Bumper stickers you may have missed - Post-lockout edition

The lockout has come to an end.

I find myself filled with terror--more terror than that time I woke up in downtown Oakland with an orange and blue butterfly tattoo and wearing only a Broncos thong.

Am I going to have Roger Goodell to pick on any more?

Probably.  As long as Goodell makes a ridiculous $10 million for being Jerry Jones' lapdog and imposing inconsistent fines, he'll remain a comedic gold mine.  If not, I thought I'd get my licks in one last time.

Here are some post-lockout bumper stickers you may have missed.  If you missed our first edition, you can find it here.

These bumper stickers include a few from other teams, so if you want to forward them on, by all means go right ahead.

1. Post-lockout Euphoria

2. A New Commissioner

3. Tebow & Von Miller - The Sequel

4. How did Goodell and De Smith Get this Deal Done?

5. A Real Quarterback Controversy

6. Who Really Runs the NFL

7. Goodell's Sacrifice

8. Need I Say More?

9. Shameless Self Promotion

10. How I Spent My Lockout

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I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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