Broncos in London Lard 10-30-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brian Dawkins, Andre’ Goodman and Eddie Royal have all been declared as probable for tomorrow’s game. The only other players on the injury report are the five who did not make the trip - Robert Ayers, Perrish Cox, Darcel McBath, Kevin Vickerson and Wesley Woodyard. While this is still a lengthy list, we are most definitely looking at a better situation than in prior weeks. For San Francisco, QB Alex Smith and C Eric Heitmann are out, while CB Tarell Brown is doubtful. TE Vernon Davis and RB Anthony Dion are listed as questionable, while LB Ahmad Brooks, CB Nate Clements and G Adam Snyder are all probable.

Actual Broncos/Niners News/Analysis (or hack journalism, whatever your stance)

Josh McDaniels met with the press in London yesterday.

The Playbook guys preview the game and expect the Broncos to bounce back. They didn’t get the meme memo about Josh McDaniels having lost the team, apparently.

Although the Broncos arrived later than the Niners, they will still have had two full days to become acclimated to the time difference, and they do not kickoff until 5pm local time tomorrow. Plus, more notes from Andrew Mason including that Eddie Royal may or may not return punts. If not, Syd’Quan Thompson will. Similar notes from LJ.

Legwold claims the Broncos need to start quickly tomorrow. I’m not really sure why that would be the case. More like they only need to not start like they did last week…

Legwold on the Broncos’ lack of immediate success with their recent draft choices.

John Elway answered a bunch of questions from the Times. Unfortunately, The Greatest Ever think the players who most resemble him today are Favruh and The Rapist Big Ben.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow, and games in London have been quite sloppy before. Unfortunately, David White points out that this could favor the Niners in a big way.

Notes on the Niners, who will only have two QBs available tomorrow.

American Football in London Fluff News

The Broncos and Josh McDaniels tried their hand at cricket during practice yesterday. The DP and AP have coverage.

John Elway, Gary Zimmerman and Floyd Little are none too impressed by the current Broncos.

Mike Klis wasn’t bowled over by the tough British press yesterday.

Apparently, Kyle Orton is a big fan of the Beatles.

I’ll be amazed if someone can point out anything interesting about this, but Broncos TV gives a glimpse of the team traveling to DIA and then to London.

Andrew Mason shares some photos from London here and here.

NFLN with a report on the Niners’ preparation.


Notes on the Chefs.

Jason Campbell will again start for the Raiders tomorrow, when I will return to rightfully calling them Jokeland.

A grand jury chose not to indict JaMarcus the Hutt on drug charges for his codeine slurping.

As expected, Vincent Jackson finally signed his contract with the Dolts yesterday. Plus, notes here on the Dolts.


Mike Lombardi thinks a strong performance from Troy Smith tomorrow could spell the end for his cousin Alex in San Fran.

Mike Silver ultimately thinks Josh McDaniels is safe in Denver for now, but if not he offers up John Fox as a possible replacement, or Bill Parcells to take over the show.

If you think the Broncos have fared poorly in the draft recently, Andrew Brandt offers up the Bills and Jaguars as worse examples.

In FO’s quotes of the week, Jay Cutler claims he’d keep chucking in the direction of DeAngelo Hall, while Brandon Marshall appreciates being called a diva.

Chase Stuart loves Brian Burke’s analogy that football’s defensive philosophies change in the same way that an extensive game of rock/paper/scissors does.

Carson Cistulli points out that Denver has the biggest differential between their pass and run efficiencies.

Although he picks the Broncos, Mike Tanier gives Josh McDaniels a pretty good skewering.

Meanwhile, Bill Simmons is also taking Denver but thinks they’re better off without “Jeff George 2.0” hahahaha

Peter King predicts a big game tomorrow for Frank Gore and says things don’t look good for David Carr.

CHFF says Denver by a touchdown.

KSK is taking the Niners and shares a lovely Cutler picture.

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