Chewing the Fat: Week 11 - Broncos vs Jets

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 17-13 Week 11 victory over the Jets

Ted: Happy football Thursday

TJ: Hey, dudes - and I mean that in the old school way. Really old school

Doug: I’m not excited about staying up so late haha

Ted: I'm up till 1 AM most nights - I'm used to it

TJ: The MBA, Ted? Or you just like Zombie movies a LOT!

Ted: I thought kickoff was at 8. WTF?

Doug: Nah, it’s 8:20

Ted: So we can hear Prime and the Playmaker some more in all their brilliance

Doug: We'll be lucky if the game is over by midnight

TJ: Yeah, I'm starting at a white screen right now thinking, “What the hell am I going to write, and how fast can I do it?” I honestly can't write until I'm up against it - it's like nothing comes out until it HAS to. I'm hoping to see some Nick Mangold v. Brodrick tonight. Oh, Doug, I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos don't switch it up yet again tonight on their first 2 series - you want to break tendencies. Even passing 3 times immediately, that would be hilarious

Ted: I'd be happy to see play action on 1st and 10

TJ: Would make these NFL guys seem quite silly since they just spent 2 hours talking zone read

Doug: Yeah makes sense. Did they really have to have Warner of all people interview Tebow? Why not Mooch?

TJ: Yeah, I watched it - not one mention of Jesus. One mention of God, but only when Tebow said, “Thank god I saw Eddie.” So it wasn't that bad - Warner actually tried to bait him on the John Fox quote, and he just ducked it wisely

Ted: They're trying to establish Warner as a TV star. He's not one. KICKOFF!

TJ: Here we go, guys!

Ted: I don't like the all blue uniforms

Doug: Yeah I hate the all blue

Denver opens with a 28-yard pass from Tim Tebow to Demaryius Thomas but the drive stalls when Willis McGahee gets stuffed on 4th-and-1 from the Jets 21

TJ: This is gonna be fun. Quads!! Haha as I expected! Yeah!

Ted: That was a pretty good throw

TJ: Ha, I ad a feeling, man - you have to break tendencies. Not a bad run, but Pouha is a beast

Ted: Yeah he's a good NT

TJ: Double TEs. Oh, man, Leonhard saved that one. That could have gone big

Ted: That was the dive option

Doug: Do they run again third and medium? Wow, Willis!

TJ: First down

Ted: That was good blocking and great running

TJ: I knew they weren't gonig to play Cover 0

Ted: No, it would be crazy to do it regularly. They'll do it here and there

TJ: Nice, Green as FB. Wow, I like this option/shovel. That's a cool play

Ted: That's the shovel option I drew 4 weeks ago, but not with a TE

TJ: Pouha is just tough to move. Gadget play

Ted: Who knew Decker was a lefty?

TJ: I did! Dude has an arm. Remember last week? He scored, and he threw the ball with his left hand like 100mph

Ted: That's right

Doug: Yeah, he has a quicker release than Tebow

TJ: Go for it!

Ted: Yes, definitely

Doug: Must go. Sneak it! WTF?!?!

TJ: Noooooooooo. Negative

Ted: I still like the call

Doug: I don't understand why more NFL teams don't run sneaks, especially with a 230 lb QB

Denver gets the ball back on the Jets 34 after a 13-yard punt by T.J. Conley, and Matt Prater hits a 37-yard FG to give Denver the lead; 3-0 Broncos

TJ: Nice play, Marcus. Beat the double team. Dooooom! And Von too

Ted: They can't protect him if he holds the ball

TJ: Hunter is gonna have a tough night

Doug: That was fairly quick though no?

Ted: It was, Doug. It was a 3-step drop though - the ball has to come out

Doug: Nice punt!

TJ: 13-yard punt? Wayne Hunter can't stand up to Von's pressure - no way in Hades

Ted: The Jets love to minimum protect, which we've read before somewhere...

TJ: Hahaha that punt was like a turnover, essentially

Ted: Yes it sure was. I love them using Royal like this - it's a great use of his skills

Doug: Man, this is Trickeration Central

TJ: They have no idea where the football is

Ted: Look at that FB DIVE! That's some Darrell Royal stuff

TJ: First down?

