Chewing the Fat: Week 12 - Broncos at Chargers

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 16-13 overtime victory over the San Diego Chargers

Doug: I'm sure happy for the 4:15 start so we can see all these great finishes

Ted: Yeah it worked out pretty well

TJ: Wow, this game just got going quick, haha...and we're off!

Ted: Weather looks nice in Whale's Vagina

TJ: Shift shift shift, SD loves that

Ted: They really like to get quick separation with it

TJ: Goody jumped that

Doug: Pretty terrible throw. Oh my - Ryan Mathews does Denver like Knowshon does KC - Mathews has two 100-yd games, both against Denver

Ted: The Broncos were strong to the right, and the Chargers went left

TJ: So far, they are playing an 4-3 Under and it's hurting their ability to get to the edge weakside

Ted: Wow, they had that strung out, and nobody tackled. Carter was beat there, but not a very good throw

TJ: It's that undisclosed injury for Rivers

Ted: Early onset suckiness - quick pressure like that is the answer

TJ: He gonna try 53? Guess so. Well, good field position if he misses

Doug: This isn't Nick Kaeding, should be interesting. I guess he's having a nice year though

Ted: All the games I've seen, Rivers always throws it away when you flush him

Novak is good from 53; 3-0 Chargers

Doug: Damn that kick was pure

TJ: Yeah, I can't believe he tried that. More, I can't believe he made it!!

Ted: Novak has established himself as worthy of one of the 32 kicking jobs in the NFL, when Kaeding comes back. That's a good year for the guy

TJ: Wow, yeah, I didn't think he had 50 yards in him

Doug: Nice return, Cassius - hopefully we won't see the KR brain farts from him today

Ted: Yeah, that's been the only special teams deficiency this year is some bad decisions by returners at times. Some teams are telling guys to run out of the end zone if they can get a running start, but I don't have a sense of whether the Broncos are going with that strategy, or if he is just doing it

TJ: Eric Weddle will get his wish. They def need a return specialist, in my opinion

Ted: What did he wish for?

TJ: Tebow

Ted: be careful what you wish for

Doug: He wished for some Dan Fouts/San Diego suckjobbery, and he got some

TJ: I think one bad draft strategy they've had in the last several years is to NOT focus on a return specialist. They think they can just use Eddie or turn one up

Ted: That's kind of the Patriots way TJ - use a committee

Doug: What's wrong with Cosby and Cassius, and Decker/Royal?

TJ: If you are going ot play Foxball, which requires precision with field position, that's a position that's important.

Doug: Denver is 3rd in PR average and 4th in KR average, so no need to spend in the draft there

TJ: Switching gears, nice running - haha, they just keep sealing off the backside, and it's gashing the Chargers

Ted: Good forward movement with the O-line. For both of these teams, the run game is the best thing, because it keeps them from having to protect the dropback game

TJ: Tough throw. DT wasn't even at the sticks - bad route, too.

Doug: Just inexcusable, bad throw

TJ: Dude is just not quick out of breaks

Ted: Good call. That's way too common with these receivers

TJ: DT could be a great hybrid TE someday, haha

Doug: Andy Benoit's claim that DT isn't too explosive has rung true so far, although part of that could be the QB.

Ted: Tebow was in way too much of a hurry to get the ball out. Set up and throw the ball with timing

TJ: I seriously wonder if DT isn't just a TE in WR clothing

Ted: He doesn't have that feel for getting to the top of his drop yet

Doug: After Benoit wrote that, there was an uproar here in the comments that Benoit is a lazy hack, because he wasn't blowing every Bronco in his work

Ted: I don't see him as explosive either. He's big, and fast, and strong. Not quick, though

TJ: That dude's name is IAN EAGLE - that's like a porn name

Doug: Hahaha he used to be on WFAN when I was growing up

TJ: He fixes the cable

Ted: I know a dude in Cleveland named Dan Fouts - he's cooler than this jackass

TJ: They are playing Dawkins in the Box, and I like it. They are gonna make sure! Haha now Dawk is like sitting in a 4-4 as an OLB, stacked, awesome. I love me some D.A.

