Broncos fall to Colts once more Lard 9-27-10

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Good Morning, Broncos fans. This may ring hollow to some, but it was not déjà vu all over again, as the Broncos lost to the Colts 27-13 at the Big IF. While the big stories, rightfully so, were turnovers (two big early ones which led to 10 points for Indy) and red-zone disasters (0-5, no joke), there are some overarching positives to take away from the game. Not moral victories - I’m not suggesting the players be proud of their performance - but rather things for us fans to be excited about. Kyle Orton and the passing offense are still progressing; the deep pass which was missing last year is here in bunches (Orton is tied with Phil Rivers for first in the NFL with 18 passes of 20+ yards), and the protection was exceptional yesterday (only 1 sack on 58 passing plays). Their defense kept Denver within reach for much of the game despite those huge turnovers, and held the Colts to just 40 rushing yards on 22 attempts.

Obviously, this team needs to convert yards into points; but while this may seem like a rehashing of 2008, keep in mind that the offensive line has two rookies (Walton and Beadles) and one first-year player (Daniels). They should only get better as the season wears on, and of course we’re still hoping for the return of Ryan Harris. Here’s my point - no, it doesn’t mean that much to have “hung with” the Colts. But there is a lot about this team to be excited about, not the least of which is that we’ve got a head coach who has the gumption to eschew the conventional football wisdom and instead play the percentages…but more on that later. As our good friend Ted pointed out a week ago, the Broncos are well on their way to becoming an elite passing offense. The Chefs are now 3-0, while the Broncos, Dolts and Jokeland are all tied at 1-2.


NFLN highlights of the game (Video).

BTV and Chris Hall wrap up the game (Video).

Here are the post-game pressers of Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton (Videos).

Here’s audio of Brandon Lloyd speaking to reporters in the locker room after the game.

Here’s the box score for your perusal.

DB - The Broncos put up big numbers everywhere except where it counted. Eric Detweiler recaps the loss.

DP - Klis summarizes the game. Woody wants to know why the Broncos can’t run the ball. Meanwhile, Krieger goes along with the flawed logic that had the Broncos accepted field goals instead of going for it on fourth down, they would have been within a point in the fourth quarter. But going for it the first time set Denver up with the good field position that led to their late FG, just like it did for the Saints in the Super Bowl. So, what do you think the story is if they kick but Prater either misses or gets blocked? McDaniels has no guts?

DP - Jones, Legwold and Klis analyze the game. So does Irv Moss.

DP - Spencer Larsen left with an ankle injury, while Demaryius Thomas injured his arm and/or wrist on Denver’s final offensive play. Robert Ayers may have fractured his nose. Brian Xanders, Daniel Graham, Matt Prater and Wesley Woodyard will be attending Kenny McKinley’s funeral today in Georgia.

MD - Here are Andrew Mason’s observations and a few numbers from the game.

Despite this video from The Greatest Ever, it was plainly obvious on TV again today that plenty of fans at the Big IF have no interest in helping out the Broncos. For much of the game, the Colts faced big third-down plays while plenty of folks in orange sat quietly in their seats. What’s up with that?

Adrian Dater has some answers to that very question…


The Chefs mauled the Niners 31-10 in KC.

Phil Rivers could not overcome two Leon Washington kick-return TDs as the Sea Chickens eked one out over the Dolts.

Sebastian Janikowski missed a game-winning FG attempt as time expired against the Cardinals. It was his third miss of the day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Matt Bowen focuses on Austin Collie and the Colts’ route tree in his Sunday wrap. Plus, he breaks down what happened on Brandon Lloyd’s 48-yard TD reception and is impressed again by Kyle Orton.

Don Banks wraps up the day.

Here’s what Jonathan Comey of CHFF learned yesterday.

Classic Clayton

“Things unraveled quickly for the Broncos after a key fourth-down decision by Josh McDaniels backfired. Was it a case of ego getting in the way of common sense?”

10AM Update

Mike Silver shares quite a back story on Peyton Manning’s TD pass to Blair White.

Here’s what Pat Kirwan took away from Sunday, including that the Dolts need to plug some holes in their kick coverage.

Peter King thinks he thinks the Chefs can win the West. He offers Kyle Orton an honorable mention for his offensive player of the week, which he gave to Peyton. No, not Manning, but Hillis. Plus, he’s impressed by Orton’s command of the offense.

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