Chewing the Fat: Week 1 - Broncos vs Raiders

TJ: Doug, for the record, I think Eddie Royal goes off tonight. The Raiders play man, and with our play action Eddie will be able to use 2 moves

Ted: Yeah, Royal is a man-beater. That's the main reason I like him outside

Denver’s first possession ends with a punt; Oakland promptly fumbles the ball right back, but Denver settles for a 28-yard FG after taking over on the Oakland 15. 3-0 Broncos

TJ: Here we go! Double TEs, I guess they want to run

Doug: Wow nice little wrinkle - who ever game plans for Spencer Larsen in the passing game?

Ted: I like Lloyd in the slot on Huff... Huff sucks

TJ: Was that a 023? I haven't seen that ever in the preseason. Nice stuff, they've shown 4 different personnel packages on the first 4 plays

Ted: Wow, Clady got defeated there. Bad read by Moreno, too.

Doug: Orange Julius whiffed as well - he and Clady both lost to the same guy

Ted: WTF?

TJ: Damn it, 10 men on the field. Well, 3rd and long ain't Kyle Orton

Doug: Here we are, off schedule after a few nice plays and blowing a TO on the first drive. Awesome

Ted: Yes, exactly Doug. They'll be punting from good field position

TJ: Aw, man. At least that was some good variety from McCoy

TJ: It is loud - you can hear that on the radio. This is louder than I've heard it in awhile

TJ: Turnover! My oh my, Von Miller got the hit. This is like the old days. Come on, McCoy don't get cute - let's try and pound it. They are using a LOT of 2 TE sets - almost exclusively

Doug: Ugh, here's one of those RZ failures

TJ: Orton, come on. Make the read. He had Moreno wide, and to make it worse, he stepped into the block. Raiders have won the emotional/momentum game thus far

Ted: It's admittedly not fair to Orton, but I'm not going to be able to stop myself from thinking that Tebow probably would have gotten 6 every time the Broncos fail in the red zone

Doug: No, it's not fair. But it is fair to criticize him every time he steps up into a sack unnecessarily, or into contact like he did on 3rd down there

Oakland and Denver swap scoreless possessions

Ted: That's exactly what you have to do against this wildcat crap... blitz the hell out of it

TJ: Haha nice formation. Jackson is trying to break himself up tonight. That's some 3-back set. They have to try and trick the Broncos? Interesting strategy given that they are supposed to be a power running team. Hue Jackson is showing everything - 104, 311

Ted: The Raiders haven't dropped back to throw downfield yet. That tells me they're afraid of the rush

TJ: Yeah they are, Ted. They are acting like a team who needs tricks

Ted: Pressure even with Dumervil on the sideline and Miller in coverage

TJ: Great call - they went max protect but the broncos only rushed 3. Nice call Allen - the Raiders anticipated blitz, so they left 2 backs for max protect

Doc: Last year that tackle of Bailey goes against a linebacker for 7-10 yards. This year it's three

Ted: Yes, I liked the move by Allen there. Definitely, Em... really good work. That was spread out 12 personnel

TJ: They are almost exclusively using 122

Ted: That's a good way to mess with a defense

TJ: Yeah, they love this set today. They've been using it exclusively after those first four plays

Ted: I'd want Groves to be covering somebody too.  He's awful moving backward or laterally. That's exactly the point of the blitz, to make him throw it short of the line. Yay that the Broncos picked it up, but the answer is never to be in 3rd and 15

Doug: Kind of nitpicking here but Orton could have led Lloyd, and maybe he gets a first down

Oakland’s Darryl Blackstock comes unblocked up the middle to block Britton Colquitt’s punt

TJ: A blocked punt? That just happened?

Doug: Quinton Carter and Larsen blew that. They both blocked the same guy and left Blackstock to block the punt. I bet it's the rookie. Although on TV they’re blaming Bruton for vacating.

Ted: Nice stick by Mays there... that's welcome

TJ: Mays is quicker than advertised.

