Broncos to visit with Ty Warren and Marcus Thomas

8:05pm ET - The Broncos have announced the signing of WR David Anderson, formerly of the Houston Texans, via John Elway's Twitter feed.  Anderson is a solid player, and he has a usually hilarious Twitter feed, which used to be named WhiteOut89.  This seems like an addition to a position of strength, but in the Duke we trust.  Well, not unconditionally, but let's see what else is brewing.  (TB)

1:34pm ET - Andrew Mason is reporting that Tebow continues to struggle in training camp.  Brady Quinn participated ahead of him in one team drill today.   Is it fair to wonder if the Orton trade rumors affected him a lot more than Orton?

Keep checking back here through the day for mor Broncos rosterbation!  But don't hesitate to give us your thoughts.

9:22pm ET - Amobi Okoye has signed a one-year deal with Chicago. - DL

9:17pm ET - Denver has indeed signed RB Willis McGahee, although the terms are slightly different than they'd been described as yesterday. He has apparently gotten a four-year deal worth about $10M. At least this embarrassing little chapter gets closed without any apparent harm. - DL

7:00pm ET - Not related to the Broncos roster, but Brandon Marshall believes there's a medical reason behind his...behavior problems.  Tom Cruise would disagree

6:32pm ET - Josina Anderson writes that Renaldo Hill has been released by the Broncos.  There were a lot of safeties in camp this year and Hill was scheduled to make $2.4 million.  Hill was nothing but class during his time in Denver.  

5:01pm ET - Well, that didn't take long.  A little more than an hour after the Texans released DT Amobi Okoye, the Broncos have contacted him, according to Jeff Legwold. Okoye has been much stronger against the rush than against the pass over the last two season, according to Pro Football Focus.  Thus, I anticipate the Broncos would rather sign Okoye than Aubrayo Franklin at this point.  Frankin is the reverse of Okoye.   Maybe we're living the dream today, and the Broncos get both.

4:24pm ET - Now Schefter is bringing a little comedy with his tweets.  He just reported: "Rich get richer: Former Packers DT Cullen Jenkins reached agreement with the Eagles on a five year, $25 million deal."  And there goes another DT off the market.  If the Broncos don't sign Marcus Thomas or Amobi Okoye, I feel I may cry.

4:02pm ET - Schefter is reporting that the Rams have signed former Broncos DT Justin Bannan. We have to see the numbers on the deal before passing judgement.  

2:55pm ET - Bill "William" Williamson is reporting that the Broncos would have already signed St. Louis tight end Daniel Fells and Dallas defensive tackle Jason Hatcher if only they'd been able to remove Orton's salary from the cap.  Williamson speculates that for this reason there is some hatred in Dove Valley for Josh McDaniels today for extending Orton.  Given the work that our own Doug Lee has done on the cap, I'm going to do what Thumper's mother in the movie Bambi advised.  

2:22pm ET - Klis is reporting that Ty Warren is scheduled to visit Dove Valley this very evening.   Things are beginning to look up.  If he comes cheap (which he will), the Broncos could do a lot worse.  Warren has battled injuries recently, but the upside far exceeds the likely price the Broncos would have to pay (hardly more than the minium) for his services.

1:20pm ET - According to Josina Anderson, the Broncos have now contacted free agent Marcus Thomas about visiting on Sunday.   One has to like this move.  He's a good option at the 3-technique in the new Broncos system. 

10:30am ET - Yes, it's true, and even Bill Williamson eventually found out.  The Broncos were indeed considering a trade for Albert Haynesworth.  No word yet on whether it included a clause requiring Rod Smith to drop by Dove Valley and give him a motivational speech.  

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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