Broncos will seek interview with Gary Kubiak

Last updated: Jan 13, 2015 9:27 AM

According to Adam Schefter, the Broncos will seek an interview with Gary Kubiak, their former offensive coordinator and John Elway's longtime backup.

Currently Baltimore's OC, Kubes announced on Sunday his intentions to remain with the Ravens and pass on interviews with the Bears and Jets. But it's inconceivable that he'd snub his buddy Elway and not at least take the meeting.

And as we suggested on Sunday night, it would have made plenty of sense for Kubiak to pass on the Chicago and New Jersey interviews if he knew he had a great chance of replacing Fox in Denver. Fox's departure wasn't a huge surprise by the time Kubes made his announcement, and it would be naive to assume Kubiak and Elway hadn't spoken before then.

While coaching his hometown Texans was the ideal job for Kubiak, the Broncos' head job can't be far behind, given his history in Denver and 32-year relationship with Elway.

Kubiak was fired by Houston with three games remaining in the 2013 season, just a month after he suffered stroke-like symptoms while walking off the field at halftime of a game against the Colts. In most of eight seasons as their head coach, Kubiak led the Texans to a 61-64 regular season record, going 2-2 in the postseason.

Elway's former road roommate has three SB rings - two as Denver's offensive coordinator, and another as San Francisco's quarterbacks coach, all of course, under Mike Shanahan.

It may be worth noting that Peyton Manning's reported first choice during his 2012 free agency was Houston, then coached by Kubiak. So while the idea of returning under a new coach may sound to some like an unattractive idea for Peyton, keep in mind that he wanted to play for the guy not that long ago.

And unless the quarterback is retiring, it must be assumed that Manning's input contributed to Elway's willingness to part ways with Fox. Put plainly, if Manning loved playing for Fox, and there's any chance Peyton is coming back in 2015, then there's no way Fox would be looking for work today.

If Manning does retire, then who better than Kubiak to potentially coach up Brock Osweiler next season? Only Peyton Manning runs the Manning Offense, and the athletic Osweiler would seem a pretty good fit for Kubiak's play-action rollouts. And as we all saw over the past two months, C.J. Anderson is quite the one-cut back, and also an excellent receiver out of the backfield.

Kubes makes a lot of sense for Elway and Denver, and we'll be shocked if he doesn't take the interview, and isn't the favorite to land the job.

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