Chewing the Fat: Week 13 - Broncos at Vikings

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 35-32 victory over the Minnesota Vikings

Ted: Happy Sunday, guys. I'm watching Fox NFL Sunday, and somebody apparently decided that Strahan should go all Bob Costas, and do essay-style monologues about a selected topic. It's a bad, bad choice

TJ: Oh my, it's bad news with Costas, so it's a nightmare with Strahan

Ted: "It's hard to know when to retire, because all football players have ever done is play football"

TJ: Perhaps he'll talk about politics, religion, Sandusky, et. al. I always preferred Emmitt Smith, at least I could always count on a laugh - he was good for some grammar lessons

Ted: #FootballSunday is a really long hashtag that Fox is using... not real economical for Twitter

TJ: White RB alert! Toby! Toby! Toby! Griese on Toby: "he's workman like" - that's code for: white boy

Ted: Yes, yes it is - he's a blue-collar player. Wow... this is my local game today - that's random

Doug: Yeah it's local here too - that's why they moved this game to FOX, because of the flexing of Lions/Saints to SNF

TJ: Haha Leslie Frazier always looks pissed off

Ted: He's a member of Pipe-Layers Local 11

Ted: Joe Webb's on the field, good coverage outside

TJ: Oh no, penalty on Champ. That's 15. I'm already bored, hahaa!

Ted: Slow start

TJ: Hello, Joe Mays, meet a big running back

Ted: Mays needed to wrap there

Doug: Gerhart is just a hard worker. He's not explosive, but he doesn't give up when getting hit!

TJ: Haggan crushin'!!!! Nice pressure, DA.

Ted: Haggan is a good man. Kleinsasser had iso responsibility, but should have tried to get a shoulder on Haggan

Doug: Wow that was intense pressure - that was a crazy punt - that was totally insane. UH OH

Ted: Bad call there... that needed to be a QB sneak to the bubble

TJ: Man, that's some momentum now for them and the crowd. Ted is right, though, you should sneak it with the biggest QB in the league.

Willis McGahee is caught in the backfield for a safety by Jared Allen; 2-0 Vikings

Ted: There was a bubble over the center - it was a no-brainer

TJ: Joe Mays, you gonna tackle, buddy? Anytime, now, feel free to show up.

Doug: Gerhart brought his lunch pail today. I hear he's a really good guy, too. Nice throw, Ponder

TJ: Ponder zinged that one. Chris Harris on coverage, too

Ted: No, a LB should never have Harvin - ever, ever, ever

TJ: PI, sad sad sad. He hugged it out - mugged him. Nice play, MT

Ted: Great play by Thomas. It fooled everybody but Marcus, Brennaman

TJ: Shed that guy like a sweater. Ha, DA is gonna make them kick 3 yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!

Ted: Secure that football Hunter!

Doug: Yikes - yeah i wanted him to just fall. That was pretty dumb but, luckily it didn't bite him

Ted: I'll take the yardage, but carry the ball correctly

TJ: Either way, that's a giant EPV swing

Doug: Yeah probably like a 4-point swing right?

TJ: I'm sure it's easily that

Doug: Wow, that was atrocious, that throw. How many times you think they ran that in practice?

Ted: Well, unless he expected Thomas to be a step forward, and hit him on the run - some of those plays run like that. Maybe there can be a safety here, so we can have a 2-2 game

TJ: That would be ideal - I would laugh all week

Ted: I would take a screenshot of it and save it forever

TJ: Yeah, me too. Would be the the best week ever.

Mario Haggan intercepts a pass from Christian Ponder and returns it 16 yards to paydirt; 7-2 Broncos

TJ: Dennis Allen does not mess around!!!!  TD!!!!

Doug: WOW Haggan!

Ted: That was a rookie QB making a dumbass rookie QB throw. They all do that sometimes. Or he might have seen 1 LB in proximity to defend 2 receivers, which speaks to bad route spacing. Haggan was near Shiancoe and Devin The Dude. I'm seeing kind of lackadaisical kick coverage today

TJ: I was surprised to see Tommy Jackson say he didn' t think Tebow would be the QB next year. That's the first time I've heard him actually say that. I thought it was a bit odd

Doug: Yeah i saw that, same reaction

Ted: Good closedown by Dumervil. Charlie Johnson can't handle Dumervil

Doug: I think these defenders love that they get to come back on the field every 3 minutes - makes them play harder

Ted: I think the narrative has recently taken the correct turn that the Broncos success is far from being all Tebow. Everything I read or listen to lately has been hammering that point, actually

TJ: Well, Cris Carter won't even say Tebow's name now, haha

Ted: Wow, Benny Sapp as a starting CB. Who'da thunk a team could miss Asher Allen?

