Bucs release Freeman, will pay his salary in full

Unable to find a trade partner after having dragged his name through the mud, Tampa Bay finally did the right thing and released quarterback Josh Freeman on Thursday. Freeman will be paid the balance of his $6.2M salary.

Prior to cutting the cord with their former first-rounder, the Bucs had fined Freeman multiple times and may have leaked word of his presence in the league's drug-testing program, a potential breach of confidentiality.

Selected 17th overall out of KSU in 2009, Freeman had a stellar 2010 and pretty good 2012, but struggled in his three other seasons.

Certainly, it didn't help him that Tampa Bay's current head coach is an egomaniacal dickhead who thinks the epitome of trying hard is to send one's defensive linemen at the knees of opposing linemen after his team has clearly lost.

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