Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Omar Bolden and Philip Blake

The IAOFM staff discuss the Broncos' selections of Arizona State cornerback Omar Bolden and Baylor offensive lineman Philip Blake in the 2012 NFL Draft

Doug: Hey Guys, get any sleep?

Ted: Happy Day 3. I slept pretty well.  I just wish I didn't think this started at 10 AM today

TJ: Roger Good Vibes

Doc: I slept about 4 hours - I'm on strong Earl Grey to start the day

TJ: Sweet, Em.  I stayed up all night trying to solve the Zodiac Killer crimes. Common as a street penny: pundits grading a team's draft as an "A" because they picked in the top 5 and got the blue-chip players. What the hell is this? Fans now announcing? Or is that some hick scout?

Doug: Okay, who does everyone want at 101?

Ted: I'd like Iloka at either 101 or 108 (stop me if you've heard that one)

Doc: Not surprisingly, I'm with Ted. Iloka might also have some skill at safety, but the TE cover role is made for him

TJ: Ted, I like Iloka tape, and I like when he's in the box and blitzing, too.

Ted: I think from a BPA standpoint, I'd take Bobby Massie

TJ: I think Ta'amu, Doug.

Ted: I like Ta'amu too - he’s a space-eater

TJ: Or Crick - I think Crick can work up and down the line. Those would be my two, but I think they focus on the OL now. Dennard, too. He would work.

Ted: Yeah, it's about the time when the risk for Dennard has been mitigated

Doug: Ta'amu looks athletic for a guy that big

TJ: I projected him as a 3-4, 2 gap. But after reviewing the tapes again last night, he can easily play 4-3, NT

Ted: I see him the same way, TJ

Doug: And, Dennard probably got goaded by some redneck raycess cop

Ted: He wasn't in Cincinnati was he? He might have gotten shot if he were

Doug: Ta'amu is a lot less awkward looking to me than Worthy was. Like, better proportioned, as much as a 300+ lb man can be

Doc: I liked Ta'amu's feet - he can be surprisingly nimble at times

Ted: A name I like from a purely "great athlete" perspective is Justin Bethel from Presbyterian.

TJ: I mean it's all relative to the other boards, but I would assume no one has him rated at top of the 4th, do they?

Ted: Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan have been talking about Iloka a lot lately on the radio as a TE specialist, like I do. We're on the clock

TJ: Whoa, that was quick. Here we go

Doug: Several picks would make me happy - Ta'amu, Iloka, or a corner

Ted: I like ESPN better on Day 3 because Berman is off leathering somewhere, and because when they go to commercial, the ticker stays on

Doc: That's right, Doug - the board still has a lot of talent.

Doug: Do we like any linemen here? Offensive?

Ted: Massie, good RT

TJ: Yeah, set us up at DT for the next chunk of years. Ted could be right. I really think they will go OL. I want DL, though, or CB

Doc: Molk is still out there - probably be there later, but he's tough. Omar Bolden, CB

Ted: I don't know Bolden

Doc: Arizona State - I saw him a couple of times, but I'll have to find it in notes

TJ: I am watching his Cal tape

Ted: ACL injury...return background, which I like

Doug: Well, his report sounds pretty good

Doc: Yes, very good. I was surprised that Hillman hadn't returned more

TJ: Rated 3rd-4th from the stuff I see. Wow this tape, it's not great. Just got beat several times. Poor tackling, too

Doc: Yes. He’s been inconsistent, and that's one knock on him

Doug: from PFW:

Summary: Athletic, tough, competitive, injury-prone, man-cover corner who missed his senior season while nursing a torn ACL injury. If he can return to full strength, he possesses starter- caliber ability and offers added value as a kickoff returner. However, durability remains a pressing concern.

Ted: I think it reads like a worthwhile guy to pick in Round 4

Doug: Basically, he sounds like a Shanny 1st-round pick, except that he doesn't still need to add 20 lbs. And, we got him in the 4th round. So I read this as major progress.

Washington selects MSU QB Kirk Cousins

TJ: WTF? Shanny!

Doug: Speak of the devil, huh? Hahaha

Ted: He sees Cousins like I see him, a quality professional backup

Doc: Bolden at 5-10 and 202 is a strong guy. And, there goes Shanny, being Shanny. I love this! If he's right, he's set at QB for years to come. If he's really right about RG3, he cements that slot in the HOF

Doug: Okay we've got another pick coming in five slots from now

Doc: DT, OL, LB?

Doug: Do we still want Iloka? Or does Bolden lessen that need?