Ted: They were in nickel there, and still stout

Doug: Nice Goody

TJ: Encroachment?

Ted: Wow Von was off that line quick

TJ: Thought I saw that. Oh well, I'm off my game. Wow that's a huge kick

Ted: Scifres is a good punter.  The AFC West has 4 of the best 7 or 8 in the NFL

TJ: More altitude for their guys

Doug: 2 guys named Colquitt

Ted: Yep, they're both good

TJ: Unbalanced line. Willis McGahee was born falling forward 3 yards

Ted: Yeah, he's really been a great signing

TJ: Moreno isn't even close, can't even hold a candle to this

Ted: I thought Decker jumped early

TJ: Nah, Ted - no way

Doug: It was over his head - he needed another 8 inches

Ted: On second viewing it was too high

Doug: If we keep Tebow, we'll need to draft some NBA centers to play WR next year - perhaps some guys from Senegal

TJ: Chargers! Hahahaa!!!! That Chargers' defense had NO idea what they were looking at right there. Haaaaa!!!! That was the funniest thing I've seen all day - I am laughing so hard. Come on, man! WTF, Eddie?

Ted: The feet were set there - low and away is where it needs to be there - every QB thows that low and away

TJ: Oh, yeah, sorry. Like Ted earlier, after I saw the replay I realized it wasn't the greatest throw. It was still catchable, however

Doug: It was, but it would have qualified as a "really nice catch"

Ted: Really good fill there by Mays. Triplette can't say "illegal" correctly. He says it ee-eagle

Doug: That's 3 passes, 2 of them poor and one of them was okay, none of them caught. Rivers not much better, haha

TJ: Chris Harris is man on Gates

Ted: I really like the inside blitzing by DA

TJ: This ought to show us for sure if the kid is legit for the long term, which I think he is

Ted: I do too TJ. That's a tough matchup for a CB though

Doug: And a short one, at that

TJ: Haha Rivers beat Ayers to the corner

Ted: Ayers was half-rushing, and half-sliding. He has to be decisive

TJ: Yeah, Rivers was half passing, half running. Exactly, Ted

2nd Quarter

Ted: That's the kind of play that SD hits you with once in awhile where it seems like the defense wasn't even on the field

TJ: Well one thing Foxball is, it's FAST!

Ted: You have to be ready to man those guys up immediately

TJ: SD still attacking perimeter

Ted: Haggan in space

TJ: Yeah, Ted, that's bad stuff

Ted: Goodman needs to make that tackle

TJ: Why isn't Bailey on VJ there? In Cover 1? Odd

Ted: He should be

TJ: Nice penetration, Hunter. San Diego running a zone blocking scheme on the edge, and Hunter finally got wise. Damn, I think Ted scouted Tolbert's play right there. That was a tendency Von missed

Ted: That formation is trouble

Doug: Too many broken tackles already

Ted: The Broncos look kind of sluggish overall to me

TJ: Chargers seem to be in rhythm today. Oddly enough, Tebow said this was their best week of practice since he's been with the Broncos. UNREAL, UNREIN! VJ is with Goody - wouldn't be surprised if they go to him soon. Nice tackle, Joe Mays

Ted: That was the play I mentioned in detail

TJ: Tough play when run quick on that wheel route. Wooooo nice smack by DJ. That's a decleater. Wow, that's textbook LB tackling!

Doug: That was Joe Mays-like

Ted: Form tackle - that's how you teach it

Philip Rivers hits Antonio Gates for a 6-yard score; 10-0 Chargers

Doug: Wow too easy

TJ: Wow, just a good throw

Ted: Well that sucked

TJ: That's a tough throw - check out the replay

Doug: Very familiar stuff

TJ: DJ had no chance against AG - double move

Doug: Yeah i don't mean it was an easy throw for Rivers. But really, he just makes it look easy

TJ: Yeah, it's an awesome throw. Sometimes, as a defender, you just say, holy @#$%, it was a perfect throw. Penalties don't help, that's for sure. They going to let Tebow throw?

