Chewing the Fat: Preseason - Broncos @ Cardinals

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 26-7 preseason-ending loss to the Arizona Cardinals

Doug: Guys, which roster battles are you most interested in tonight?

Ted: S, CB, TE, OL, and RB.  I'll be interested to see if Mohamed plays well and gives the team a reason to keep too

Doug: Which CBs do you think are on the bubble Ted? I assume Harris and Bing don't really have a chance, right?

Ted: I haven't seen much from them.  I think they're trying to play on to the practice squad.  I'd like to see strong play from both Cox and Thompson.  If not, one of them might fall out in favor of a 5th safety

TJ: Rosario will be interesting too. I wouldn't have thought he'd be there on the bubble. But I wouldn't be surprised to see the Broncos keep more TEs and less RBs

Ted: Yeah, I could see that too TJ.  Something like 3 TBs and 1 FB, with 4 TEs

TJ: I like Ramirez, just watching him now - he's getting some good push and just executed a nice combo block

Ted: Really bad eye work by Quinn on that screen. Get em downfield, dude

TJ: Rumors are Peterson doesn't have smooth hips, and that they are thinking of moving him to S already, haha

Ted: I never thought Peterson was a great CB at LSU.  He is a triumph of measurables in the scouting process

TJ: Come on, Harvey, you have to hold the EDGE

Ted: Yeah, that was not good. He's got to crush that TE

TJ: They are playing 4-3 under right now. Our crappy 2nd string D just owned them, and our 2nd string D isn't exactly a bag of goodies

Doug: Nice punt return from Syd’Quan, like what we saw last preseason

TJ: Britt Davis, gone

Ted: Yeah, that's the opposite of rising to the occasion

TJ: That couldn't have looked worse

Ted: That right there is not Quinn's game.  Like Orton, if he's flushed, it's a really low probability of success

TJ: This offense is a yawn thus far, and Russ Hochstein is sleepin'

Ted: They've been doing a lot of the standup 50 stuff so far.  I think it's a really interesting look, but it's more interesting when 58 is out there standing up. I like me some Nate Irving.  That dude looks like a football player

TJ: Nate Irving needs to bring that all night. Yeah, Ted, that dude has some hams made of steel. Is it just me, or does my boy Mohamed seem slow? Last play and this one, too

Ted: Ugh that wasn't very good showing by Mohamed. He got his balance all going the wrong way.  To me, the problem was with what he saw

TJ: He looked like he broke his ankles--twice

Ted: On a positive note, I've been liking Carter in the box again

Doug: Lots of long hair on the 2nd string defense, with Carter Syd and Irving

TJ: Denis Allen, haha - it's the 4th preseason game and he's got the whole line stacked for blitz

Ted: Wow, Cox looked extremely slow recovering there. He got pushed inside, and that happens, but I need recovery

TJ: yeah, that was not 4.4 speed. And that TD run was even worse

Doug: this backup line can't get any kind of rush going

Ted: I think Brother Mohamed is spitting the bit so far

TJ: As much push as DA can get with the first front 4, this second front 4 isn't going to get much of a push

Ted: At least that was Arizona’s full starting O line - the Cardinals’ broadcasters said so

TJ: Man, I had Mohamed on the bubble before the game. Now I'm thinking he's gone - and not just by a little

Ted: Yeah, I had him on the PS. I'm thinking he'll be safely on the PS, with nobody calling him now

TJ: Nate Irving just looks faster and flat out better next to him. I mean I know Irving is a higher draft pick, but...

Doug: Yeah right now it doesn't look like Denver has much to worry about in terms of sneaking Mohamed through waivers

Ted: That kind of throw is Quinn's game

TJ: Willis with a nice run, nice separation, nice route

Ted: Yeah, I have to think Willis is a lock to make the team

Doug: It's hard to imagine keeping Britt Davis over Willis - Davis is another guy who should end up on the PS

TJ: Hochstein! Dude, Hocstein may be versatile, but my god

Ted: Yeah, he sucks. Nothing new there

TJ: I've got to think the waiver wire will yield some OL that are currently better than what we have now. Quinton Carter is everywhere tonight. LBs all bit on that fake

Ted: I liked Jeremy Jarmon's change of direction and recognition there. Nice play setting the edge by Mohamed.  "Very active tonight" according to the Cardinals guys

