative with the way Willis has been running

Ted: That play to Larsen has been really effective, and it has the added benefit of giving linebackers a read where they're indecisive about attacking him inside

TJ: They actually rolled out ORTON! That was a great rollout call. More of a boot, actually - a stretch boot

Ted: That was well-executed and schemed all the way throughout. Cincy even had a good coverage on, and Orton and Decker beat them

Cincinnati responds quickly, going 93 yards through the air on three plays following a sack of Dalton by Von Miller. Dalton caps it off with a surgical 5-yard pass to a tiptoeing A.J. Green; 24-22 Broncos

TJ: Von Miller's first sack!

Ted: Like he was shot out of a cannon

TJ: And the Mile High Salute - love that someone brings that back

Ted: He's got such suddenness

Doug: More classic Denver tackling, and a horse collar they didn't call

Ted: Wow, look at Dalton knowing exactly where to throw it against Cover-2. Mays didn't get his depth

TJ: Dalton is gonna be good. Honestly, his footwork and reads are better than a lot of guys

Doug: That was quite a throw/catch

TJ: The touch, and that was a hell of a throw right there. Ted, you think his arm isn't strong?

Ted: I think it's average at best for the NFL

TJ: Really? Guess I see it differently, but I watched him play four years, too

Ted: He hummed that one, but I've never really seen him drill the deep out

TJ: I'd say he's stronger than Tebow right now

Doc: I liked Dalton at TCU - still do. Wish Denver would stop the pass there - not much pressure this drive

Ted: That long one was too quick to pressure - the TD, too. That's what I'm really impressed with from Dalton... he knows where to go right away, and he goes there

Doc: He gets the ball out fast, too

TJ: Argh, more momentum changes

Ted: There goes Cincy stacking the box

Doc: Decker's making up for early mistakes, isn’t he?

TJ: His mistakes were pretty big, so he ought to

Ted: I really like the punt coverage in both of the first two games.  I'm quickly becoming a Chris Harris fan

Doc: He's a beast on ST. Haven't seen enough in coverage yet, but he's promising.

TJ: Larsen having one of his best games today, STs as well. Okay, who is wearing down? Which DT got owned on that one?

Doug: Vickerson was kind of on skates on that draw play - he had zero leverage

TJ: Thanks, I needed to know, really - he's on my bad list today, so that confirms it

The two teams exchange scoreless possessions

TJ: Broncos seem less than confident, but Joe Mays still bringing the leather. Ayers down

Ted: He'll be okay, he got gut-punched. Green has superstar ability

TJ: Yeah, Ted, I think you're right

Doug: Wow bullet dodged, big time - could've been a TD

Ted: OMG Simpson failed epically. That throw was fine, Beuerlein

Doug: Pressure from Mays helped though - it was a bit behind the receiver. Not a bad throw, just probably affected by Mays

Ted: I would have made that catch! I caught some chick's purse on a roller coaster at 70 mph yesterday, so I feel like a badass

Doc: LOL - the Broncos need ya, Ted

TJ: Play action, NOW - this is the down to do it. Okay, how about a screen right here on 3rd down? Haven't run one yet, perfect time for a screen

Ted: There's a really good reason not to

TJ: Screen, McCoy! I think Ted is onto something with the screens - why don't we ever call them?

Doug: Well we know Orton's not very good with them

Ted: If you could combine Tebow's best throws (deep ball, screen) with Orton's best throws (intermediate), and Tebow's running ability, you'd have a hell of a player

Britton Colquitt blasts an 82-yard punt which had flipped the field from the Denver 8 to Cincy’s 10, but it’s nullified by a penalty on Chris Harris, who was flagged for running out of bounds after having been pushed out of bounds by a Bengal.

Doug: WOW what a kick

TJ: Stupid, stupid returner - 82-yard punt

Doug: Better not be holding. OH NO, that is a big minus. 81-yard punt bye bye

Ted: We need Colquitt to boom another one

Doug: Hello EPV lost? How many points you think that was worth?

Doc: Can't believe that Harris made that mistake. Live with rookies, live with their errors

Ted: Wow.... that penalty was probably worth a field goal

Doug: 45-yard penalty

Ted: In a two point game

TJ: Oh my, this is going to come down again unfairly or not to Kyle. I actually feel bad for him - no WRs

Ted: Kyle has mostly played well today, but I don't feel like we know anymore about him than we did yesterday

TJ: Whoa, strange dive by Dalton. They are going for it. Come on, Bunkley et al! If they line up I-Near and run off LT, they are just dumb, with the LT being the weakside

Ted: Total run personnel there. Cochart, Pressley. That was a big-time play by Ayers! He is off to a really good start this season. The sack counters won't know it, though

TJ: Ayers was just nails - great smarts to not bite

Doc: So much for the 'Ayers sucks' fan club

TJ: He's solid so far this year

TJ: Don't go conservative. Come on, Fox! Play to win, Fox

Doug: How about a screen pass here? Ugh, even better - run it out of bounds. That was REALLY dumb. Way to not kill the clock, Broncos

TJ: WTFFFFFFFF? What you talkin' bout, Willis??

Doc: Weird call - although I understand the idea of avoiding the INC - but then Willis pulls a rookie error - the mistakes and penalties are killing them

Following an exchange of possessions, Cincy is now backed up on their own 5-yard line after a penalty during a punt return. Dalton drive the Bengals as far as the Denver 48, but ultimately they turn it over on downs and Denver wins the game 24-22

Doug: That's a huge penalty - ball on the 5 instead of 30

Ted: Yeah, really big Doug, a huge EPV shift

TJ: Yeah, big time shift - I should look at that next week, along with the 82-yard punt

Ted: Woodyard has had a good game today

TJ: I think he might have double digits in tackles. As you've said, he's better than D.J.

Ted: He's been where he's supposed to be - 12 tackles, 1 for loss. Broncos are losing turnovers and total yards, but have a two-point lead.

Doug: This is where we miss Champ.

TJ: Did someone report on double moves earlier in a scouting report?

Doug: Did they? Hahaha nice job TJ

TJ: Wow, the rook has 320 yards with 2 TDs. 3 downs and 15 yards separate the Broncos from victory

Doug: THERE WE GO! Wilhite?

TJ: Bad sack to take, dumb dumb dumb sack

Ted: That was a great call, and Dalton finally looked like a rookie

Doug: Big play Wesley - that could have been a huge gain

Ted: That was the game-winner if he didn't get it. That was a really low-percentage throw against that defense.

Doc: 1st win on a tough home game - gotta love it. That was an odd final call on the pass, but I'll take it

Chewing the Fat