Ted: This is the down to do it

Doug: From the 6? Yikes. Um, throw that AWAY. That has to be thrown into the bench

TJ: Jesus, doesn't Elway have a TV? Elway's nose is bleeding. Why the DEEP route? How about the sticks?

Ted: The sticks aren’t in their repertoire


Doug: UGH, how many f-ing times will we see this?

TJ: Yeah, it's tough there

Ted: He was telling Walton to snap it

TJ: Draw...I saw that coming, and so did 80,000 people - except Elway because he can't see from up there

Doug: Well, you have to - you're not converting it, and the risk of something worse happening is too great

TJ: I don't agree with that 2nd part, Doug. I mean, I get the point

Ted: Those penalties just set up bad field position

TJ: But I don't know about the probability part of that - the risk/reward calculation.

Ted: Penalties in the return game are brutal

Doug: Well for one, draw plays and screens historically have a better conversion rate than deep passes anyway. On 3rd and long, that is

TJ: 4 penalties already. It would be an interesting problem to plug into Burke's calculator. I think given the EPV, you have to go aggressive always, but it's a good debate.

Ted: I can't watch this NFL Shop commercial and not think of the portly bearded guy as Jean Girard's husband in Talladega Nights

TJ: Haaaaaa

Ted: Mays got held

TJ: Hmm,  Chargers haven't seemed this good to me. Of course, I drink--a lot

Ted: Rivers had to get rid of that early - inside pressure

TJ: Defense, get em back, baby

Doug: Would be a huge hold after that field position. Nice!

TJ: Great pressure, Von - dude is mayhem, totally

Ted: Yep, that's a really good hold, mostly because of effective pressure

Doug: Hopefully we can get a touchback here

TJ: They had to have it with that field position, had to

Ted: UGH another commercial? Only football fans tolerate this - we're conditioned to take it

Doug: So, here we are 5 minutes left, zero completions. There's one! And a 3rd-down conversion!

TJ: Haha nice little play

Ted: That was well blocked

TJ: FB outside of the WR, Broncos going no huddle. Burn that TO, SD! Holy crap, boys, it's 90 degrees in SD. I have to hand it to Fox - they are not panicking. Same odd formation. Haha, SD did a great job there. Tebow read that - I think he had the option there to throw. He read the box, and they didn't execute

Ted: It should have been a throw. But yeah, if he had the favorable box count, he has to take it. At some point, you have to throw from that empty set on 3rd down. They did change FP there, so that's good

Doug: True. DOOM!

TJ: Great coverage sack

Doug: Gotta throw that away, although not sure if he could have i guess

Ted: It was hard to get his feet set there. When he drifts like that this year, that's where a good number of his picks have come from - his second one last week at the end of the game was an attempted throwaway on the drift, and a shallow zone guy just picked it

Doug: Oh my, 206 yards of total offense so far combined. Foxball! 58 combined passing yards so far

TJ: Dennis Allen is godlike. Watch the screen here - Norv loves em.

Ted: This is a classic screen situation

TJ: Oh no, facemask?

Doug: Ugh that's a killer

TJ: Ouch ouch ouch. That JUST happened. That's BS!!! NO WAY

Ted: That's a tackle! What a terrible call

TJ: Worst call ever. Brutal - guy doesn't snap his helmet, and now that encourages others to just loosen their helmets. Brutal refs

Ted: I hate this officiating crew in a general way - it's one of my least favorite

TJ: That's good, Bailey on VJ

Ted: Bad clock management by the Chargers here

TJ: If the Broncos score, you should criticize NORV

Ted: I do, regardless of the outcome the Broncos offense gets

TJ: Haha, on cue

Ted: That is precisely why you bleed the clock - because @#$% happens

TJ: I don't mind Eddie as a return specialist

Doug: Must get a FG before half

Ted: That was very disjointed from the start

TJ: Thing is, I'm not sure McCoy is going to let him take a shot

Doug: Look, we only need like 10 yards, if even. OH NO

TJ: What the hell is that?

Ted: Denver is the tougher team - how about that change?

