Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Nate Irving at #67

The IAOFM staff's conversation leading up and reaction to the Broncos' third-round selection of NC State linebacker Nate Irving:

TJ - I guess Denver will have a few options at DT - are we even convinced they will draft one?

Ted - I'm pretty encouraged, but we can only hope.  I want Jurrell Casey

Doc - Is Christian Ballard still out there?

TJ - Yep

Ted - Randall Cobb here

TJ - Hey doug, remember when I said Cobb would sit for awhile? I got one thing right.

Doc - Okay. So, Casey, Ballard, Nevis, Guy, Ellis and Powe, of course. Not perfect, but it's a start. Sigh.

Ted - Yeah, there are some players there

Doc - I wonder where Fox will get his RB, as in which pick.

Ted - Hopefully not here

Doc - Agreed on that, Ted. I've been wrong on everything so far, though...

TJ - I did manage to watch Casey tape last night. I actually like him too - USC interior linemen  I like, usually

Doc - And folks complain when I'm more interested in why than in blame...I like Casey. I've hoped that we took him.

TJ - He actually gets some good penetration. His tape was good

Doc - Yes. Good balance

Ted - I like Casey.  I think he's a 10-year starter.

TJ - Okay, get Casey. Ballard I'm not sold on

Doc - Teej, Ted wasn't joking. He's said that before, and from what I've seen, it's very possible

TJ - Oh, wow. 10 years is a lot, but I did like his tape. Paea's more, however. The way they go, I'm not even sure they'll go DT

Doc - you might be right. FA?

Broncos select NC State LB Nate Irving

Ted - Parcells had this guy as the only 1st-round ILB

TJ - There you go - guess we know who is starting at LB now, haha

Doc - Ranks just below Casey Matthews, but he's faster. That's only on Scott Wright, though, and he hasn't hit better than I this year. 92 tackles, 21.5 for loss, team captain. Not bad at all

Ted - Parcells loved him, and I like Parcells as a judge of talent

Doc - We needed a Mike - now about that DT...But I like what I've seen of Irving.  Great story, too - coming back from car wreck.

TJ - I think it's another reach. Again, could have got him later.

Ted - Possibly, TJ, but there's a really weak ILB crop in this draft. He's better than Sheppard, who just went now. From my brother:  Hopefully Nate Irving keeps his helmet on better than Nate Webster

Doc - Oh, that's cold.

Ted - Hopefully, the Broncos have a good plan to address DT in free agency. If they do, then great

Doug - Yeah, let's see who's available. Barry Cofield? Brandon Mebane? Other youngish guys Stephen Bowen, Mike Patterson, Marcus Spears?

Ted - Mebane is good

Doc - Irving: A first-team All-ACC performer, second-team Walter Camp All-American and a semifinalist for the 2010 Butkus Award, Irving's 20.5 tackles for loss for the season tied for fourth in Wolfpack history, while his career mark of 39.5 ranks seventh. Pretty good, since he missed 2009 after the accident. He's gained 9 lb of muscle since the n season, apparently

Ted - You know, if the only knock on Irving is that he's not that fast in a straight line, I am not too worried about that. Brandon Spikes had the same complaint, and he was excellent as a rookie

Doc - You're right - I recall watching Irving in one game, and he seemed to be around the ball. I didn't know his story at the time - he was a bit thin, but he's putting weight back on.

Ted - I didn't know him at all till i saw Parcells' special a few days ago, and I looked into him some

Doc - Spikes also had the 'slow' thing, although it didn't affect his play. Irving is very quick...

Chewing the Fat