Broncos trying to move Brandon Lloyd before practice on Monday

Mike Klis is reporting the Broncos are now trying to move wide receiver, Bradon Lloyd, as fast as possible--that is, before tomorrow's practice.

It appears as if Jim Harbaugh Rocky Balboa has now emerged as the front runner.  As Klis reports:

The San Francisco 49ers appear to be showing the strongest interest in the acrobatic receiver, but the New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams also were in discussions, according to two NFL sources.

If this is true, it would be a homecoming of sorts for Lloyd, who played for San Francisco from 2003-2005.  During his first tour of duty with the 49ers, Lloyd never quite lived up to his potential, although it should be noted that he was a 4th-round draft pick.

The 49ers beat the Lions today to improve to 5-1, but during the game it was clear they are in need of big-play threat for Alex Smith.  

The Rams make the most sense from an offensive standpoint, given that Josh McDaniels is now their offensive coordinator.  However, if you're Lloyd, you're probably delighted to be going to a playoff-caliber team (all other things being equal).

On the Eddie Royal front, there appears to be no movement.  Perhaps the Broncos are just waiting for Mike Shanahan to pick up the phone.  

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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