Ted: False start Barnes, scared of Dumervil

TJ: Damn, I told the readers there would be a lot of motion - but this is even more than a lot. The broncos are confused, Jason Hunter was confused

Darren McFadden runs for 20 yards on 3rd and 13

Ted: Well, the Ends got way the hell up field

TJ: Dave Logan called it on the radio. He said before the play, “They are probably going to draw here. You think the Broncos scouted 3-back sets? No, because this is all new wishbone stuff. Interesting that the Raiders need to try and trick the Broncos.

Ted: Goodman just totally didn't even try to tackle Reece. Yeah, this is all the kind of stuff that you can adjust to. I still don't believe in Oakland's ability to drop back and throw it, and evidently, they don't either

2nd Quarter

TJ: I think the Raiders are going down tonight. You can only run the wishbone for a few more series before it gets stuffed. In this league, it ain't going far

Doug: Yeah but we need to score, too

TJ: You know, I don't feel that bad right now...except when you make mental mistakes that that!

Ted: 2 timeouts wasted

Doug: 16.5 minutes in, wonderful. Veteran coach, veteran qb, 2 TOs blown

TJ: Haha that's a good point, Doug. I'm not impressed with the 10 men thing, and the substitutions

Doug: Look, just because he has white hair doesn't mean he knows what he's doing

Oakland scores on a play-action pass from Campbell to Reece; 7-3 Raiders

TJ: Wow, bite on that fake

Doug: All too familiar

Ted: This is the song that never ends

TJ: Rahim Moore what are you thinking? He let the fullback just waltz past him. I guess he didn't want to cover his responsibility. But I'm still not so down

Ted: It would be fantastic if Orton came out and led a credible drive now. Here comes the customer abuse... TD, commercial, Touchback, commercial

Knowshon Moreno fumbles the ball away on Denver’s 23-yard line

Ted: well, this is going to be bad

TJ: Well, that whole thing about not being that worried? I take it back when turnovers happen and blocked punts

Doug: Guys, I am worried. This is sloptastic

TJ: What the hell? John Fox is supposed to bring the "stability" back to the Broncos

Doug: Surely, this is all McDaniels' fault

TJ: Exactly. If this was McD, it would be all, "Oh look, this young guy is sloppy, his team is sloppy”

Ted: I'd like to see Fox get these guys not to quit

TJ: Miller is really getting up the field, sometimes to his detriment. Bunkley's actually doing great tonight. All of this motion is screwing up Denver. Does Dilfer say anything worthwhile?

Ted: No, he's a complete toolbag TJ

Doug: Ah, yes. Horse talk, that's what he brings. Horse racing analogies. Hmm, what was that?

Ted: WTF was that play design?

TJ: That's a whole lot of bad. Willis is not Barry Sanders, so I'm thinking he should run it N/S. Haha 0-3 on 3rd down thus far

Orton gains 13 yards on 3rd and 10 for what would prove to be Denver’s longest run of the night. But the drive ends in a punt, Oakland goes three and out, and Denver moves back into FG range

TJ: Kyle Orton is Vince Young! He juked that dude

Ted: Wow... Kudos to Orton for making a play

Doc: I can't believe it either.

Ted: Well, we got lucky there.  Way too much heat on that throw. That play never had a chance.  Where the hell is the designed blitz beater?

TJ: Yeah, Ted - not even one hot route

Ted: You need a play with a slant from Decker in the slot, and a fade with lloyd on the sideline to run with those blitzes

Doug: Nice to see the camera shaking on 1st down

Ted: Wow, great edge play  by Dawkins - Dawk made 2 huge plays in a row

Doug: Time for a big return

TJ: Decker, ha, he scares me on returns - he's always spinning into guys!

Ted: Who is the PF on? That was stupid, Lance Ball.

