Broncos win would clinch AFCW and NFCS Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Adderall has become a hot topic in the NFL this season.

A slew of players have been suspended this season for apparent abuse of the ADHD med, including Broncos tight end Virgil Green. Most players have challenged their bans, with varying levels of success. Excuses for positive tests by players have ranged from needing to stay awake during long drives, to incorrectly filed paperwork with the league, to urine sample switcheroos.

Outside theories on the rise in positive tests have included players needing a boost to trudge through their lengthy playbooks, or seeking an awareness edge during games, or covering for a more sinister substance (ie steroids) by citing the more societally acceptable Adderall.

Jack Dickey believes (based partly upon information from an NFLPA source) that the rash of Adderall-induced NFL suspensions has nothing to do with attempts to enhance performance, but is instead the case of a party drug being treated as a PED by the NFL.

This sounds about right to me; my previous stance on the matter was partly informed by a personal experience, when I was misdiagnosed with ADHD, and was subsequently prescribed some Ritalin to treat my nonexistent condition.

How did this happen? Long story made short, and probably TMI, but I had been in therapy for depression many years ago, and once we'd tackled that, my therapist thought I should see an ADHD specialist. This next doctor had me fill out some questionnaire, and based upon my answers, decided I had a mild case of the disorder. In hindsight, the whole thing was ludicrous.

I started taking the stuff (a small dose) as directed, and let's just say it didn't work out. Taking ADHD meds as someone who didn't have ADHD, they left me disoriented, with iffy vision, and quite frankly, in something of a panic. I could hardly even read my computer screens, and I left work for the day, completely unable to do my job. When I got home, I trashed the rest of the pills, and have been certain ever since that I have no attention deficit issues. Incidentally, my wife would actually suggest the exact opposite problem, and perhaps this here website would stand as evidence to support such an opinion.

Now, mine is just one isolated instance, with one specific drug, at one dosage level. Perhaps Adderall is different, or affects people without ADHD differently, and there really is an edge to be gained.

But I'm just not buying the notion that NFL players are flocking to Adderall as a means to improve their game day performance.


Videos: John Fox, Mike McCoy, Jack Del Rio, Champ Bailey, and Von  Miller speak after practice; Chris Hall reports for BTV; NFL Films previews the game.

Brandon Stokley and Manny Ramirez were again limited in practice, and Robert Ayers remains away from the team as he mourns his father's loss. Someone should check with Mike Florio to see if he thinks it's acceptable for Ayers to do so during the season.

With converted corner Ronde Barber in town, Champ was again asked about an eventual switch to safety, but he sounds less keen than ever on the idea, and why shouldn't he? Jeff Legwold says that with offenses passing more than ever, Champ has seen more throws sent his way, and he indirectly acknowledges how dumb it is that the media focuses so heavily on cornerbacks' touchdown and interception stats.

Derek Wolfe has played a higher percentage of his team's snaps than has any other rookie defensive lineman in the league, while John Elway says he views the Wolfe/Doug Martin trade as Denver having given up a first- and fourth-rounder to get back Wolfe, Ronnie Hillman, and Omar Bolden.

Legwold sees in the Bucs running game a big threat to Denver's defense, and he checks in on Denver's rookies and figures Bolden could see more action Sunday.

There's been some chatter that Jack Del Rio could be a candidate for the head job at Cal, which is near his hometown.

Although Denver is milder than most outsiders would think, that's not necessarily the case come Super Bowl time.

Mark Kiszla takes on the unfamiliar role of voice of reason regarding the overblown Manning/Jamaal Charles story.

Dick Stockton and John Lynch will be calling Sunday's game for FOX.


Doug Martin is maintaining perspective after having been stuffed by the Falcons last week.

Tampa Bay received full participation from all 53 players yesterday; LB Levonte David was named the league's Defensive ROM for November, while Dekoda Watson was named the NFC's special teams POM.

The Bucs think they're well prepared to deal with the Mile High altitude.


A Denver victory on Sunday would wrap up two divisions - their own AFCW, and Tampa's NFCS, which would be claimed by the Falcons (11-1), who picked off Drew Brees five times and ended his 53-game streak of games with a TD pass, in a 23-13 victory over the Saints (5-7). It was the first five-pick game of Brees's career; Matt Bowen analyzes one of the turnovers.

Alex Smith is puzzled by his demotion in San Francisco, but Bucky Brooks finds plenty to support Jim Harbaugh's switch to Colin Kaepernick; Harbaugh's ex-teammates say the ex-QB would never have accepted losing his job as gracefully as Smith has; Doug Farrar says Kaepernick's teammates had to believe in the kid before the switch could occur; Virgil Green isn't surprised to see his former Nevada teammate thriving.

Tennessee hired former Colts OC Tom Moore as a consultant; let's hope this doesn't prevent him from reuniting with Peyton Manning as Denver's next OC when Mike McCoy lands his inevitable head job next offseason.

Fellow greybeard Monte Kiffin is tired of working for his son Lane at USC, and hopes to also get back into the NFL next season.

Former LSU corner Tyrann Mathieu plans to enter the 2013 Draft; Doug Farrar marvels at the Honey Badger's talent, but thinks he'll end up dropping to the third or fourth round.

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is rather unhappy with the hypocritical NFL for having censored an already taped interview on NFLN which supports his latest film.


Sam Farmer explores the 2012 storyline of elite players like Manning, Adrian Peterson, and Terrell Suggs returning quickly to peak form from devastating injuries.

From what other franchise than the one that brought us Jaguaring, could there be a fan towel called the Jag Rag?

Mike Tanier and Benjamin Hoffman preview the week's games; Tanier expect a Broncos victory, while Hoffman predicts an upset.

Ben Muth studies protection adjustments by Tony Romo and his line, which were picked up by FOX's microphones on Thanksgiving; Pete Prisco examines Houston's defensive problems and the 4th-and-29 conversion allowed by San Diego.

PFF's data says Justin Bannin is 19th among the league's defensive tackles in run stop percentage.

Drew Magary previews the week's games and ponders the advantages of firing a coach midseason, plus KSK's Sex/FF mailbag.

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