Doug: Just fall on it, you dumbass Chargers

TJ: That was like a circus act. Haha, I think he spun there for no reason, hahaha

TJ: Jammer jammed. Haha, Norv

Doug: Wow imagine we get a TD here? Almost a new ballgame

Tebow hits Eric Decker for an 18-yard TD; 10-7 Chargers

TJ: Nice throw there! That was a laser beam

Ted: That was a great, great fake with his body and eyes to the outside. The fake made the play

TJ: Chargers totally bit for that fake

Doug: Oh my Decker almost took the head off that poor woman with his bizarre celebration

TJ: Hahahaaaaa Nooooorv. He's so gone as Chargers coach. If they don't fire Norv after this year, they NEVER will

Ted: Norv is a really, really good offensive schemer and play caller, but the head coaching thing eludes him

TJ: Worst clock management ever right there

Doug: That's out of the Andy Reid School of Clock Management

TJ: The Chargers' announcers are really letting him have it

Doug: Norv and Wade Phillips are a perfect match

TJ: Now, take a knee and watch 'em Boo. Haaaaaa I'm laughing too hard

Ted: Here goes Fouts on what we had in live action. Great analysis Dan-o


TJ: Foxball - this is an amusing distraction for the last 5 games. I love it

Ted: It's not aesthetically pleasing a lot of the time, but he knows how to stay in a game and have a chance to win late

TJ: Haha, the boos are raining down on them, haaaaaa. I'm so bad I find this stuff funny

Doug: Really, what are the chances of having a punter named Henry and a kicker named Henery on your team? Meaning the Eagles...

Ted: Yeah, that's an odd one

TJ: When the Broncos play, I'm starting to get used to the quarterback lines from each team being in the 100s of yards. I hardly have to look at the passing stats anymore. It's efficient for writing these GRs, I'm telling you

Doug: Painful. 95 net passing yards first half, combined

TJ: Oh no, Elway won't be happy: 1-5 on 3rd down

3rd Quarter

TJ: Ian Eagle. I'm here to fix the cable.

Ted: Ian Eagle... you shot my boy Chappy down, so I'm going to bomb your oil refinery. Not a very good run by McGahee

TJ: Well this 3rd down should be converted. Quads. Damn it! Catch it, dude. Just catch the football. Whoa, that's brutal. 1-6 is killing us

Doug: Absolutely a must-catch

TJ: If you play Foxball, you have to let field position help you. Fox needs a cowboy hat - that look is just not cool. Wow, that's a whole lot of EPV to give away

Doug: Man, penalty costs 30 yards

Ted: Bruton got shoved in the back

TJ: Crazy pass - crazy all around

Ted: Who was covering him? Nobody

TJ: BOOM, Joe Mays. God, I wish Mays had lateral abilities, he'd be Ray Lewis

Ted: Yeah, when it comes to downhill striking, Mays is as good as there is

Ted: Wow, I'll trade a down for that

Doug: That was a huge penalty, nice

Ted: Heat him up right now

TJ: DA just keeps them in games. DA = MVP

Ted: Yeah he's really good. Good defense

TJ: Chris Harris, meet FB. I'm glad I love defense - these games don't bother me. I love defense more than QBs any day of the year. In fact, I typically could give a @#$% less about QB play

Ted: I like the creative stuff McCoy is doing with the running game, even if it doesn't strike most people as creative

TJ: Yeah, Ted, not sure if he feels he has to do it or not - but it's at least not boring to the eye

Ted: It can really open up the passing game once they put it all together

Novak adds a 25-yard FG; 13-7 Chargers

Doug: Wow 9 yards deep, Decker?

Ted: Rodgers must be telling them to do it

TJ: Yeah, I know we don't agree on this, but I don't think they will stay with any of this after the year ends. I think they'll chuck all of this offense in 5 games. But if not, I don't mind, as long as I get to watch DA

Doug: I mean, how can they stay with it?

