Broncos waive King to make room for Von

Just days after convincing Tavarres King to stay in Denver rather than sign with Green Bay, the Broncos have released their fifth-round wideout. A move was necessary to make room for Von Miller, who is returning from suspension.

King had been on Denver's practice squad and drawn interest from the Packers, who placed WR Randall Cobb on short-term IR this week.

But with King choosing to remain in Denver, he may have missed his opportunity with Green Bay, as the Packers instead promoted WR Myles White from their practice squad and claimed WR Chris Harper off waivers from San Francisco.

Of course, Green Bay could still prefer King to one of those players, but it's unlikely they'd make another move with a game to play tomorrow against Cleveland.

It will be interesting to see whether Denver re-signs King to their practice squad during the week, or if Green Bay finds room for him.

Obviously, the Broncos have to be looking out for their own best interests, but they've known for many weeks that Von would be coming back from suspension. Could they really have only made the decision to dump King just in the past couple of days?

Here's what it comes down to, and it's a lesson provided everyday around the NFL - players have to look out for themselves, and not trust that teams will do right by them.

King could be earning full game checks with the Packers while Cobb is out, but he may instead be working Denver's scout team at a sliver of the pay.

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