Chewing the Fat: Preseason - Broncos vs Bills

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 24-10 preseason victory over the Buffalo Bills

Doc: So, Marcell Dareus said he would make the Broncos pay for not drafting him. Any thoughts?

TJ: Baxter McLove thinks its bunk. Well, it will be interesting to see how they do against a 3-4 - not that they really practiced the Buffalo scheme this week I'm sure - they're still trying to implement their own.

Ted: It's a pretty good front 3. I want to see Walton against Kyle Williams.  It will be a good indicator of his growth. UGH I can't stand Verne Lundquist. Coloradans get pissed at me when I say that, because he's one of their own. But he's just awful

TJ: Heresy, Ted - how dare you! They are falling all over themselves on the broadcast for whatever reason, like he's Curt Gowdy. At least I have Griese on the radio, and I can turn this crap down.

Buffalo's first possession yields 58 yards on 13 plays and culminates in a 40-yard FG

Ted: Buffalo electing to receive is interesting.  Almost nobody has been.  Last week, the Raiders elected to "Kick" instead of to "Defer" so they ended up kicking to open both halves.

TJ: Nice, Bunkley. He may not be a force, but he's strong. Von Miller = Flash. He is a missile. I think he is faster than any rookie rusher I've seen in awhile

Ted: I liked Dumervil's tackle on 3rd down there, and Moore was quick into the box on the play. The awareness by Haggan was very good there - that had a bad potential to be a big run (the fake punt, that is). Really good diagnosis by Vaughn on the screen pass.  That's a positive sign of a guy who's figuring the game out. Mays made a bad read on that run, and got sucked inside too much there.  Bad play

Doc: DJ came in way too early, let the RB release to the outside and make the turn. Mays gets suckered too often - a weakness

Ted: Another really good play by Vaughn... Great awareness of the zero coverage

TJ: Doom is so fast - nice little rip

Doc: Zero coverage and Vaughn covered him in the end zone beautifully. DJ didn't watch on the run to the outside and let the whole play - which was shut down - get away. Richard Smith wants to keep him and really push him - force him to produce with the implied 'or else'

Ted: Not very good run defense on that first series at all, but I like the way the pass defense played

TJ: By the way, how do you attack Dennis Allen's defense? SCREEN PASSES

Ted: Yes, TJ. Deep balls against zero coverage and crossing stuff on DJ

TJ: That drive was more a reflection of the big screen plays than anything else

Doug: How much were Thomas and Warren missed on that possession?

Ted: Bunkley was good there, Doug.  I wouldn't sound an alarm on the DT spot just yet

TJ: Vaughn was glue that drive

Denver responds with a 10-play, 66-yard drive which resulted in a 1-yard TD run by Willis McGahee; 7-3 Broncos

TJ: Not to get after Orton but that sack was HORRIBLE. Orton, that's on you, buddy. Terrible, terrible. I mean, that is the poster-child for lack of mobility

Ted: Yeah, I don't know what Orton was doing there.  He got his typical panicked feet. Franklin got beat there, but at least he steered the guy to the outside

Doc: Kind of nice pass to the 41, though. Penalties offset, though - same as last year. Early, though

Ted: Bad drop by Royal, but the pass had no touch

Doc: He had it - just turned hi head to look upfield before securing it

Ted: Mental errors kill a drive... stop me if you've heard this one before. I'm not seeing much new in the way of fronts beyond what I wrote about on Tuesday. Moreno made that guy miss.  I really like him in the passing game

TJ: Good to see Moreno get some "flow" tonight

Ted: Franklin is really struggling

TJ: I think Em might be onto something with that Beadles/Franklin switch, although I'd be inclined to give him these preseason games to work it out - no doubt he's a beast on the runs

Ted: You know it's funny, because Franklin mostly played LG at the U

Doc: Franklin was tenacious as heck but he held to keep the play going

Ted: Orton just executed a screen pretty well... nice job by Kyle

Ted: McGahee is a solid short-yardage guy, but he looked clumsy there. Good push by Kuper and Franklin there

TJ: Franklin straight owned that dude on the run. Well he sure as heck can block the run

Doug: Nice hold/takedown by Walton or, maybe he just fell on his man

TJ: I think that's known as "sealing" Doug, haha.

2nd Quarter

Buffalo keeps the ball for 6 plays before punting it back to Denver

TJ: I think right now Vaughn is "winning"

Ted: I really like how Goodman has been looking this preseason. He looks like the 2008 version of himself.

TJ: I'm watching Vaughn on the outside, too, Ted.  He looks excellent.

Ted: Yeah, he was about to sock Spiller in his face there too

TJ: I'm really liking this concept of Champ in the slot on 3rd down with Vaughn on the outside

Ted: Me too, TJ.  It makes Champ a nickel LB if there's a run

Doc: It's a great approach - you use him as a safety/slot guy to take away the play underneath.

