Champ unhappy with direction of contract talks

UPDATE: 6:30PM ET - Vic Lombardi has just tweeted that he spoke with Champ's agent Jack Reale, who has confirmed that the Broncos' midseason offer and the latest proposal were both for four years and around $40 million. As reported earlier, the gap between the two sides is apparently an issue of guaranteed money.

Original story 2:33PM ET - According to local agent mouthpiece reporter Josina Anderson, Champ Bailey and his agent are not happy with the state of their contract talks with the Broncos on a new deal. Earlier today via Twitter:

The Broncos' negotiating posture has not changed in any respect from the offer that was made back in October which provided only limited guarantees. The money represents nothing more than a commitment to the player for just the upcoming season only, which Bailey would be highly unlikely to accept in its current form on the brink of free agency given the lack of security provided beyond the first year of the contract.That quote Anderson posted is presumably from Champ's agent Jack Reale.

Meanwhile, Josina has since tweeted:

CB Champ Bailey just told me quote, "I am putting my Littleton, (CO) house up for sale. It will be officially listed within the next few days."

Naturally, any and all statements attributed to players and their agents while in the midst of contract negotiations must be taken with a grain of salt larger than the Big IF. And for all we know, it could be that Champ just doesn't like his house anymore and wants to move, or he has more than one residence in the Denver area. Or, it's all just posturing.

Perhaps the most (only?) interesting part of the first quote is the suggestion that the Broncos' proposal back in October was not to Bailey's satisfaction, either. Relative to how those earlier negotiations had been portrayed at the time, this would seem to be quite a change in Bailey and Reale's tune.

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