Ted: I see it as a run series that works with Tebow as the QB. Carolina is doing a lot of the same stuff with Newton, and RGIII will use the same stuff - because it's a run series that works if you have the right QB to do it

TJ: I'll focus on DA if they stick with this offense, which ain't no thang - partly because I don't spend very much time with it. But you see it all the time, Ted, which is good for us

Ted: If they keep Tebow, they keep this run series.  If they dump him, they dump it. Yikes, stretch play got blown up

TJ: Oh, Lance, come on, buddy

Ted: Well there's the first bad pitch on the option

TJ: Saying Eddie Royal could be hurt on the radio

Ted: There's supposed to be a cut block in that lane, i guarantee it

TJ: DA has to keep em in this game

Doug: He has to keep them in every game

TJ: Haha

Doug: Not trying to be funny, it's the absolute truth. Remember how the Broncos were supposed to score more points with Tebow than with Orton?

TJ: Well haven't they, technically?

Doug: Of course not - 4 of 5 games 18 points or fewer

TJ: Eddie has a wrap on his left thigh - that's all they are saying. I actually don't know the numbers/game. I just assumed the small sample size. Goody en fuego today, but so is DA's pressure

Ted: Pressure is the thing to do

TJ: Wow Cover 1, or was that 0?

TJ: I didn't have time to count

Ted: I think it was 1. Carter was deep

TJ: DA just keeps changing FP

Ted: When they play Cover 1, they have the 1 way off the line of scrimmage

TJ: JE not happy: 1-7 on 3rd downs

Ted: He can't really blame Tebow for 2 of those that were dropped

TJ: If he cares

Ted: But yeah, the offense as an 11-man unit can certainly be blamed for that ineffectiveness

TJ: DJ is on fire, too. He's already got 7 tackles, 2 assists

Ted: You know, Elway's comments about the improvements that are needed having to come in the offseason was eminently reasonable

TJ: Haaa nice motion took the LB away from the play

Ted: Yeah that was good design

TJ: Wow, Clady got owned there. Move the chains! They are just running this same play out of the same formation. Idiot Chargers, haha

Ted: Really good read there

Doug: Nice to get something out of nothing there by Tebow

TJ: How about Orton there? Hahaha. Mr. KC

Ted: He'd have been swallowed

Doug: Let's go! Caught?!

TJ: Wow, nice grab

Ted: That was a good catch

TJ: I actually think it was a good throw too

Doug: It was, no doubt

TJ: I wish they would slow it down a bit more. Haha two Chargers were pancaked

Ted: That was a quick breakdown. That was well-defensed there. I think that's a better 2nd down play

TJ: Yeah, that's how you play the Air Force, good discipline. Broncos games are also interesting for their slience. The crowd never makes noise in any stadium, except the last five minutes

Prater converts a 41-yard FG to bring Denver back within three; 13-10 Chargers

4th Quarter

Ted: They're hip to that run look where McMichael motions into the backfield now

TJ: Listen to the stadium right now?

Doug: Puntfests. But, that's the only way Denver can stay in any game

TJ: You can hear a pin drop. Wow, Chris Harris is giving 'em hell. Guy is a flat baller - sign that dude long term. Chris Harris is already a bad ass

Ted: That was a big breakdown. Who was the CB?

TJ: Bailey slipped

Doug: Wow Quinton got pwned by VJ

Ted: Really, Mathews made a good move on Champ in space

TJ: Well, if this is the way it's supposed to go, hold them to a FG. DA is god

Doug: Mathews about to notch his third 100-yard game, all against Denver

TJ: DA won't let them in - he will set the tone

Doug: Wow lucky - someone fell down in coverage in the slot. Gates was pretty wide open, I think

Ted: Goodman's coverage has been exceptional all day.  He's having a great month

TJ: I'm telling you, as long as DA is here they will hang around - always

Ted: Long FG attempt coming

Doug: Bad throw by Marmalard

Ted: That helps the drops even out

TJ: Why are we talking about Tebow? DA is the real story

Novak misses from 48 yards

Doug: WOW nice!