Ted: Woodyard did a fantastic job on the Brad Smith run.  He played right down the line

Ted: I have to say, I've never seen Dumervil play the run as well as he has been tonight

TJ: And you take away the hot-slant route with Champ like that

Doug: Al, thanks for that insight. Champ wants to be great, so yes he must be the best CB in the league

TJ: Haha, I'm so glad I have that turned down and Griese on the radio

Ted: DOUG - All ex-players have insight, because THEY PLAYED THE GAME

TJ: Exactly, Ted! Man, that's my pet peeve.

Doc: Cosell used to call it the 'jock-ocracy' Good term

Denver puts together another 10-play drive which ends in a 13-yard TD pass from Kyle Orton to Willis McGahee

TJ: Broncos running more 1-back sets tonight by my count - but I just stopped keeping my charts to focus on watching individuals

Ted: Yeah, I think I've only seen one or two 2 back sets TJ. I'm not charting live, though

Ted: I liked Fells there.... fluid route, natural catch. I'm really impressed with his all-around game

TJ: Man, that Fells fellow can block

Ted: Kuper made a fantastic seal on that pull there... that's him at his best. A lot of times, I can take him or leave him - but there are worse starting RGs in the NFL. Lloyd is such an amazing athlete

TJ: 1-back sets and quicker tempo tonight by design it seems, quick counts. Anyone watching Dareus?

Ted: He's mostly getting blocked, TJ. Franklin has been hitting him, and standing him up in the running game. I like the nickel offense stuff against 30-fronts - it forces a LB to be out of the game a lot of the time

Doug: Lloyd always has his wits together when he's horizontal 2 feet in the air

TJ: Lloyd may have less catches this year, but I'm guessing his YPR won't be down

Ted: Drayton Florence has nothing for Lloyd.  Using your best guy as the X is fairly uncommon, but it's a smart idea

Doc: Orton and McGahee - two trips, 2 TDs, one run one pass. Love it.

Ted: Good call against the blitz

TJ: Yeah, the wheel route is perfect.

D.J. Williams intercepts a tipped pass to end the next Buffalo drive, while Brady Quinn is picked off to end the first half

TJ: Kickoffs = uselessboredom

Ted: I was at the Browns-Lions game last night, and they gave Cleveland the ball at the 25 after a touchback. I can only imagine it was an error

TJ: Bunkley was a good trade, EFX. Wow, horrible RB pass block read there by Spiller. I hate to say it but, it's so hard not to think of Von as Derrick Thomas

TJ: Griese is so smart on the color - he just made a great point - Miller's quickness at home is an advantage - if there is noise, he will be like DT. At home, you can't hear, and Von will be even more devastating

Ted: Yeah, Miller was offsides, but it was a great looking rush. But that's a good point TJ.  This guy was so clearly the right pick.  What a talent

TJ: Yeah, I have to say watching Dareus and Miller tonight, TJ = WRONG

Doc: I didn't figure it out until after they did it, but it was a steal, if you can call the #2 pick that.

Ted: I always thought Dareus's ceiling was good starter

Doc: Man, Doom is all over the field tonight.

TJ: I can't tell you how awesome this play by MOORE is. A little of the 'ol Steve Atwater. I'll take that penalty - because you know what? That is the kind of defense this place NEEDS. I'm just saying, Moore isn't going to back off and we need this type of guy on our defense

Doc: Love Allen's philosophy - aggression, scheme and fear.

Ted: WOW... Moore lit that guy up. That's how you play cover-2, though.  He got to the sideline, I love range in a free safety, and that was awesome range

Doug: Why are these dopes saying he should be ejected? I'm sorry but that is a clean hit. There is not a tiny bit of doubt that that was clean. Ball was there maybe 0.2 seconds before the hit. Maybe. And Moore is standing up - it's not even close to being a dirty hit. His posture is fully extended, head is up. 

TJ: That was clean. I love that play by Moore. That was how Atwater did it. Nice draft, Xanders

Doc: I'm sorry the guy's hurt, but I didn't see anything that was obviously illegal.

Ted: HE LED WITH THE SHOULDER. Verne and Al are morons, and that was a terrible call

Doug: WTF? This is some terrible analysis. Can we get those Dallas announcers from last week back?

Ted: Yeah Doug... somebody ought to hip AA to it

TJ: Man, Doom and Miller on passing downs is just insane - off the edge they are like twins getting up the field

Ted: DJ lost contain badly

Ted: That was some sound-looking zone defense that led to an INT.  Is it 2006 again?

TJ: Aggressive D with Allen - just flat out aggresive

Ted: I'm interested to see how the game management looks with a negative territory 2-minute situation

Doc: The personnel today look better - a lot better. The scheme is a lot better, and the team is better coached. What can you say. I can't wait to see the film and the breakdowns

Ted: Here goes Al, who doesn't understand clock management. Number 1.  Get a first down and run some clock.  Number 2.  See what you can do after that

Doug: Quinn again looks poised and confident - even that throw to Ball, very very calm under serious heat

Ted: I've never seen Quinn throw downfield that accurately. He's really looking improved

TJ: He's really looking good on this two-minute drill, despite the tipped INT. Remember, last week they didn't even let Tebow run this two-minute offense

Ted: I don't like the decision to throw into traffic there. Be risk-averse, get the FG. Other than that, I liked Quinn's play

