Broncos still favored to win Super Bowl, slightly

Wild Card Weekend dropped the four longest shots to win the Super Bowl.

This week, little has changed in the odds to win the NFL's biggest prize. The Patriots slightly bumped up, as did the Falcons and Packers. With fewer games to play, it only makes sense. The Texans were the only team to have their odds get worse (or better, if you're placing money on them).

Team Fractions American Odds
Broncos 3 to 1 +300
Patriots 10 to 3 +333
49ers 11 to 2 +550
Falcons 13 to 2 +650
Packers 13 to 2 +650
Seahawks 17 to 2 +850
Texans 16 to 1 +1600
Ravens 20 to 1 +2000

Interesting to note is that the AFC teams bookend the NFC teams. If all of the favored teams win again, the bottom four will once again be eliminated, keeping the oddsmakers and bettors with a 100% playoff record.

Below are the individual game odds. All home teams are favored, so the Broncos are favored to win by 9.5 points, the 49ers by 3, etc.

Away Team Home Team Spread
Ravens Broncos -9.5
Packers 49ers -3
Seahawks Falcons -3
Texans Patriots -9.5

Once again, I grabbed the odds from bet365 with no linking due to paranoia, but with netiquette guilt.

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