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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Chargers released guard Kris Dielman from their reserve-retired list yesterday, which prompted some puzzling rumors the 31-year-old was considering a return to play.

Instead, the move is more likely a precursor to legal action from Dielman against the Chargers and the NFL for their disastrous handling of his concussion last season.

Dielman had suffered a head injury during the fourth quarter of an October matchup with the Jets, but remained in the game despite showing signs of a concussion. Following the game, team personnel determined him fit to fly cross-country, even though air travel is thought to worsen post-concussive symptoms. Frighteningly, Dielman suffered a grand mal seizure during the flight and was later hospitalized.

Of course, we can talk all we want about personal responsibility, but does anyone want to suggest that Dielman was in any condition to determine whether it was a good idea for him to get on a plane that evening?


Elvis Dumervil is expected to report to training camp at Dove Valley this week, but two days before the team's second preseason game (home against Seattle), he faces an August 16 preliminary hearing in Miami regarding his aggravated assault charge.

In a Q&A with Mike Rice, Brandon Stokley of course says that his familiarity with Peyton Manning provides him an advantage in competition this year, and that Manning's perfectionism is ongoing theme throughout practices.

Also from the official site, supportive thoughts from the players to the victims of the Aurora shooting, and a Q&A with running backs coach Eric Studesville.

Nothing new here, but John Elway tells Ian Rapoport that he's striving for the Broncos to be a balanced offensive team.

Arnie Stapleton, have you been hanging out with Captain Accuracy or something? In an AP story about the team's acquisition of Manning, Arnie strangely writes that Denver "released" Tim Tebow, and that this occurred a day after the team signed Peyton. Bizarre.


Bills legend Bruce Smith is the latest HOFer to join in suing the league for its handling of head injuries, while Emmitt Smith admits he lied to team doctors to stay on the field. Appropriately, Emmitt reminds us all that twentysomething-year-old football players aren't generally thinking about the long-term consequences of their sport.

Several months after he first visited the team's headquarters, ex-Chiefs RB Jackie Battle signed with the Chargers; San Diego also signed DT Aubrayo Franklin.

Chiefs CB Donald Washington was arrested for DUI, marijuana possession, speeding, and driving with a suspended license in Illinois.

Titans WR Kenny Britt was arrested for DUI yesterday morning; it's his eight incident with police since he was drafted in 2009. While a suspension is likely, Bucky Brooks thinks Tennessee will manage fine without him. Meanwhile, the Titans signed S Aaron Francisco.

Lions DT Corey Williams is facing a DWI charge for a 2011 incident which he had not reported to his team (because it was during the lockout).

Jets CB Darrelle Revis has reportedly decided not to hold out from training camp.

Brett Favre will be an assistant coach at Oak Grove HS in Mississippi, most likely as an offensive coordinator. Also, he claims he doesn't really care whether the Packers retire his number.


A year into the new CBA, Mike Freeman says most players do not have a problem with the amount of power wielded by the Ginger Hammer, but they think the league's treatment of the Saints is more than anything an attempt to curtail future lawsuits.

Of course, Jason Cole's list of the top players returning from injury or retirement is topped by Peyton Manning. Likewise, Don Banks ranks Peyton's health as one of the biggest questions entering training camp.

Ben Muth evaluates the Chiefs offensive line and offers loads of praise for the team's signing of Eric Winston.

Matt Bowen is surprised that Plaxico Burress hasn't yet caught on with a new team.

Today's trivia question from Chase Stuart involves wideouts who ended their careers on high notes.

Hahaha Drew Magary's recent column about the Raiders stirred up some real venom from those dummies out in Oakland. Of course, he's probably also getting emails just like those from Broncos fans now.


Tim Tebow is working with former MLB pitching coach Tom House on his throwing motion. And in an incredible nod to his fans, the AFL has rescheduled its championship game so as not to conflict with the Jets' preseason opener.

PSU plans to take down the Joe Paterno statue this weekend.

An aspiring sportscaster was among those killed in Aurora on Thursday night. Eerily, she had narrowly escaped another public shooting only a month prior in a Toronto shopping mall, and her column about that experience was her final blog entry.

Has anyone ever seen masks like these, intended to prevent sunburn? So freaking weird.

What do you foresee of Brandon Stokley's future?

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