Doug: Short. He was bobbling it, I guess

Ted: That's on Decker

Doug: Yeah no catch, no way. It was a really high throw, and everything is a trick

TJ: I would rather see some throws on 3rd down. Clady got owned - surprised to see Clady get beat like that.

Ted: It was high Doug, but Decker had 2 hands on it. The highness was responsible for him being short, and losing his footing, but I need a catch there

Doug: Tebow knows how tall he is?

Ted: He does, but despite the high throw, it's a catch you have to make. They both take blame on the play, is what I'm saying. They both need to do better

Doug: I just don't buy that every throw that hits a guy's hands should be a catch, Receivers are athletes too, and they get their hands on most passes that are even in their vicinity. It took an athletic play to even touch that ball. But if the throw isn't 3 feet over his head, he catches it

Ted: It was a catch till he bobbled it going to the ground, though. He had it, then he didn't

TJ: At any rate, it's one pass.

Ted: Yeah, we're all aware that Tebow isn't what you'd call a precision passer at this point. That needs work, definitely

Doug: But we also can't excuse every incompletion as not being his fault

Ted: I'm not

Doug: By this standard, Brandon Lloyd should catch every ball thrown to him - because he gets his hands on every ball

Nick Folk misses a 52-yarder after a 9-play possession for the Jets

TJ: The reality right now, nothing to do with Tebow, is the Jets have NO idea where the ball is. Von and Doom credited with .5 already. That's a play Tebow could run on - the naked boot. Good hit by Mays

Doug: If Tebow threw better on the run i'm sure McCoy would call them - which is ironic

TJ: Smart moves by the Jets. They are concerned about the number of snaps they are gonna get tonight

Ted: Why was there only one CB there? What's the flag?

Doug: That was odd

TJ: Offensive PI. Odd call though

Doug: Ugh, confused D. Okay not a bad result after all that confusion

TJ: Good tackle by Q

Ted: Greene got rocked

TJ: Ouch, he got loaded upon

Doug: Quinton carter baby

TJ: Stop em, boys! Oh man

Doug: OOH that is close

TJ: Almost, McBean - he stalked him. The crowd needs to scream louder. Stupid flag

Doug: Wow what an awful throw -  it looked like it slipped out of his hand, it was so high

Ted: Dre' had awesome coverage there

TJ: Awful call, unless it's on Dawk. Yeah,it's on Dawk. Dre’ was perfect

Doug: UGH Dawk. Defenseless WR, or launching

Ted: Yeah that was a bad play by Dawkins

TJ: Whoa, interesting challenge?

Doug: That's not a catch!

Ted: That's great recovery

TJ: Yeah, Champ is always switched on. Except of course, when he's not. That's some powerful analysis, haha

Ted: Any CB can be beat inside on a quick slant, but the great ones can recover

TJ: This game plan does keep it tight, can't argue that point

Doug: Ha we'll see it's early TJ

TJ: Good field position if he misses - shank it, Folk. Yeah, wide!!!!!! Broncos are dominating field position, just like last game. Just owning FP

Doug: Yeah but so far it's by the Jets' mistakes

Ted: Tebow needs to buckle his chinstrap - he totally keyed a handoff with that. Basic defensive key reading

Doug: UGH, still didn't buckle it

TJ: Either way, it's opportunity. No non no no no no! TO. So what happened on that ZR?

Ted: The Jets strung it out, and McGahee was hesitant, and got the ball knocked out

Doug: That's the first turnover since the Detroit game

Ted: It was a really tentative looking run

TJ: So he just didn't hit the hole

Ted: There wasn't much of a hole, but he was being a little overpatient, to me. That's a fine line, obviously

Doug: Yeah, either way the play had no chance, but he didn't have to fumble

2nd Quarter

TJ: Sanchize audibled, looked like

Ted: Yeah it was a “check with me”

TJ: Damn, McBean flat right hooked that cat

Ted: Not great reaction by Dawkins

Doug: As you wrote Ted, Sanchez is great throwing between the numbers

TJ: Yeah, perfect coverage for the Jets on that slant for Sanchize. Champ was off man - Cushion City