Doug: Looking back, the receiver was open. Quinn was kind of locked, but Decker was open. If you freeze it at where Quinn releases the pass, Decker's got probably a 4-yard halo around him

Ted: If Royal was the guy, it was a bad decision. With Decker, I'm fine with it

Doug: I see him as locked on Decker the whole way

3rd Quarter

Denver goes 11 plays and 49 yards to score on a 49-yard FG. 17-3 Broncos

Doug: Eric Decker sure looking like a pro tonight

TJ: Yeah, he's the answer at #3

Doug: Interesting to see Ball and Minor in before Jeremiah Johnson. i wonder if that means these two are auditioning and Johnson's already locked up a spot

TJ: Good point, Doug - but I can't wait to see Johnson. I want to see if my double takes last week were warranted. Guy looked like TD, and I just can't believe it

Doug: Guys, tell me again - expect to keep 4 running backs right?

Ted: Yes, Doug, and one FB, almost certainly Larsen. McDaniels would have kept one less RB, and one more WR than Fox probably will

TJ: And a lot of TEs who will double up on that role

Ted: I really like how Quinn is standing up and delivering the throw decisively and accurately down the field. Here's a test of philosophy for 4th and short from the 40. You always should go for it here as we all know, since we understand probability.

Doug: i do hope we see the Broncos going for it on 4th and 1 in plus territory every time under Fox, although i am skeptical.

Denver's next drive is a 4-and-out, as is Buffalo's

TJ: Jesus, Orton. 135 rating, almost 80% completions

Ted: He was sharp tonight, TJ. Buffalo didn't heat him up much, so I'm not sure we know more than we used to know

TJ: Man, if they can keep him up like that, he will light dudes up

Doc: He ran the offense really well - good movement, for him. Focused throws, great base. The runs were killer. I love the running game. The line loves to run-block, and right now, we want them to get some good reps doing something well. I love the aggression - this dinosaur team theme isn't all bad - grin

TJ: Keep Mohamed. I'll start a petition

Ted: I'd cut Mohamed from what I've seen so far TJ. I'd keep Kelley over him. BTW, Lee Robinson flashed to me on the punt a few minutes ago. 

Doug: I think Doc's pointed out that Kelley is no longer PS eligible, so that has to play into it

Doc: Mohamed is not that standout a guy - might get him through to the PS.

TJ: Admittedly, I like MM for the future

Denver's next possession results in a 24-yard TD pass from Quinn to Britt Davis

TJ: Quinn looked good again on this drive

Doug: Yeah, he was a bit rough for a while there. Although this one was easy...

TJ: Quinn is putting pressure on Tebow, no doubt about it

4th Quarter

Buffalo puts together a 13-play, 80-yard drive, culminating in a 13-yard TD pass from Tyler Thigpen to Felton Huggins

Ted: I really liked the way Nate Irving got downhill there. Wow, Derrick Harvey had a great pass rush there. He looks really slim to me, slimmer than he was in Jacksonville

Doc: Man, no matter what string, those guys are really hitting tonight

Ted: I really like how physical this second front-7 group is looking. Irving and Harvey being the leaders on that front. WOW Woodyard played that screen perfectly. Well, Cox just played that terribly - like he wasn't paying attention to the receiver. It's easy to remember that play, and forget 5 other good ones he made

Tim Tebow takes over for Denver at QB for two possessions which result in no scores

Ted: Tebow is definitely the best screen-thrower of the three - I stand by that

Doc: He is. He's got a touch with it. He drags defenses in and then throws it  - very talented.

Ted: Yep... his footwork is outstanding with it, and that helps the overall execution. I continue to like what I've been seeing with punt coverage.  It's been good two games in a row. Hunter is playing pretty poorly tonight in run defense.  He got doubled there, but he has to show better than that.

TJ: Let me say this about Griese - he is awesome as a color guy, and surprisingly mature and self-deprecating about his days in Denver. I actually dig his talk about the old days. He just said that he was anti-social

Ted: Bruton looks like he got a concussion

Doug: Anyone notice McCarthy much tonight after his revelatory game last week?

Ted: He has been sound, but not much more, Doug. I've liked Carter the best of the SS guys tonight

Doug: Did Allen use him as aggressively tonight?

Ted: No, they haven't done as much cover-3/overload stuff. Buffalo has been successful with the screen game

TJ: Yeah, I haven't seen any overload since the first series

Ted: Cox made a good play there... He basically baited the QB to throw it there

Doug: Wow 1.5 possessions for Tebow?

Ted: The way the game flowed didn't give Tebow much of a chance. Buffalo chewed a lot of clock with their last 2 possessions

Doug: Wow what a kick - love to see Colquitt get that much distance and hang

Ted: Yeah, Doug... Colquitt has been bombing them all night.  I've liked #38 Chris Harris on about 4 punt coverage plays tonight as the gunner. The tackling of this third defensive group has been awful.

Doug: Well, this makes two largely encouraging games so far

Ted: I agree Doug. The Broncos players who will be on the team have looked really competent in all phases of the game

Chewing the Fat