A fumble by McGahee at the Denver 35 leads to a 40-yard FG by Ryan Longwell; 7-5 Broncos

Doug: Uh oh that's a fumble

Ted: Stop them, get them next time

TJ: Oh well, they still have to score, boys - and we have DA. They only have Christian Ponder

Doug: Denver's been very lucky about not losing their fumbles. This is just luck turning the other way - not that they've fumbled a lot, though

TJ: They won’t get anything but 3. Ponder looks hurt, to my eyes. I hear the crowd starting to come alive, too

Ted: 3 on 2... easy read. Harris made a good play, considering

TJ: Man, DJ is regressing today. So is Mays

Ted: At least force him outside!

Doug: Harvin getting plenty of looks as you suggested, Ted

Ted: Yeah, he's a weapon Doug. Ayers did much better chasing Ponder there than he did Rivers on a similar play last week

TJ: Nice zone coverage and taking away the hot read - same game, different week. I should just copy and paste my GR from the last week - would save me time haha

Doug: Pretty much - only the Lions and Raiders games have been off formula

Ted: Speaking of Raiders, Miami leads 6-0 after 1

Doug: It'll be fun to see how many Kerry Byrnes of the world credit Tebow with today's 7 points. Nice run, Willis. That'd be a loss for Knowshon

Ted: Billick had it exactly right... they were late getting their box set there. Bad read by Tebow to go dive there - the outside was where it was

2nd Quarter

Doug: Broncos could set the record for shortest TOP in a win today

TJ: That would be pretty cool, actually

Doug: Yeah it'd be one for the books. You know, history every week

TJ: Tebow makes history, Schefter could write

Ted: Haha, Schefter is such a douchey purveyor of meaningless fluff

TJ: Wow, good play action there. I guess Dean Oliver was right. Haha, fool

Ted: I love how that dude was the stats nerd for the Denver Nuggets

Doug: Some of our readers were really mad when i said Ponder throws better than Tebow, but throws like that are what i'm still waiting to see from Tebow. The translation for everyone was that I wish Ponder was a Bronco. But really, my point is just "This is how much better guys enter the NFL throwing than Tebow is right now, do you want to wait for Tim to get there, if ever?" Obviously it's possible - but do you want your franchise to bet on it?

TJ: Ponder is taking some serious shots today. I mean, they are lighting him up like a XMas tree

Ted: Ponder does throw a pretty good ball, but I've never seen him as a great player, even in college.  I don't think he has that in him. That was a middle screen to Harvin that got blown up

TJ: Yeah, I don't know Ted. It's college ball, so I don't have a clue as to if his stuff will work here or not. This is great defense

Ted: If you win the division this year, I don't see how you get rid of the QB, knowing that he's young and has less than a full season's worth of starts

TJ: Did I mention he would be a great H back?  I want to get that out there for the folks in the nosebleed section.

Ted: I really have come to beleive that Elway couldn't take that heat

TJ: It would be hard, Ted - the only guy in the world who could do it would be Elway - the ONLY guy. Even then, the zealots would try and run him out

Ted: But did you see how much the minor recent beating he took affected him?

TJ: Yeah, he's a PR guy just like them all

Ted: He quit reading Twitter, and made a point to be nice, and said he was taken out of context

TJ: I was laughing when he got all butt hurt

Doug: Well, he has to realize he has nothing to gain by being honest at this point. It can only cause problems

TJ: Why are we talking about this guy right now???

Ted: Well, because he just made a solid stick throw to get a first down - so that's good

TJ: Haha Jared Allen = non factor

Doug: Well, he does have 2 points

TJ: He won't be sacking anyone today...I hope.

Ted: Did you see that chip McGahee had on him a couple snaps ago? Vicious

TJ: He has to stay home and read - he is probably whining already. Nice, Orlando!

Ted: Yeah, that's a hidden benefit

TJ: Wow, nice catch!

Ted: Good throw to the sideline

TJ: No way, Ted, late throw - timing route. Hit it way late

Ted: Well, Billick is saying it was a good throw too, but I agree that it was late by a beat

TJ: Colquitt = God

Ted: Did he signal a fair catch? Half the distance...nice. Every time the Vikings use Sherels as a return man instead of Harvin, it's like they're doing the Broncos a big favor

TJ: Finally, Joe Mays has someone he can bring down - a WR. Typical slant route out of the end zone, bastards!

