Broncos offense is in another stratosphere

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver's 2013 campaign has been a statistical marvel in many senses. From our good friend Chase Stuart:

  • The gap between how much Denver and Chicago (the #2 team) score is greater than Chicago's advantage over the Jets (the #31 team). That's all kinds of insane.
  • The Broncos have the most efficient red-zone offense as far back as that data goes (only to 1997
  • Denver's per-game scoring is 75% higher than the average of the other 31 teams

Of course, you should read Stuart's piece in its entirety.


Videos: NFLN's Playbook crew discuss tomorrow's matchup; Judy Battista and Albert Breer talk about the QB rivalry.

Von Miller and Jack Del Rio agree that Von could be having more of an obvious impact, even while his return has bolstered Denver's defense.

Wes Welker is keeping it low-key this week, apparently making everyone forget his comments from August about have had to "endure" playing for Bill Belichick.

Dave Magazu has been especially grateful to have had Louis Vasquez among his charges this season.

Rahim Moore has caught some heat around here, but PFF's grades still look kindly upon him, and suggest he'll be missed.

This won't sit well with the Josh McDaniels haters, but Adam Schefter revisits the young hooded one's contributions to Denver's current roster. One major bone to pick with Schefter's thinking is that it shouldn't be assumed the offense would be faring as well with J.D. Walton at center, given how stunningly well Manny Ramirez has played.

While no Broncos rank among the league's 20 most penalized lineman, Orlando Franklin's five flags have him close.


Kyle Arrington, who figures to land Wes Welker as an assignment tomorrow night, spent years practicing against him in New England.

Going back to his time at Texas Tech, Danny Amendola is more than accustomed to answering questions about his similarities to Wes Welker.

The Patriots defense has 18 sacks in its past four games, although their schedule likely accounts for much of that.

Chandler Jones is leading the team with 9.5 sacks in his sophomore season.

RB Stevan Ridley has fumbled in each of the Pats' last two games.


San Francisco extended CB Tramaine Brock.

The NFL suspended umpire Roy Ellison one game without pay over his confrontation with Washington tackle Trent Williams.

On the anniversary of the Buttfumble, Mark Sanchez sported some hideous cornrows as part of an apparent lost wager.


Albert Breer lauds Welker's toughness and say he expects the Vikings will again be on the hunt for a long-term solution at quarterback in the offseason.

Judy Battista credits Tom Coughlin's steady leadership with having righted the Giants' ship after their nightmarish 0-6 start.

Greg Cosell discusses the struggles of Robert Griffin III; Robert Mays focuses on the Arizona defense, Tampa Bay DT Gerald McCoy, and San Diego tackle D.J. Fluker.

Doug Farrar ranks the best debuts by NFL quarterbacks as starters in history.

Jason Whitlock proposes a slew of radical changes to NFL rules.

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