Chewing the Fat: Week 14 - Broncos vs Bears

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 13-10 overtime victory over the Chicago Bears

Ted: Good afternoon guys. It's a FOX Robot Sunday

Doug: Howdy Ted

Ted: Thanks for the value-add, Goose

Doug: More to come

Ted: I'm sure. Essays by Goose - that's positively Strahan-like. Let's see a pass concept, or some protection. Really nice play by Henry Melton. Dumervil played that perfectly. Hedge on the route, rush decisively. Ugh...the defense wastes a timeout...The crowd got them there! No wine and cheese from the sound of it. Bad effort by Goodman on the tackle

Doug: Podlesh, 18 fair catches on 30 punts...make that 19 on 31

Ted: Lousy punt there. You can't leave two guys unblocked, only 1. I like that design to get something moving on misdirection. Jump was just slightly too early. Decker was descending when it hit his hands

TJ: Gap control, DJ - try it

Ted: Yeah, really. This game is going to be all about that, for both teams. That was a pretty hot play by DJ... great timing. The field position game continues. With a short-kicking punter. Just what you don't need in a field position game... a penalty on a return unit. Wow, Thomas is such a beast with the ball

Doug: I invited a Bears fan to join us, not sure if it worked.

Ted: McGahee looks slow to the hole today

Doug: Who's Tebow mad at - the ref?

Ted: I couldn't tell

Doug: Oh brother

TJ: Delay, I think

Ted: Well, here comes a draw play. Well, that's the other way to do it

Ted: Nice throw

Doug: Welcome, Bears fan

David: Hello

Ted: Hey David

David: I don't feel as hated as I should. Perhaps I've been blessed.

Ted: Timmy said a prayer for you

TJ: Late hit. Moose was sure ready to say it was bad

Doug: Oh my. Interesting call, I'll take it

Ted: Yeah, that was a little ticky-tack. Lucky overthrow... Fells was bracketed

Doug: Again, time to draft some Senegalese receivers

Tebow is intercepted by Bears CB Charles Tillman along the sideline

Ted: Bad decision there. Wow, great footwork by Tillman.

TJ: He's like, thanks, Willis for the lift

Ted: Two guys hurt on 1 run... bad. Barber got into Ayers' chest with a fierceness there. Nice to see Moore on the field. Let's hopefully see some progress. Wow, Von shed that block

TJ: Von can do anything

Ted: The Bears know they can't protect the dropback game

TJ: The Bears may have the worse offense in the league right now. Knox, actually not a bad route

Doug: I want to say this was the most boring 1st quarter I've ever seen, but it's the same as every other week. Foxball, baby

Ted: Yeah, it's totally non-noteworthy in its boringness. When boring becomes routine... In any case, that was a good save by the defense of a turnover

2nd Quarter

Ted: Clady got defeated on the first step there

Doug: Wow first down!

Ted: That's Tebow, trucking dudes. The Bears are showing a lot of man-to-man so far, so the QB run should be there

David: I've never watched a football game without a quarterback. This is an interesting experiment.

Doug: We've seen a few, David

Ted: I want to see an in-and-out route with Decker, on a play when he motions tight to the line... That's being taken as a run giveaway. And then, on cue, he runs a route that gets blown up. Yikes... where was that going?

David: The Bears may have lost everyone on offense, but this defense can still win the game. And that almost-interception proved it

Doug: Again, looking for the 9-ft tall WR

Ted: Not too far from a FG here... I'll take a 3-0 win

David: That was not a penalty in 2007

Doug: Can't kick it here

David: I think the Bears defensive plan so far is cover the run and hope Tebow throws.

Ted: It definitely is David. That's easier said than done, though, because when he hits a throw, nobody defends the run as decisively

David: He hasn't played a D like this. He needs to start sliding or he's going to get hurt.

Ted: We see it every week, a completion opens the run. It wasn't there, and it was a one-read play... good throwaway

Doug: Doesn't look like he's throwing that away to me

David: They could have hit Tebow there. Penalty calls already affecting this one.

