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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As we dive into the 2013 offseason, it's always helpful to be reminded of some of the procedural rules coming into play.

First up is the waiver rule, and this is relevant because almost every article about Detroit's dumping of Titus Young inaccurately describes the move as a release or cut. The problem with that wording is it suggests Young is a free agent who could sign with any team, and that just isn't the case.

As a player with less than four years' service time, Young instead had to be placed through waivers. This is why the Seahawks won't be able to cut Russell Wilson and give him a raise, as some had suggested could happen. He'd have to be waived, and obviously, that would result in him becoming the Chiefs' next starting quarterback.

In Young's case, the Rams were the only team to put in a claim, and he's now their property, rookie contract and all.

Another rule to note - and this is a new one - is that teams will have a few days prior to free agency when they'll be able to legally negotiate with pending free agents from other teams.

This was a sensible change by the league, since tampering has always occurred at this time each year, as evidenced by players signing just minutes after the start of free agency.

This legal tampering period will stretch from Saturday, March 9 until Monday, March 11.

At 4pm ET on Tuesday, March 12, all 2012 contracts will expire, and the 2013 league year will commence

By that deadline, all franchises will have to have exercised any team options, tendered any restricted free agents, and be under the salary cap as per the Top-51 rule.

Obviously, we'll keep you posted as these and other notable dates approach, and what they mean for the Broncos.


Mike Klis can envision the Broncos making a play for Ed Reed, and he thinks there's a case to be made for the team to draft a corner at #28.

Jeff Legwold believes Ryan Clady's shoulder surgery could push the team to use its franchise tag on him rather than give him a megadeal, and that seems a very sensible approach. Plus, he thinks Philip Blake could push J.D. Walton at center, and that the team will again consider shifting Orlando Franklin over to guard, despite his emergence as a top right tackle.

Ugh. In FO's simulation of 10,000 2012 seasons, the Broncos are the clear favorite, winning the Super Bowl a whopping 22.2% of the time.

Here are the top ten offensive plays of Denver's 2012 season as collated by BTV and listed by Gray Caldwell.


Sadly, but to no great surprise, many ex-NFL players are suffering from depression but are unaware of it, and thus unable to help themselves seek treatment.

Philly is not expected to cut Michael Vick and his $15.5M salary before a $3M bonus is due him today; the team is reportedly nearing a deal to reunite former Ducks QB Dennis Dixon with new head man Chip Kelly.

The LOLJets fired line coach Dave DeGuglielmo and are considered unlikely to bring back Shonn Greene.

Adam Schefter reports that New Orleans will hire Rob Ryan to run their defense, but the team will apparently also be interviewing Georgia Bulldogs DC Todd Grantham.

The Jaguars have updated their logo by making it a bit more vibrant, svelte, and sharp.

Super Bowl

Naturally, Joe Flacco's agent says his client deserves to be paid the highest salary of any quarterback in the NFL.

Former ref Gerry Austin isn't so sure that many officials would have called the illegal formation penalty that wiped out San Francisco's big game-opening play, but he understands why there were no flags for Cary Williams's shove of a linesman and Jim Harbaugh's venture down to the 10-yard line late in the game.

Bucky Brooks goes over the facets of Baltimore's championship blueprint that are worth copying.

Doug Farrar ponders the NFL's options for a halftime show at next year's Super Bowl, while allowing for the possibility of crappy weather in NJ.

Old friend Trevor Pryce thinks nerves were to blame for Ray Lewis's dreadful performance on Sunday.

Bill Barnwell chronicles his Super Bowl weekend in Vegas.


According to PFF's data, the Broncos were second only to the Pats in terms of frontrunning in 2012 and remained a run-heavy offense even when they trailed within games.

As the latest proof of Von Miller's singular greatness, he had by far the most quick sacks in the league according to PFF.

Chase Stuart compares Houston and Detroit's passing attacks and notes that Courtney Upshaw joined a short list Sunday of players to win the SB a year after winning a National Championship.

Forbes posted its annual list of America's most disliked athletes, with Manti Te'o, Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, and Tony Romo representing football players among the top ten.

Christmas Ape offers some advice for surviving the months of no football, plus some terrific sketch representations of the 2012 season from a Pixar animator.

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