Ted: Mays/Ayers nice

Doug: Dennis Allen's D, keeping us alive again

TJ: Tipped? Otherwise, that's a TD. Von tipped it. Dude is en fuego

Ted: Really nice play - coverage was really good there

Doug: Super quick reaction

TJ: Bet they don't go

Doug: Wow, I'd go for it every time. I wouldn't even have to think

TJ: Rex won't, I bet hahahaha. They are playing right into Denver's hands with the game plan

Ted: I'm sure Rex sees this as a defensive struggle

TJ: Yeah, Rex def doesn't think his QB is gonna put up a lot of points tonight

Ted: A better Jets offense didn't against a far worse Broncos defense last year

TJ: Hell, the Jets should have traded for Kyle Orton.

Folk hits on a 21-yarder to tie the game at 3

Ted: I'm disappointed to see Julius Thomas inactive - I thought there might be some matchups for him

TJ: Yeah, Doug lied to me - so I put him in my Cover 0 article, haha. Me, too, Ted I even wrote it haha

Doug: Hey, I did cite Rexy's book this morning in which he said it's silly to use a defensive gimmick

TJ: Wow bad decision, but still...

Ted: Bad decision but great return

Doug: Man, Jeff Rodgers - he's gotten a lot of big plays out of these guys all year. Without this return game the Broncos would probably have at least 20 fewer points this year

TJ: We are dominating FP! Hahaha, Man, our FP the last two games has been spectacular

Ted: McGahee was slow to the hole again

TJ: I think his hammy is slowing him

Ted: I agree. But it may be better to use Ball and Johnson

TJ: Pouha is so beast - Walton got owned. Let him throw - just let him!

Ted: Yeah, it's time to throw it

TJ: Come on, it's time. Bubble. Look, even is he is the worst QB in history, just let him throw once in awhile

Doug: Wow punting from where? Damn. Oh my, sailor kneeling before a standing Tebow. You think that will get some yuks around the interweb?

TJ: Did you see that footage of Tebow? Hahaha, yeah, I'm rolling, bro

Ted: I missed it

TJ: That was pretty funny. I think Tebow is tooo nice, man, he should tell those cats NO

Doug: And he’s got his fist out in front of Tebow’s crotch. I mean, he's Tebowing...but still, you KNOW this will get Photoshopped right

TJ: DA just showed the 46 defense!

Doug: Man, if you told me a month or two ago that Denver would have a better D than the Jets...they're swarming like Rex's teams usually do

TJ: DA showing the 46 hahaaaaaa

Ted: He's steeped in it. Gregg Williams has coached a lot of 46

TJ: Von is beassst

Doug: Wow terrible throw, back foot

TJ: Sanchize is terrible. The Jets are one quarterback away from being a good team

Doug: And they moved up to #5 to get him, too

TJ: Dude, Barkley is already better than Sanchize...easily

Doug: Barkley is better than both of these guys, by a lot

TJ: Well you won’t get an argument from me, but Sanchize sucks

Doug: And, that doesn't even mean he'll be a good NFL QB

TJ: Wow, LB got sucked in. Haha oh my

Ted: No matter what you do against a good option, you're wrong

TJ: JJ, Stick Um?

Ted: That...was not a good option

TJ: Haha, LOL Ted. Let him throw! Okay, could have been better

Doug: That’s what happens TJ

TJ: But at least they let him throw

Doug: Time, space, open dice. Basic stuff

TJ: Well, still, don't you agree - even if he is bad, you HAVE to let him try?

Doug: I get that he'll probably hit more throws if he's in a rhythm and throwing more, but if he doesn't hit them in practice, you don't call them during the game. Because why would you expect it to work NOW, when it didn't work during the week, or during camp? What, they didn't practice throwing?

TJ: But as an excuse NOT to let him try? I'm just saying. Let him do what QBs do on third and long. Even if he sucks, he's got to try. McBean! Hit that gap!