Ted: I think that one definitely was... it was a one-route pattern. Others, I agree

Doug: From watching his eyes on the replay, it looked like he was trying real hard to hit that, but whatever. No matter

David: Damn. They should be 15 back.

Ted: WTF?

Doug: Wow a timeout on a @#$%ing FG

David: Andy Reid school of clock management here.

Ted: Well, we've had the defense and FG unit waste TOs, and the offense take a delay penalty. Rough

David: 5 yards at that distance... I would have taken the penalty

Doug: No doubt. Oh my...

Ted: UGH


Ted: That ball just came out low

Doug: Timeout AND blocked FG. Awesome.

David: Very low. I think I got a hand on that

Ted: Wow, that's a killer. Protect, open receiver, DROP

David: The defense needs to play offense. The Bears need to go 1932-style

Ted: My uncle was a QB and Safety for the Bears in one training camp in 1950. Then he got drafted to Korea, and his assignment was to play baseball to entertain other troops

David: That's not a bad assignment

Ted: Yeah, he was an All-American in both football and baseball at Georgetown

David: Why isn't Urlacher playing QB by now?

Ted: Good field position for the Broncos

David: So was the FG attempt

Ted: Yeah, that was ugly. Come on Decker

Doug: Oh brother. I don't mean to be funny, but it has to be hard for a WR when you never have a clue as to where the ball is gonna be. It's almost like Decker is caught by surprise when it's right in his bread basket like that

TJ: Urlacher is fast for a New Mexico guy

Ted: Another beast play by Miller. That cast doesn't seem to be bothering him

David: Every time the Bears get 5 yards I think, "and if that was Forte...."

Ted: That was a smart call, to motion Bell out man-to-man on Mays

TJ: Well, I guess Hanie can throw a slant pass

Doug: Wow 2-minute warning already and i'm still half asleep - deja vu all over again, every week

David: When you never throw, the game goes fast

Ted: Hopefully...

TJ: You think you could have used an extra 2 timeouts right now? Yeah, you could have, that' s a @#$%ing rhetorical question

Ted: Who'da thunk that one TJ?

David: I think I could have used them, but I don't think the Broncos could.

Ted: Nice protection there by the Bears. I like that A-gap blitz by Miller. It didn't give Hanie time to see anything

Doug: I'd like to see the Nielson ratings for this game throughout the day as it changes

David: If this was a game of Madden, I wonder how many times I would have reset my Xbox

Doug: Haha I only used to do that when getting blown out. This, I would've just nodded off probably. UGH

Ted: Oh, that would have been helpful if he held on to that one

Doug: Oh well nice play - that was a really nice play even with the drop. That would've been a very tough INT

TJ: Nice overload

David: 0-0 is still alive

TJ: Just looking at the numbers, Bears 0-5 on 3rd down. Can't argue with that

Doug: Thanks to those two first downs by penalty, Denver's winning the possession battle

TJ: Tebow has 45 yards passing and a 6.3 rating

Ted: Ugly. Another damn drop

TJ: So Doug, you think that's a factor? They are so used to poor balls? A good throw is a surprise?

Doug: Well...what must practice be like? I know these are pro athletes but other pro athletes on other teams are experiencing practices where no balls hit the turf. That has to result in different outcomes on sunday

David: I feel like I'm watching a game where everyone on both teams will get trophies when it's over, no matter what the score.

TJ: Oh God, your rating can actually go down from 6.3 to 6.2 - I didn't realize. I thought that was the lowest it could go. It just went up to 8!

Doug: Yeah, Tebow 3 of 13 for a 9.5 QB rating now. They just recalculated and charitably gave him another 1.5 because he's a nice guy

3rd Quarter

Ted: After the first series, DJ has been awesome. Nice pressure by Dumervil there. Lance Louis is shook. I really like how Cosby catches a punt in traffic, and takes a quick step to avoid the first coverage guy.  He does that frequently. That's returner skill, where a lot of fast guys don't have that

Doug: UGH. Oh well nice concept but thrown too hard. Just put some air under it!

