Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Rahim Moore & Orlando Franklin

The IAOFM staff react to the Broncos' second-round selections of UCLA safety Rahim Moore and Miami OT Orlando Franklin at numbers 45 and 46, respectively:

Ted - Rahim Moore is crying in the green room

Doug - Wow

TJ - I mean he's fine, but...

Doc - Oh, no...I've watched a lot of UCLA - I'm not even sure he's fine. He's good in a poor class.

TJ - I'd like to see the next pick please

Ted - I don't love the value here.  I'm hoping for a DT next. I do love Shannon welcoming him to the family, though

TJ - Is he even a starter for sure? Seriously?

Doc -  C'mon, give us a DT, dang it!

Ted - It's a huge priority covering the middle of the field better, but I don't know if he's worth the the 45th pick My brother is an LA-area guy who knows some football, and he likes the pick, for what that's worth...

TJ - I have to see what happens next

Ted - Yeah me too TJ

TJ - you have to go Austin, I'm guessing

Doug - I do like the mohawk

Ted - No epaulets, or Doug would like him better

Doug - I hope that's not just for the draft. Von was hipster enough for the whole class

TJ - Yeah Von is very cool

Doug - Man, this guy is skinny. Relative to these other players he looks like me!

Ted - HAHA Doug

Doug - And that is most definitely not a good thing

Ted - If he can be a matchup guy in the middle of the field, we could come to love this.  It's better than Rudolph or Ryan Williams, I think.

Doug - I am glad we didn't go offense, at least

Doc - He needs to bulk up quite a bit, but you're right Ted - if D. Allen brings some of G. Williams 'Robber' formation, Moore could be a good choice down the road

TJ - Well you are about to meet superman and wolverine, bro.

Ted - If he can do the Darren Sharper role, sign me up. Dawk can't

Doc - Amen to that

Doug - So what is he best case - starter by midseason? Or is he maybe a starter week 1?

TJ -  Austin or Paea or bust here

Ted - I’d say best case would be Day 1

Doug - Okay, this is the second BMarsh pick

Ted - Offensive Tackle


TJ - Crazy. Could’ve gotten him in the third round.

That's the good side. The bad is that Ted's right, and Austin and Paea won't be there later.

TJ - I don't know why you don't go Austin or Paea here.

Doug - WTF

Ted - He's good, but I don't like passing on a DT. He's obviously Harris's replacement

Doug - Well…unless we want to move back up again

Ted - That's a possibility, Doug

Doug - We have the 67, 108 and 141 picks. We could package two of those to move up to say 55 or somewhere in the low 50s?

TJ - I guess you must be in love with Vickerson, and think you can get Casey in Round 3.

Doc - What is the problem with getting Xanders to draft a DT?

TJ - That's two years in a row in which they don't address the front four in the draft.

Doug - IT'S MCDANIELS' FAULT. Freaking McHoodies' influence has not yet been washed off of Xanders!

Doc - LOL. Or, a lot was always Xanders

TJ - Austin was a top-15 talent and Paea Top-30. Both would have been disruptive in the backfield.

Doc - The good side - there is one, even though I don't like the timing: CAREER:Played in 51 games and bolstered the 2010 `Canes starting experience, having made 39 starts from 2007-2010...Two-time All-ACC honoree...Two-time ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week honoree...Garnered Rookie of the Year honors in 2007...Voted as the UMiami Sports Hall of Fame Unsung Hero in 2010...Helped Miami offense rack up second-(2010) and fourth-most (2009) yards in school history.

TJ - You could have taken this OT in Round 3 from the board I'm looking at. And a S who may not start is not worth the other pick.

Doug - Okay, so…is Franklin a starting RT right now?

Ted - Yes, I think so Doug. Harris probably gets tendered, signed, and traded to Shanahan

TJ - Yes, goodbye to Mr. Harris.

Ted - I've been thinking Harris isn't a Fox type at RT.  If you think about it, a mauler like Franklin is

Doug - Wow so we're all talking DT/DT or DT/RB and we get S/OT - and we're supposed to be the "experts"

TJ - Well you got 2 starters out of 3 thus far.  I don't think Moore makes the grade.

Ted - Well, this is defensible, I think. It's just not what I would have done

TJ - And you could have taken this starting tackle in Round 3. You could also address safety later rounds with this class. Moore in other draft classes as Doc said, may have been average.