Ted: McBean has become a pretty good 3rd DT lately

Doug: He's been hunting them down all year. He's got their number, the running backs

TJ: Dammmmmmmmmm

Doug: Oh, Doom. That's a KILLER, although not the same as giving free first downs to the Pats

TJ: I can't say I hate good defense

Doug: So, can we anoint Allen our next head coach in waiting, the way they do in college?


Ted: Not a catch

Doug: Live it looked like no catch. I think that's a catch on replay though

TJ: The toe got down, bastard

Doug: Sure did -with the ball, too

TJ: Haha Griese and Logan are arguing about the catch - Griese says yeah, Logan says no way

Ted: I don't like using the second challenge there, regardless of the outcome

Doug: I just hate that rule, Ted - it doesn't make sense at all. Once you win a challenge, it shouldn't matter later.

TJ: Agreed, Doug

Doug: VON, lightning

TJ: VON = Pro Bowl. Chris Harris is solid gold

Doug: Nice tackle - that was really solid

TJ: Dial it up, DA

Ted: Harris is a Que like Woodyard. I never noticed that

Doug: He's so tiny

A bad snap from Nick Mangold ends up with Sanchez recovering for an 8-yard loss, and the Jets punt again

TJ: Hahahahaha

Ted: I thought Von might beat him there

TJ: Dude, for as bad as Tebow might be, Sanchize is DONE. That looked to be on Mangold, though

Ted: The Broncos took a TO to keep it north of 2 minutes - I like that

TJ: Still, Sanchize is sooo bad. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets go another direction, and soon


TJ: Another 3rd-down party: 1-5, 1-6, Broncos, Jets

Doug: Hahaha more exciting Broncos football

TJ: You think Rex lets the Sanchize do anything here? I bet they don't.

Doug: Well, now that they're on the 20...

Ted: Colquitt did his job there, like usual

Doug: Screen or draw

TJ: Yep, you called it

Ted: Totally predictable

TJ: Wow, no one was even close to him there haha

Doug: Now they're in business

Ted: Let's dial up some pressure

Doug: Yeah, why not - this isn't the time to ease up

TJ: He could throw a pick

Doug: Come on Von

TJ: Fox v. a conservative Ryan

Doug: Just 1 TO left - so they can take one shot in the middle or go to the sidelines. Timeout Jets? I'd call a timeout there

Sanchez lines up the offense as if to spike the clock, but instead passes to Dustin Keller for no gain, and Folk misses a 61-yard kick at the gun; 3-3 at halftime

TJ: Hahaha, stupid play. God, Sanchize. Tebow may not be great, but Sanchize is worse. Sanchize = Dan Marino's Wonderlic

Doug: Then you could've spiked on another completion

Ted: Now it's all Hail Mary

Doug: Wow, 61. Is someone bback there?

TJ: No good - that's on you, Sanchiiiize

Doug: Why not? Why would you not have Cassius Vaughn back there?

Ted: I was surprised not to see a return man. This feels like a 3-3 game. It's been played on even terms

TJ: Seriously, I'd take Tebow over Sanchize, and I'm not exactly a fan of Tebow

Doug: Well, i'd take neither one haha. We've had a lot of games that feel like this this year - Foxball, baby

Ted: Broncos had a turnover, Jets had 2 missed FGs, one you wouldn't hold against them. Foxball kind of works when your talent isn't world-class. I'm warming to it

Doug: No, I agree. I'm just saying it's boring as all hell.

Ted: It is

TJ: I at least like the defensive side

Doug: But without it we'd be getting blown out every week and, Von Miller has a lot to do with this

TJ: Miller is so awesome

Doug: Boy, that non-timeout or non-spike was a gift, It was so stupid

Ted: Von is a franchise guy

TJ: Dude, seriously, the Jets need to get rid of Sanchize

Ted: 14-17, for 90 yards? That's why 60% is standard now

TJ: As in year end. Ted, what we criticize Tebow for, he actually is. Those two bad throws were BRUTAL - especially the missed TD. That's standard NFL stuff

Ted: Yep, I agree. Well, Von tipped the missed TD

TJ: And he's in year what? Like 10? Haha jk

Ted: 3, all as a starter

TJ: He's not Jay Cutler - he can't do that with his back foot and expect results. Oh well, that's their problem haha

Ted: I remember when I used to love Cutler's talent. Now I think it's mostly a curse

Doug: Guys, just curious because i'm texting with a Jets fan friend. Clock management like that is never the OC's call right? If they want a TO it's Rex's call?

