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Good Morning? Broncos fans. As you all know by now, the Broncos and Josh McDaniels were each fined $50K yesterday for Spygate II. Apparently McDaniels never looked at the six-minute recording video operative director Steve Scarnecchia took of the Niners' walkthrough, and failed to report the offense - hence the fine. Certainly the incident reflects poorly on the Broncos organization as a whole, and the most obvious question is why McDaniels hired Scarnecchia in the first place. But there are several memes flying around regarding Scarnecchia's involvement in Spygate I - let's try to straighten them out a bit. When the Jets exposed the Pats in 2007, Scarnecchia was the Jets' video director - the whistleblower in fact. He had not worked for New England since 2004. The original Spygate investigation circled around whether the Patriots filmed the Lambs' walkthrough before the two were to meet in SB XXXVI. But the videographer in question was Matt Walsh - not Scarnecchia, who was a video assistant for New England from 2001 to 2004.

None of this is to claim that Scarnecchia was an innocent bystander for any of these instances - in fact, Walsh claimed that Scarnecchia was guilty of the same offense later on. Should Josh McDaniels have hired him? Who knows? Should he have told Scarnecchia upon hiring him that the Broncos wouldn't be engaging in any covert videotaping operations? Maybe he did. Or, maybe it's what he hired him for in the first place. The point is, we don't know - perhaps we will someday, but how about we stick with what we do know? Joe Ellis stated that this entire affair was not a fireable offense for Josh McDaniels, so really - there's no point in arguing whether he should be fired for it. No pandering poll to be found here...

Spygate II

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81 years ago, Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals scored a record 40 points which still stands.

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