Doug: Active = tripping over his own feet

TJ: Damn, Thompson and Cox are not exactly trying to separate from each other tonight

Doug: Oh, McCarthy and Syd got roasted there

Ted: Stuckey is a legit NFL slot guy, but damn that was awful

TJ: Well, Mr. Cox, welcome to the Broncos for another season

Doug: Or at least a few weeks

Ted: I don't know if Cox is hurt, or what, but he's been looking like he's regressed from last year to me

2nd Quarter

Doug: preseason or not, never good to be trailing 173-24 in yardage and 8-1 in first downs

Doc:: Kind of suggests a slight dropoff from 1st string doesn't it

Ted: I think we're learning that depth is an issue, if we hadn't already learned that

Doug: We hadn't seen it to this extent before

Ted: Yeah, it's been the 3’s that have been awful to this point. I thought with the exit of Nate Jones, that might tighten up

TJ: God, this is a yawner. Can I be the first to call for Tebow? At least, he'll get to the markers

TJ: Doug, you are so right. Our depth all around isn't pretty. Come on Nate, bad angle. Jason Hunter is the only one I'm seeing kickin' ass right now

Doug: Well, at the same time this is in the context of ALL the backups playing together. So, to go from a 4-win team to having a full set of capable backups is unreasonable

Ted: Your boy Unrein was in on a tackle there TJ

TJ: MF Mitch Unrein, bro! If Unrein makes the team, I'll go nuts in a good way. Damn, Achilles for Quan - bad bad news

Doug: Plus Bruton with a bruised shoulder

TJ: Tough hit there on Britt Davis - shoulder to head, head to ground

Ted: This makes me feel good that almost no starters or key reserves played.  Only one I spotted was Vaughn. Yeah, that has the look of a concussion

Doug: This game really is tough to maintain focus on

Ted: Quinn looks like complete garbage tonight. Panicked feet, and inaccurate downfield. Looks like he's back in Cleveland

TJ: We are 0-5 on 3rd down right now - gruesome. I guess that is what happens when you produce nothing on 1st and 2nd down

Doug: TJ, we're 0-for-every-down, 180-33 now in yardage

Ted: I think it's about Tebow time on the next possession

TJ: Nate Irving, come on, man! Jason Hunter and Quinton Carter are the two guys who came to play tonight. Nice roaming, McBath! Carter is flying around, though - don't know how you leave him off. As a ST guy, I'd take Carter over McBath

Ted: Moore, Dawkins, and Carter are locks.  McCarthy seems close to one.  That leaves McBath and Bruton

Doc:: And Bruton's been a more consistent ST player - also more healthy

TJ: Is it me, or does Quinn look REALLY bad.

Doug: Quinn's been terrible no doubt

TJ: Just what we need - another week of debating Tebow/Quinn. Ugh, 0-6

Doc:: Good tackle for Irving for a change, apparently

Ted: I've been really impressed with Jarmon's feet.  I feel good about that guy as a rotation player. Irving has taken a bad angle or two, but he's been stout mostly

TJ: I think Irving's playing poorly. He thumped one play early. But hey, if you had Ryan McBean in front of view is, N-S, good, E-W, terrible

Ted: Irving was good there, to me. The guy was by him, and he grabbed him. Lee Robinson showed some get-off there. This guy Bartel can spin a ball

TJ: Argh, Irving down - and he did show some good hustle there

Doc:: The injury thing is getting out of hand just since I got here. Are they hitting that much more physically than Denver?

TJ: Yeah, this is really a bad game to watch and to WATCH. Hey Doug - a GREEK sighting! You know, our GM?

Doug: Yeah, Greek our team president in waiting

TJ: You know what hurts more than anything in the world?  A stinger and concussion at the same time. It's like having the fires of Hell inside your shoulder and you don't know who you are at the same time

Ted: Do we see an attempt at a 2 minute offense here? Please?

Doug: I'd be happy with a first down

Ted: Yeah, that'd be a start

Ted: OH Cox. Go if you're going to go, but stay if you're going to stay

TJ: Damn it. Irving now carted to the locker room too, and Matt Willis hasn't returned either. Terrible pick by Quinn!

