Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Sylvester Williams

The IAOFM staff discuss the Broncos' selection of North Carolina DT Sylvester Williams in the 2013 NFL Draft

TJ: First Manti Te'o mention!  Drink! Another one!  Berman said, Te'o!  drink! I'm already hammered! They've already said it a dozen times.

Doc: Should make this easier; Gruden's having an orgasm over Te’o right now.

Ted: Let the record show that Ted Bartlett says the top two players in this class are Star Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones.

TJ: Haha, I'm glad you said that, since I was telling my good friend Doug Lee that I wanted Lotulelei, but that I wasn't going to get him.

Doc: I only hope that he doesn't fall to the Raiders.

Doug: As I told TJ, as long as we have a new kicker by the time free agents are signed Saturday night, I'm happy.

TJ: Mr. Fisher, can you block Von Miller?

Ted: No.

Doug: Who's their right tackle now?

Ted: Maybe Donald Stephenson - third-rounder last year. Maybe Albert, if Miami walks away, which they should.

Doc: Agree with Ted on Miami walking away. It's not a good deal for them. Jags need nearly everything. Any thoughts, Ted?

Ted: I'm on the Jones or Lotulelei wagon, til one of them gets picked. Jones ought to be their guy - they need edge rush. If Joeckel bumps Monroe to RT, maybe they got better at two positions.

Doug: Oakland should definitely be trading this pick, and load up on 2nd and 3rd rounders.

Ted: It looks like a trade.

Doug: Damn, Al really is dead. So, Oakland got #12 and #42 for the pick; that leaves Miami with #54 to trade for Albert. For the Raiders, given their situation, I think any move back was justifiable. To add a second rounder, it's well worth it.

Ted: THE RAIDERS LOST THIS TRADE BY 1000 POINTS. I guarantee there are fans yelling that right now.

Doc: Whatever the charts say, their roster says 'Trade me back, fool!" They did well. They're going to spend two years eating all the crap deals they've made, and the new guys are upfront about it. It's a great year in the middle of the draft - lots of depth at several positions. Makes 12+42 very valuable.

Ted: Agreed, Em.

Doc: Could the Jets end today weaker than they came in? They have the skills for it.

Doug: Like Oakland, they are probably better served adding quantity - 12 starters gone, I believe. They should trade down from one of their picks, unless they really love two guys.

Ted: They're bereft of talent.

Doc: Like I said - it's a talent. You have the top DB in the league and you won't pay him? Remarkable.

Doug: All I know is, they have Tebow on their roster right now, and not Revis. Mike Tannenbaum, ladies and gents.

Doc: Not exactly trading up, is it?

Doug: Granted, I don't think they should have paid Revis $16M, but if they hadn't f-ed up the contract three years ago, they'd still have him today.

Doc: The question of how much you pay a player who's the best at his position is a very complex one, isn't it?

Doug: It is, Em. But they structured the contract so clearly to lead to conflict after 2 or 3 years, and that's exactly what they got. It's one thing to frontload the guarantees - that's normal. But they also frontloaded salaries, and created a huge dropoff. It was completely moronic. This Reggie McKenzie cat continues to do the smart thing.

TJ: Raiders scare me now strategically.

Ted: It's unnerving that they're suddenly doing smart things, TJ. Hopefully, their owner proves himself to be a Davis.

Doug: They will have about $50M in cap room a year from now - McKenzie has really handled everything well. Let's take a peek at 2014 free agents - the Raiders are going to *have* to spend, just to reach the cap floor. Oh, for one, they'll have to give Veldheer big bucks - he's a free agent. Here are the big FAs that Oakland could go after: Orakpo, Nicks, Keller, MJD, Jimmy Graham, Decker, Cutler, Cushing, Cruz, Clady, Byrd, and Atkins. Obviously, several of these guys will get tagged. Haha imagine Cutler to Oakland?

Doc: Jets replace Revis with Millner (and a 3rd rounder next year).

Ted: I'd do it. Saves a lot of money. Plus, he's much younger than Revis, and will be fully developed once they get some talent.

TJ: That's some good tape.

Doc: He had a great year. I watched a lot of him. They had such a great OL that I spent a lot of time enjoying their level of skills. It was frequently men against boys, but you have to appreciate that kind of talent.

TJ: Can't blame the rams for the Tavon Pick. WRs are always a bit of a gamble anyway, but I can't blame them.

Ted: If he maxes out his potential he's worth #8. If not, he's a reach. I doubt his ability to beat press-man at the NFL level, though, so I doubt his ability to be an every-down outside WR.

Doc: Always true that WRs are a reach in Round 1 - they have a high failure rate and Austin's not big. But man, is he dangerous.

