Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Brock Osweiler and Ronnie Hillman

The IAOFM staff discuss the Broncos' selections of Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler and San Diego State RB Ronnie Hillman in the 2012 NFL Draft

Doc: Wolfe and Miller - that's a very productive 2nd round. If you'd offered it to me three days ago I would have been very comfortable. I might have expected the order to change, but seriously - what does that matter? Both guys are excellent 2nd-round talents. If they settled for that option, I'd be pretty happy with it.

TJ: Great point, Em. So Miller still there? Reyes? Thompson?

Doc: I liked Vickerson as an athletic 325-lb nose. I didn't like a thing I saw as a 295-lb undertackle.

Ted: Reyes just went to SD in a weird scheme fit. Mayock ditched the jacket

Doc: I've begged for an undertackle for three years now. Do I like adding one of the best in the draft? Yeah, you could say that....

TJ: You have, Doc!

Ted: Wow, LeRoy Butler looks like he's 300 lbs

TJ: Haha, Ted. No more DB for him - just pizzas. Man, if Miller is there, even though I love Brandon Thompson...I will be crazy pumped up

Ted: I think he's going to be

Doc: I'd love Thompson. I understand the importance of RB for Fox, but Thompson would be a great choice

Doug: Yeah i'd again be happy with Miller - 220 with 4.4 speed? And he doesn't put it on the ground much? Yes, please

Ted: Low mileage, too

Doc: And Fox has been talking since he hit town about not being shy about early picks for RBs

Doug: Ted and Doc, who do you want here?

Ted: Trumaine Johnson, Miller, Konz. One of them

TJ: If they went Brandon Thompson I would be excited. He's my favorite player from this draft. But I'm being a little selfish

Doc: Miller, Thompson, Konz, Trumaine Johnson

TJ: On 104.3 they are saying they screwed up at 31, they wanted Doug Martin, and thought he would be there at #36 - and that is why Elway was so stressed looking when he came out last night. That is what they were talking about earlier, Doug.

Doc: George Iloka would be early, but I'd go home happy.

Ted: I want Iloka bad, and I don't care if he never plays safety. I want him as a TE Corner

Doc: I'm with you Ted - I'd written that a couple of weeks back, same thing. Get him to cover the slot and the TEs

TJ: The whole crew on 104.3 all day were saying something about this---that in the building they felt they screwed up

Ted: Wouldn't they ask TB who they were taking?

TJ: Apparently, that was the screw up. There was someone who f#$%ed up

Doug: It was the fault of Doc's phone buddy, obviously - the guy isn't good with words hahaha. He's socially awkward. He probably forgot to ask, and then the guys said, "So Brian, what'd they say?" and he was like "Umm, yeah they're not taking Martin"

TJ: They have been saying it all day - that Doug Martin was their guy, and Elway is not happy - so if X-Man is gone by Monday, you'll know why haha

Ted: I like Melissa Stark as a "How do you feel?" reporter much more than prime time

Doug: I swear, every time i look up and see that we have three 4's, I think we're moving up at some point

Doc: I still do, Doug

Ted: I don't want to here

Doug: It's a lot of ammo, but probably best used for that purpose

TJ: If they take Brandon Thompson, they will have their 3T and 4NT for the next 7 years. Well, 4 haha. Miller is so tempting, though. I would say, if they really liked Turbin over Miller, that’s okay, but Miller has CJ speed

Doug: Again, we can move up again I think - even if it's just upgrading the third-rounder. And he can catch, too - right?

TJ: Well I think so, but recently he was getting bagged for not being able to

Doug: Oh well that's a big deal - it's important with PM - gotta be able to block and catch

TJ: He had some trouble at the combine with catching, but the tape doesn't show it. He does have trouble with Pass Protection but, oh my, he's fast. On the tape he caught passes fine. Oh my, what would you do if they take Osweiler?

Ted: I wouldn't love it

TJ: Ted, Miller, he can catch.  His recent drops are just recent combine stuff, right?

Ted: I think he needs some work as a receiver. Osweiler, according to Klis

TJ: FML. FML. Gonna blast them here

Ted: Me too

Doug: Well, who has the best upside of the QBs? Because, obviously, the idea is he doesn't play for a couple or few years

TJ: Damn, man. I just can't abide

Ted: You could make a case it's Osweiler, but I think it's a stretch to see him as a future starter

TJ: 4-5 years from Manning is not happening. Impact players, Elway?

Ted: Manning plays till he doesn't want to play

Doc: I knew they were big on him, but I'm still surprised

Doug: They must LOVE him. And, can we possibly stand to wait 30 more picks before getting our next player?

Doc: You realize that this is going to make people's heads explode, right?

Doug: Haha it is. Osweiler/Tebow comparisons to come

Doc: A situational (to start) pass rusher and a developmental QB - oh, my

Ted: I dislike this pick, but if they love him, I see why they did it.  I just think you don't get rich too often counting on developing 2nd-round QBs

Doc: I'm with you, Ted. I don't dislike it - I just don't like it that much

TJ: What the hell, John? Impact Players? When? 2015?

