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Good Morning, Broncos fans! By the end of this week, all teams will have reported for training camp; the Broncos will report on Wednesday and begin practice on Thursday.

But today, the biggest NFL news is the launch of The MMQB - Peter King's Grantland-style football site - the goal of which, he says, is to become "the thinking person’s site for pro football." His enlistment of Andy Benoit, Andrew Brandt, Richard Deitsch, and others, should help him reach that goal.

As much as we in the football blogosphere all mock PK, there's no denying that he's among the best football reporters around, and his weekly column is a must-read. He and his team are already off to a prolific start:

  • PK will be at Dove Valley on Thursday for the opening of camp; in his first column, he introduces his staff, promises to do a better job of covering all 32 teams, and says that while at least four active players considered coming out of the closet this offseason, he thinks it will be another year before anyone does so.
  • Ex-Globe scribe Greg Bedard writes about what else - the Patriots - and says that before counting them out due to the Aaron Hernandez saga, remember that they've already faced down a slew of enormous distractions during Bill Belichick's tenure.
  • Brandt explains what it's like for team execs to get news of bad behavior by their players, recalling his own dealings with the rape allegations against then-Packers TE Mark Chmura.
  • Benoit considers what RG3 and the rest of Shanny's charges must do to return to the playoffs in 2013.
  • Jim Trotter says it's unfair to compare Manti Te'o to the late Junior Seau.
  • Deitsch discusses Ray Lewis's new television analyst role with the former Raven.
  • Seahawks corner Richard Sherman explains what makes him the outspoken person and great player he is today.


LB Will Witherspoon, who signed with the Rams the other day, and whose first four seasons were spent with John Fox's Panthers, says Fox recently attempted to recruit him to Denver. However positively coaches speak about Nate Irving, Steven Johnson, and Stewart Bradley publicly, don't ever forget that actions are everything, and words mean virtually nothing. This news should speak volumes about what the staff thinks of its MLB options, and has Joe Mays been cut yet, or what? (via MHR)

Should-be HOFer Terrell Davis is finally returning to NFLN, where he'll reportedly have a frequent role on NFL Total Access and NFL AM.

Jason Lisk doesn't think Mike Klis was kidding yesterday when he suggested the Broncos' SB chances would improve by virtue of the team losing more games in 2013 than in 2012. Perhaps he's right, and we gave Klis far too much credit yesterday.


Dallas opened training camp Sunday and already lost DE Tyrone Crawford for the season with a torn Achilles. The Cowboys placed DE Jay Ratliff on the active PUP list, and several others - including newly signed tackle Demetress Bell - on the active/non-football injury list, and they added ex-Chiefs QB Alex Tanney.

New England added undrafted Illinois corner Justin Green; Green Bay is adding three players to its HOF, including KGB and Chris Jacke.

Co-defendants Ernest Wallace and Aaron Hernandez will appear in court separately this week, so we should expect more details to emerge in the Odin Lloyd homicide case.

The league is launching its NFL Legends Program to help retired players stay connected with each other and increase their awareness of resources made available to them by the NFL.


Mike Freeman speculates that the NCAA's unsurprisingly poor handling of concussions could help the NFL's defense in the class action lawsuit it faces from ex-players regarding the same.

Mike Florio argues that the current CBA isn't as one-sided in the owners' favor as some people (ie. us) make it out to be, and he thinks another work stoppage in 2021 is inevitable.

Mike Tanier calls Niners/Seahawks the league's best current rivalry, and he details how the teams figure to match up in 2013.

Greg Cosell and Doug Farrar discuss the 2013 draft classes of the NFCE teams in their latest podcast.

No Broncos rank among PFF's top 20 graded seasons by tight ends since 2008.


Chase Stuart studies the reliance on rookies by the 2012 Colts, whose 11-5 season was not quite as different from that of the 4-12 Browns as one might think.

Jason Fitzgerald calls John Sullivan's and John Carlson's contracts the Vikingsbest and worst, respectively

In his latest mailbag, John Clayton suggests that Raiders tackle Jared Veldheer could end up with more than $7M/year in a new deal from Oakland next offseason.


Incredibly, last season's 11 NFL postseason games occupy the top ten ratings spots for all sporting events, with Bengals/Texans coming in at #13, only beat out by the BCS title game and Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

That the Worldwide Leader has hit Outside The Lines with a significant demotion (to ESPN2 an earlier time slot, in favor of epic douchebag Colin Cowherd) should tell us all we need to know about how much ESPN values actual journalism.

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