Ted: We don't want DA becoming a head coach next year

Doug: I don't think we have to worry quite yet

Ted: No, probably not. But if I were a forward-thinking owner, he's the kind of coach I'd be doing diligence on

Doug: I think Elway is wise enough to value Allen properly. Hopefully it doesn't have to be Bowlen's call

Ted: That's a complementary throw to a zone read series

TJ: Go big, go big! Tebow had the edge. I think that 1st down play was a bad read. They got the 1st down but the big play was there

Ted: It was, TJ...he had 20 yards outside. That wasn't a read, it was a called handoff, but the edge was there too

TJ: Wow, Clady down. Hope it's a cramp - looks like a knee, however

Ted: He wears braces, so that should prevent knee injuries. Every offensive lineman should wear them, and every QB should wear one on his plant leg

Doug: Hey Tebow is 6 for his last 7 throws. What's the over/under on how many more throws he attempts? I'll say 3

Ted: It depends if they score here

Doug: Hmm at least Clady's not on a cart. Uh oh, holding

TJ: You can't keep em back that long I think. JD, you just put them outside of FG range!

Doug: Just get back into range - forget the 1st down here

TJ: PI, totally PI

Ted: Decker was hit

TJ: Shoved him right in the back

Doug: I hate that decision - just get back into range. That's all you should do there. Thing is, on third and 16 they'll give it to you

TJ: Tebow needs to check down! Get in FG range. That's a rookie mistake. Yeah, he should know that. He gets amped up for the big play

Doug: Costs them a chance to tie the game

Ted: Was there a receiver available? I was mostly watching the protection

Doug: Lance Ball, wide open - had about 10 yards of a halo - behind him, that is. Nobody in front of him

TJ: Yeah, there were 2

Ted: It sucks that he missed that then

TJ: Chargers running picks and rub routes. It's all man coverage now

Ted: That's classic Norv

Doug: VON! Yeah baby, and the Mile High Salute

TJ: You can simply replay the Miami game each and every week. This is DA's team. Wow, got crushed

Ted: Oh man, the Chargers can't afford to lose Dombrowski, as bad as he is

Doug: So, you add a league-average QB next year and you can be a legit team - which is ironically what we had in Orton, not that i wanted him to stick around

TJ: Mr. KC.

Doug: So, here we go again - down 3, plenty of time

Ted: Foxball... be in a position to win the game late. Good news there on Clady

TJ: SD crashing and scraping - that's all they are doing

Ted: DT at the bottom

Doug: WOW, what a catch Decker! Fell on the ball?

Ted: Looks like he got the wind knocked out of him, hopefully. The Chargers are totally mush-rushing; the object is containment

Doug: Amazing catch

TJ: I can't fault the throw

Doug: Pretty good throw too

TJ: The catch was actually quite normal

Ted: Good, challenge it - it's going to stand

Doug: It will, but it's worth the risk - it's such a big play

Ted: It never touched the ground - I've hit Decker for not making tough catches, but that was a hell of a tough catch

Doug: Now, don't get pushed back out of FG range

Ted: Now let's get a TD

Doug: Wow what a catch again, Rosario!

Ted: Good throw there - a little high, but back shoulder against inside leverage. I like the idea of draw fake there

Prater ties the game at 13 with a 24-yard kick

TJ: Man, he's gonna be a great H-back for us in the next five years - just a weapon. I'm not kidding, this is gonna work out for all of us - everyone involved

Doug: And, occasionally come in like Kordell

TJ: The Broncos are going to have an awesome offense in 2 years, and Tebow will be a big part of it. Would be pretty exciting to see RG3 and Tebow in here at the same time. I would not be bored - none of us would be

Doug: This is all true

TJ: Tebow can play in that system

Doug: Umm, is Novak peeing? Hahaha that was awesome! He doesn't want to have to go take a leak when the game-winning kick is coming up

Ted: Haha good question

Doug: TJ did you see it? Novak was kneeling there on the sideline, some other Charger is holding a towel up so nobody sees him peeing into a cup

TJ: Oh, no - sorry, I'm frantically writing - I have 30 bullets to try and get done. What the hell is Elway doing?

Ted: That sack was ginormous

TJ: No TO?

Doug: OT baby!