Ted: That was horrible all the way, from the first second - again, panicked feet, eyes looking nowhere in particular for 1 whole second

Doug: Wow, he looked so confident for 2 games

Ted: yeah, I agree Doug.  This is inexplicable. I mean, he's mostly played behind these same bum linemen in the other games

TJ: Nice push by Beal - I would love to see him on this team. I think he will be very good someday

Ted: Wowe, Beal defeated the hell out of his guy 2 plays in a row there

3rd Quarter

TJ: This is just a brutal game, and now they are thinking the injury to Syd is serious - no official news yet

Ted: Good fill by Mohamed, then he misses the tackle. Ugh. Ugh to Syd's injury too. Hunter has been a beast tonight. He's a lot better player than any of these Cardinals linemen though

Doug: Welcome to the game Tim, here's the ball on the 6 haha

TJ: Say what you want about the dude, but he will make a play

Ted: This Cardinals guy is of the belief that running for a first down is bad. How many progressions did he go through?  Who cares?

Ted: That was a bad play by Tebow

TJ: Tim, throw it! He had Gronkowski wide open - but the pocket started to close and he got skittish

Ted: He's got to be able to recognize that pre-snap, and he doesn't yet. It was clear from the formation that 82 was uncovered. It's one where you know where you're going before you snap it. But FWIW, I don't think he learns that any other way than by playing.

TJ: Check out this stat, Losers  - Yards per pass right now? 1.9

Ted: Horrible. Strangely, this game is making me feel worse than it reasonably should

TJ: Joe Ellis coming up on TV in the booth

Ted: You know, if Tebow led 2 or 3 scoring drives here, I'd feel better

TJ: Ellis is waxing poetic about talent gap and how you can close the talent gap fast. Well, tonight doesn't prove that theory, Joe. Wow, a little slight to McDaniels - he just said that he knows they have a big window to close in talent from "last year". Nice guts, Mr. Anderson!

Ted: Yep, that's a tough hit, but Tebow and Anderson made a play

TJ: Ted, it's true - that's the essence of Tebow. He will make a play, case closed. They just asked Ellis, “Why are you more transparent now?” Ellis game some awful answer like "it was evident it was not there last year."

Ted: Fox has a rep for transparency.  Darin Gantt was bitching about the Rivera regime after the Fox regime the other day

TJ: "When we hired John, we wanted  to immediately bring it back." Thanks, Joe - thanks for coming on and letting us ask you questions you submitted to us before the game

4th Quarter

Ted: Harvey blew that play up. Luckily, Brodie Croyle sucks

TJ: Okay the cardinals WR is named Steven Spock. Sorry, Spach - I just saw the jersey

Ted: Whoever he is, he's been dogging Mohamed

Doug: The worst part about this is that nobody who's in a positional battle really seemed to do well

Ted: I thought Brandon Minor has been the best of the RBs, and McBath made one play to help himself. I like that form tackle by Bing there - he went low, and wrapped up

Ted: That's 2 drops on good Tebow throws. Mohamed has shown me something on punt coverage tonight.  I'll give him that

Doug: that was a pretty poor throw from Tebow

Ted: Yeah, it was.  I feel like it was the first one. He's been making throws in this game

Doug: He has. Speaking of...beautiful pass!

TJ: Damn, nice throw!

Ted: He throws the best deep ball of the three. He's always hit that throw since he was a sophomore at Florida. Percy Harvin, Louis Murphy, and Riley Cooper caught a lot of those

TJ: Did he actually look off the safety too??? Nice, it appears so

Ted: I think Tebow has been a pretty big positive with his throwing.  If not for the 2 drops, his numbers look pretty good.  The pocket awareness has been up and down, but some of that is on the scrubs in front of him. Thing is, Tebow has showed well in every game he's gotten to participate in this preseason. It just demonstrates the dissonance between what the "experts" say and what has actually happened in games with the guy. They'd all have us believe that "at some point" these mechanical issues are going to cause him to play badly on the field, and be uncompetitive.  Funny how it never happens.

Doug: I thought he was very much a mixed bag last week

Ted: I thought it was more positive than negative, but I'll agree that it was the shakiest performance of the 3. I am not too worried about the aesthetic stuff, as I've said before. Quinn's passer rating tonight: 7.6

Doc:: Too bad that Riley is facing a numbers issue - he looks good. PS perhaps?

Ted: I think he's worth putting there.  He hasn't had a huge amount of opportunity, but he's looked good when he has

Doug: Speaking of Riley...

TJ: Ha, Weber - I hope he hits it here

Ted: Well this is kind of a debacle at the end...

Chewing the Fat