Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Derek Wolfe at #36

After trading down from #25 and #31, Denver takes Cincinnati defensive tackle Derek Wolfe

Doug: Hey guys, so how many trades down tonight? TJ said that on the radio DMac was saying the Broncos screwed up last night, and they had intended to draft Doug Martin

Ted: I could see another one into the low 40s here if DT is the intended position. I highly doubt they would have traded the pick that was used to take Martin if they wanted to take Martin.  Tampa Bay had no obligation to share the target, but I'm sure the trade-out team asks. D-Mac is a radio guy, and radio is a knowledge-optional medium

Doc: I think that's right.  If they wanted Martin, they were in a very good position to take him.

Doug: So, who are you guys hoping for if they stay at 36?

Ted: Jenkins.  I think Philly wants to get up for him though. The second round is where players who have a limitation of some kind start to go.  Jenkins's is a non-football limitation.

Doc: He is hard to pass on.  His level of talent is off the board

Doug: Doc, are you eyeing someone here?

Doc: Doug, there are a number of directions that I'd be happy with.  Jenkins is one.  I'd be happy with Brandon Thompson.  I like Worthy.

Doc: I'm not as fond of Miller, but I wouldn't be unhappy with him. I would like to see the trade executed that would get the team another second- or third-round pick

Ted: “A special treat.” Like we're all dogs panting for a Milk Bone. Thanks, Rog

Ted: La Canfora thinks Brian Quick here.  That'd be a second WR to jump Hill and Randle

Doug: Yeah PFW says Quick too - and Aaron Wilson says Upshaw to BAL. So we'll either get who we want, or move back again, haha. It’s just us and the Colts

Ted: Is Rog going to introduce every treat? I pray to the homie Jesus that he doesn't

Doug: Haha probably - unfortunately that would make sense. After all, someone has to

Ted: He's such an awkward speaker

Doug: Talk is Fleener to Indy. Wow, I could see another move down for us

Ted: Me too, Doug. I'd be in the NT business to start building that defense if I were Indy. This might be Marvin Harrison's first public appearance since he retired. He stayed low after that shooting

Doug: Yeah i'm surprised to see him up there. That's pretty cool, Luck and Fleener going together

Doc: That's a very rare thing

Ted: How much more bitching would another trade down cause? Twitter was nasty last night

Doug: Was it?

Ted: Oh yeah...plenty of Broncos commenters were bitching about the chart

Doug: Well, I do still think they get less than they should have. But if they still get their guy then of course it's beyond moot. And it's an extra pick

Ted: It sure is. Upshaw here

Doug: And, I don't see us sticking with three 4th-rounders. Just a feeling. If we want impact guys, and we want three starters, we best be making more than three picks in the first three rounds. I think at this point I'd like a trade down again, although after watching highlights of this Silatolu guy, I love him

Ted: La Canfora thinks Worthy here

Doc: That's right Doug. Silatolu looked good during the year, but Worthy is more likely

Doug: He just rag-dolls guys. I know it's lesser competition but still, these are big guys and he just tosses them

Ted: I like Worthy better at 36 than I did at 25.  His fluctuating effort is his limitation

Doug: He looks a little top heavy to me, no? Worthy? A little awkward?

Doc: He's a bit young - powerful, needs work on technique. Ted, where do you have Wolfe?

Ted: Yeah I can see that, but I think when Worthy really tries hard, he dominates a lot of times. I like Wolfe better than Worthy, but I think he's a situational inside pass rusher early

Ted: I like inside pass rushers, and think they're hard to find

Doc: You're right

Doug: What happened? Trade? Did the clock run out? WTF? Oh they're holding it up for TV.

Ted: Yeah, so Upshaw can get his minute

Doug: I wouldn't mind Miller

Doc: Cool. An actual player

Ted: Yeah, I like players a lot better than draft picks. WOLFE! Yes!

Doug: Really?! Haha wow

Doc: Good call, Ted!

Doug: Hahaha these media guys, I love it - all the Denver guys whiffed

Doc: I liked this guy, too - I had him a little later, but I like the pick. Man, that's turning into one tough DL

Doug: Wow, an all-white DT pairing

Ted: This guy knows how to get to the QB - 19.5 sacks, and a consistent high motor type. Ted is a happy guy, and not just because this makes me look smart

Doug: You're okay with the value here? I mean, I guess it's hard to judge before we make our next pick

TJ: Haha Ted nailed this one

Doc: Value is frequently schematic. He's a penetrator, he's built for an attacking one gap D

Ted: I love the value here.  I think he is the third-best player at DT in this draft, and the second best pass rusher among them

Doug: TJ, what do you think?

TJ: All over the radio they are criticizing this pick so hard. But I like him better than Worthy. Look, he's a 3-Technique, period. That's what they need. Whether it's Reyes or Wolfe, it's fine by me

Ted: He's not as big a name. It's going to make a guy like D-Mac sad

TJ: His tape is better than Worthy and Still, I'll tell you that much

Ted: It definitely is

TJ: After Ted talked about him, I watched tape on him for about an hour. He can penetrate. Damn, though - people are killing the Broncos on both 850 and 104.3 - Dave Logan: "Leggy didn't even have this guy in his top 100." And I'm screaming at the radio: “Yeah, that's a good thing!” I'm fine with this pick.

I'd rather have Wolfe or Reyes or Thompson than Worthy or Still. That was my hope. I was hoping for Fleener, but he's gone. Would have rather had Miller, but maybe they still get him or Turbin. Basically, he's a 3T, and I think he's in the same range as Reyes. My only problem here Doug, is I wished Fleener would have dropped, or they took Miller. But if you have to get a 3T, then fine.

Ted: I think Miller might be a trade-up target

TJ: As Doc would say, they must see something.  And his tape is way better than people realize.

Doug: Yeah I'm fine with missing on Fleener, what with Dreessen and Tamme

Ted: Give me George Iloka in the 3rd, and I'm happy with anything else the team does.  I wanted an inside pass rusher and a TE coverer, and the rest is gravy to me

Ted: There goes Doug's boy

TJ: I still they they made a mistake yesterday, after listening to these guys all afternoon. Someone in the building made a mistake

TJ: Wolfe is being interviewed right now on the radio, on a farm.

Ted: That'll play well with the Caucasian lovers

TJ: This is no lie, it’s so hilarious - he's saying, "I can't wait!  I can't wait to get to Denver!" He's super pumped, says football is a breeze compared to wrestling practice

Doc: LOL that's priceless

Ted: Hopefully UC isn't on quarters - schools in Ohio like quarters for some reason

Doc: Football was a breeze compared to our wrestling team, said the guys who did both. I just wrestled. I love this guy - he's going to be more fun than all heck

Ted: That's our kind of guy

TJ: "I just like to kick ass." This MF is freakin' funny. Never visited with the Broncos, never even talked to them. Kiper looks like a genius now. Kiper, I can't believe it. I thought he was screwing around two weeks ago, but he called Wolfe to the Broncos

Ted: Kiper had the Broncos taking him at 25 in his “How to get an A” mock

Doc: Yes - I pulled it up earlier

TJ: it was at least 10 days ago

Ted: I'm starting to think Miller is getting to 57.  I don't see an obvious spot for him before then

TJ: Ted, yeah - if he makes it, I would be super pumped

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