Ted: Harvin is very strong...that was a good hit. Why was Goody's leverage outside? That was bad. You have to challenge that inside release

Doug: Gerhart, such a good guy - don't see him getting into trouble. He's not all inked up either. He's a role model

TJ: This game is 7-5, hahaha!  I think Ponder just rounded 3rd base

Ted: That was a 10-yard crease for Peterson there - easily

TJ: Jesus, nice catch by that WR

Ted: The Broncos continue to get lucky with opponent injuries

Doug: Wow that was quite the catch

TJ: Not bad coverage, not great

Ted: DJ is having an atrocious game

TJ: Did Toby just make D.J. look bad? That was horrible

Doug: Won't see Gerhart with any silly celebrations either, he's just a good kid

TJ: Nice coverage, Champ. Wow, I can't believe this, Goody

Ted: That was really, really bad. Woodyard had bad depth

TJ: Nate Irving, ugh. And of course, DJ can't read

Ted: Bad effort by Ayers there - he needs to close that down

Ponder lofts a 19-yard pass to Kyle Rudolph, who snags it in the end zone with his fingertips; 12-7 Vikings

TJ: Dude just got caught up. TD

Doug: WOW that was some catch, if it was one. Yes, it was - damn. That was exceptional

TJ: Yeah, holy crap, that is an amazing catch - That's some B Lloyd stuff

Ted: Carter never got his eyes around

Doug: He did get his hands up at least haha. But it wasn't enough

Ted: Yeah, if you can't play the ball, play the hands, but playing the ball is preferable. The coverage was very tight, but it was slow recognition.

TJ: I can't believe they've even scored points on our defense

Doug: Okay, let's go in with no worse than the 5-point deficit

TJ: Maybe Tebow can score now - it is his time. He can flip on the switch

Doug: Just don't give it back with time

TJ: No way, bro - you have to go for it here, Try for points!

Doug: Well sure, but it would suck to go in down 15-7

TJ: True

Doug: Oh God

Ted: No interior blocking there... wow. Oh, Walton

TJ: Sorry, man, I sometimes think they are not playing Foxball. I lose my bearings - I totally lost recognition that we are in Foxville

Doug: Looks like we're in fact giving it right back. TOP is really ugly

Ted: Yeah, it really is. Stupid timeout there. They're going to lose the 2 minute warning, and have only two stoppages left

Doug: HAHAHA um, that was a dumb TO, unless they fair catch

TJ: No support from the offense puts the D in a tough spot here. Clip!!! Haha that Viking who pushed Harris, what went through his mind? He thought, "Hey, check out how hard I can shove this guy?"

Doug: That was an Andy Reid-style timeout

Ted: I hope Lombardi uses that for his game management article this week. That was just silly

Doug: Now it's 1:55 with 2 timeouts, instead of perhaps 1:50 and 3 timeouts

TJ: Wait, did we take that? Sorry, guys, I wasn't even paying attention. Did you mean to tell me Min took that TO?

Ted: Vikings took a TO at 2:07, which is idiotic

TJ: Hahaaaaaa!!!! a;hadsd;ljkafd;ljads. Woooooo that is a hoot

Doug: Denver had the ball for 8:39 this half, assuming they don't get it back, that is. 1 first down, 11 passing yards net

Ted: That's terrible... it's a formula for getting beat

TJ: On the radio Lindahl just said Joe Mays walked into the locker room and told him loudly, I'm FINE. But he's been replaced by Irving

Ted: What is with all of this passive zone BS?

TJ: Agreed, Ted

Ted: This is not how the Broncos play

TJ: I guess they want to give up the yards today. They like giving up slants

Doug: Well, now they only have one TO and a long way to go even for a FG

TJ: Hahaahaa!!!! Not for long, Doug! Fools!!!

Ted: Wow... I guess young QBs have this issue elsewhere too hahaha

Doug: How do they get that reprieve? Oh 10 sec runoff. Ted for the record i have chalked that up to a young QB every week, not Tebow specifically.