TJ: The thing you have to like about the 'Bama players is correct what Irvin said: they do it against the best, it's not any stretch at all for these cats.

Ted: The downside to them is that they're so well-coached, they get to the NFL with less room to improve than most players.

Doc: That's an interesting perspective, Ted. You've mentioned it before, and I'm kind of watching a few of their ex-players to see it.

Doug: Just to reiterate, Tony Pauline said Oakland was all about Lotulelei.

Ted: They should be.

TJ: They will still get him, won't they?

Doc: That would sadly be a great choice.

Ted: They can have either him or Floyd; one will be there.

Doug: Of course, all of McKenzie's brilliance only gets him back to level ground from the Carson Palmer trade.

Doc: La Canfora says SD took Fluker. Second tier, but a heck of an improvement over Clary.

TJ: Yeah, better than anyone they have, but still can't handle the speed of Von when they move him around.

Doug: Still a long way to go, but the Broncos have to like how this is shaking out. Unless they wanted a replacement for Clady, that is...

Ted: It's been highly advantageous.

TJ: Yeah, their positions of need are all falling. Hayden to Oakland. Interesting - the DTs keep falling.

Doc: Hayden? Seriously? With Star and Floyd on the board?

TJ: I would blow my wad if the Star keeps falling.

Ted: I want to go get Star if he gets to 16-ish.

Doc: That would be sweet. I don't really get the Hayden pick. I like him, no question, but he's also the Raiders going for speed with him. He's a good athlete, though.

Ted: My top two players are still there.

TJ: This is very much falling for Denver to get a good S or DT for sure.

Ted: No DTs have gone yet, and there are probably 6 or 7 of them among the top 30 players.

Doc: Hard to believe that OAK left Star or Floyd on the board.

Doug: Wow could this be the year?! Finally, a DT?!?!

Ted: Might could be...

Doug: Funny, all these years when we expected it, and this would be when nobody is talking about the position.

Doc: The options on DT are extensive, and they're a step above who will be available at OT, for example. Safety is big.

Doc: I see more DEs being mocked now, reacting to the Doom thing. Truth is, they may have a shot at either DT or DE. I'd love me a big 3-tech.

Ted: People are sleeping on Ayers too much - he had a nice 2012 season. Plus, Freeney is still out there chillin'

Doug: Abraham is also still unsigned, as is Richard Seymour, and Shaun Phillips.

Ted: Yep...lots of guys out there - veteran pass rush help is no problem.

TJ: Man, I thought this draft could be boring. I'm starting to desire the Broncos to move up.

Doug: TJ, you thought free agency would be boring...

Doc: Go for Star?

TJ: Yeah, I love Star. Doug can vouch, this morning I said I wanted him, but didn't think it possible.

Doc: I didn't have time to write him up, but I love the guy.

TJ: Yeah, Em, because he really was a top-5 pick. I wouldn't have written him up either, Em, because he should be off the board right now.

Doug: You know, the thing about the Broncos and trading back - they don't figure to have a lot of room on the roster for rookies, and they're an overdog now. But they do have needs. Moving up does make sense, despite what the DP guys say about having only 6 picks.

Doc: Take home 4 very good options and it's a good draft. As this is unfolding, the best DL players are wide open.

Doug: So anyway, I'm not sure the Broncos need to be moving back, unless they can get an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder.

Ted: I agree Doug - up may be the way to go.

Doug: I'm all about them giving themselves lots of chances at hitting, but you don't move back just for the sake of stockpiling. that's not where Denver is at right now. Shit teams should be doing that. I mean, obviously, if it comes to 28 and they still have 5 guys they love, then sure - trade back 3 or 4 spots. But this team shouldn't have more than 1 or 2 rookies starting, if even.

Ted: Quality over quantity is the answer. I think this team could win the Super Bowl as is, if a few things go right, with no further additions to the roster. That's a nice luxury to operate from - like picking the best kicker, haha.

Doug: Again, i'll be happy with an undrafted kicker.

TJ: Star is perfect for this team right now if they could get him.

Ted: I think he's going here to Carolina, most likely.

TJ: I was getting all jacked up on the possibilities.

Doc: E.J. Manuel! He had a great Senior Bowl week.

Doc: Could we be looking at a run on quarterbacks?

Doug: I hope not, Em - it's too early to help Denver in a big way. But then again, having a few go between here and 28 helps Denver get a better player. There would have to be trades - nobody in between is going to draft a QB. Might not be another QB until Round 2.

TJ: Yeah, Doug, top of 2nd round is where you'll see Geno, Barkley, etc. start going.

Doug: I don't think Denver has a chance to benefit from that in either way at 28.

TJ: Jarvis Jones, Pittsburgh.