Ted: I still do, although the DB room got more crowded with Bolden. I don't think Bolden is a guy to cover a Jimmy Graham or Gronkowski

Doc: I'd still want Iloka. I think that he's got some skills in addition to his specific role, but it's that role I would like covered

Doug: BTW, every time i say Ronnie Hillman i think Ronnie Harmon

Ted: I think the Bolden choice was about replacing the bottom feeders at CB and getting better depth there. He comes in to be the 4th CB, and has a chance to beat out Porter and Harris, if he can

Doc: Good thought, I expected a CB, and in the 4th, there will be some questions. He's got cover skills and has a chance to fight for a position

Ted: Syd'Quan and Cassius had better be on their game in camp, or they could find themselves on the soup line

Doc: I'd agree that Syd and Cassius are vulnerable

Doug: I think it's time to get a lineman

Doc: Be still my beating heart - a DT and a OL?

Ted: Haha Em, imagine that

Doc: It's hard to. The last 4th-rounder they took at OL was Seth Olsen, if I recall right

Ted: Yeah he worked out great

Doc: Iowa kids are usually very well trained, but he flamed out quickly

Ted: Iowa kids come in at their ceiling

Doc: Good point - they've had that good quality coaching.

TJ: Yep, that's what I think, Jaws - Shanny is hedging with Cousins. It might be smart, but if RG3 struggles, but Shanny loves this stuff

Ted: No he isn't. Cousins has no reasonable expectation to ever be a starter as a 4th-rounder. He has a backup skill set, and he's being hired to be a backup

Doc: Shanny has never flinched from a QB controversy, but I think that he's made his decision known.

Ted: I loved Devon Wylie.  Good pick for KC

Doug: here we go

Ted: Phillip Blake, Center - replaced Walton at Baylor

TJ: For the record, Bolden is getting owned in this Cal Tape. Over and over again - missing tackles, getting beat deep. He looks terrible. Should be funny to see the fans' reaction

Doug: Wow this has to sting JD. Not only do we draft a center, but we draft the guy he's probably been rooting for, for the past two years, to replace him. Can Walton be a backup G?

Doc: Blake has a great backstory - he's someone I wanted to do a Broncography for anyway, and he's a value pick inside. He’s a Canadian native who didn't play football until his senior year of high school. I don't see Walton at G.

Ted: Seems like Baylor goes to Canada for linemen

Doug: So, just a backup C?

Doc: Not necessarily.

Doug: You don't keep a guy just to back up center, right? Need him to cover both C/G?

Ted: Probably not Doug, he probably has to swing. Elway thinks he has position flexibility. So there's that

Doc: You can use Blake at G. He's very new to the sport, but he's got good potential

Ted: I think they probably see Blake as the swing backup guy, and somebody who can compete at all three interior positions.  I read this as improving depth

Doug: Not a replacement for Walton?

Ted: Not by design, but if it happens, it happens

Doc: I would rather have gone with Ta'amu, but oh, well

Ted: I would have too

Doc: Did Molk go yet?

Ted: No, Molk is still out there.  I don't like him as much.  He's a good technician, but underpowered and smallish

Doc: Yes, tough as a dollar steak, but small, short arms even for his size

Doug: yikes 6-0? Is there such a thing, a 6-0 NFL lineman?

Ted: Not many Doug

Doc: He was briefly famous for benching 41 times

Doug: Have to be able to reach the guys to use that strength

Ted: Shorter armed guys tend to have an easier time with the bench

Doc: I'm not opposed to Blake, but Massie is a better player, if they're really more BPA

Ted: I agree again, Em. I think Massie would make an outstanding swing tackle, and has starter potential

Doc: Ted you and I have to quit fighting so damned much

Doug: Eagles retiring 20 for Dawk

Doc: Class move from Philly

Doug: i'd call it a no brainer. he's probably the most popular Eagle ever

Ted: There goes Massie to Arizona. I expect him to start at RT from Day 1 there

TJ: Bolden is said to be a man coverage guy, but the tape says otherwise. He's playing a ton of off man. A TON. Of course, that's 2010. Missed the entire season last year

Doc: The things I'm reading say that he likes bump and run

TJ: Em, look at the tape. Cal torched him deep. I'm not a fan of this pick, but I like the philosophy

Doug: I guess Blake says he expects to be a guard, according to Mason. So, maybe this is a shot across Beadles's bow, and not Walton's

Doc: That wouldn't be unwarranted in either case

TJ: I haven't seen one example in these two games of tape, of Bolden playing bump coverage. It's all off man