TJ: You can't call consecutive TOs, though, I'm pretty sure haha - strange pass

Ted: Understood, Doug... I was just saying it's nice to see another team have the problem. Haha I know it draws a big UGH every week

Doug: But I did notice that Tebow has the second-most penalties of all QBs according to PFF, despite only 6 starts

Ted: I hadn't seen that... bad news

TJ: Make something happen

Doug: Yeah let's see it

TJ: This is Tebow's time

Ted: Productive 1st down play

Allen sacks Tebow and recovers his fumble at the Denver 21. Minnesota turns it into a 25-yard FG before halftime; 15-7 Vikings at halftime

TJ: Oh no. No no no. Oh God, please no

Doug: Um, you were saying about Jared Allen? The ground can definitely cause a fumble if the ball is what hits, I would think. Can't keep recovering your own fumbles - just doesn't happen


Ted: Well, that was about as bad an offensive debacle as you can have in a half. It's lucky that it happened against a bad team

Doug: More lucky that the D scored - it could easily be 15-0 - because we ain't coming back from 15-0 without a defensive score or a ST score. See TJ, you wanted to go for it, this is what you get hahaha

Ted: Well, except for the time it happened in Miami - with the help of an improbable ST play

TJ: Jared Allen will be a factor, I revise hahaaa

Ted: He was on that play, that's for damn sure

Doug: So, 8:54 of possession, 48 yards of offense. 1 first down, 2 turnovers. 19 offensive plays, wow

3rd Quarter

TJ: Alright, new game! There we go! Let's roll!

Ted: Not too good of a throw at all there - he had green grass

TJ: Well it wasn't THAT bad

Doug: Wow suddenly we can run!

TJ: Back to the ground and pound - FB blocking now

Ted: The throw opened it up - throwing on first down is good for it

Doug: 3 first downs in a row! Wow almost 4!

TJ: They are just busting em - nothing complicated

Doug: Just doubled our yardage. How about a QB sneak? Oh, never mind it’s too long for that.

TJ: Isolation plays

Ted: Iso is good, and running misdirection off of it is great. Doug, it's really interesting, but I don’t think I've ever seen Tebow do a sneak from under center. He always preferred a shotgun snap to it in college

Doug: That just makes no sense at all

Ted: I agree... if I were Mike McCoy, I'd make him sneak it

TJ: Ponder's hip is hurt - he may not go. It all depends on the first series

Doug: Wow, who's the backup?

Ted: Joe Webb is dangerous too

Doug: Throw was too hard, but it was on target

TJ: Yeah, can't blast him too bad for that

Tebow connects with Demaryius Thomas for a 21-yard TD pass; 15-14 Vikings

Doug: Ha nice!

Ted: Really, really good throw - not panicked, just got it there. The coverage bust helped too

Doug: Yeah nice throw, no doubt. Um, I'd have gone for that one

Ted: Yeah, I think I would have too - there's a CW that you don't do it till the 4th quarter

Doug: I don't like going for two just to get within a FG or something like that. But when you have a chance to tie it? I'd say go for it. Really, you should probably always go for it - especially if getting 2 yards is your specialty

Ted: Well, if you can get it 60% of the time, your EP is 1.2 points. That's better than 1 where I come from. But the heat coaches would take for missing would make it a short experiment

Doug: I don't advocate for going all the time, but I wish they had there

TJ: Sorry, guys - I think Foxball dictates a big no. But a normal offense, yeah

Ted: Haggan is a beast at the edge. He's really good at fighting off blocks out there. Good downfield defense

Doug: Wow Dolphins up 20-0 - a win here creates a 1st-place tie

Ted: That was a great run there, and a bad play by Beadles

Doug: Damn 50 blew that up. EJ Henderson - he almost beat the handoff. That's where Tebow should be sneaking it

TJ: Champ wants no piece of Gerhart

Ted: Carter had no awareness there

TJ: Dang, Joe Webb

Ted: Push off

Doug: Nice! That was pretty minor, but effective i guess

Ted: Yeah i agree

TJ: I am surprised they even called it, but glad. DJ is getting worked

Ted: Champ looked really slow to the ball there

TJ: Toby is taking DJ to the woodshed

Percy Harvin scores on a 52-yard catch and run; 22-14 Vikings

TJ: Oh no, Chris Harris fell down

Ted: That's the danger of Harvin

TJ: And when you biltz, that is what happens

Ted: That was a worse push off than Webb's

TJ: He put another 5 yards on Bruton

Doug: Why is Bruton out there?

Ted: He shouldn't be

TJ: Wow, he made Bruton look downright white

Ted: Bruton is straight-line fast too

TJ: Yeah, dude is fast as Hades

Doug: Yeah Quan!

Denver responds with a 41-yard catch and run score of their own from Tebow to Demaryius Thomas; 22-21 Vikings

Doug: Wow! DT! Great play, Tebow

Ted: Tebow and DT!  That's some return for first-rounders! For one play, anyway

Doug: I wanted him to throw that one away for about 5 seconds. Now, go for it. WTF?!