Ted: That was a drop, again

TJ: Here we go again with the timeouts

Ted: The Broncos just have to keep coming, because if they start making a few of these small details work, they're going to win this game

Doug: I've never seen a running QB who's so bad at throwing on the run - it's really amazing

TJ: That was a bad detail there, lining up in the wrong formation

Ted: Indeed. Not kicking returnable punts to Hester has been a success today. There's always that

TJ: Wow, that was a shifty run

Doug: Wait, so Tebow was 3-14 with a 9.5 rating, and now he's 3-15 with a 11.8 rating?

TJ: Don't question the formula! Haha

Ted: 1 INT in a small number of attempts is a heavy weight. It's diluting that. 0-for whatever is 39.3. So, an incompletion is worth 39.6 points and actually inflates ratings less than that

Doug: Oh right, because his INT rate went down hahaha that's classic. The better INT rate with an incompletion outweighs everything else, I guess

Doug: Horsecollar? Whew no call!

TJ: DJ was adamant it wasn't, haha. Wow, the Bears are really disciplined

Doug: Uh oh, Hester time. Damn

Ted: Larsen missed him initially

TJ: A miss is relative with this jitterbug, wow the dude is fast

Doug: Yeah nice job of sticking with it, Larsen

Ted: Dumervil got held bad

TJ: I guess the refs want to make up for the hold on Peppers earlier, suckas. Marion Barber is starting to bring the lather

Ted: Hopefully Goodman is OK

Doug: I hope the Broncos don't treat him like the Browns did Colt McCoy - if he's concussed, don't bring him back!

Ted: Agreed

Marion Barber scores from nine yards out; 7-0 Bears

Doug: No Dawk, no Goody. TD

Ted: Moore has to make that tackle

TJ: Guess Moore will be riding it again next week

Doug: David's having internet problems, but he sends his good cheer

Ted: That was pretty much the whole script for how the Bears can win.  A long punt return, then bad tackling in the running game

TJ: Saw Dawkins mouth: We've come back before <claps>. David Singer tried to join again and again, but in the Twilight Zone, nothing was what it seemed.

David: There we go. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, my 0-0 dreams are over

Ted: Jennings tripped him. That doesn't work so good against zone

TJ: You can't look at one WR and always assume you can get 15 yards against a zone

Ted: No, you sure can't

Doug: Wow this game will be over FAST - this could be a 2.5-hour game

Ted: The Broncos have gotten soft in the running game the last two weeks.Where's Mays thumping?

Doug: Could be the defense wearing down - they've spent a LOT of time on the field, all year

Ted: Carter made that play

TJ: Nice play, Q. Holy crap, Roy Williams is still in the league? I thought he ate himself out

Doug: Haha he's the reason the Chiefs beat them. Or, one of the big ones

Ted: Champ played that very well

Doug: Nice! That's like the one McGahee hurt his hand on

TJ: That drive is done with this pathetic offense - no way they can get 24 yards in 3 plays with Caleb Hanie

Doug: Doom!

TJ: Pretty much what I just said

Ted: That motion was supposed to mess up the Broncos, but Champ checked them to zone, and they played it perfect

TJ: Wow, Bell missed the lane off to the right. FG?

Ted: Not in range

TJ: Ah, not in their guy's range

TJ: Our guy, yeah

Ted: Yep.

Robbie Gould wallops a 57-yarder to put Chicago up 10-0

Doug: Wow, that was smoked. Good from 65+

TJ: I guess he rethought that one. He crushed that, pure

TJ: He crushed that about as well as I've ever seen a kicker crush a ball - better than the chick whose pants I tried to get into in 9th grade

Doug: BTW, Tebow's QB rating went up again after his last incompletion. I suppose this can keep happening until he approaches that 39 number - he's all the way up to 13.5 now

TJ: He's a Tebowist?

Doug: That's a new one

TJ: I think he's grammatically challenged

4th Quarter

Doug: Hey, it's Tebow time - 4th quarter, only down 10. Let's see it!

Ted: That flip reverse is a Florida play

TJ: They are now trying trick plays I guess - getting tricky, Run DMC-style

Doug: We should be expecting a W here, right? Same thing every week, and all he does is win. It's only 10 points

Ted: I wish I had the all-22 on that

TJ: He won't run to his right - he refuses to run to his right

Doug: Ted, what would you be curious to see on that play?

