Broncos waive Kyle Orton

According to Adam Schefter, the Broncos have parted ways with Kyle Orton today. Pure speculation, but my first thoughts are either that Orton requested his release or was vocally unsupportive of Tim Tebow and/or the coaching staff, or maybe this was done as a favor so Kyle could sign on with a team in need of a QB? Say, Kubes and the Texans? Back to Chicago?

As it turns out, Mike Klis reports that Orton and his agent approached the Denver FO about a possible release after Jay Cutler broke his thumb, an injury which will require surgery tomorrow to repair and could keep Cutler out for as long as 6-8 weeks.

There are now were conflicting reports out there on how much of Orton's $7.379M base salary is unpaid at this point, as Albert Breer says the amount is $1.324M, while but as Klis says, it's around $2.58M.

As Lindsay Jones points out, Orton will be put through waivers first, and any claiming team would be responsible for the balance of Kyle's base salary. Were Orton to clear waivers, he'd be free to sign with any team for a prorated portion of at least the $685K minimum salary paid to players with six years of NFL experience in 2011.

Denver paid Orton a $1.5M bonus back at the end of July, and he figures to have picked up $6,111,875 $4,774, 647 thus far in game checks, which would leave $2,767,125 if my calculations are correct $2,604,353. It's conceivable that a team like Chicago or Houston let the Denver FO they'd claim Orton should they waive him, thus providing salary relief for the Broncos. Not sure if that's kosher under the NFL's tampering rules, but again just an idea.

Presumably, the team will promote Adam Weber from the practice squad to take Orton's roster spot. We'll keep you posted...

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