Champ out again as Broncos secondary faces stiffer test

Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Fox says Champ Bailey's injured ankle continues to show progress, but it's not enough for him to suit up on Sunday.

Champ and Joel Dreesseen have been declared out for Manning Bowl 3, C.J. Anderson is doubtful, and Omar Bolden and Chris Kuper are questionable. Seven players are probably, including Trindon Holliday and Wesses Welker and Woodyard, each of whom was a full practice participant for the first time all week.

Giants corner Prince Amukamara has been cleared to return from the concussion he suffered in Dallas, is listed as questionable, but is expected to start tomorrow.

Safety Antrel Rolle, who was held out Friday with a groin injury, is also questionable but expected to play.

C David Baas and RB Da'Rel Scott practiced in full and are listed as probable, while T David Diehl and TE Adrien Robinson are out. DE Damontre Moore is questionable.

Broncos News

Our guess on Manny Ramirez's contract extension ($2.5M-$3M, $1M guaranteed) was sort of in the ballpark, or at least in the same sport, as he got $3.15M with $500K in guarantees. However, there's also $2.85M in incentives that could bring the value up to $6M.

Chris Harris is not only aware of how good Giants wideout Victor Cruz is on the field; he says he paid close attention to how Cruz handled being a restricted free agent this offseason, as Harris will be after 2013.

Wes Welker once impersonated Britney Spears during a pep rally at his high school, and yes, there's video of it.

Broncos Analysis

As Andrew Mason notes, the Champ-less Broncos secondary will be facing a much better group of receivers than it did against Baltimore. Plus, he thinks it's high time the Broncos develop a reliable running game.

Kirk Goldsberry explains how the presence of Wes Welker improves both Peyton Manning and his fellow receivers.

Greg Bedard thinks Peyton's arm strength is only marginally better than it was last year, and he thinks Denver is highly overrated.

Manning Bowl 3

PFF's Trey Cunningham says the Giants' injury-ravaged secondary should be terrified by what they'll face tomorrow, and he seems to doubt their running game will generate much against Denver's defense.

News Alert: the Broncos are probably better with Peyton Manning than they would be with Eli.

Denver is currently a 4.5-point favorite, and is it any surprise that Bill Simmons is taking the Giants?

D.J. Gallo considers what might have happened had Peyton Manning ended up getting drafted by the Giants.


Incredibly, mustered up the nerve to liken their concussion problem to the one that faces Major League Baseball.

Oakland extended FB Marcel Reese for three years; Indy lost RB Vick Ballard for the season with a torn ACL.

Brian Urlacher seems a bit hurt that Jay Cutler hasn't contacted him since he announced his retirement. Jay's response: DON'T CAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE.

Tim Tebow's throwing mechanics are undergoing their eleventy-zillionth overhaul. Clearly, this time it will work!


Greg Cosell shares some thoughts on the Week 2 matchups and discusses them with Doug Farrar in their latest podcastFarrar/Chris Burke, Judy Battista, and Robert Mays preview the week's games.

Ben Muth breaks down some Week 1 sacks; Chase Stuart reads into last week's massive passing numbers.

Bill Barnwell tracks the rise of the NFCW from laughinstock to league power.

Over at KSK, some drinking games for each team's fans, and a translation of Mike Mayock's catchphrases.

Jay Busbee offers his submissions for the worst helmet designs in NFL history.


Of course, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will calll tomorrow's game; how many times will we hear from Nantz about how great Simms was throwing at the windy Meadowlands, and how he should somehow be a HOFer?

New reason to hate Skip Bayless: even though he's the older brother of a world-renowned chef (Rick Bayless), he eats chicken and broccoli every night for dinner.

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