Broncos avoid Merriman/Moss debacle Lard 11-4-10

Good Morning, Broncos Fans! Randy Moss is now a Titan, and Shawne Merriman is now a Buffalo Bill after their respective new teams claimed them off waivers yesterday. This means the Vikings and Dolts are off the hook for the balance of their salaries, and the new teams are now responsible. Why am I so pleased with this news, and why should you be as well? Obviously, I’m not about to say that they’re washed up. Moss is certainly not, and Merriman is still young. But the Broncos have no need at WR, and the double-whammy price tag of Moss’ salary and his attitude only make him less valuable to Denver. Plus, do you think he would even report to a 2-6 team? I think not. As for Merriman, the Broncos have been lacking at linebacker. But Robert Ayers will hopefully be back soon, and Denver has enough actual football problems without adding PEDs and domestic abuse allegations to the mix. Good misses, for sure.


Thankfully, the Broncos did not put in a waiver claim on either Randy Moss or Shawne Merriman.

The Broncos worked out a couple of players yesterday - former Ravens TE Edgar Jones and RT Cliff Lewis, formerly of the Lions and Cowboys.

As has been beaten to death here at IAOFM (and we will continue to, since it’s a big problem), Legwold focuses on the inexperience and youth along the offensive line.

Here’s the official press release for the bye week, with both all of the positive stats the PR department could find.

Chris Hall reports for Broncos TV on a London celebration of Floyd Little’s HOF induction that included John Elway and Gary Zimmerman.

Patrick Saunders on where Elway should have ranked in NFLN’s 100 Greatest.


Dan Pompei says the Chefs are thriving due to their player development.

The Chefs are preparing for a trip to Jokeland this weekend. Plus, Notes on the Chefs.

Who will start for Jokeland at QB this week against the Chefs?

Jokeland enters November without a losing record for the first time since 2002. Wow, and to think that some folks are ready to bail on the Broncos because they’re having a rough season…

Antonio Gates popped his plantar fascia last week and declared himself out for this week’s game in Houston. Plus, notes on the Dolts.

KSK has an exclusive transcript from the Dolts’ locker room after their victory over Tennessee.


Matt Bowen thinks the Titans were wise to nab Moss.

I’d imagine he was fed this question, but still - Jay Cutler still doesn’t know the right way to respond to anything!!!!!!

Mike Lombardi weighs in on Shanny’s stunning mishandling of Donovan McNabb.

Andrew Brandt on what could be a very interesting offseason in terms of free agency as some huge names may all hit the market.

Mike Silver plops the Broncos at #30 in his weekly rankings, and points out that the illegal-block penalty which erased Eddie Royal’s punt-return TD may have been the most notable play of Jarvis Moss’ underwhelming pro career. Perhaps so…

The Broncos do not rank among Dave Goldberg’s most dysfunctional teams, although the Dolts do.

Here are Brian Burke’s weekly win probabilities.

Denver has dropped a spot in Burke’s efficiency ratings.

Finally, Burke explains why Shanny’s decision was so poor via statistics.

Chase Stuart examines the matchups of quarterbacks taken in the top 10 within the same drafts, as Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez are about to meet for the first time.

Doug Farrar on the divergent paths of Ndamukong Suh and Jared Allen.

KSK has the scoop on how the Shanny / McNabb / Sexy Rexy situation really went down on Sunday.

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