Ted: They're following the 4th quarter BS

Ted: Wow DT pantsed Sanford. Those are awesome sideburns for Decker

4th Quarter

Doug: I'm really not liking the decision not to go for 2

TJ: It's really moot with Foxball

Ted: 3-man rush there, and Ponder went quick with it. That was a fair catch? Royal never got his hands on it

Doug: Double whammy - Fumble, Royal hurt

TJ: Is Matt Willis bright?

Ted: Didn't look like it there. Did they signal Broncos ball? That would be helpful info, but FOX didn't tell us. So, that's cool. COMMERCIALS!

Doug: Wow nice run Willis!

Ted: Key block by Decker. It's coming back, but good play by Tebow. Wow Allen was just as guilty

Doug: Man it would suck to lose on account of not going for it

Ted: Yeah, it would - we're far from that point, though

Doug: Wow Dawk!

Ted: That was vintage Dawkins

Doug: Sure was

Ted: He loves to jump into the passing lane

Ponder and Harvin hook up again, this time for a 48-yard score; 29-21 Vikings

Doug: Damn, nice play call

Ted: McCarthy needs a lot better tackling effort there. That was just atrocious

TJ: Wow, is it just me or did McCarthy wear skates?

Doug: He was leaning the wrong way - he had no chance

Ted: He looked scared

TJ: Quan Cosby is the new intangible

TJ: Do the Vikings cover? Hahaaaa

Denver responds again, this time with a 24-yard TD run by McGahee; Tebow runs in the 2-point conversion; 29-29

Doug: So much for DT's speed? Clearly he's not the burner we'd hoped. WOW!!! Now go for it!!

Ted: His speed is fine. His quickness has been the issue

TJ: Haha, he finallly has to go for 2

Doug: Roll him out! NICE

Ted: Tebow is having a fantastic game, best as a pro. And McGahee and DT have been beasts this half. The whole narrative is turned on its head right now. How funny is this? The offense looks explosive, and the defense looks porous.

Doug: Yeah quite a turnaround from the first half

Ted: Yeah, definitely. The Broncos need to get back to pressuring Ponder. It's what has worked in this game

Ted: Haggan has had an outstanding all-around game - easily the best Broncos LB today. Account for Harvin, guys

Doug: Ugh Ponder has about 400 yards today now. Damn

Minnesota goes back ahead on a 39-yard FG; 32-29 Vikings

Ted: Well, this sets us up for Tebow time. The executives at FOX have to be loving this

Doug: Hey, they got a great game

Ted: Yeah this should have been a CBS game, so bonus for them

Doug: Wow Chiefs are gonna beat the bears. Good throwaway

Ted: Yes, agreed - that was well set-up, and well-executed. Nice play. I like Thomas being in place to block. Tebow has blistered that throw all game against bad Cover-2

TJ: Are the Vikings stupid? I've never seen so many blown coverages in any game

Ted: Like I said in Digesting, the Vikings Safeties are really awful. Let it run to the 2-minute warning now

Doug: Why? Do we want to win or tie?

Ted: We want to win, but we'd like to assure a tie, at a minimum. Letting that time go is the right call. The clock is no factor for the Broncos offense. It's about time for a Tebow run

Doug: I don't like it, you can get pushed back by a sack or penalty. If it were a tie game, I'd agree. Or that, damn!

Ted: Man, that could have been caught

TJ: That's a great throw - actually amazing. Haha, Elway. You can read the "another draft pick lost" look on his face

Matt Prater hits a 46-yarder to tie the game at 32, and then Andre’ Goodman promptly picks off Ponder and returns it to the Vikings 15

Doug: YES!! Game!

Ted: YES! Goody has had a terrible game, and he just redeemed it. Elway looks legit excited there. Thanks for the first down Viking dude!

Doug: I'd kneel on it right now - do not give them the ball back. There's no reason to - do not score. Scoring a TD is the worst thing you can do

Ted: Yeah Vikings should have "let them score" on as the play

Doug: Exactly - kneel! Wow, I guess the Vikings are counting on a block or missed kick. I'd have run it down to 5 seconds and kicked. 13 seconds is kind of dumb

Ted: Yeah, I agree... I want no part of Harvin returning a kick. They're going to take it down

Prater seals the win with a 23-yarder at the gun; 35-32 Broncos

Doug: Wow, first place! Hahaha this is wild

Ted: Amazing, huh? They probably won the division today. Oakland still has GB and DET left

Doug: Yeah we only need to tie Oakland in overall and AFCW records to win the division. We'll win the next tiebreaker

Ted: Happy victory Sunday!!!! According to my brother Forte got hurt in the first quarter - injury luck continues

Doug: Sure does, haha. Next, Tom Brady will get hurt!

Chewing the Fat