Broncos sign safety Mike Adams to two-year deal

The Broncos have added their first veteran free agent of the year, signing former Browns safety Mike Adams (5-11, 200) to a two-year deal. Adams, who turns 31 in a week, is entering his ninth NFL season after spending his first three years with the 49ers and the past five with Cleveland.

By PFF's measure, Adams graded out at +1.5 overall (-4.4 run, -0.7 pass, +5.6 coverage, +1 penalty) with 47 tackles, 10 assists, six missed tackles, and nine stops.

Adams's Twitter handle is @MDOTADAMS20 if you'd like to welcome him to the Broncos. His reaction to the move:

clev didnt offer a contract for me 2 stay, so now im a Bronco. I went hard every play 4 u clev! I will miss that locker room, and the fans!

Ted's Take:

I like the Mike Adams signing for the Broncos, assuming the price isn't too high. Anything in the neighborhood of $1.5 to $2 million is reasonable for him. He's the kind of solid player and citizen who made it through three regime changes in Cleveland while playing there for five years. That really doesn’t happen too often, as we’ve seen.

Adams is more of a coverage specialist than a box player, and I think that fits nicely with what the Broncos need. Offenses have been gaining big advantages by flexing TEs, and Safeties who can cover are at a premium. Adams isn’t going to single-handedly shut down Rob Gronkowski, but he’ll hold his own in coverage most of the time.

One thing to consider about older safeties is that if they’re not starters, they usually can’t make your football team. The reason is that backup safeties generally have to be counted on to be core special teamers. That tends to dictate that your backups are younger, faster guys. That’s why as much as you’d like to keep a smart guy like Renaldo Hill around, if he can’t start for you, he can’t get a job.

Adams played some special teams for the Browns last season, but not as much as earlier in his career. I suspect that was because he was playing a career high number of snaps on defense, and it didn’t indicate a decline in his ability to cover kicks. He didn’t ever look diminished to me, in an athletic sense.

Mike Adams is a solid, smart, consistent player who will compete for playing time and be a good team guy. He’s exactly the kind of free agent signing who helps a football team, and this is a good example of waiting out the overpaying suckers and bringing in a guy who can contribute to winning.



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