Ted: I think they called that in the huddle - Keller was expecting it

Doug: Right, but i mean it's not the OC's call right?

Ted: It was probably Rex's call. I can't say for sure. Here comes the Diva WR Apologist Hour with Michael Irvin. Today's guest: DeSean Jackson. Tebow is threatening to complete >50% of his throws today, not that completion percentage matters. If it did, Sanchez would be having a good game

Doug: I think it matters, it just doesn't mean someone's good. Accuracy matters, but being accurate doesn't make you a quality QB

Ted: I can go with that

Doug: Broncos 35 rushing yards on 17 carries

TJ: Pouha definitely a negative today for Denver - guy is Freddy Krueger

Ted: He's been huge

TJ: If you are a Jets fan, you have to be pissed at Sanchize

Doug: There's TT praying all by himself. I still can't believe nobody had a problem with Tebow saying football was his third priority in life. Because if Cam Newton were to say that, forget about it - Newton would be an undedicated, selfish jock - he'd have his “priorities out of order”

3rd Quarter

TJ: Von is soooo fast - he came back on that play and made the tackle

Doug: Wow, that could've been huge

Ted: They ran away from the blitz

Doug: D.J. saved it?

TJ: Von is the best 4-3 OLB in the game right now - better than Wimbley

Ted: Yeah he's outstanding

Doug: Ted what happened to Wimbley in Cleveland? Was it a scheme thing?

Ted: He was a one-dimensional speed rusher that quit getting to the QB. Oakland’s using him smarter, and he's playing better

TJ: Ah, come on. Dre’ is battling today. Digging it - nice tackle

Doug: Nice tackle for sure - also could've been a big play - granted, it's 8 or 9 yards on 1st down

TJ: Looks like they are targeting Dre’ though

Ted: They need to heat up Sanchez

TJ: I think they decided to come out and just attack Dre’, 2nd half - same play - slant

Doug: Yeah, now what DA? Can't let them just dictate down the field

Ted: Heat him up. Sanchez will kill you if he has a clean pocket

Doug: Wow that's bad. That is horrible

TJ: Haha, nice, Sanchize!!! Burn it up, disco inferno

Doug: In a nice rhythm, gashing us, three minutes into the half, timeout hahaha. UGH

TJ: Wow, great call. He sold the hell out of that screen

Doug: And that's a perfect call against that heat we wanted

TJ: Did I tell you I think Sanchez es la bomba? Mi gente

Doug: HAHAHA. Wow, bad throw - really bad throw

Ted: Good front side coverage

TJ: Take that back hahaha

Doug: Time, space, wide open - oops


The Jets score on a fumble by RB Bilal Powell which is recovered in the end zone by lineman Matt Slauson; 10-3 Jets

Doug: @#$%! TD

TJ: What, no whistle?

Ted: Can you fumble it forward?

Doug: Yes, you just can’t advance it

TJ: Mays blew that up. Mays destroyed the FB. God, guys, that gets me pumped UP! I love to see a LB destroy a FB. I just got tingles all over - the hair is standing up on my neck just watching that. No matter the score. I hope people talk about the defense this week - they sure as hell deserve it

Ted: I think the lineman recovered outside the end zone, and fell forward, which would be advancing it

Doug: It's probably dead wherever he recovered. But remember, just has to be across the plane. That's one where you need a chip in the ball to reverse it - you'll never have the camera angle, just like they're putting chips in balls for the World Cup to see if a ball crossed

Ted: That's a no-brainer to me - use the available technology. RFID tags are super-cheap - you could do it for 20 cents per ball, and probably 5 grand per stadium

Doug: Although i guess the problem is, this isn't a matter of whether it crossed, but when it crossed - and how. So that's tougher, and much grayer - and that's actually always the issue in football, unlike handless football. You could have the end zone light up when it crosses, like the backboard in the NBA. UGH, Cassius!