TJ: And he's on the sideline smiling? That's some serious EPV he just gave away. You have to adjust to the Oakland defense stacking the line. So many penalties already

Doug: Thank goodness the experienced coach is bringing all this discipline

Ted: Decker is uncovered

TJ: Awww, he was wide open. Dang it

Ted: Yep, right place to go, bad throw. Orton needed to throw it right into the blitz spot there.  Bad read. That failure is on Orton, 100%

TJ: This is NOT one of kyle's better games

Matt Prater misses a 56-yard FG attempt wide right; Oakland turns the ensuing possession into a 21-yard FG of their own after David Bruton knocks down a pass in the end zone; 13-3 Raiders

TJ: Wow, it ducked all over there. That missed...and bad. Bad news when you miss long FGs - field position sucks. Good play Mitch! I'm telling you, he's better than people think. This is sloppy joe's football

Doug: This is a continuation of the last 3 Raiders/Broncos games, just not yet of the same magnitude - but we may get there in the second half

TJ: Haha I don' t thnk so, Doug

Ted: They need to exploit the stacked line on offense

TJ: Total yards are almost identical - this an example of field position and context

TJ: Nice, Bruton! See we leave this boy 13 to 3 no problems

Doug: Haha. TJ, how are we going to score?

Ted: You have to start exploiting the aggressiveness of the Raiders up front. 9/18 for 90 yards. Nice game, Orton

TJ: That Bruton play is easily a 4-point swing, if not more - with EPV and also given the game plan would change too, that's a HUGE play

Denver’s next possession ends with an interception. Oakland takes over on its own 24-yard line with just 24 seconds to play, and seems content to run out the clock until Kevin Vickerson commits a personal foul on first down. Oakland’s Sebastian Janikowski ends the half by connecting on an NFL record-tying 63-yard FG; 16-3 Raiders at halftime

Ted: Orton never thought to dump that out to Moreno

TJ: Orton is not a 2-minute QB, unfortunately

Doug: And he steps into yet another sack

Ted: He's terrible tonight. That was a blitz-beating play, and they didn't even blitz

TJ: McCoy is not calling em great either. Griese just noted that McCoy is calling zone routes for man coverage. I think there's merit to that comment. The slant shows itself! Finally!

Ted: That slant is what you need

Doug: Too bad we have no TOs

TJ: Ted and I are totally right. Doug, exactly - good stuff, Fox. Way to manage like you are in college

Doug: Now we'll play for a FG. OH F#$%

Ted: He totally telegraphed that

Doug: Another horrible throw

TJ: Griese is letting McCoy and Orton have it. I mean, he is just going off - and rightly so

Ted: That was a completely worthless pump fake

TJ: Kyle Orton has never been a good 2-minute guy. Take that to the bank

Ted: That was obviously Cover-2, with the Safeties playing outside

TJ: Yeah, they want to give them the middle, yet...WTF? Hell, even Dilfer sees it, and he doesn't see much. Even Dilfer knows you have 15 yards in the middle of the field

Doug: This is so bad, another PF - now they can go for a FG. Here we go 16-3 at half. Mark it, thanks to Vickerson

TJ: Someone ought to take Vickerson into the locker room and really let him have it. You don't think he's NOT gonna hit this? Please, child

Doug: Of course he will

TJ: This guy is fat, but he gets out of bed kicking 60. He will do a bong shot at halftime, but he rolls out of bed rolling 70s. Wait, didn't he just tie the record?

Ted: Unbelievable

TJ: Thanks, Vickerson. Hey Joe Mays, please punch Kevin Vickerson. Wow - you know, it's not even the run defense up the middle. This is just contextually bad - turnovers, blocked punts, sloppy play, mental errors, and penalties

3rd Quarter

Doug: Oh my, someone just pointed out that Orton is our leading rusher, and BY A LOT. His one run went for 13 while Knowshon and McGahee have a combined 4 yards on 7 MF carries

TJ: 46.5 rating for Kyle, not that I'm checking

Ted: Headline is that the Raiders had a good game plan, and they've done really well in sticking to it.  They wanted to run, and stay on schedule, and not be forced to drop back and throw it. On defense, they wanted to punch the Broncos’ O-line in the mouth, and hope the coverage held up

Doug: So far, so good. And, it could easily be 20-3 or worse

TJ: Bunkley is holding the middle tonight. Who knew Mario Haggan could cover?