Ted - I agree, TJ

TJ - I'm both depressed and shocked.

Ted - I'm reserving absolute judgment here, because this could end up working out well.

TJ - Xanders gets an "A" for movement, but a "D" for picks. Unless Austin/Paea fall to the 3rd round - then I'll change my thoughts.

Ted - I'm warming to the Franklin pick as I think about it more.  I think he starts right away.

TJ - I agree Ted, right now you probably are 2 for 3 on starters. But the OT was available in 3. Sigh...

Doc - I agree on Franklin starting, and I expected, originally, a RT at this pick. But at least one DT by now

TJ - I'm at a bit of a loss for words.

Doc - Moore may also start this year, TJ. He just needs to get stronger - a lot stronger

Ted - I got tired of seeing Harris driven backward last season

TJ - True, Ted, Ngata made him look like a toy.

Doc - That did get old.

TJ - I guess they must be in absolute love with Kevin Vickerson.

Doug - The only thing I can think of is maybe DT as a need isn't quite as desperate as everyone's been saying. Because we have Ayers and Dumervil at DE and Vickerson so maybe we only need one DT?

Ted - They said a few weeks ago that they'd like to resign Justin Bannan. Maybe they will

Doc - And Marcus Thomas...

Ted - Thomas is now restricted in all likelihood, too

Doc - Good point

TJ - I didn't realize Mitch Unrein was so good.

Doug - I can dig taking an OT there but a S over a DT? Not so much

Doc - Bannan may not take having them duck his roster bonus after doing a decent job for them. I don't really know, but it can't help.

TJ - Ryan McBean and Vickerson must be All-Pros. Thomas and Fields right behind them, despite being ranked 32nd against the run.

Ted - You know, DTs are falling here, and I see a good path for a good one making it to the 3rd

Doug - But all the way to 67?

Ted - Yeah, it may be Drake Nevis, but somebody solid is going to get there in all likelihood

Doc - Nevis put on some muscle weight, I read this week - mid 290s. That helps - he's a tough, tough guy

TJ - I guess I should wait until I see what happens at 67. But right now, both choices smack of reaching. If they wanted to go BPA on both picks, then they ignored that strategy

Ted - Yeah, I can't see this as BPA

TJ - They told us, BPA.  Don't know why you reach on either of these choices, given that you had the BPA at the position of most need.

Doc - Lots of worry about McBath's injuries. Dawk is over it, except as an in-the-box SS. Hill is doing OK, but not the future. Bruton I liked, thought that he needed reps. Moore isn't BPA, but he's an insight into what they do and don't like about the team.

TJ - Yeah, Doc, I agree, this tells you exactly what they think for sure about what they've got in Beadles/Harris and Safety. Beadles apparently didn't pass the OT test, and Harris got owned

Ted - Beadles was excellent at LG, but bad at RT

Doc - Beadles, not so much, I think. He's a guard - like Ted says, good LG Harris is done other than a ZB-only team

Ted - Pro Football Focus charts every game, and their evaluations are interesting. They had Beadles as outstanding at G and bad at T, so that validated what I saw...

TJ - Let me say one more thing, Doug, haha, Franklin was a reach, did I say that? At least these DTs keep dropping like stones

Doc - By the way - on Franklin: appeared extremely stiff, overweight and nonathletic at his pro day and likely slid to the third round because of additional questions surrounding his character

Ted - I'm looking him up in Nawrocki's book now - Nawrocki on Franklin (paraphrased):  An enormous, ornery big man who looks every bit the part.  Physically stacks up as one of the most talented linemen, but may be hard to coach

Ted - You know, I feel better about DT at 67.  Ballard, Nevis, Kenrick Ellis, Terrell McClain are all good players

TJ - On this line, anyone starts

Doc - Odd note - PFW rips Franklin, then lists him as a top-50 pick. He's ranked by Scott Wright right above Ijalana (sp), which is where he went

Ted - Franklin went in the right area... I just didn't think it was the need

Doc - You know I agree - just looking at the different sides. Elway says they took him because the OL wasn't nasty enough. Also talks about Moore playing centerfield - looks like we're right on that one.

Ted - Yeah, the Allen scheme probably demands a centerfielder type...

Chewing the Fat