Ted: It makes all the sense in the world. He's Suggs-like as a rusher, and he can cover too. Plus, he played in a 3-4 in college, which is rare.

Doug: Okay, we're getting close enough. Who you guys want for the Broncos?

Doc: Heck, Floyd is still out there. I'd like him.

Ted: I want either Floyd or Sylvester Williams as DT, or Amerson as a S.

Doc: Good choices. I don't see Carradine as an option. Elway is very focused on his '10 year player' rule, so he'd be more likely to take Sly Williams, but I admit that Amerson is a very interesting safety. I'd be equally happy with Elam, (and they might be able to trade back)  but I can see Amerson's advantages.

TJ: Ogeltree doesn't scare me.

Ted: I think he's a second-rounder - all measurables, not enough effort or production.

TJ: I'm down with him.

Doc: I agree with Ted - Not an Ogletree fan.

TJ: Oh, man, I did him, guys. I love his athleticism.

Doug: *dig

TJ: Dog? Haha I "DID" him, no really - that's how much I liked him, haha.

Doug: Wow, this is getting interesting re:Floyd.

Ted: Floyd is really good.

Doug: Ted/Doc, is he a fit for any of the teams between here and 28?

Ted: Yeah, Cincy, St. Louis, Minnesota twice, Indy (big-time).

TJ: Floyd could play several of the DT spots.

Doug: Oh well, then it's not happening - not going to be able to move up for him either.

Ted: There's still Sylvester Williams, too.

Doc: Floyd is a great fit for too many teams. The fact is that Denver would have to move up to get him, and there are too many solid choices left.

Doug: Ugh someone needs to move up for a QB right now! Not happening, though.

Ted: I still think this is coming to the Broncos nicely. All these OL going is great for them. Manuel, too. If I wanted Floyd, I'd trade up to 23 to get ahead of Indy. That's what I'd be working on right now. Floyd has the ability to be a difference-maker.

Doug: Yeah, but you said the Vikings were a fit, too.

Ted: They could be, but they may not want him - the Broncos were a fit for Doug Martin last year, and they declined to pick him.

Doug: I think we're in the territory where you could make that move for less than a 3rd rounder, or maybe you give up a 3 to move up, and get back a 4, of which Minnesota has two. I wouldn't mind a RB out of this draft, but not at 28 - especially not with the way this draft has been going. Oh well, Vikings picked Floyd.

Doc: I'm sad to see Floyd gone. He is a good fit there.

Ted: They had to take him. I was hoping they wouldn't, though.

Doc: Too much value to leave on the board.

Ted: I still like Philly to come up and get Geno.

Doug: I think the Broncos will use the pick. Even if someone wants Geno, I don't think it happens between here and 28.

TJ: Williams still out there, Em.

Ted: Yeah I want Sylvester Williams if they keep the pick.

Doc: Sly Williams would make me a very happy guy. Denver's happy with Ayers at DE and they have one hole in the DL group.

TJ: If the Broncos go Lacy, I owe my old man 50 bucks. Alfred Williams is depressed to see Jones go. Guys on 104.3 all thinking Jamar Taylor.

Ted: I am not feeling CB - they have too many on the roster. Are the Broncos going to carry 6?

Doc: Safety would also be a nice way to go.

Ted: There are a ton of good players available. I'd love to trade out, or take Williams.

Doug: I can't see a trade here.

TJ: That war room looks pretty lax.

Doc: Yes, there isn't a lot of tension. They must have gotten one of the players they targeted.

Ted: Sylvester!!!!!!!!

Doug: YES!

Doc: Oh, that's perfect.

TJ: It is. Hmm, I guess I should be excited, more than I actually am.

Ted: I think this is a fantastic pick. We all got misdirected to thinking DE by Dumervil leaving, but DT is where it's at.

TJ: With Williams, he just seems to be attached to every guard I see.

Doc: Warren Sapp is a big fan of Williams and considers him the player most likely to match Sapp's ability in this year's draft. That's a pretty big compliment. I know that he has a conditioning problem reported, but JDR and the training staff are going to fix that quickly.

TJ: But Sapp is dumb, Em. I'll let you guys do the raving on Williams. My eyes tell me he is always attached to the guard. At best, I see him as a rotational guy, which is fine. Wolfe was better last year, in my mind.

Doc: True. It was fun watching Williams run the drills that day, though. He showed a ton of ability. He's got some sloppy fat, but the Broncos will give him Fox's 'NFL body' by the second year.

Doug:'s NFL comparison for Sly is Terrance Knighton.

Ted: He's a lot quicker than Knighton. I don't agree with that assessment. Sylvester on the conference call right now: "Gonna give the Broncos everything I got, and we're gonna win a Super Bowl next year."

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