Ted: If there was any separation downfield

Doug: You're assuming there's none?

Ted: That's needed to evaluate Tebow's decision to run. I'm not assuming anything, I wish I could see it

Doug: I'm just asking because it's not something you often say - so I'm figuring you had something specific in mind there

Ted: On a play like that with a tight camera angle, it's something I always think. The TV sideline view sucks for judging plays where no pass is ever thrown

Doug: VON!

Ted: Wow, that was a busted coverage. I think that was Woodyard's guy

Doug: Defense, keeping Tebow & Co in the game. And, luck. Luck = Hanie blowing that throw

Ted: Yeah, luck helped on that last play. The Broncos haven't gotten the straight-ahead run game blocked all day. It's just not there

TJ: And I guess Tebow thought he wanted to not get the 3 yards he had and he busted outside

Doug: For the record, Denver has not been shutout since 1992, when it happened TWICE

Ted: Wow, rough year in 1992

Doug: One game was Maddox, the other was Elway and Shawn Moore, briefly

David: What could be better than following in Elway's footsteps?

Ted: Good catch by Thomas on a low throw

TJ: They are playing zone now - he can hit that all day now. Soft coverage zone, too

David: I can't wait to read the articles about how positive that is

Ted: This style is where Tebow is best

Doug: Perhaps i just jinxed away the shutout

Ted: I hope so

Doug: I didn't pray though

David: They're going to get that ball from him soon.

Tebow fumbles at the Chicago 45

David: WOW

Doug: Damn, I guess I didn't jinx it


TJ: No pocket presence on that whatsoever

Ted: Yeah, that was terrible TJ

Doug: Eventually you start losing your incompletions and fumbles to the other team. You can't keep missing throws and putting it on the ground and be "not turning it over at historic levels" like Kerry Byrne would like to trumpet. More history, the Broncos’ fewest points allowed in a shutout was 16 against the Chiefs in 1970. I figure if i keep talking shutouts I can jinx it away like when they talk no hitters on TV. Because, I have that power right?

Ted: I hope so. I don't believe in things like jinxes, but it can't hurt. Nice play by Ayers to shut it down. That was a weird decision to fair catch that inside the 10. He had a lot of room, and the trajectory indicated it would roll. Worst possible decision was fair catch

Doug: Okay let's see it!

Ted: Good play there. Thomas is having a brutal day catching the ball

TJ: Does he realize the hands need to be up?

Doug: Again, not used to being on target - the hands are in a different spot on every throw, because the ball is. I'm sure it's that way in practice too

TJ: Check it DOWN! The guy just drifts

Doug: We've got them right where we want them, don't we? Magic time?

Ted: No, this is more like needing an onside kick if a win is even possible time

Doug: Why? We can stop them

Ted: No more TOs

Doug: 5 minutes for 10 points?

Ted: The math is tough

TJ: Way to waste em early fox

Doug: Wait, we have ZERO timeouts?

TJ: Of course we do

Ted: Yeah Fox just used them to save time there

Doug: Like, just now?

Ted: Yeah the last series - 2 of the 3

Doug: Um wow. I don't like that. Just get into FG range and kick it

TJ: They give him everything now

Ted: I don't like it much either... it's playing for the onside kick

TJ: Deep deep safeties

Ted: That's how I'd play it too TJ

Doug: I'd get another few yards now, kick it and then send it deep

Ted: I think that's a good idea Doug

Doug: I mean, don't burn clock - just throw. Obviously don't give up the possession. Like that! Now spike! Hurry the @#$% up!!!!

TJ: Most fans are going to assume he's raking right now

Ted: What are they doing?

Doug: How about some urgency?! LET’S GO!!! Just wasted 20 seconds

Ted: Yeah, this is not good management


Ted: That was legal

Tebow connects with Demaryius Thomas for a 10-yard TD pass

Ted: Nice throw

Doug: Wow, now what?