TJ: Strange game

Doug: Foxball

Ted: That's really risk-averse. I could see not wanting to muff a punt, but how often does that happen? "Turner sucks" - about 20 people were chanting it, and it came across on TV clear as day

TJ: Elway came down because he wants the fans to see that he's "excited"


Doug: Wow Jeff Triplette, you dumbass

Ted: Each team must have the opportunity to possess? He reminds me of this inbred dude I was in the Navy with - looks, mannerisms, accent, stupid grin, all of it

Doug: Ugh. Well, good field position

Ted: Yeah, you punt here

TJ: That's the fox I know and love...NOT

Doug: With this offense you have to punt

TJ: Haha, Doug

Ted: I can't count on power blocking

Doug: Any other NFL offense, you go for it

Ted: I think this offense is more likely to pick up 4th and 1 than probably half the offenses in the NFL. I just can't handle the downside of not making it there. With the way the defense has played, it's unlikely the Chargers go long field - Mathews' run notwithstanding

Doug: I kind of agree Ted, but I'd prefer there at least be a threat of a pass

TJ: Rivers = idiot. He bailed way too early

Ted: Nothing good happens for Rivers when he drifts. Heat him up now

Doug: Delay! Wow that's a killer haha. Now, no penalties! Sweet, how about a nice return now?

Ted: They can't block Miller and Dumervil, and have been trying like hell not to be in position to have to

Doug: UGH

Ted: No loss there

Doug: Not a great decision though

Ted: True. Weddle made a nice play there

Doug: That's an awful throw - no way that's a throwaway. And that made up for it!

Ted: That's a nice throw on the slant. If he can hit that throw consistently, it puts him a lot closer to being able to be a long-term starter

Doug: That's a ginormous if, Ted. Challenging the catch? Damn that looks short

Ted: The knee got down late, but the elbow might have screwed them

Doug: Man, what to do?

Ted: Punt... they're not going to score long-field

Doug: Why not sneak it? I really hate that the sneak isn't used more in the NFL

Ted: Yeah it should be used more. Tom Brady is a great QB sneaker. Tebow should be too

Doug: Especially with someone as big as Tebow, and as strong

Ted: The man coverage by the Broncos has been excellent all game. It's funny, because Fox was such a zone guy. Von recognized they had a bad look there

Doug: OUCH

Doug: Classic Rivers/Gates

Ted: Run look here. If I could see it, why couldn't they? They have to keep this to a long kick

Doug: Why isn't a coach talking to Tebow right now? They should be prepping him for the next possession, no? If there is one? Giving him some mental keys, an idea of what plays they'll run

Ted: Yes, you would think so. That was a huge play by Von

Doug: What a tackle!

Ted: It's time to go streetball

Denver calls TO as Novak attempts the game-winning kick from 53

Doug: OH NO, they called timeout

Ted: Why would you call it?  You need it for offense

Doug: Well, it won't help if they guy makes it. YES!!

Ted: Too long for him - thank you Von Miller

Doug: Wow, we only need maybe 17 yards - maybe even 15 for Prater's leg

Ted: Short stuff, guys, come on - let's get the yards

Doug: Why are we calling for Jeremiah Johnson to go long as a primary target? That's just odd. Well, they may be just at the edge of Prater's range now - maybe

Ted: Yeah, I'd try it under 2 minutes from here if I had to. I'd rather not have to, though

Doug: Not sure if he can hit a 60 outside of Denver. Depends how many yards to gain for me...

Ted: I wouldn't do it with 10 min left in overtime, that's for sure

Doug: But if it were like 4th and 3 I'd probably go for it rather than kick a 60-yarder

Ted: Agreed

Willis McGahee rips off a 24-yard run down to the San Diego 17

Doug: Get it to 58, and i'd kick. GAME!