TJ: Haha, it works once, Vaughn!

Doug: That's a killer, we need every 10 yards we can get

Ted: Bad play

TJ: So we gonna throw?

Doug: From the 10? Oh no - well, maybe a screen. These zone reads are not working tonight, not that i'm surprised.

TJ: Pouha is a man - he's eating J.D. up like Pac-Man

Doug: WTF there is no excuse for that after a short run

Ted: Rosario lined up wrong

TJ: Um, what was that? Strange - it appears there is some truth to Tanier's general point - you can't do this forever. Throw it, boys. Throw the ball, please

Ted: You can if you can throw it enough to force them out of big personnel. You need to get McIntyre in coverage on somebody

TJ: Yeah, I think we are on the same page. You have to throw it some time. If he throws a pick, so be it - stop treating him like Bobby Douglass

Ted: You absolutely do

Doug: Well, what if he doesn't complete them in practice? Which, based upon the reports from camp, could very well be true? Haha there we go

TJ: Nice run! That was a great effort by Ball. Willis needs to stay on the sideline. Eric Smith, helllllo. Willis doesn't have it tonight. Oh my, bad throw - bad bad

Ted: Too much on that throw, and off line

TJ: Still, you HAVE to let him - I don't care - you can't let him suck his thumb all year

Doug: The things that give Tebow potential require that he be a good thrower on the run, at least. Maybe he doesn't have to be super accurate in the pocket, maybe...but he HAS to be able to hit throws while mobile. UGH put more air under that!!

TJ: Orton shot, hahaha. Eric Decker is the fastest white dude since Forrest Gump

Doug: That didn't need to be thrown so hard - let him get under it. Behind the D, he could've thrown it anywhere

Ted: Great punt

Doug: Colquitt, 2nd MVP behind Von

TJ: Decker = white lightnin'

Ted: I think that possession was a success, getting out from the 10, flipping field position - now just don't let the Jets flip it back

Doug: Sure, but i'd like to see a wide open WR turn into a TD

Ted: Me too, no doubt about that

Doug: How many times you get a guy behind the D like that free and clear? Twice a game? maybe?

Ted: I'm not going to lament it. It is what it is

TJ: Another 3 and out!

Ted: The ball is coming back, the offense needs to make some plays

TJ: Love me some D. Man, seriously, I'm Tebowed out. I'm glad you guys have the stamina

Ted: I am too, really

Doug: TJ, i can argue forever

TJ: Haha, yeah, I KNOW - you have before with me!

Ted: I never realized it would get like this when the Broncos took him. It wasn't like this at Florida - I mean the reaction to him

Doug: Well, this is the NFL and he wrote a book and did a SB commercial. How many NFL players have written a book or had endorsements before even becoming a starter?

Ted: He's part of the problem, Doug... no doubt

TJ: Ted, I never guessed the Bermans of the world would ignore the ENTIRE team. That's what pisses me off the most - ever heard of Von Miller?  Anyone?

Ted: When he was a freshman, the thumpers accepted that Leak was the starter - it was entirely different as a dynamic. That's a bad thing too TJ

TJ: Too many Samoans for the Jets! They are too bad ass

TJ: A little less zip, Tebow arrrggggg

Doug: UGH he cannot throw. I mean, he can...but he doesn't - not often enough

TJ: I don't want to write about Tebow! Damn it, come on!!!!

Doug: If he could throw in practice or in TC, he would have started Week 1

Andre’ Goodman picks off a Sanchez pass at the 26 and brings it back for a score to tie the game again at 10

TJ: 1-8 on 3rd down, but our D is kickin'

Ted: Heat him up

TJ: Light em up!!!! TD!!! SanchizzzzEEEE

Doug: This is what we needed

Ted: What did I say?  Heat this guy up, all the time - he's much, much worse under pressure

TJ: These guys are playing Orange Crush Football

Ted: The Jets have nobody who scares me deep... get after Sanchez

TJ: Fumble!

Doug: YES - holy smokes

TJ: This is some Mile High @#$%!