Ted: I think you have to kick it onsides here... if not, best case is getting it back with 50 seconds or so

Doug: You have to go onside right? This is feeling a lot like Miami and Jets

Ted: Yeah it is

Doug: 55 minutes of suck

Ted: But like it's the other shoe dropping

TJ: Negative, Doug, that's a soft zone - there's no switch to flip

Doug: The Bears should run this out. Well, I didn't say they stopped sucking

Chicago recovers Denver's onside kick attempt

Ted: Oh wow, they had a good chance at that one

Doug: Damn. Nice kick, Prater

TJ: Any team on the earth can hit those on the soft zone

Ted: It's the same story, though, they can get it back around 50 sec

Doug: OH Wilhite

TJ: This is what the Broncos have been reduced to?

Doug: This is the Broncos, yes. Foxball baby!

TJ: Ted just said the other shoe dropped

Doug: Ted 50 seconds is rosy - a play takes 5 seconds, maybe more - and the punt takes a few too but, we only need a FG

Ted: You're right... my math was wrong. More like 30

Doug: David you with us for Foxball here? Welcome to our world - this is what it's like almost every week.

TJ: Yeah, Singer, this is a world in which you sit on your knees with a rosary and hope for an onsides kick. I'm guessing you're not in?

Doug: No he's having internet problems. What is Moose talking about?! TJ, or we root for dumb moves by the opposition, haha. We hope for onside kicks, turnovers, punt returns and brain farts

Ted: They can get it back over 1 minute, and they will

Doug: Hey we got a chance now!!! Go figure

Doug: Wow, incredible - we're going to OT. Mark it

Ted: That could not have gone better for the Broncos

Doug: Short of a turnover, yeah

Ted: Well, only if Barber went out twice

Doug: Couldn't have dreamt that up though. I mean, who the @#$% runs out of bounds?!?! Hahaha here we go, we need 40 yards, and almost a minute to get it

Ted: Great play by Decker to make that guy miss

Doug: Thank you Marion Barber! Okay, 30 more yards

Ted: I like that checkdown there

Doug: 20! We only need 20 yards! Wow, WOW

Ted: Tebow is really throwing some good balls in the 4th quarter. Bad coverage bust there though wow

Doug: Well, they're wide open Ted - let's take it easy

Ted: I agree, but hitting them is better than not. You can't have a completion in the field of play now.  Sideline or nothing!

Doug: Prater can hit this. This is so funny. Every week. This is good - mark it

Matt Prater is good from 59 yard out to tie the game at 10 and send the game to OT

Ted: Got it

Doug: WOW

Ted: How about this team?!

Doug: Thank you, Marion Barber

Ted: Yes, indeed - thank you Mr. Barber

TJ: He mashed that

Ted: Yeah he really did... Prater is a weapon. That's the most fortuitous missed tackle Rahim Moore ever had - he's been awful in tackling today too. If the Broncos get the ball back, they need to stick with the spread empty stuff. The conventional running game has been stuffed all game. It's not there, play it like it's not there


Doug: Thank you, thank you Marion Barber! And, I'm glad we didn't draft you over Maurice Clarett. Because you sir, are a moron. As you make a killer catch. I'm not sure that's a catch

Ted: Me neither

Doug: I think no, actually

Barber fumbles at the Denver 33 after appearing to break through the scrum; Elvis Dumervil recovers

Ted: We need a big play on 3rd down here - come ON Broncos magic! That was it... on cue!!!

Doug: WOW, Barber again! Hahahaha

Ted: Doug, you and I are great jinxers

Doug: So, we need 25 yards or so now...

Ted: Demaryius! (I spelled it right just for you, Doug)

Doug: Haha thanks Ted

Ted: There was nothing there on that run attempt... bad decision

Doug: Hahaha this is classic

Ted: No push-off... I thought there might be one in live speed. That's a worthy TO on a big 3rd down. Conservative there... let's hope it doesn't bite them

Prater ends it with a 51-yarder; 13-10 Broncos

Doug: WOW

Ted: Broncos magic!  Catch it!!!!

Ted: Hahaha

Doug: Marion Barber, thank you - you @#$%ing incompetent dumbass

Ted: We'll take it

Chewing the Fat