Ted: That was big-time. Beadles clocked 58

Doug: Wow this'll be 3 road division wins in 4 weeks! Haha incredible

Ted: #winning - even if it does resemble Charlie Sheen at times

Prater puts through the winning FG; 16-13 Broncos

Ted: 6-5, and the Chargers are finished

Doug: They sure are

Ted: And Tebow thanks the Homie Jesus for good measure

Ted: A positive is that this team is suddenly nails in close games - this is a trend, even if it is only a few games

Doug: It's luck, is what it is

Ted: Some of it is. Novak missing the kick is luck. The Broncos making plays to get into position is not luck

Doug: No team ever keeps winning close games without blowing bad teams out

Ted: That's the next step

Doug: You can go a year winning close, like the Dolphins did a few years ago - and then reality hits

Ted: Agreed, but I've played sports on teams that win close games, and I always played better when I believed that a win was coming. Believing you're a winner is better than believing you're a loser. There's a definite manifestation of success that comes from it

Doug: Come on Ted, we're talking about pros here

Ted: We're talking about people, and human nature. I don't think whether they get paid or not is particularly relevant

Doug: It's called holding three straight opponents to 13 points or less - that's not about belief

Ted: I'm not chalking everything up to belief - I'm saying that it makes a difference. In my experience, it does. If Novak made that kick, a winner says "Screw it, it bounced the wrong way, we'll get em next time." A loser says "here we go again"

Doug: Meaning, a team on a winning streak or a team on a losing streak?

Ted: Meaning a team that has a winning culture vs a team that has a losing culture

Doug: And, this team has a winning culture?

Ted: I think the Broncos are showing signs of developing a winning culture, yes

Doug: Because they've squeaked out a bunch of wins against mostly bad or mediocre teams? I think they're developing an excellent defense, is what they're doing

Ted: That's a big part of it, no doubt

Doug: Big? Come on now...36 points allowed in three weeks. There's nothing mystical about that.

Ted: That's very conducive to winning

Doug: Conducive? Any team wins doing that

Ted: It doesn't get you all the way there, Doug. The whole team has to win the game

Doug: Give me a break - you should win any game where you allow 12 points on average - just by showing up. Especially against teams with average defenses. And, average is quite generous

Ted: Have I discounted the contribution of any element of the team in any way? No, I have not. And I will not

Doug: When you talk about winning cultures and belief, are you not intimating that this is the Tebow effect?

Ted: No, I'm definitely not. It's the Tebow effect only insofar as the plays that he makes help the team win too. He's contributing. The whole team is different this season than it was last season or the season before

Doug: Dennis Allen, Von Miller

Ted: Huge parts of the success

Doug: So, if they don't recover the onside kick in Miami, if Novak makes the kick today, what does that do to these claims of a winning culture, etc?

Ted: If I see it, I still see it

Doug: Because, these are pure luck. My point is, they don't actually have to play worse to lose any of these games - if they lose these games on those plays, nothing changed to me as far as how i evaluate them - If Goodman doesn't pick off the pass last week, the defense still played great

Ted: Doug, we disagree about the effect of human nature, emotion, and belief.  That's cool with me.  I can agree to disagree.

Ted: If I see winning body language even in a loss, I still see winning body language

Doug: Winning body language?

Ted: science does not cease to exist on a football field

Doug: Was Tebow showing that when he was slumping on the bench as SD made their last drive?

Ted: Not particularly, no.  I didn't like that.  This is not about Tebow. This is about the Denver Broncos

Doug: Okay, well he's the QB. Whose winning body language are you talking about?

Ted: The defense, the coaches, Elway, Xanders, everybody - the offensive guys when they got back on the field. They believed they were going to win the game, and they went and won the thing

Doug: In a tie game? Or, maybe they were just the better team talentwise?

Ted: That could be true, but it doesn't eliminate what I'm saying

Doug: Elway came down to the field and knew people were watching him after last week. Look, obviously belief in oneself is important - if the broncos have that more than they did 6 weeks ago, then great. But it's not on the short list of my reasons why they're 5-1 - and to me, the only reason to cite something like that is to excuse some shortcomings

Ted: You've been acting like I want to over-credit Tebow for his part in winning these games. I'm not doing that. I think you're projecting onto me the fact that you fundamentally want to under-credit him to support your general worldview. I'm trying to find the sweet spot, where the credit is appropriate, and so is the blame. I'm not speaking in code, and these team-specific comments I'm making are not about Tebow by proxy

Doug: Ted, where do body language and belief rank on your list of why the Broncos are winning?

Ted: Guys are making plays to win games - that's why they're winning. Belief plays a role in that, definitely

Chewing the Fat