Ted: His limitation is inexperience, and that's better than an arm strength limitation, but getting him ready is going to be a job

Doug: Well, I like to hear that from Mayock, best arm in draft

Ted: He has an ugly tattoo on his arm. QBs aren't supposed to have tattoos. I don't agree with that Doug. I think he has a good arm, but not much more than that

TJ: This is brutal. Brutality

Ted: It's tough to think that he's going to get any reps to get better.  It's almost like you need to hire a second QB coach to tutor him

TJ: You spend $18 million on PM, and you act like you're rebuilding? This is stupid

Doug: But, Gase won't be coaching PM right? I mean, not much. Won't he have plenty of time left for Osweiler?

Doc: No one out there is great for FA or drafting - sometimes you have to take what there is. One great thing - no pressure on him for this year, maybe not for years. It's fair to say that I don't like this much, but they have nothing behind him, and I think that's coming into it.

TJ: His arm isn't even as strong as Foles's

Ted: Or Lindley's. I was seeing somebody say Foles is a soft kid, and doesn't mind being a backup though, and that's no good

TJ: Well I did mock this right - I just mocked it a round late

Doc: I've watched Lindley out here - I like the kid

Doug: Osweiler says he's a good friend of Elway's son Jack. Wow, so this is a Shanny-style nepotism pick? Mason says McCoy and Gase love this guy

Ted: Yeah I was wondering Doug, because Jack was a QB at ASU too before he quit playing

TJ: Ugh, his tape isn't that pretty

Doc: It's an interesting sideline, isn't it? This one just doesn't feel that good, but I'm hopeful of being wrong

Ted: Yeah me too Em.  I need an exciting pick, an impact player, to wash this taste away

TJ: Tebow would have had more impact in the next two years than Osweiler

Doug: Hahaha I still think we move up

Ted: True, but we all know keeping Tebow was untenable with Manning in the house

Ted: Pats just moved from 62 to 90 for 153.  Moving up is getting cheaper

Doug: Wow that's crazy. Heck, we could move up twice

Ted: Yep we sure could

Doug: Obviously, they must love this guy, and they think he can be a legit starter

Doc: If they're right, they're geniuses.

Ted: Denver just traded up to 67

Doug: NICE, love it. Let's go, RB

Ted: Ronnie Hillman per LJ

TJ: Heard the same on radio

Ted: Little Dave Meggett-type. I would have liked Miller more

Doc: That's the way, guys. Good pick!

TJ: Why NOT Miller???? Whyyyyyy?

Doug: Yeah I don't get it

Ted: I bet they think Hillman helps the return game more

Doug: Is he our Sproles? Versatile?

Ted: I think he is, Doug. He's a bit less dynamic, but he's still pretty dynamic. Yeah, he can catch, run, block, and return kicks. It's a good pick for another low-mileage back. They're trading Miller's speed for Hillman's elusiveness

Doc: He's smaller, and he's had a lot of long runs that up his yards per carry. I don't see him as a primary back, but he's that Swiss Army player that you need, and Manning is likely to love him

Doug: Still have the ammo to move back into the third round if they want

TJ: At least this guy will have impact on 3rd down and in the return game. Fun fact: Hillman was once coached by Snoop Dogg in Pee Wee

Ted: Yeah, I think the Hillman pick is solid.  I wish it was Iloka, but it's defensible to take Hillman. Snoop is serious about his coaching

Doug: Wow Brandon Thompson still on the board

Doc: I would have been happier with Iloka, Ted, but we both see him the same way. With the change in offenses, he's a heck of a specific skillset

TJ: Haha - get back in for Thompson

Doug: Judging by the talent still on the board, Iloka could be around for a long time

TJ: I watched Hillman again, saw him all season. And I still think Miller is better

Ted: I like Miller better too, TJ

Doug: Why did they move up 20 spots for him?

Doc: No argument, TJ. I think that they're looking at the returns and the change of pace back, ala Sproles. It may be a reach

Doug: I wonder who they were worried about taking him

Doc: Doug, you're right on Iloka - lots of talent still left, and it's a pretty specific role. Just a major one in the modern game.

TJ: Hillman is going to take some screens a long way, for the record

Doug: Wow Russell Wilson, third round

Ted: This is taking a guy to be a quality backup

Doug: But, ahead of Cousins/Foles/Lindley?

Ted: I think he's a better fit as a backup than Foles or Lindley, even with Cousins, who I also think is an NFL backup. Foles and Lindley are developmental possible starters. I see them differently, I guess

Doc: The Seahawks have been taking some weird choices at QB. I wouldn't put too much into them, although I also like Wilson. Quality backup is a good way to put it

Doug: Brandon Thompson, still there - and we clearly have the picks to move back up

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