Broncos will face Eagles without Champ

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Let's open with an excellent quote from former Denver nemesis Rich Gannon regarding what makes Peyton Manning so lethal against the blitz:

He's at the Ph.D. level. He anticipates ahead of time based on his film study and preparation during the week. He's able to preview information in the huddle ahead of time. 'Hey, guys, I'm anticipating pressure. Heads up for this.' Then he can get up to the line of scrimmage and recognize the front, the down and distance, the coverage, where the pressure's coming from, and change the protection.

Now here's where he's different than most guys: Not only does he change the protection, but he makes you pay for doing so. He'll get into the right protection, take the hit off and allow himself time to set his feet and make an excellent throw, but then he'll put the concept with it that has a chance to rip your heart out, has a chance to be a touchdown.

Indeed, Peyton has actually been more productive when blitzed than when he's not.

According to PFF's data, Manning has a 13.1% touchdown rate and 141.1 QB rating when facing a blitz, versus 8.1% and 129.2, respectively, when not blitzed.

Perhaps most incredibly, none of Peyton's four sacks came when opponents brought an extra man.

Obviously, they're only three games in, and these numbers are bound to change. But until they do, let them speak to how incredible Manning has been.


Given how things have been going with him, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Champ Bailey won't be suiting up today.

DRC apparently owns bowling shoes that match his ugly car, and he says he doesn't plan on doing much skiing in CO.

Gary Zimmerman says he'd love to have played in an offense like Denver's, while Tom Nalen says Denver's advantage is in tiring out defensive linemen.

With the Broncos and Eagles both operating their offenses at a quick pace, legendary coach Marv Levy, whose Bills ran the K-Gun offense, feels somewhat vindicated.

Andrew Mason discusses the Eagles offense and offers his three keys to the game from Denver's perspective.


CB Cary Williams doesn't think there's anything wrong with blitzing Peyton.

Paul Klee believes Chip Kelly provided Manning with some bulletin board material, but that may be a bit of a stretch.

Jeff McLane and Zach Berman go unit by unit and are sticking with their predictions of a Denver victory.

Bob Ford thinks the best the Eagles can do today is take away some valuable lessons in a losing effort.

Chase Stuart explains why there was nothing wrong with Chip Kelly's decision to go for two against KC last week.


The NFL is said to be considering an expansion of the playoff field from 12 to 14 teams, in exchange for reducing the preseason from four games to three.

There are conflicting reports on whether the Raiders will start Terrelle Pryor or Matt Flynn at QB today against Washington. Meanwhile, the Oneida Indian Nation of New York will run an ad during the Oakland radio broadcast suggesting that Washington change its blatantly racist name.

Tennessee is reportedly shopping troubled WR Kenny Britt, who would seem like a prime candidate to join the Patriots.

Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola will not play for the Pats tonight in Atlanta; it's reported that Gronk's inner circle doesn't want the team to rush him back after having undergone five operations in the past year.

Cleveland is expected to release RB Montario Hardesty from IR.

It's probably a good bet that the NFL wasn't figuring upon the Vikings and Steelers being a combined 0-6 when they invited them to play in London today. According to Gary Myers, the Jaguars are indeed the likeliest team to move across the Pond, but the NFL is considering having the future London franchise be based on the East Coast and then travel to England for multi-game homestands.


Greg Cosell thinks RG3 is getting back to form, and he likes what he's seen from Philip Rivers to this point.

Len Pasquarelli expects teams to blanch at the idea of paying Josh Freeman the $6.5M that remains of his salary, if they were to trade for him.

Brian Burke explains his awesome Positional Leaders Visualization.

As measured by yards per completion, Sam Bradford is the NFL's true Captain Checkdown, but Alex Smith is indeed #2 among current QBs.

With the Dolphins set to visit the Saints tomorrow, Adam Schefter considers what might have been had Miami's doctors signed off on signing Drew Brees seven years ago.

Today's Lard is Brought to You by the Number One

Following the demotions of Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman, Matthew Stafford is now the only QB out of the eleven drafted in 2009 to currently have a starting job.

Especially when considering how much better their conference is supposed to be, it's incredible that only five NFC teams entered Week 4 with more than one win.

High School/College

A high school team in Portville, NY, voted to cancel their season after one of their players died following an in-game head-to-head collision. According to ABC News, at least five high school players have died this year after suffering on-field injuries.

Not only did Southern Cal fire former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin last night, but they reportedly yanked him off the team bus and made him find his way back from LAX.

CSU showed yesterday what can happen when coaches stay aggressive on fourth down. Not sure why proponents of the conservative approach always assume the FG attempt will be converted, or that going for it will fail, but they do.

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