Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan

The IAOFM staff discuss the Broncos' selections of Tennessee DE Malik Jackson and Kentucky LB Danny Trevathan in the 2012 NFL Draft, plus more talk about ASU CB Omar Bolden

Doug: 11 more picks til us. Anyone like Zebrie Sanders?

Ted: I do.  As a 5th-rounder, he'd be great value. He's a LT

Doug: Kick Franklin inside to replace Beadles, and Blake takes over for Walton? Winn still available too

TJ: yeah, I would be shocked if he can' beat out JD and rather soon

Ted: I like Winn

Doug: We probably need a LB, no?

Ted: I think LB is low on the list. If a good player is there, take him, but you'd probably be getting another Mike Mohamed here, and you already have one

Doc: They went with Mays and Irving is supposed to have healing after an ankle injury. I agree on Mohamed

Doug: Chris Polk still on the board

Ted: Really high mileage on Polk - they ran him til the doors fell off

Doc: He seemed a little soft, physically. He runs tough but like Ted said - very high miles.

Doug: So Winn seems like our favorite guy here

Doc: I like him. I think he'd be a versatile, solid prospect

Doug: Whoa we're picking right now

Ted: Malik Jackson DE Tennessee. He's a DT/DE tweener with long arms

TJ: Wow ted, yeah - on this tape they have him inside on an 4-3, and outside, too. Holy $@#% he's a great rusher. Wowwww look at that SC tape

Ted: 6-4 3/4, 284. I see that as a DT who needs to gain 10-15 pounds

Doc: He'll be likely at DE, but he's a tweener

Ted: Maybe this is the 3rd down pass rusher

Doc: If they can strengthen him up, he's another potential pass rushing tool.

TJ: Yeah, def - has to be. Guy is rockin' this tape. He will generate pressure

Doug: He sure looks like an athlete

Ted: Yeah, Tennessee recruits talented guys. I don't think he can hold up at DT on early downs right now, but I like him as a pass rush option. It jumps out that Tennessee used him all over their front

Doug: Inside he seems to get stood up a lot - but outside, he's a monster

Ted: I have him against LSU - I'm seeing over-pursuit in the running game, being overzealous to hit the QB

Doc: Agreed. He's quick but struggled to anchor. Not a run defender but another good outside guy. He'll be competing with several of the tweener guys - Garland (who's 300+ now), Jarmon, Ayers, Hunter...

Ted: I like this pick. To me, this is buying really low on a guy who has obvious talent, and who was productive in the best conference

TJ: Reminds me a little of Trevor Pryce’s body type

Ted: Yeah I agree, TJ.  He carries that 284 pounds really well

Doug: He does not look 284

Doc: He's got room for another 15 lb or more on that frame

TJ: He doesn't have sack stats, but you can see by the tape that he finds his way to the QB a lot

Ted: Mason said he played at 265-270

Doug: Oh well that would explain it haha

Ted: I think the Wolfe and Jackson picks are going to improve the DL group a lot this year.  I'm pretty fired up about it

Doc: Very good later moves to improve this draft. Good interior depth (who could start in a couple of years), good move for Malik Jackson. I'm pretty happy with the day - a better pass-rushing corp, a decent G/C, a return guy with some CB chops

Ted: Jackson will likely push Ayers for snaps

TJ: Billy Winn, wow! Let's get him! Wow, Polk is there, too

Doug: We'd have to give up a future pick, like a 5th next year

TJ: Sanu is so quiet, man. Trey Wingo is trying to get him to talk, and he won't say a thing. Poor guy, I'm glad for Sanu. I like his demeanor - calm, soft-spoken dude. Haha every white wide receiver drafted in mid rounds gets the obligatory "Wes Welker" comp. Just did it with the guy from VA Tech - Coale

Doc: I'd love to get Winn. It would be a wealth of improvement over Sealver Siliga or the two year injury time off of Ty Warren

TJ: Me, too, Em. I think Winn is very much like Wolfe, would be great depth

Ted: Yeah another relentless hard-nosed guy with some white-man grit

TJ: White-boy magic: intangibles

TJ: They have Tomlin on ESPN - the baddest MF ever. I love that guy. One thing is for sure, Em - Winn won't be this year's Jeremy Beal. He would be on the field

Doug: How does a guy like that slip this far - bad interviews?

Doc: Could be.

TJ: They should trade up and grab him. He's too good to wait

Ted: Not the greatest measurables made him look like a #3 or so.  Maybe we just see lesser players with notable measurables jumping over him. There goes my guy Iloka to Cincinnati

TJ: You can never have enough DLs

Ted: Criner to the Raiders.  I'm meh on him. Redskins released John Beck. Remember when the Shanahans thought he was a future Pro Bowler? Fun times..

Doug: Yeah that was only a few months ago, and Kyle wanted him in like the top 15 picks out of school

Ted: Yeah, funny how comments like that can make you look like a fool a little later. It's Kellen Moore time!

