Broncos’ DUI epidemic extends to players; Saulsberry arrested in May

Following the arrest of Matt Russell, and the delayed news of Tom Heckert's arrest, the Broncos and team president Joe Ellis put out some strongly worded statements expressing just how upset they were.

However, the organization is apparently content to wait for the local newspaper to dig up police records, rather than get out in front of what is apparently an epidemic.

For the third time in less than a week, news has emerged of a Broncos DUI arrest, this time involving backup center Quentin Saulsberry.

Like with Heckert's incident, we're learning about Saulsberry's arrest much later on - in this case, nearly two months after the fact.

Saulsberry, who spent much of the 2012 season on Denver's practice squad, was arrested on May 19 in Arapahoe County and charged with DUI and a lane usage violation.

As Mike Klis reports, the 24-year-old Mississippi State alum, who was suspended four games last year due to PED use, is due to appear in court on August 19.

Team brass was reportedly set to meet Monday to discuss punishment for Heckert and Russell. Expectations are that the two will face substantial fines and suspensions and be sent to alcoholism rehabilitation, but ultimately retain their jobs.

The first two reported arrests are likely to cost the organization in the form of a fine from the league; figure Saulsberry's incident will only serve to increase that penalty.

Next week, will we learn of an arrest from April?

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