Eric Decker takes back Shane Lechler’s punt 90 yards for a score; 16-10 Raiders

Doug: NICE, WOW! That's the only way we can score

Ted: Really excellent blocking there. Really good care was taken not to block in the back

TJ: Was that Bruton's block? Yeah, nice nice. Chris Harris made a great block too.

The teams exchange penalty-littered possessions, with Denver converting theirs into another FG; 16-13 Raiders

TJ: Goodman isn't exactly lighting it on fire tonight

Ted: No, he's really struggling. The coverage was fine, but you have to tackle

Doug: More familiar fun

TJ: Oh no, now the middle is caving. Unrein has to shed

Doug: Dude this was bound to happen eventually tonight

TJ: Wow, it's only 16-10, bros on the good side

Doug: Yeah but it doesn't feel like it

TJ: Dawkins brings it tonight. He is really laying out

Doug: 18 penalties combined, and Denver 2-7 on 3rd down so far

TJ: Brutality. That's some medieval stuff right there. Umm, how about some hustle? The ball hit the ground

Doug: Why are these defenders not diving for the ball? I heard no whistle, saw no motion from the refs. Yet...

Ted: Yeah, that's when fumbles aren't 50-50 balls, when you don't hustle

TJ: Me neither. Lechler is as fat as Sebastian. They must bong hit together

Doug: I'd just like to see us flip the field here a bit. That's about all I'm hoping for these days

TJ: Ted, what do you think of this - Royal is open more often than not, but sometimes Kyle focuses on BL too much? I don't know it to be true, but I suspect so just from the coverages

Ted: I agree with that. Royal gets open unconventionally, with a combination of strength and quickness.

TJ: Ain't your night, Kyle. Man, sliding in the pocket isn't his deal

Doug: Walks right into another one. His pocket sense is atrocious

TJ: I'll have to look at the tape there - it's possible they played it well

Ted: They did play it pretty well, but McGahee could have been hit. That's not the end of the world.  Points are welcome, the defense rested, and field position should be favorable

4th Quarter

Denver’s next possession ends when Orton drops the ball during play-action with Daniel Fells running wide open. Oakland takes the ball down for a TD in three quick plays; 23-13 Raiders

Ted: I like how they're getting away from this sucker-ass running. This is how you attack a stacked box

TJ: McCoy made the right adjustments - a lot more passes over the middle, and a lot fewer forces to Lloyd. Fumble.

Doug: What the f%^& was that

TJ: That was Orton just fumbling. Fells was wide OPEN. That's possibly the worst thing I've ever seen. He was WIDE. That's going to come to define Orton and his time as a Bronco. Mark it down, Douglas. That's his defining play. I'm not saying he's a terrible QB, but that's how he's gonna be remembered, if they lose this game and end up with a poor season

Ted: This is the part where Orton's epic failure deflates the whole team

Doug: And there it is

TJ: Damn, had a real shot at this game. 14-point swing, and Orton isn't bringing them back

Ted: You know, this is now three straight atrocious regular season performances by Orton. He spit the bit against KC and Arizona, and now tonight, despite a few good moments, it's been much more bad than good

Doug: Orton 15/31 with 2 turnovers and zero TDs

TJ: Fans are booing Orton, andKelly sacked him with a pinky. If Orton leads them back, it will be the first time. And further, I'll be shocked

Ted: He threw it to the Raiders two times in a row there

Doug: UGH, Kuper

Ted: He's played horribly tonight

Doug: How many near picks have we seen from Orton tonight?

Ted: 5ish

The Broncos and Orton drive 80 yards to get within a score, but Oakland salts away the game by running the ball and the clock out. 23-20 Raiders, final score

Doug: Hey how about that?

TJ: Kyle Orton = Joe Montana?

Doug: This does not make up for the atrocities we've already witnessed

TJ: Certainly, and he's got a way to go. The raiders have been playing guess what? Zone

Ted: They've been doing it fairly well too - better than they did in the preseason, that's for sure. Orton sucked in this game, and it's the primary reason the team lost

Chewing the Fat