TJ: But he's 50-3. All he does is win


TJ: Nothing. Not one more thing

Ted: I'm so damn sick of this Machine Gun Kelly song. It's been on like five different commercials

TJ: @#$%ing kickers going before Winn

Doug: Okay to go over again, Winn, Dennard, Polk, Trevin Wade, James Brown, Minnifield, Luke Nix are the top guys left according to

TJ: Those first three guys, I think you have to jump on one of em

Ted: Minnifield can't play CB in the NFL - too slow. I don't think Dennard can play much man

Doc: I like Winn, but I'm guessing that Denver won't go to DT/DE three times. Polk is high miles, but strong. Dennard? No, not much man. I don't like Minnifield either.

Ted: Minnifield's dad could play

Doug: Off ESPN's rankings, Polk, Guyton, Winn, Cam Johnson, Brown, Markelle Martin, Antonio Allen, Edwin Baker, Leonard Johnson, Marvin McNutt

TJ: Winn adds great depth

Ted: Yeah, I want me some Winn here

TJ: You could chuck Unrein (the god) and Vickerson

Ted: That's serious when TJ wants to chuck The Unrein

Doc: Ted, what's your thought on Nix? G out of Pitt - I didn't see much of him

Ted: Another interior OL. He could compete to stick. He didn't ever blow me away watching Pitt 3-4 times

Doc: They don't have much depth at G. I watched Ptt about the same and didn't recall much, which says a bit

Ted: PFW thought he was a 3rd- to 4th-round guy, and that his deficiencies are correctable. I just don't see the Broncos keeping more than 8 OL, with 7 active on gameday, and I don't know if he can be one of their top 8

Doc: Good point. I was hoping for a backup tackle, but nothing pops

Doug: Don't forget we still have Ryan Harris, and at only $700K

Ted: Yeah, it would be great if Harris stays healthy

Doc: Good point, Doug. I do at times - so many injuries, but he's a talent when healthy

Doc: There goes Gray to KC

Ted: He's duplicative for them

Doc: I think so too - I know it's late, but I'm kind of surprised

Doug: Farrar calls Bolden "a potentially elite cover corner"

TJ: Everyone is potentially huge - you can't know. He missed all of 2011. How the f@#$ can you make that statement?

Doug: Haha well, it's better than saying he doesn't have the potential, because you could say that, no?

TJ: Yeah, I guess

Doc: The use of modifiers lets you get away with murder. Check under Williamson, Bill

Ted: Oh, Pork Chop. A hero of American journalism

TJ: Farrar must be on something. We saw two tapes, and he never played one play in man to man. Everything was off man. Guy misses entire 2011 season, and Farrar says he's "elite cover"

Doc: Potentially

TJ: Oh yeah, Em - I should use that word more often. CYA

Doug: Here's what he wrote: Bolden tore his left ACL in a preseason 2011 practice, but the tape that exists shows a potentially elite cover cornerback. Not a big player (5-foot-10, 205 pounds), but can player bigger than that both in the run game and covering vertical receivers downfield.

TJ: What tape? I have two posted. Give us the game

Ted: I haven't seen it yet

TJ: Cal abused him. I sometimes think Farrar is living off the fumes of the early days of FO. Farrar was stats galore in the early days

Ted: Yeah, now he wants to be a scout

TJ: And he acts like a GM now. Yeah, exactly, Ted. Well, I want him to be good. But the tape we saw says he's just not a press-man corner. And it was two games

Ted: My issue is that he struggled in off-man, and I think the Broncos will want to ask him to do that

TJ: Yeah, I think they will - he will have to if he wants to play on 3rd down. He'll have to squat and move

Ted: Broncos are on the clock

Doug: Winn still there?

TJ: Any ideas?


Doug: This is our last pick

Ted: And maybe WINN

Doc: Winn to win

Doug: What did this kid do?

Ted: Good question

Doug: Did he get arrested, and it's just not public? Did he fail his combine drug test?

TJ: No

Ted: Danny Trevathan. Another LB from Linebacker U. Woodyard-like guy

Doc: Heck, they're going crazy about how this is a Tebow pick. Shut it up

Ted: Who is saying that?

Doug: Yeah ridiculous, on NFLN - Eisen. But, this was the move up pick - the upgraded 6th-rounder. Mayock is calling him out - calling out Eisen, and Eisen is being a douche

Ted: Trevathan's a speed WLB who can compete to make the team. Mayock took it to Eisen's ass

Doc: I like this pick. Yes, it's a 6th-rounder, but he's a talented kid, a little bigger than Woodyard

Ted: I saw him a few times at UK.  He can tackle and move. Not a speedster, but a smooth flow guy

TJ: They can't stop talking about Tebow

Ted: Even after Mayock just bitch-slapped Eisen about it

Doug: That's some rug on Lombardi's head

Ted: Haha if I was bald, I'd get an awful toupee. Unfortunately, I have a great head of hair

Doc: I'd add something on Trevathan. He needs to work on his change of direction, biting on play fakes and zone coverage, but he's also very good off the edge at blitzing. I want to confirm this with film, but there's no shortage of Kentucky film and it's an interesting consistency to this draft.

Doug: Zero sacks between Mays and Woodyard last year, although they only had 97 pass rush snaps between them

Doc: Makes sense. Mays was almost completely a two-down guy.

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