Ted: Yes yes YES

Doug: Wow, our ST is dominating theirs, aside from Cassius getting stuck at the 10. I mean, the fumble is luck, but still

TJ: Hahaha

Ted: The Broncos are among the best ST units in the NFL this year - it's really shocking, from where they came from

TJ: Rex is blowing a gasket

Doug: It's shocking for any year haha

TJ: Get Willis OUT - he's not ready. You have to get him out

Doug: Even the SB years when Darrien Gordon was doing his thing, the coverage units weren't very good

Ted: Yeah, the edge is where the yards are tonight

TJ: Remember how I said he needs to throw? Haha I still think he needs to, but I don't know what to say on that call

Doug: Again, time and space. Eddie needed to be 4 inches taller

Ted: I'd rather throw it away than take a sack - that's about all you can say

Doug: Good FP maybe? Haha. Or, not...

TJ: I think the call was brutal. Tight space there. Dooom the bull rush haha

Ted: Good pocket mobility there by Sanchez, excellent coverage downfield

Doug: Coverage, plus Von

TJ: He's OUT, boys

Ted: The Broncos have been hurting QBs lately

Doug: OH - that should be 15

TJ: Von crushed him. Von put the sleeper on him

Doug: Tell you what, that's probably a fine - definitely a late hit

Ted: I like how Larsen is running the ball the last couple weeks

TJ: Run the zone read? How about that, McCoy? COME ONNNN

Ted: Sprint out left

Doug: WTF?! 3 seconds left in the quarter?!

Ted: Did the coach take it? The camera angle was bad, so I don't know who called the TO. It was Decker

Doug: Ah, Decker is always the only one looking at the play clock. I guess because he's standing up. UGH, this is comical. If this were the Raiders we'd be laughing our asses off

TJ: That's some white on white crime right there - which as a white dude, I'm personally against. Leonhard on Decker, I mean - a little testy

Ted: Haha what did he do?

TJ: Oh, he just tried to cover him, and no white man can stay with Decker - not even Hillis

Ted: Decker is kind of on my @#$%list today

TJ: For the drops?

Ted: And the false start - especially the false start

Doug: He was distracted, his girlfriend sang at halftime

4th Quarter

TJ: Yeah, he needs to look in the mirror today a bit, instead of bitch at Tebow on the clock. Ah, Von got caught - 1st time all day

Ted: Mulligan got him there, nice block

TJ: Yeah, a big boy, indeed

Doug: Ugh our run D is wearing down

Ted: Thomas needs that tackle

TJ: Someone is getting grounded and pounded right now, and they are wearing blue. Bunk! Beast!

Ted: Hunter had a nice edge too

TJ: That play was so LT-esque

Doug: Ouch, that's a killer

TJ: Bad throw, great catch - got caught on the blitz, safety didn't get there in time. He has to get there quicker. DOOM! Yeah!!!!

Ted: That was great effort

TJ: Von Doom, for LIFE

Ted: Dumervil is finally getting back to his old self

TJ: Miller/Dumervil 2012

Doug: Ugh nice call - another beautiful screen call and, broken tackles. WOW that was some throw hahaha. And, there it is - you think KSK will have some fun with this?

Ted: Good pressure

Folk puts the Jets ahead 13-10 with a 45-yard FG

Doug: UGH I guess he was going to make one eventually. Pettine looks like he's napping. Oh boy, Cassius Cassius this is how you lose your KR job

Ted: From the department of lessons not learned...

TJ: Let's go, Vaughn you're playing like Vince! Damn, Von taking in oxygen. How about going deep to DT?

Ted: Good idea

TJ: I swear they are gonna boo if they run here - go right at Revis

Ted: Now let's have a crossing route against man

TJ: Deeep, damn it! As I predicted, boo birds

Ted: Not a good punt there either... it's all connected

TJ: Come on McCoy! I love him, and I don't engage i the beat OC up. But that is not the way to go. 2nd down would have been a great time for a deep cross

Ted: No, you need to throw it there - the Jets are pretty much proving that they can contain the run game if you don't threaten them downfield

TJ: 3 and out, 8 out of last 9 possessions

Ted: Yikes

Doug: Tebow 1 for his last 8 throws

TJ: Hunter is jumpy! He doesn't like seeing Von. No way Sanchize gets this. Unleash the Tebow - let him go OFF script

Ted: We could use a nice touchback here, or a touchdown

Doug: Eddie, let's go!

