Chewing the Fat: Broncos trade 36th pick to 49ers for 45th, 108th, 141st picks

Doug - So what are we hoping for at 36 guys? A pick or a trade down a few spots?

TJ - I would like them to try and get Paea and Austin back to back, but I bet they go Austin / Ijalana. I think Fox wants to go RB though for the 2nd pick.

Ted - Fox is freaking you out about running the ball

TJ - True...

Doc - I'd like Austin, but fear Fox wants Leshoure

TJ - Exactly, Doc, feel the same way - or even the TE Rudolph from ND

Doug - So what do you guys do? Pick or trade? Unless you're in love with Austin I say move down if possible like 4 or 5 slots...

Doc - Depends upon what they offer

Doug - Probably an extra 4 at least

TJ - I would be shocked with Bowers

Doug - There's no way. Is there?

Ted - Bowers may be worth the risk here. I like Austin though.

Doug - Enough that you want to pick here if you can move 4 or 5 down? Big if, of course...

Ted - Trade with SF - I think Kaepernick. This should get them back a 4th...

Doug - Wow, that would be great! Get more pick(s) and screw over Big Al!

Doc - Lots of good talent this round

TJ - The concern I have here is that you'd better hope that moving back 9 spots will get you either Austin or Paea

Doug - Nice! Yeah, we got 108 and 141

TJ - So we have back to backs now

Ted - It made a lot of sense

TJ - The risk here is that you lose Austin in the next 8 picks. But, you have Paea and Casey I guess to fall back upon. I'd rather have Austin than a 4th and a 5th right now. Let's hope this strategy plays out

Doc - Teej, with your percentages and Denver's need to come out with 4 starters (over a couple of years), does this make sense?

TJ - Yeah, it does Doc

Ted - I like the move, regardless of who makes it to 45 and 46

Doug - I love it

TJ - If Xanders gets Austin or Paea here, and these extra picks, then I think you have to hand it to him...

Doug - Yeah i like the X-Man's wheeling and dealing

Doc - We need 2 DTs, probably a RT, possibly a TE (preferably), a RB and a safety. A few extra picks would help

TJ - Yeah, totally Doc - I just don't want to lose either Paea or Austin here. They are locked-in starters. Last night I watched two hours of tape on Paea - guy is awesome.

Doc - I'd love both, but take either. J. Casey has a lot of talent, and there are a few more

TJ - I can see why he was the bench press champ

Doc - Love Paea

TJ - Yeah, imagine if they go Austin/Paea back to back? That is a draft steal!!

Chewing the Fat