Broncos maybe, kind of, might want Will Montgomery back

Writes Mike Klis:

It appears the team is hoping to re-sign veteran Will Montgomery, who is a free agent.

Does "appears...hoping" mean the team is actively pursuing a new deal with Montgomery? Honestly, it's anybody's guess. That's some real vague stuff right there.

FWIW, Montgomery made $1.2M in salary last season, plus another $125K in roster bonuses. He had another $600K available via incentives, but it's unclear whether he hit any of those. It would surprise us if Montgomery were able to get much more than that in 2015, or to receive any sort of guarantees. As noted the other day, there are still quite a few veteran centers available.

Meanwhile, Gary Kubiak's explanation of the Bradley-Roby-to-safety idea is a little strange:

Here's how it comes up: We're going to get our best players on the field. Percentage-wise last year he did not play a whole lot. He played in nickel and those type of things. I think if you look at our division, we're probably going to play a lot more nickel than we play base defense. But when we do play base defense ... you don't want him standing there on the sidelines. He's a fine player, so the talk is getting him some safety work. He's a physical player. Basically, it's us saying he needs to be out there.

Roby played 818 regular season snaps in 2014. Only Rahim Moore (1,074), T.J. Ward (1,019), Chris Harris (1,004), Aqib Talib (934), Von Miller (926), and Brandon Marshall (883) played more than the rookie. After Roby, the defensive back with the next heaviest workload was Quinton Carter, at a distant 221 snaps. Roby was a significant part of the Broncos defense in 2014, no matter how you slice it.

Now, it doesn't really matter what Kubiak says. He doesn't owe us an explanation, and he doesn't have to be honest about it, either. It's just a weird thing to say, is all.

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