Broncos to wear blue unitards on Sunday night

The Broncos will wear their hideous navy on navy uniforms next week on SNF against the Niners.

Normally, I wouldn't bother writing a separate entry on such an item.

However, with the Rams sporting their awesome pre-aughts uniforms tonight, I can't help but long (again) for the Broncos' pre-1997 logo and uniforms.

Pretty much the only good thing about the change is its association with the two SB wins.

If you're into that type of superstition, then perhaps SB 48 should serve as motivation for another switch.

I just think the old logo and uniforms look better.

And as for these blue things, well, every game at SAF@MH should be an Orange Sunday/Monday/Thursday/Saturday.

Everyone should be wearing orange, always.

Especially the players.

What jersey would you have the Broncos wear at home?

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