Broncos reportedly going orange in 2012

According to Woody Paige in his column today, the Broncos will indeed be going back to orange jerseys full time starting with the 2012 season (the earliest they can do so at this juncture). This, just six short weeks after Dave Krieger and then-coach Josh McDaniels spent half the Monday presser following the win versus KC talking about jerseys? Wow, things work quickly around these parts, eh? Was it the fan email campaign that Krieger started? Was it the online petition started by our friends over at

Funny - the first hint of such an idea comes after a rousing home victory in which the Broncos wore orange. The day after the team's next win, which also happened to come at home and with QB-of-the-future Tim Tebow directing his first 4th-quarter comeback, Woodrow lets it slip that the orange jerseys will return. Amazing...well, you know what I think. But conspiracy theories aside, I'm thrilled to hear it. How do you feel about the decision?

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