Broncos won bidding war for McCray Lard

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Presented without superfluous comment:


Von Miller and Jacob Tamme (videos) spoke with the press Thursday; Von says that thanks to their shared representation, his friendship with new teammate Shaun Phillips predates the close one he shares with ex-teammate Elvis Dumervil.

Miller also says he's bulked up to 260 pounds by lifting weights instead of doing yoga, and that he plans to be even bigger by the time the season begins. The former poultry science major also got his chicken business going this offseason; it's called Miller Farms, and currently features 38 birds.

It took a $17K signing bonus for Denver to win an apparent bidding war over undrafted Gators LB Lerentee McCray, which says a lot about what the Broncos think of the kid. Jeff Legwold says at least two teams had high fifth-round grades on McCray, FWIW.


Longtime Charger Nate Kaeding retired, and although he is the NFL's fourth all-time most accurate kicker, let this be our lasting image of him.

Kansas City dumped four players, including starting FB Patrick DiMarco and YouTube trick throw artist QB Alex Tanney; Andy Reid says Eric Fisher will play right tackle, which means it will primarily be his task to contain Von Miller; Ben Muth breaks down Fisher and Luke Joeckel and discusses their fits with their new teams.

After visiting the Chargers and Dolphins, Bryant McKinnie has decided to remain in Baltimore, where he agreed to a new two-year deal.

Now that the Broncos have dropped out of the market for a veteran pass rusher, John Abraham and Dwight Freeney will/are visit(ing) with the Titans; Cleveland overhauled its scouting department; the Bucs will retire the #99 jersey of Warren Sapp.

Tim Tebow

Drew Rosenhaus suggested Miami could be a landing spot for the Ultimate Teammate™, but the Dolphins apparently disagree.

Meanwhile, Team Tebow is putting out word that Timmy is willing to take a backseat to a "great QB" since of course, only a great QB is worthy of playing ahead of their guy, amirite? Dan Shanoff breaks down the long list of imaginary suitors.

Buttfumble, who is sporting some new headwear, says he would have helped Teebs with a flat tire, but draws the line at sending birthday gifts. Funny that the Sanchise would say that, because a flat tire may have spurred this downtrodden parking lot look.

Will his status as Timmy's high school teammate help this broski land a DeLorean at a discount price? TOTALLY POSSIBLE.


Here are 30-21 and 20-11 of PFF's top 101 players list; Von Miller and Peyton Manning figure to be part of their final installment.

Bucky Brooks grades the drafts of the AFCS and NFCS teams; Doug Farrar discusses those of the NFCN squads.

Andrew Mason evaluates Oakland's draft; Mike Silver expends a whole lot of words trying to justify the Carson Palmer trade from the Raiders' perspective.

Chase Stuart lists his top undrafted players since 2002, with Chris Harris ranking as a notable omission; Wesley Woodyard has only had one year playing at a high level, so it's understandable that he's not there.


The assholes at Westboro Baptist picketed the NBA playoffs last night as a response to the Jason Collins story, but they were clearly outshined by nonbigots, which we'll define as people who aren't into oppressing other people, or as bigots would say, reverse bigots.

While we're on the topic of oppression, a new poll found that an overwhelming majority (albeit a slightly less overwhelming majority than 20 years ago) of the overwhelming majority that is non-native Americans, doesn't care that the name Redskins is a clear racist slur.

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