Ted: I'm seeing the same stuff as you, TJ

Doc: That is interesting. Nothing new in scouting reports being wrong

TJ: Stupid pundit reports. They just vomit up each other's vomit, and eat again

Doc: They never get updated, TJ. You still have sophomore notes when they're seniors, the scheme has changed, and the player has changed, but the notes are the notes

Ted: He seems like he shuffles his feet when the receiver gets to his position in off man. He needs to be more decisive with his steps, and read the vertical stem much better

TJ: This guy missed almost two full years due to injuries. His claim to fame is he benched more than the other DBs at the combine

Ted: Who cares? I like strength in a corner, but you need more than that

Doc: He had that weird situation with a starter the alumni loved - they kept playing each guy one quarter and letting the better guy finish the game - or switch again. How well does he cut at speed?

Ted: Not that well from the looks of it to me.  I'm not finding a lot more tape just yet

Doc: I'll see how many games I can find later in the week

Ted: I do really like the way Bolden looks as a kickoff returner, but his off-man technique is dog$%^&. I'm cool with the Blake pick the more I think of it - I like that there's a guy coming in who can challenge both Beadles and Walton

Doc: They might be focused on Bolden’s returning and consider his CB work and ST work extras. Huh - Blake was the right tackle for Baylor in 2009, when Walton was at center. Very flexible, 6-2 and 311, only been in American football for six years

Ted: He probably can't play outside in the NFL at that size

Doc: No, I wouldn't think so. I like the fact that he's worked in multiple slots, though

Doug: Way too short for tackle, right?

Ted: Yeah, I think so.  33-inch arms are OK at RT, but way too short for LT

TJ: Perhaps, Em, Ted, Bolden is actually a safety in training. He ranges like one

Ted: Maybe. It's obvious that he has some explosiveness

Doc: That's interesting, TJ. He has the size

TJ: His tape strikes me as a free safety more than a CB, and he does range

Ted: Teams have had some success turning Antrel Rolle and Malcolm Jenkins types into matchup Safeties. I actually tend to think that defenses are going in that direction, with 3 CB skills guys and 1 traditional Safety

Doug: The DP hacks are making a deal out of Blake's age. Meanwhile, if the guy plays in the NFL for 5 years, you're happy - so who gives a flying @#$%?

Ted: I loved how butt-hurt that Legwold was that Wolfe wasn't in his top 100. That's not a knock on Wolfe, it's a knock on Legwold, and it exposes his hackitude

TJ: Wow Blake - guy squats 600 pounds

Doc: Yeah, powerful guy

TJ: How can this guy not beat out JD?

Ted: Maybe he does.  I hope the best player plays, and does better than JD did last year

TJ: Bolden’s Oregon tape is better, Ted - but still total off-man. Which goes to my theory about Samuel. And further, that he could be a FS later

Ted: I think they want to play off-man. I think you were on that, TJ

Doug: Wow, Dennard - don't you have to take him at some point? he didn't have issues before this recent one, did he?

Ted: I think he's a Cover-2 guy, but teams that do a lot of that should like him

TJ: Blake is interesting - hard to move this guy. There is no tape on Blake from a game, just highlights

Ted: Yeah I like how well he anchors. I like the way Blake moves in these highlights. He has a graceful movement to him

Doc: 86 knockdowns his senior year, and they look good

Doc: I'm watching Blake against the Illinois D - very effective, graceful is a good term, Ted. Finishes blocks well. Needs to work on his punch, but he does have a tenacity that's impressive

TJ: Blake is a starter, long term. Even if JD holds him off, he could shift to guard and probably give Beadles a run, too

Ted: The OL room got better with the pick, that's for sure

Doc: Mostly, it looks like conditioning and technique stuff, and he'll be a potential starter

TJ: He's more of a man scheme guy, but he will work for sure. As I wrote, I think he's great on the initial burst. A great anchor against the pass, but he gets lost sometimes against stunts and blitzes. And sometimes he could finish his blocks and pancakes instead of letting up - but he's got all you want

Doc: Yes, and he also blocked for Ganaway. But I'm also seeing him missing the call on the stunt - I'm not sure who called the protections for Baylor, but I'd expect it to be him. 86 knockdowns last year, and I agree - it could have been more

TJ: Yeah he seems to drift on the stunts - gets confused, like, "Who the hell should I block here?"

Doc: Exactly. They've said that Baylor tended to run a simplistic protection - that would explain both Walton and Blake's problems with stunts and twists, double A-gap blitzes, etc

TJ: that's a good point, Em

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