TJ: Now it's time for some street ball

Doug: People chanting Ed-die! NO!!!! Fair catch at the 5?!?! WTF

TJ: Why fair catch?

Ted: The awesome special teams is a distant memory

TJ: Haha, Ted, it sure seems it

Doug: We have Cassius taking it out from deep, and Eddie fair catching at the 5 holy smokes

Ted: That's 3 return mishaps

Doug: Not just that Ted, but 3 mistakes with PLENTY of time to make the decision - not bang bang mistakes

Ted: Right... Royal especially needs to know where he is there

Denver takes over at its own 5-yard line, and Tebow drives the team the length of the field before scoring from 20 yards out on 3rd and 4; 17-13 Broncos

Doug: WHEW

TJ: Yeah

Ted: That was not a great idea

TJ: When Eddie caught that, I got scared

Doug: That would've been game over

TJ: Momentum?

Doug: Hahaha perhaps

Ted: We haven't seen enough Tebow runs tonight. That's a nice first and 10 call

Doug: I think they need to change the clocks at the stadium so Tim thinks it's always 5 minutes left. And then there's that

TJ: DT? You around, bro?

Ted: Dude's a gifted runner, you know?

Doug: Sure, let's make him a fullback. Or an H-back. Can he catch?

Ted: I'd be okay with that if he doesn't improve at QB

Doug: Time, space, open dice

TJ: Hey, I predict a long career in Denver as an H-back

Doug: I don't think it can happen in Denver, but we'll see

TJ: Nice catch! Don't get conservative now. DO NOT

Doug: Agreed - otherwise you're hoping for a coin flip or another OT turnover

TJ: Haha, guess what - even if he goes 30% the peeps will say, “Look at the last five minutes!”

Doug: Don't say it - it was the defense. Hahaha this is Miami again

TJ: And we'll be seeing same debate again this week

Doug: 50 minutes of suck

Ted: This a football game, not a referendum on the QB. The Broncos have a chance to win a football game and get to .500

TJ: Gonna play for OT

Doug: That's a mistake

Ted: No, it’s throw time - Tebow can be trusted not to throw a pick

TJ: Here comes a run

Ted: Tebow just got to talk to McCoy - that's a good thing

TJ: TD!!

Ted: Tebow is a bad MF, boys

TJ: Yeah, John looks enthused

Ted: He can't throw at an NFL level (yet, hopefully) but he can make a play

Doug: Make him a FB, I say keep him here for 10 years. Or, just keep him around for goal line and short yardage

TJ: Elway is clapping like he is in a tomb

Sanchez and the Jets come up short, with the QB’s last-second Hail Mary falling incomplete at the gun

Ted: That was awesome. Later for the problems, now for the huge play. Heat this dude up, starting right now

Doug: Don't need to though - FG is no good. I’d play it safe

Ted: If you don't, that's what he does

Doug: Fine - under a minute, 4-point lead. Let him

Ted: I remember getting beat on a pass interference penalty last year, I guess. Your thought is defensible, I just don't agree

Doug: But that was a 3-point lead

Ted: I just don't want to be in that position. Some people are prevent people, I'm not. Being aggressive put you in position to win, so dance with the girl that brung you

Doug: I'm generally not one either Ted, but the situation matters

Ted: Again, I'm not necessarily saying I'm right, it's just my philosophy. I understand your POV, and I respect it

Doug: I don't want to offer them the chance to beat me with one play - because, that's what this is. This isn't about protecting a lead with 5 minutes left. Rather, it's keep them out of the end zone in the next 48 seconds, you win. Period. Hahaha amazing!

Ted: My way and your way worked, congratulations to us both

Doug: Haha yeah

Ted: The Broncos are in the race, for real - all 3 AFC West teams have a good chance to get beat this week

Chewing the Fat