Broncos trying to pay Thomases

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! With the team's mandatory minicamp kicking off today, the Broncos are also opening some important contractual business.

According to John Elway, Denver has approached the agents for Demaryius and Julius Thomas about extending their respective deals.

The Thomases are each scheduled to become free agents after the season, and Elway says he'd like to get something done with them prior to the start of training camp.

Mike Klis says Demaryius figures to get about $12M annually, while Julius should draw around $7M per year.

Judging by the top contracts at each position, we'd say Klis is correct on the tight end but low regarding the wideout.

In our view, Demaryius is worth more like $14M/year, if not higher.

Looking at the APY (Average Per Year) column, would anyone trade Demaryius for Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe, or Vincent Jackson?

Didn't think so.

Yes, it's difficult to pay a wideout $14M/year when the quarterback is already pulling down ~$19M annually.

But that's the first world problem Denver faces, and we'll be interested to see whether they can somehow pull it off, without serious consequences elsewhere.


Chris Harris says he intends to become more of a leader this year, especially once he's healthy enough to do so on the field.

Wes Welker sat down with Vic Lombardi recently.

Doug Farrar expects Montee Ball to break out in 2014, while Farrar and Chris Burke predict Emmanuel Sanders will have a big year.

In their SI podcast on the AFCW teams, Farrar suggests the Broncos did very well in replacing the departed Eric Decker.


A foot injury may keep Raiders corner D.J. Hayden out until training camp.

The plumped up Knowshon Moreno continues to work with the third and fourth team offenses in Miami.


CBS Sports is promoting Ian Eagle and totally objective AFCW observer Dan Fouts to their #2 broadcast pairing.

Unfortunately, PFF has been drawn into the ESPN echo chamber. Was bound to happen...


The Washington franchise has reportedly hired a lobbying firm to aid in the losing battle to save its blatantly racist name.

A Native American tribe will air a 60-second commercial during halftime of tonight's NBA Finals Game 3. The spot will denounce said name; prepare for some racist assholes to suggest their money would be better spent elsewhere.

Over at YITR, a pair of fine suggestions for a new name.


Since fining and suspending a team owner seems a bit useless, Jeffri Chadiha suggests docking draft picks from Jim Irsay's Colts. Of course, the better solution would be to punish neither owners nor players for off-field issues.

Chase Stuart's latest career QB rankings place Peyton Manning at #1 and John Elway at #24. Hello, Dan Reeves.

PFF's grades verify that Manning is great no matter which quarter or half of a game is being analyzed.

Sam Monson considers whether it's fair to knock Richard Sherman for not shadowing #1 wideouts as Darrelle Revis does.

Greg Gabriel ponders Philly's 2014 outlook; Robert Weintraub discusses Cincy's offseason; Scott Kacsmar surveys the AFCN.

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