Broncos have three routes to Week 14 playoff berth

Denver's route to the playoffs is actually a bit easier than had been reported earlier in the week. There are three scenarios that clinch a berth for the Broncos:

  1. Broncos beat or tie Titans
  2. Dolphins lose or tie at Steelers
  3. Ravens lose to or tie visiting Vikings

Obviously, the Broncos need to take care of business, because their picture is much bigger than just getting into the playoffs.

They need a win Sunday to remain ahead of New England (which hosts Cleveland) and Kansas City (which travels to Washington). A loss by either of those teams seems unlikely, but would be seeding icing on the playoffs cake.

A Broncos victory would also clinch a spot for Indy.

Clinching scenarios for KC, New England, New Orleans, and Carolina are a bit more involved, but the Pats and Seahawks each have a reasonable opportunity to clinch their division as well.

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