Broncos took best deal; Tebow had no input; Jets declare Sanchez starter

Contrary to previous reports, the Broncos did what was in their self interest as an organization.

Vic Lombardi reports:

NEWS: I can confirm the Jets offered the better draft picks. The Jags package was less attractive. The Broncos chose the Jets.

Mike Klis confirmed this:

Jags offered same $2.53 million rebate as Jets. No more. Difference was Jets gave 6th to Broncos in return for 7th. A 40-plus move up.

Lombardi also confirmed that neither Tebow nor his brother Robby had any input into the trade.

Bad news for those who thought the Broncos would let Tebow get back to the south as he was hoping. Good news for those who believe in the power of the free market.

Sure, the Jets are already massaging Mark Sanchez's fragile ego: they are saying Tebow is only the back-up quarterback and will only be used in the wildcat, but you've got to love it when the invisible hand taps Mark Sanchez on the shoulder and says, "hey, bro, you wanna workout?"

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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